World – Hegemony Goals and Media Coverage

April 7, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

There is no smoke without fire.

In the past week, President Donald Trump statement confirmed that the administration would pursue terrorists and not Syrian government.  Within a short period of that public comment, the story on the use of chemical weapons in Syria flashes worldwide on April 4th.

Then follows the usual condemnation and judgment calls from those whose trajectory reflects abuse of power, collusion on sanctions amounting to genocide and political tactics to win elections that outweighs the position they maintain in the outside world.

Prior to any investigation on this latest alleged chemical attack by Syrian government, the United States launches air strikes killing innocent children and adult civilians that is praised as an act of bravery apparently by most nations according to hegemony controlled news outlets and media worldwide.

The desperate attempt to defend indefensible aggression against Syrian citizens in the U.S. missile attacks on April 7th, is an irony considering the reason provided for this display was the emotions riding high at the sight of babies, women and men subject to inhumane tragedy.

In my view, loss of life is regrettable regardless of the cause.  That’s not how it is assessed with hegemony and agents as they classify casualties depending on who is involved in the action.

Hegemony and representatives calling out on Syrian government upon this happening while taking enormous pride in their killing of Syrian population with military action in the same breadth is something to wonder about the mindset of those reining control over world affairs.

Upon reviewing this so-called chemical arsenal episode. There are two possibilities leading to current chemical weapons instance. As per hegemony declaration, Syrian government was stripped of chemical and biological weapons by UN agency, Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OCPW) in 2014.

What needs to be noted is the demand to disarm Syrian government of chemical weapons were consistently made and carried out with no similar requirements from terror networks and sponsors in particular despite evidence showing terror outfits fingerprints on several accounts.

The sponsors are United States, Britain, France, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, UAE and Qatar with others assuming passive role in aiding and abetting terrorism.

Terror networks with comprehensive support from sponsors had access to manufacture chemical weapons and set up a lab that was targeted by the Syrian government.

Alternatively, the Syrian government and defense forces defending their nation from onslaught in all directions for the past six years since 2011 until now embarked on chemical weapons exposure among terrorists in Idlib province. In return they were reprimanded with terror sponsors military retaliation witnessed in President Donald Trump authorized U.S. air strike resulting in more civilian deaths and carnage.  

Either way, hegemony policy for dominance and supremacy is clear. Having shifted from conventional warfare in Bush-Cheney era with troops on the ground tied to congressional approval which means curbing public protests to war, the strategy was technically modified by Obama-Clinton administration via terrorism bypassing electorate consent through Congress.

Furthermore, the development made possible with EU and middle eastern allies cooperation in transforming Arab Spring to Anti-Sovereignty mission conforming to long espoused agenda – the Project for New American Century (PNAC) undermining democratic values that America is projected to represent not to mention the misuse of American tax dollars and resources in endeavors against U.S. interests.

Hegemony explanation on the necessity to remove people elected Syrian government and leadership citing human rights violations and lack of democratic process while remaining lock step and barrel with regimes in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan and UAE declining change in the system is contradictory to professed doctrine on democracy.

These traits are no secrets as they were demonstrated in U.S. and Britain guided crackdown of political dissidents in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

United States and Israel logistic assistance to Saudi Arabia in the prolonged war in Yemen deprive the local population from independence and free choice.

The same would apply to Egypt in Tahrir Square in 2011. The downfall of U.S. and Israel ally former President Hosni Mubarak known for brutality and hardline governance was reset with United States and Israel’s intervention denying Egyptians the opportunity to liberty.

Likewise yet another representative – Turkish leadership Recep Tayyip Erdogan altering constitution to suit personal designation are some examples of hegemony orientation to democracy and human rights.

Hegemony at the helm with no tolerance to peace, freedom, individual rights, unity and sovereignty is the sign of precipitous decline.

Is this sustainable?

Conclusion of era is inevitable. Anything that is self-destructive leads to expedited ending.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission













United Nations – Social Economic Equality Possible Upon UNSC Dissolution

August 20, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

United Nations inception following world war II in the twentieth century with United Nations Security Council (UNSC) comprising imperial powers – Britain, France, United States, China, Russia and new addition Germany in P5+1 mislead UN purpose.

UNSC five permanent nuclear nations with veto authority is a hierarchy in contradiction to contemporary  economic dynamics and geopolitical landscape.

The global powers syndrome exercising prerogative at UNSC slight remaining members of United Nations set up as an international body.

UN poised as an International organization is on UNSC oversight.

UNSC P5+1 along with counterpart EU aim to prolong imperial era.

UNSC imposing economic sanctions against non-western countries and fomenting international crises through military interventions and operations involving terrorism rather than preventing them proved counterproductive.

UNSC arbitrary dealings against nations regarded adversaries with trade and financial embargo viz. North Korea, Cuba, Syria and lately United States and Israel created South Sudan are few examples of ongoing economic warfare.

Imperialism revived in UNSC ambit with P5+1 as former imperialists renewing aspirations in respective regions for economic and strategic dominance.

United States military prowess demonstrated in militarization of Africa besides extending support to France in neocolonization of the continent.

United States sprawling military bases worldwide not sparing island nations defines imperial goals despite colossal failure in invasion and occupation of foreign land adventure.

The expedition downside experienced in national front costing United States taxpayers in trillions expended in destruction of nations backfired in domestic economic situation far from recovery.

