France – Hegemony Representation and Subversion of Democracy

November 3, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

The hegemony appointed French Presidency in 2012 undermining supposed democratic electoral process in western domain.

French election of the so-called Socialist government under President Francois Hollande is subversion of democracy and betrayal of French electorate in modern history.

French economy on the decline with layoffs in manufacturing and other industries on the rise alongside hegemony authorized severe austerity across Europe including France is a stranglehold on French and entire European population.

The French leadership misplaced priority and commitment evidently towards hegemony devised military invasions and occupations of foreign land are a serious threat to French survival of prevalent economic crisis.

Since assuming office, the French Presidency and administration has unfortunately wasted scarce resources and French tax revenues on belligerent missions in the Middle East and Africa with proposals on military intervention in Mali underway much to globalists detriment.

The incumbent French authority continues to exacerbate French suffering neglecting domestic problems – the soaring unemployment in particular triggered by massive spending cuts prohibiting economic growth to satisfy the hegemonic trio – European Central Bank (ECB), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Union extreme demands at national devastation.

French newly elected government under the guise of Socialist platform to convince frustrated voters is a major disappointment conforming to methods qualifying as mass deception.

The government under President Francois Hollande pledged to favor banking monopolists and others in the conglomerate to maintain hegemony power following predecessor, yet another hegemony representative – President Nicholas Sarkozy departure is the contemporary trend to establish globalists agenda.

Furthermore, contrary to campaign promises not to interfere in sovereign state internal affairs such as Syria, Lebanon and Iran…in the Middle East or anywhere across the globe,

The French leadership frontline and candid hegemony representation ignoring national dissent and public opinion against western intrusion in Syria or Mali and world over indicative of France subjugation to external power.

Not to mention the loss of French sovereignty in the imprudent submission apparently paradoxical to political appearance in France.

France in semblance with rest of Europe is currently experiencing serious economic downturns and,

French leadership involvement in Middle East against Syria and false assurances to Lebanon security jeopardized with western and Gulf partners viz.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey terrorism against innocent victims in Syria and neighboring Lebanon would inevitably hurt France and Europe with unaffordable fuel price skyrocketing despite Saudi Arabia unfulfilling guarantee to overcome worldwide energy requirement.

Fuel hikes expected to escalate Europe economic woes in the approaching winter and beyond due to United States, Israel and western unlawful sanctions against Iran and Syria.

French citizens could perform civic duty in holding the respective government under President Francois Hollande accountable for misguiding them on deteriorating domestic economy by allowing EU, IMF and ECB failed policies perpetuate economic adversity for vested interest.

Notwithstanding unnecessary meddling in Syria, Iran or Africa accelerating energy problem with global consumption increase ultimately taking toll on Europe and United States.

Fuel costs would directly impact food prices contributing to inflation during economic recession potentially evolving into a global depression.

Western and Gulf indulgence specifically military aggression or economic embargo targeting nations for strategic and regional dominance without consideration on consequences invariably result in disaster witnessed recently in Iraq, Libya and other regions earlier.

Citizens in France could come forward and unanimously oppose government strategy based on negative outcome in EU implemented economic steps exclusively favoring financiers at the vast majority expense and,

Additionally, solidarity calling French leadership to invest in local economy rather than weapons manufacturing to export to Saudi Arabia for killing unarmed civilians and army personnel execution in Syria.

Regrettably western power and Gulf allies slighting impending repercussions on the aggressor.

Wishing citizens in France courage and success in reclaiming republic power and eliminating hegemony mismanagement.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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