Global Pandemic and China

June 12, 2020

Global Pandemic and China

Padmini Arhant

The corona virus SARS-CoV2 transformed into global pandemic continues to consume lives affecting millions worldwide with a catastrophic impact on every domestic economy producing aggregate effects on the global economy. The pandemic caused health disaster and economic collapse is immeasurable.

The corona virus(COVID-19) genome SARS-CoV2 identified as such by China and scientific community gaining rapid human to human transmissibility that was initially denied by Chinese authorities in Beijing and endorsed by World Health Organization at the outbreak onset is on the record. Furthermore, the travel ban that was critical to prevent the spread of the virus was also rejected in the earlier days by Beijing and WHO stating the virus posed no threat to humans and the world need not be alarmed in that respect. Again these are public statements from Beijing and WHO even after the virus explosion in Italy, Iran and South East Asia.

Although Beijing dispute the origin of the virus, the infection starting in Wuhan, Hubei Province in China and the Wuhan Institute of Virology located mere 300 feet from the wet market are factual data. The latest confirmation on SARS-COV2 virus genetic alteration research showing characteristics in correlation with the virus adaptability in humans affected in the current pandemic doesn’t appear to be a coincidence. No matter how these findings and new revelations are circumvented, at the end of the day the virus origin and source emerging from Wuhan, China is incontrovertible.

China’s virologist Shi Zengli referred to as the bat woman apparently for her prolonged study of corona virus in bats having become unavailable soon after the viral eruption now suddenly appearing following scientific determination on possible viral leak from Wuhan lab to defend indefensible position on all issues in Wuhan Institute of Virology and handling of the cataclysmic event quoting politicization of science perhaps at Beijing’s behest is a weak argument. The authorities in Beijing having ignored the lapses in the P4 lab and Wuhan Institute of Virology settings brought to attention by United States embassy in Beijing in January 2018 with little or no precautionary measures including secrecy on experiments in Wuhan lab directly concerning humanity cannot be slighted as sheer politics especially when the world is experiencing insurmountable health and economic crises due to the pandemic.

In fact, the authorities in Beijing had politicized the corona virus right from early detection in Wuhan until today letting that evolve into a pandemic crossing international borders and territories rather than allowing science, medicine and public health experts to address the problem there and then when it actually occurred in Wuhan, China.

Furthermore, Beijing’s aggressive tactics forcing medical professionals and scientists including virologists in Wuhan Institute of Virology to abscond from the scene while silencing whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang to death bare evidence to Beijing’s hard line policy toward own population in Wuhan and rest of China.

Notwithstanding Chinese Communist party leadership politicizing SARS-COV2 known as COVID19 from the get go until now barring access to international experts in the assessment of virus origin and source.

There is no doubt that collaborators on experiments conducted in Wuhan lab facilitated and funded by those in Europe, United States and other western nations with fair knowledge about China’s political system granting carte blanche authority to China’s leadership without proper oversight in place on the operation, methods and various undertakings in Wuhan Institute of Virology share responsibility for resting decisions exclusively to China.

In general, science explorations into future assuming to protect humanity from potential health and survival hazards such as pandemics, the involvement without any preparedness for untowardness jeopardize humanity endangering lives and livelihoods prevalently encountered in the corona virus mass infection. Regardless, science bear serious responsibility and propriety to avert consequences snowballing beyond control like the present pandemic.

Beijing turning the tide against global citizenry, the corona virus victims either succumbed to the deadly virus or fighting the pandemic in the health and economic front exacerbate situation. Instead, Beijing extending full cooperation for an independent investigation and inquiry into SARS-COV2 i.e. COVID 19 cause and catalysts without political meddling from anywhere would substantiate any claims one way or another besides setting precedence to prevent pandemics in the future.

The corona virus detected and treated in Wuhan, China as far back as October 2019. However, Wuhan epidemic brought to world notice only in late January 2020 with lockdowns imposed in late March this year.

Political angle to the pandemic is the health calamity downing healthy economy coinciding with United States Presidential election year in 2020 when Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) has long been engaged in corona virus experiments since 2009.