United States direct control over Latin America conspicuous in disabling democratic governments and promoting contraband substances ranging from drugs to arms in North, South and Central America.  The economic strategy Free Trade Agreement is one of many dimensions to exert rule in that domain.  The Caribbean nations debilitated by enforcing foreign economic and military plan.

United States and NATO military drills in Baltic sea, presence in Afghanistan covering Central Asia, United States activity in Korean Peninsula implementing Pivot Asia policy claimed as curtailing Russia and China incursions in the respective regions perpetually escalate tensions and proliferate conventional as well as nuclear arms race.

The skirmishes are also impetus for disproportionate defense spending producing more poverty and economic struggles worldwide.

Britain’s unwillingness to renounce empire trait in the twenty first century evident in impugns on Malvinas of the Argentinian coast, Gibraltar in Iberian Peninsula and nations held under dominion status notwithstanding substantial landmass in Antarctica and waters in Indian Ocean declared private estate.

France relentless pursuit in Africa is a lost cause refusing to learn from the past exploitation of Africa.

Russia having gained from territorial annexation of Crimea in the wake of Ukraine destabilization ominously assert Arctic zone i.e. the North Pole as state owned property.

Russian Federation attempts to resurrect ex-Soviet bloc largely attributed to United States and NATO upsurge in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

United States and NATO coordination in Eastern and Central Europe other than Central Asia generated Russia formation of Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) with Baltic states membership and China-Russia initiated Shanghai Cooperation Organization to counter existential territorial ambitions.

China’s predisposition on stretching border lines apparent since seizure of Tibet.

Furthermore, Maoist infiltration in Nepal and north eastern India enlarge China’s encroachment on Indian frontier with Arunachal Pradesh,  Ladakh and Aksai Chin Kashmir remaining contentious in that context.

Subsequent to economic rise in the latter half of twentieth century, China’s territorial disputes with neighboring states in South China Sea has intensified offering United States pretext to besiege Asia Pacific.

Middle East – Imperial alliance with Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey engaged in endless violence and proclamation of nuclear treaty between P5+1, EU and Iran epitomize two sides of the coin.

The paradigm shifts in western powers partnership with Iran in the region is reminiscent of western approach towards Libya for easy access to Libyan oil and economic resources during Libyan leader Muammar Gaddaffi governance.

Western maneuver in replacing Saudi Arabia with Iran and incentives to convince Israel on Iran nuclear deal clarifies imperial powers classic characteristics on enmity and amity to suit convenience.

Similarly, Iran’s close economic ties with Turkey amid Turkey’s overt indulgence in terror against Iraq and Syria spilling over to Lebanon pose conflict of interest exacerbating humanitarian plight.

The quid pro quo between P5+1, EU and Iran sharing commonality on imperial legacy depends on western forces balancing act with old ally Israel.

Western strategy with Persian nation Iran in Arab oriented Middle East is enactment of Persian and Ottoman reign vying for regional superiority.

EuropeGermany as P5+1 entity, European Union dominant member and euro zone chief beneficiary is hegemony augmentation in transatlantic..  Germany capitalizing on vulnerable EU members viz. Greece economic woes facilitate international creditors ECB, IMF and EC monopoly in executing imprudent economic scheme under the guise of rescue package.

UN credibility and viability jeopardized with UNSC decisions on international matter and UN missing in action on pivotal issues related to human misery. UN peace keeping corps reputation compromised in war torn nations especially Africa with allegations on certain UN squad for sexual assault and atrocities against women and children.

UN performance or the lack thereof in resolving Palestinian problem and leaving Sri Lankan Tamil civilians to fend for themselves from Sri Lankan military raid and summary executions…not barring partisanship on sectarian clashes confirm one world government agenda and resistance to transformation seeking departure from exclusivity and unipolar mechanism.

UNSC dissolution abandoning flawed system and relieving UN organization from external jurisdiction prevalent in UN Secretary General appointment and diverse engagement is the preliminary step in building reliable global consortium.

UN addressing disparity within would set precedence for universal equality.

Humanitarian progress made possible with recognition of errors and sincere commitment to amend and adopt positive measures benefitting the world at large.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



















Social Predicament – Misogynists Against Same Sex Marriage

August 9, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The controversial theme brought to public attention for education and introspection obligatory in the process of evolution.

Incognito power and representatives paradoxical stance on all issues is well established with no recollection and realization of personal conduct due to preoccupation minding others life.

Recently the United States Supreme Court approved Same Sex Marriage bringing the states not in favor to conformity.

Although the action was politically motivated and not necessarily aimed at redressing inequality and ostracism,

The verdict is a victory in humanitarian context.

I present the facts for clarity.

As a woman and a mother, I regularly face condescendence and expected to contend with the notion that capability and independent thinking inconceivable for anyone isolated by those using various reservations as pretext for their prejudice.

There is constant reminder about the man’s world with no place for woman to lead and guide humanity.

The disposition emanates from lack of understanding and truth about womenfolk. There is also the element of negativities and insecurity subscribing to impropriety.

Concurrently there is no inhibition in plagiarism of my thoughts, words and identity that are declared as own for commercial and political gains much to inevitable karmic effects of such indulgence.

The divine status of woman in Hindu religion is slighted to maintain contemporary class of women as subordinate.

The present rulers and their proxies – women representatives follow instructions to the letter and delegated to tasks that defy characteristics like wisdom, vision, integrity, courage, care, compassion and patience to name a few in persona.

