Middle East – Peace Talks and Global Action on Status Quo

July 26, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Politics exploits human suffering with contrasting strategies to crises in Syria and Palestine.

While international peace conference on Syria titled Geneva 2 confab evaded with no agreement on schedule until now,

The regular meetings held between United States and terror operatives’ representatives explore various options to escalate killings of unarmed civilians in Syria.

Israel, United States and Britain led terrorism in Syrian conflict with latest bombing in Jaramana city in Damascus that claimed at least 10 innocent lives and injured many must cease and universal demand on these three nations along with their coalition to end terror not only in Syria but also across the globe is a necessity to save humanity from incessant violence.

Geneva 2 talks apparently not a matter of interest for terror sponsors disregarding mounting death toll and devastation in the sovereign state.

Syria deserves international attention and cooperation in bringing the senseless invasion to conclusion without delay.

Global patience and lack of concrete measures in the western nations prominently United States and Israel decisions through EU and regional allies are responsible for massive casualties in Syria.

In juxtapose, the Palestinian peace talks pushed forward at Israel’s behest despite rejection from Palestinian population and democratically elected government Hamas in Gaza as well as political factions representing Palestinians in West Bank and East Jerusalem for the obvious outcome to further marginalize Palestinian citizenry.

The apprehensions amongst Palestinians in Gaza, West Bank and al-Quds is well founded and their unwillingness to negotiations with Israel is legitimately based on controversial illegal settlements in West Bank and East Jerusalem, unlawful detention of Palestinian civilians as young as five years old in Israeli prison and unilateral Israeli blockade on Gaza for the past seven years besides many other atrocities against the people in occupied Palestine.

The discussion on Palestine moving ahead not to benefit victims of oppression and persecution rather the occupier considering the core requirements on settlements freeze slighted with renewed construction and displacement activity.

Any reconciliation on Palestinian matter would be genuine unless and until Israeli authorities act on the impending issues:

1. Terminate contentious settlements in West Bank and al-Quds constituting colonization of the meager territory.

2. The unconditional immediate release of all Palestinian detainees in Israeli prison.

3. Lifting trade and financial embargo on Gaza and include people choice representation from entire Palestine unlike particular leadership of Israel and United States preference – critical for meaningful dialogue producing result oriented Palestinian experience.

Concurrently on Syria – United States and Britain electorate dissent on intervention in Syria is discarded as they were previously with Iraq and every other nation that has been attacked under false pretexts thus far.

The western powers dismissal of public opinion clarifies subversion of democracy with republic made irrelevant regardless of taxpayer funds wasted in waging wars and terrorizing children, women and men in foreign land.

Not to mention the drastic spending cuts in the form of austerity imposed on western countries taxpayers in return forcing many families into poverty and dependent on food stamps which is also being eliminated in order to finance wars in Afghanistan and unrest throughout Middle East.

The western leaderships reckless policies affects people not only in the target nations but also in their domain with millions on all sides paying the price for delusional aspiration of selective few in the self-proclaimed privileged club.

Western civil society unanimous response declining to pay taxes for political establishment misplaced priority calling on divestments of tax revenue in domestic economy instead of decimation of overseas nations would be effective in reversing the trend consuming lives world over.

Expecting shadow powers to change course not an eventuality especially when the agenda is premised on status quo continuation to suppress national and international uprising against fraudulent and inefficient governance.

People power reclaiming sovereignty and individual rights seized under intrusive national surveillance programs (NSA) is the preliminary step towards freedom and peaceful existence.

Wishing citizens of the world success in regaining liberty – the inalienable right to life with dignity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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