Alternatively contrived performance commonly witnessed during election campaign and term in office to prolong authority. Again anything unauthentic surface since falsehood continuity is not viable.

Importantly treatment of women at present is reminiscent of decadent era.

The persisting socio-economic disparity notably in wages and participation across the spectrum is anything but similar compared with male counterparts in many societies in the world.

The women plight range from abuse to denial of freedom and individual rights in developing nations and orthodox domain.

Likewise in the developed world women are projected and perceived as objects of voyeurism under socially advanced banner partly because of women willingness to compromise for fame and fortune.

A woman in pants and short hair adapting to man’s attire euphemistically regarded women liberation even when they are obedient servile functionary.  Not to mention the appearance alluding to transgender or transvestite perception.

Among mainstream, women are victims of social stigma in rape, infertility and economic conditions tied to dowry deaths in India.

The sexual assault and concept of rape driven to denigrate a woman even though that poorly reflect on offenders’ weakness to lust and behavior suggestive of deviation from human race.

The sharp rise in incidents of rape targeting any age group attributed to leniency and tolerance in the absence of effective laws and measures to curb violation.

The irony is prominent figures, lawmakers and police are often cited for philander, sexual harassment and rape miscalculating fanfare and citizens funded designation. The crimes escalate in the comfort of political immunity.

Instead of directing society to treat and respect others in congruence to anticipation by them, the campaign foster unruly demeanor in lock stock and barrel with influential forces misleading for destructive purpose.

The propagations about women by and large focus on body and physical features that are perishable upon soul exit from corporal state.

Interestingly mind and intelligence acknowledged as masculine trait rather than equal endowment in feminine quality.

How does society augur arrival of female child?

Female infanticide discarding fetus (foetus) misusing ultrasound and innovative technology and neonatal disposal are yet to be eliminated in entirety in India and alike.

China’s policy on population control introducing one child per couple led to orphanages inundated with female children.

In the Middle East live burial of women for breach of antiquated imposition show no sign of dissipation.

Stoning women as capital punishment is considered prerogative in rural parts of the world.

The women in Afghanistan and Pakistan endure dishonorable honor killings and a woman vying for high profile professions in Afghanistan politics or judiciary viz. supreme court justice instantly disqualified based on gender bias over merit.

Women are denied normal life and forced to undergo genital mutilation upholding archaic procedure in Africa.

Elsewhere different connotations to womanhood are worth mentioning for awareness.

I repeat the explanation I provided earlier that predisposes the opposite gender to male with unique interpretation in English language.

Wo(Man), Wo(Men), Fe(male), S(HE) – the reference to femininity in widely spoken English language generates impression of the species as hermaphrodite.

Nonetheless, the fe(male) leading the male in the lexicon cannot be ignored despite misogynistic practice.

The contention on Same Sex Marriage is related to opinion on marriage confining marriage sanctity to union of man and woman in matrimony as worldwide custom.

The trend deserves review with proper evaluation.

The marriage vows for most remain a ritual and not always fulfilled in a relationship contributing to alarming rise in divorce across the globe.

Notwithstanding pre-nuptial agreement to protect wealth is linked to mistrust and credibility factor in marriage.

The other aspects are infidelity with or without offspring in extramarital affairs and spousal dominance over another emerging as dysfunctional family situation.

The domestic violence cannot be ruled out and growing tensions become the basis for marriage dissolution.

Sometimes the extended family interference to break marriages is not uncommon.

In all these circumstances, the children pay enormous price and bear the brunt of marital disputes transformed into family feud destroying lives extending into next generation.

The marriage institution is distinctive depending on cultural background.

For instance, polygamy and divorce are acceptable in Muslim culture.

In fact those unable to marry involving bigamy due to certain religion or law bindings avail opportunity in Muslim convention through apostasy. The convenience at times allow apostate to betray original and adopted faith. 

There is sense of abandonment when women are subject to such customs in marriage.

The acceptance of women as equal is far from genuine in modern age.

To some degree women in different category exacerbate women problems as well with discrimination and indifference.

The woes on children born out of wedlock are significant. They suffer from social and economic setbacks in the absence of nucleus family. The impact is severe with teenage pregnancy.

The details mentioned above essentially describe inviolability or lack thereof in marriage.

In terms of religious opine on same sex issue – the scandals concerning parish boys and children in church are not resolved with secrecy evading transparency.

The gay definition varies in accordance with sparsely obtained data and misconstrued to suit customized view.

As for natural law on the Same Sex topic the delineation is profound in the prelude to procreation feasible only through male and female consummation.

The idea of marriage in gay community necessitated largely from legality to married status in general life decisions like property will and health matter.

Then there is also symbolic aspect seeking joy of celebration in rites comparable to a birthday event that cannot be claimed as specific segment exclusive right and deprive the rest from experience.

The clamor on Same Sex marriage alongside misgivings on woman’s inherent talent and knowledge confirms ignorance at best and hypocrisy at worst from the clueless clique.

The practitioners patronizing women and contemptuous to different lifestyle orientation in the backdrop of little known vast creations are confronted with social predicament as the world is not meant to be homogenous.

The woman is instrumental in facilitating life from conception to adulthood and relevantly in widespread fad for stem cell cloning the embryo development requires unfertilized egg and female surrogacy to enable birth.

Neglecting female excellence in diverse fields and critical role as a result, the marginalization of women in society is unprecedented and regrettably sustained to societal detriment.

Attempts to suppress reality increasingly expose nature’s indomitable composition refining rhythms appropriate for balancing act.

Civilization progress is a collaborative effort attained with mutual appreciation and gratitude.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



































World – Nuclear Armament 2015

June 25, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Hello Everyone!

I present the topic with emphasis on nuclear armament exacerbating global security.

In my previous segment, I talked about the implications of nuclear proliferation currently invigorated amongst major nuclear powers as well as other nuclear states worldwide.

Being a nuclear power is a burden than formidability. The misconception about nuclear empowerment deserves discussion and debate.

I reiterate my statement that nuclear status is meaningless. The reason I say this is because a nuclear state deploying nuclear arsenal or nuclear components against non-nuclear state as it happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the 20th century and subsequently in Vietnam, Iraq, and recently in Syria demonstrates weakness not strength and further highlights belligerence.

The nuclear nation air strikes laden with nuclear substance against non-nuclear state is a routine affair.

The reckless indulgence is in direct violation of the rules of engagement in warfare.

There is no deliberation prior to the use of depleted uranium or white phosphorous causing tremendous suffering to victims evident in citizens of Iraq and Gaza.

During Iraq war, the aggressors and allies used uranium on civilians in Fallujah and as a result the babies are born with congenital birth defects leading to generational impact.

This is one dimension of nuclear showdown.

The frivolous statements during presidential election in the United States warning non-nuclear adversary on the possible use of nuclear arsenal against them and euphemistically quoting all options on the table are maintained as acceptable norm of speech.

The other scenario is – nuclear nation threatening another nuclear state. The dangerous precedence ignores the preemptive nuclear exchange besides creating tensions in the region. The example is Cuban missile crisis in the 20th century that brought two nuclear powers – United States and the former Soviet Union on the brink of nuclear confrontation.

Likewise the two nuclear states in the Indian sub-confinent, South Asia – India and Pakistan Kargil war in May 1999 almost led to nuclear meltdown. 

In the 21st century, the provocation persists in the Korean peninsula with regular military drills showcasing nuclear capable fighter jets and submarines contributing to North Korea missile testing and investment in nuclear enhancement. The P5+1 usual response to North Korea’s nuclear activities is economic sanctions lasting over decades forcing population in that country into starvation.

The incumbent administration in the United States – pivot Asia policy in Asia pacific and counterpart China’s territorial annexations is another development for the world to contend with in the ongoing skirmishes in the region.

Similarly in the Baltic Sea – NATO involvement and continuous military exercise prompts Russia towards missile defense system preparedness amid disagreements between Russia and western powers on Ukraine instability.

Middle East – volatility from violence and pervasive terrorism is the choice amongst terror networks sponsors unyielding to peace prospects in ending Syrian conflict.

The intention in the Middle East is to prolong status quo having changed that part of the world into hot bed for terror operation.

Central Asia – Afghanistan designated as war zone under the pretext of combating Taliban and al Qaeda operatives in the nation.

United States military presence in central Asia substituting former Soviet Union projects the nuclear triangle with Russia and China 

Pakistan – another nuclear state with extensive terror infiltration should be a matter of great concern for the world. United States arms supply to Pakistan while extending cordial relations with ally India is a paradoxical paradigm.

Latin America – Imperial aspirations pursued with territorial disputes alongside military and naval occupation of the region.

Africa – the militarization of the continent claiming to safeguard African borders underestimates human intelligence on the real reason behind massive military incursion.

The risks that accompany nuclear status are attention worthy.

The safekeeping of nuclear weapons demand vigilance, prudence and effective management taking both human and technological errors into account.

The nuclear arsenal maintenance is no ordinary task and requires constant monitoring to avert any disorder.

The safe disposal of outdated and obsolete inventory alone costs a fortune.

In the event of mobilization of nuclear stockpiles carried out from time to time, the lapse during transportation and transit is alarming based on past incident in the United States with missing arsenal upon arrival in the destination.

Then there are nuclear sites wear and tear triggering leakage and contamination of rivers are issues that affects residents in the area.

In the aftermath of Soviet Union disintegration – the former nuclear states like Ukraine, Georgia and other nations under Soviet bloc are yet to confirm complete nuclear disarmament with remnants stock misplaced following rapid fragmentation and Soviet withdrawal.

Nuclear status is a menace costing taxpayers in billions and accordingly an economic liability to the nuclear state.

Nuclear powers military interventions and imperial ambitions through invasion and occupation has depleted national treasury in quest for regional and global conquest.

There is no guarantee that there would be no extemporaneous and impulsive actions using nuclear weapons as there are entities promoting such concept as a casual experiment much to global detriment.

Nuclear power is redundant and best renounced with a commitment to preserve life and habitat i.e. the planet for present and future existence.

The world becoming nuclear free zone is global responsibility and could no longer be evaded for that would mean denying peace, stability, security and most importantly life on earth.

The next segment will be on economic woes and miscalculation in the illegal invasion and occupation of foreign land.

I will be back with my thoughts on that subject.

Thank you for your interest.

Peace to all!

Padmini Arhant











Europe – Padmini Arhant on Immigration Issue

June 15, 2015


Planet in Peril – Melting Glaciers. Padmini Arhant

By Padmini Arhant,

Dear Citizens,

I present my thoughts on Europe’s immigration issue.  Please click on the audio link for the content.

Thank you for your interest.

Padmini Arhant

Global Events – Synopsis 2015

March 20, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The global events marked by mayhem, misery and melancholy is representative of those in power i.e. incognito rule and proxy governments together with servile contingency ever remaining at disposal for self-destructive cause.

The agents spreading viciousness misuse communication outlets including parliament floor and entertainment format. Sadly they do not realize their venom consuming them conforming to reaping what one sow in life.

These negative developments aimed at self-interests reflect on the rulers and operatives declining status and confirm the demise of deceptive regimes and cohorts in the suicide mission.

1. Middle East – The manufactured terror used as pretext to destabilize nations is a classic example of the blank misleading the belligerence to precipice.

The self-ruinous venture is costing them and allies in economic, political and strategic terms with severe damages to the point of no return. 

Those behind continuous death and decimation of innocent lives care less about consequences and defiance is mistaken for strength in the face of internal decay and inevitable dissipation. 

Hegemony and coalition intervention through terrorism in Syria, Iraq and Libya is evidently counterproductive.

Interestingly subsequent involvement claimed as necessary to curb their own terror networks such as ISIS and ISIL…despite having them on taxpayer funded payroll.

Lebanon and Palestine under constant attacks from Israel justified in the name of Israel’s security. 

The kingdoms, fiefdoms and hegemony loyalists facilitating carnage by funding, training and recruitment of terror groups ignore blowback experienced from terror instigation.

Iran and P5+1 endless nuclear talks under estimates human intelligence wasting citizens tax contributions for purpose other than nuclear issue to deflect public attention from domestic and international crises.

The redundant exercise poses credibility factor for major nuclear states continuing proliferation with nuclear testing and enhancements unheeding global concern.

Any seriousness on nuclear matter would be exemplified in self-disarmament. The action would then qualify them to seek others to follow precedence.

Furthermore, Iran’s closer ties with hegemony shared in duplicity and scripted performance clarifies futile attempts to void contemporary phenomenon and original identity.

2. Africa – Hegemony goals are clear in militarization of this continent for unfettered access to resources and permanent colonization leading to prolonged subjugation in the twenty first century.

Abject poverty, hunger and disease affecting millions are hegemony legacy.

3. Asia :

Asia Pacific – Occupation of nations with military bases and provocation in Korean peninsula is tip of the iceberg in the policy fostering rivalry over rapprochement.

Additionally removing governments and leaderships regarded obstacles to hegemonic ambitions is the tradition.

The mysterious disappearance of Malaysian commercial airlines, installing militia rule in Thailand, forging relations with authoritarian system in Singapore and fomenting controversy in Indonesia are few of the many indulgence in that part of the world.

Central Asia – Afghanistan and neighboring countries are essentially declared imperial bastions again for natural endowments and strategic presence. 

South Asia – The dominion republics compliance with hegemony instructions on nuclear expansion and divestments in defense contracts override importance to environment and economy notwithstanding the infrastructure. 

The agriculture land is industrialized and privatized to satisfy political campaign donors’ demands leaving the farmers with no choice but accept conditions in the land deal.

As a result, national dependency on import elevating food prices or inflation due to crop production shifting from self-sufficiency to inadequacy is apparently irrelevant. 

On transparency and democratic value – The ordinary citizens beguiled with hegemony nominees landslide victory in the state and national elections in the so-called democracy.  The electoral process marred with voting irregularities and corruption not excluding massive cash infusion in political campaigns enables shadow governance.

4. Latin America – Hegemony interference in this region is well known and persists until now. The nations are routinely targeted stifling democracy.  Any government pledging to national progress is promptly displaced with anti-democratic rule.

5. North America: 

United States – United States tax dollars squandered in pretentious squabbles to maintain dysfunctional governance. While there are numerous problems confronting the nation, the lawmakers diligently oblige covert execution diverting time and money on extraneous affairs.

The social injustice conspicuous with demographic isolation and marginalization of Native Americans, African Americans, Muslims, Undocumented workers, immigrants from certain ethnic background as well as women in lower economic strata.

Guantanamo Bay and secret prisons with torture chambers cannot possibly be a national pride.

Canada – The indigenous citizens plight slighted regardless of law enforcement agency excess use of force and neglect in some instances constituting abuse. Hegemony influence on political, economic and other areas attribute vassal statehood.

Mexico – The national dilemmas are combating corruption and drug cartels with weapons influx from United States initiated in the fast and furious program. The experiment premised on arbitrary arms sales reaching nefarious elements had no prohibitive measures exacerbating safety and security of the country.

Yet another challenge is preserving national assets viz. petroleum and precious metals from oligarchy acquisition.

6. Europe – Austerity, staged unrest and volatility is the trend to stymie economic growth and political stability.

EU creation primarily expended in debilitating member states within Union with egregious economic policies largely favoring selective groups and entities at local population expense.

EU and United States intrusion in Ukraine promotes disintegration and territorial annexation besides NATO extension burdening the region with military expenditure rather than investments in the economy.

Hegemony hallmark is false flag incidents in resistance to peace and harmony with preference for eternal discord in community.  The turmoil then used as the reason for military aggression or drone authorization to curtail violence.

Environment protection is on the reverse with funding slashed in the national budget for political driven appropriations. 

Human rights violations peaks defining human character or the lack thereof with no recognition for life and individual respect. 

The discriminatory practice based on various orientations propagated to polarize society for political and personal gains not taking into account irreversible ramifications on the source and catalysts. 

To summarize status quothe situation mirror dissolution emanating from incorrigible disposition expediting decadent era conclusion.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Middle East – Peace Talks and Global Action on Status Quo

July 26, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Politics exploits human suffering with contrasting strategies to crises in Syria and Palestine.

While international peace conference on Syria titled Geneva 2 confab evaded with no agreement on schedule until now,

The regular meetings held between United States and terror operatives’ representatives explore various options to escalate killings of unarmed civilians in Syria.

Israel, United States and Britain led terrorism in Syrian conflict with latest bombing in Jaramana city in Damascus that claimed at least 10 innocent lives and injured many must cease and universal demand on these three nations along with their coalition to end terror not only in Syria but also across the globe is a necessity to save humanity from incessant violence.

Geneva 2 talks apparently not a matter of interest for terror sponsors disregarding mounting death toll and devastation in the sovereign state.

Syria deserves international attention and cooperation in bringing the senseless invasion to conclusion without delay.

Global patience and lack of concrete measures in the western nations prominently United States and Israel decisions through EU and regional allies are responsible for massive casualties in Syria.

In juxtapose, the Palestinian peace talks pushed forward at Israel’s behest despite rejection from Palestinian population and democratically elected government Hamas in Gaza as well as political factions representing Palestinians in West Bank and East Jerusalem for the obvious outcome to further marginalize Palestinian citizenry.

The apprehensions amongst Palestinians in Gaza, West Bank and al-Quds is well founded and their unwillingness to negotiations with Israel is legitimately based on controversial illegal settlements in West Bank and East Jerusalem, unlawful detention of Palestinian civilians as young as five years old in Israeli prison and unilateral Israeli blockade on Gaza for the past seven years besides many other atrocities against the people in occupied Palestine.

The discussion on Palestine moving ahead not to benefit victims of oppression and persecution rather the occupier considering the core requirements on settlements freeze slighted with renewed construction and displacement activity.

Any reconciliation on Palestinian matter would be genuine unless and until Israeli authorities act on the impending issues:

1. Terminate contentious settlements in West Bank and al-Quds constituting colonization of the meager territory.

2. The unconditional immediate release of all Palestinian detainees in Israeli prison.

3. Lifting trade and financial embargo on Gaza and include people choice representation from entire Palestine unlike particular leadership of Israel and United States preference – critical for meaningful dialogue producing result oriented Palestinian experience.

Concurrently on Syria – United States and Britain electorate dissent on intervention in Syria is discarded as they were previously with Iraq and every other nation that has been attacked under false pretexts thus far.

The western powers dismissal of public opinion clarifies subversion of democracy with republic made irrelevant regardless of taxpayer funds wasted in waging wars and terrorizing children, women and men in foreign land.

Not to mention the drastic spending cuts in the form of austerity imposed on western countries taxpayers in return forcing many families into poverty and dependent on food stamps which is also being eliminated in order to finance wars in Afghanistan and unrest throughout Middle East.

The western leaderships reckless policies affects people not only in the target nations but also in their domain with millions on all sides paying the price for delusional aspiration of selective few in the self-proclaimed privileged club.

Western civil society unanimous response declining to pay taxes for political establishment misplaced priority calling on divestments of tax revenue in domestic economy instead of decimation of overseas nations would be effective in reversing the trend consuming lives world over.

Expecting shadow powers to change course not an eventuality especially when the agenda is premised on status quo continuation to suppress national and international uprising against fraudulent and inefficient governance.

People power reclaiming sovereignty and individual rights seized under intrusive national surveillance programs (NSA) is the preliminary step towards freedom and peaceful existence.

Wishing citizens of the world success in regaining liberty – the inalienable right to life with dignity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Global Alert: Ending Conflicts Critical to Resume Communiqué

April 14, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

The news corps and others requests to resume verbal communication and briefing on various events as well as developments are much appreciated.

Maintaining contact with global society is critical creating awareness on relevant issues and providing necessary guidance, solutions favoring life and planet protection.

The humanitarian mission predominant goal is establishment of peace, liberty and justice especially in the contemporary dangerous times marred with violence and negativities due to self-centeredness eclipsing common good otherwise narcissism suppressing altruism amongst those in position of power and affluence.

Western viz. hegemony policies evidently is responsible for the status quo.

The misplaced priority in terms of warfare not barring nuclear threats pursued with passion exacerbates economic problems for the source and victim nations denying world population normal life i.e. dignified and peaceful co-existence.

Reiterating the clear position on communiqué revival – the compliances outlined earlier to various nations to address domestic and international challenges generated from misusing power to self and national detriment slighted taking key requirements for granted in the respective individual and collective responsibility.

In order to restore regular delivery on vital information and plans in the current and long run pertaining to humanity at large, the major crises are to be resolved immediately considering they are life and death matter.

1. Ending Syrian conflict unlike Washington preparation to prolong terrorism with $10m funding over and above previous financing directly to terrorist networks Al-Qaeda and alliance al-nusra perpetuating innocent bloodshed in the sovereign state.

2. Palestinian cause – release of dying detainee Samer Issawi and remaining hostages in Israeli captivity. Lifting all blockades against Gaza and West Bank, termination of settlement activities and moving forward for Palestinian statehood recognition.

3. Cease military intervention and shelling in West African nation Mali and other parts of Africa expediting humanitarian assistance to thousands of civilians in grave conditions from French and other western intrusion.

4. Korean Peninsula – Defusing situation with withdrawal of nuclear capable B-52 and B-2 stealth bombers plus F-22 fighter jets along side conclusion to occupation of Korean territory and regional presence.

5. Releasing all GITMO detainees allowing safe return to homeland.

6. Renounce drone strikes and operations in the United States and foreign domain.

7. Relinquish interference through violence instigation in Iraq and Libya converted into terror havens for illegal invasions within and outside Middle East.

8. Similar course of action for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

9. Evacuation of military base in South American nation Colombia and other parts of Latin America.

10. Last but not the least – World summit on nuclear and WMD disarmament with mandatory participation for nuclear and non-nuclear states to begin denuclearization process without exception.

Upon compliance of these measures, the communiqué representing cosmic interaction paramount in the historical moment considering the fragile and volatile environment endangering planet would restart facilitating the arrival of pre-ordained new era.

The evolution from present Kaliyug i.e. Dark age into Satyug– the golden age epitomizing positive trend and attributes with pervasive progress and prosperity is necessary for life sustenance.

Most importantly, procrastination and deliberate disruption to cosmic determined universe functions with planet earth being integral component best abandoned to avoid inconceivable and irreversible outcome.

The viable option is humility and acknowledgement of pragmatic course in respect for life only possible with peace and non-violence.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Syria – Chemical Weapons is False Pretext for Western and Gulf Coalition Manufactured Crises

December 8, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The latest western tactics citing chemical weapons in Syria is yet another maneuvers similar to claim on Iraq WMD prior to invasion and occupation of the oil rich nation.

Iraq war resulted in phenomenal loss of lives and generational suffering from the unlawful use of depleted uranium by United States and United Kingdom against defenseless citizens constituting horrendous crimes against humanity with none of the perpetrators brought to justice or held accountable thus far.

Having evaded international community condemnation and outrage on the atrocities in Iraq and ongoing slaughter in Afghanistan for over a decade now,

Notwithstanding Libyan massacre under humanitarian pretext along side penchant for drone strikes killing many innocent citizens in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and West Africa – the U.S and NATO military adventure evidently targets children, women, youth and elderly in Islamic countries for sadistic experimentation of weapons inventory.

United States and allies preparation in all fronts i.e. air, ground and sea attack against sovereign state Syria and Syrian people rejecting diplomatic course is a monumental blunder for them.

Not to mention the kamikaze mission proving disastrous to the region of which the enthusiastic co-conspirators and participants viz. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, March 14 Lebanon faction, Jordan and Turkey exist endangering own survival and exacerbating declining western economies to the point of no return.

United States and western powers peace gesture amid sponsoring terrorism with ammunitions supply to militias and mercenaries combing the streets in Syria committing heinous act of violence synonymous to unleashing wild herd in a crowded market place for indiscriminate assault is disingenuous further jeopardizing seriously damaged status as reliable peace partner.

Again factual review of Syria situation with United States naval warship Dwight Eisenhower comprising marines and warplanes on Syrian shore in addition to NATO deployment of patriot missile in Turkey and U.S. standing army in Syrian Jordanian border among the ratcheted psychological warfare is a cowardly disposition for super power exerting superiority in the misguided malfeasance.

United States and western protagonists along with Gulf alliance in the so-called coalition of the willing in defiance of international law and foreign national sovereignty authorizing military aggression tantamount to declaration of authoritarianism reminiscent of twentieth century despotism eventually succumbed to fatal conclusion in the aspiration for global dominance.

Hence, United States and external forces exit strategy from Syria commencing with immediate ceasefire and complete withdrawal of proxy war agents is required demonstrating sincere commitment to peace talks for urgently needed humanitarian relief and healing of the embattled state.

The rising deaths and destruction caused by United States and western backed terror networks essentially implicate United States authorities under the current administration and congress approved NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) calling for indictments of those colluding with terrorist groups against or on United States behalf in national or overseas domain.

United States Congress is obligatory to prevent military intrusions not only in Syria but also worldwide considering U.S. pervasive military modus operandi – a major economic liability due to disproportionate military wasteful spending in the austerity era.

Most importantly the human tragedy in terms of massive casualties on the victim nations cannot be ignored for it is United States taxpayer funds squandered in explosions producing terror and fundamentalism to prolong the extravagant military expedition.

Besides the ever increasing suicides and misconduct including rape, murder and desecration of religious scriptures by U.S. armed forces in combat and non-combat zones is the proof of war fatigued personnel and high ranked cadre gone wry.

The congressional law prohibiting illegal invasion of foreign land by United States subsequent to Iraq turmoil led to introduction of bipartisan bill HCR 107 reiterating the following constitutional rule.

“Expressing the sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the United States Constitution.

It is Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring),

That it is the sense of Congress that, except in response to an actual or imminent attack against the territory of the United States,

The use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress violates Congress’s exclusive power to declare war under article I, section 8, clause 11 of the Constitution and,

Therefore constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under article II, section 4 of the Constitution.”

Unfortunately the administration and United States State Department in conjunction with defense department unilateral decisions pursuing counterproductive measures risking national interest slight democratically elected congress rendering the entire system irrelevant.

United States, western and Gulf regimes obsession with Syria disregarding dire consequences for them in the attempt to launch full scale decimation under the guise of chemical weapons reveals them as real adversaries to Middle East cooperation and stability.

Meanwhile, the crusaders of democracy epitomizing hypocrisy forget the human right violation in indefinite detention of the alleged terror suspects in Guantanamo Bay, the war crimes around the world and,

Their allies Israel, Saud Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan and Turkey oppression of majority and minority in the respective states necessitate regime change to national and regional benefit.

Saudi Arabia monarch mysterious health condition reportedly long been clinically dead withheld to deter uprising contained with lethal force.

Bahraini Kingdom brutality heightened with revoking citizenship of mainstream society and demographic maladjustment by importing foreigners as replacement continues at present.

Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Jordan suppression of basic rights within individual nation with leaderships subscribing to western ideology depict the irony in their involvement against Syria.

Turkey persecution of Kurds and interestingly United States instigation of Kurdish elements from Iraq to fight in Syria together with Turkish dispatched terrorists is typical manipulation to spread carnage ascribing blame on Syrian government for western perpetuated unrest.

Last but not the least, Israel consistent refusal to oblige UNGA resolutions and humanitarian laws colonizing Palestinian territory in the controversial and internationally denounced settlement activity moves forward in the absence of western response comparable to actions against those identified as ‘axis of evil’ in the geopolitical dynamics.

Somehow these inherent problems and glaring deficiencies with each and every nation escape the attention of confrontational forces against Syria.

Instead of prioritizing national issues over interference in foreign internal affairs, the United States and western ambition for global destabilization is acrimonious posing existential threat to world peace and security.

Adherence to Geneva peace agreement on Syria with United States and cohorts ceasing military and logistic support to nefarious operatives is the only alternative to the establishment of law and order restoring tranquility in the beleaguered state.

United States and western powers role in this regard exemplifying solidarity with the rest of the world on Syria in ending the conflict is crucial to revive harmony and sustainable peace.

Europe and North American economic recovery is directly linked with western governments departure from unnecessary and unaffordable overt or covert military exploration on foreign soil.

With condolences to Syrian families on the loss of their loved ones and admiration for courage displayed in endurance of foreign sources manufactured crises,

Wishing Syria resilience to rise like the sun with renewed spirit to rebuild the nation realizing the promising future.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

France – Hegemony Representation and Subversion of Democracy

November 3, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The hegemony appointed French Presidency in 2012 undermining supposed democratic electoral process in western domain.

French election of the so-called Socialist government under President Francois Hollande is subversion of democracy and betrayal of French electorate in modern history.

French economy on the decline with layoffs in manufacturing and other industries on the rise alongside hegemony authorized severe austerity across Europe including France is a stranglehold on French and entire European population.

The French leadership misplaced priority and commitment evidently towards hegemony devised military invasions and occupations of foreign land are a serious threat to French survival of prevalent economic crisis.

Since assuming office, the French Presidency and administration has unfortunately wasted scarce resources and French tax revenues on belligerent missions in the Middle East and Africa with proposals on military intervention in Mali underway much to globalists detriment.

The incumbent French authority continues to exacerbate French suffering neglecting domestic problems – the soaring unemployment in particular triggered by massive spending cuts prohibiting economic growth to satisfy the hegemonic trio – European Central Bank (ECB), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Union extreme demands at national devastation.

French newly elected government under the guise of Socialist platform to convince frustrated voters is a major disappointment conforming to methods qualifying as mass deception.

The government under President Francois Hollande pledged to favor banking monopolists and others in the conglomerate to maintain hegemony power following predecessor, yet another hegemony representative – President Nicholas Sarkozy departure is the contemporary trend to establish globalists agenda.

Furthermore, contrary to campaign promises not to interfere in sovereign state internal affairs such as Syria, Lebanon and Iran…in the Middle East or anywhere across the globe,

The French leadership frontline and candid hegemony representation ignoring national dissent and public opinion against western intrusion in Syria or Mali and world over indicative of France subjugation to external power.

Not to mention the loss of French sovereignty in the imprudent submission apparently paradoxical to political appearance in France.

France in semblance with rest of Europe is currently experiencing serious economic downturns and,

French leadership involvement in Middle East against Syria and false assurances to Lebanon security jeopardized with western and Gulf partners viz.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey terrorism against innocent victims in Syria and neighboring Lebanon would inevitably hurt France and Europe with unaffordable fuel price skyrocketing despite Saudi Arabia unfulfilling guarantee to overcome worldwide energy requirement.

Fuel hikes expected to escalate Europe economic woes in the approaching winter and beyond due to United States, Israel and western unlawful sanctions against Iran and Syria.

French citizens could perform civic duty in holding the respective government under President Francois Hollande accountable for misguiding them on deteriorating domestic economy by allowing EU, IMF and ECB failed policies perpetuate economic adversity for vested interest.

Notwithstanding unnecessary meddling in Syria, Iran or Africa accelerating energy problem with global consumption increase ultimately taking toll on Europe and United States.

Fuel costs would directly impact food prices contributing to inflation during economic recession potentially evolving into a global depression.

Western and Gulf indulgence specifically military aggression or economic embargo targeting nations for strategic and regional dominance without consideration on consequences invariably result in disaster witnessed recently in Iraq, Libya and other regions earlier.

Citizens in France could come forward and unanimously oppose government strategy based on negative outcome in EU implemented economic steps exclusively favoring financiers at the vast majority expense and,

Additionally, solidarity calling French leadership to invest in local economy rather than weapons manufacturing to export to Saudi Arabia for killing unarmed civilians and army personnel execution in Syria.

Regrettably western power and Gulf allies slighting impending repercussions on the aggressor.

Wishing citizens in France courage and success in reclaiming republic power and eliminating hegemony mismanagement.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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