On the global response to pandemic – the lockdowns in the absence of any prevention or cure to the highly infectious corona virus reportedly effective per public health officials and governments though not without economic costs and in many parts of the world drastically affecting the poor, fragile and the most vulnerable in health and economic terms largely attributed to financial constraints, insufficient resources considering demand surge in medical supplies and little or no economic relief from governments in certain economies leaving population to deal with hunger and lack of facilities amid extensive shelter-in-place order.

The migrant workers in different countries share a common problem and that was being stranded in locations without ways to support them and their families especially with the layoffs and no income forcing them to return home. In India for example, the migrant workers lost their lives in preventable causes of death and many from starvation, heat exhaustion and accidents in the course of long journey by foot back home covering as far as 1,500 km or more. These tragedies were avoidable had the migrant workers been able to leave earlier by available means of transport prior to lockdown with the central government giving adequate time rather than spur of the moment decision confining them to congested settings defeating the purpose of social distancing and close contact.

The extended lockdowns would be feasible had the governments made provisions to supply food and essential services including financial assistance to cover the entire period with factories and regular working conditions shut down in the wake of the pandemic. The easing of lockdowns based on local authorities reports on pandemic effects in their areas and accordingly setting guidelines for gradual reopening would be the initial steps towards economic revival. Any drastic measures always leads to undesirable outcome. Citizens on their part maintaining self-discipline in personal hygiene stated earlier like washing hands and feet, sanitizing commonly used surfaces, allowing 6 feet distance avoiding  personal contact when outside, monitoring personal health to remain healthy and active are all necessary to combat virus and keep illnesses at bay.

Now on China’s policy in mainland, Xin Jiang province, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, Nepal, India, South China Sea and other territories facing the Communist Party’s authoritarianism is a matter of grave concern. China’s rise to economic power status is a consolidation of local population hard work, global consumers contribution and western powers overarching privileges granted to Communist Party in Beijing contradictory to western stance on communism and socialism imposing sanctions against other nations lasting over decades typically enriched China’s politburo members and multinational companies representing the top 1% in global society.  

Hong Kong – Beijing agreed to Hong Kong’s autonomy under one country two systems recognizing the island as an independent territory with own legislative assembly, rule of law, judiciary, trade and economic relations with the rest of the world including China on autonomous basis until now. China’s broken promise in the introduction of national security law defining pro-democracy movement as extremism and going further in labeling any future attempts on democratic rights as terrorism and sedition is clear human rights violation for a nation presiding over the same issues from other parts of the world as a permanent member of United Nations Security Council with veto power. China’s  contradiction in this respect is a serious flaw beckoning Beijing authorities unconditional acknowledgment of Hong Kong’s autonomy. China honoring the residents democratic rights is the path to peaceful resolution on Hong Kong independence.

Similarly in mainland and Xin Jiang province, China – Beijing’s crackdown on non-violent political dissidents in mainland and Uighur Muslims plight in the supposedly autonomous Xin Jiang province has attracted international condemnation with situations only deteriorating as time goes by with no hope for freedom of speech. In Uighur Muslims’ case, the internment camps enduring torture and all sorts of abuse denying foreign press any access to view their conditions in isolation tarnish China’s image. The fundamental changes beginning with individual rights, political freedom, freedom of press and other basic human rights in every aspect are imperative for real progress in China.

Taiwan – Beijing asserting rights over sovereign Taiwan as China’s territory falls under the same category as territorial annexation by force. Taiwan is an independent nation with democratically elected leadership, President Tsai Ing-Wen having been re-elected to second term in office. Taiwan’s status as a free democratic state is a long standing position that cannot be subverted under threat or political intrusion.

Tibet – the Buddhist nation though regarded an autonomous region under China, the reality is otherwise. Tibet was once an independent nation that was aggressively invaded and taken over by neighboring China. Tibet has an elected government in exile formally referred to as Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) headed by President Lobsang Sangay, the lawful democratic governing body to govern Tibet. Beijing’s claim on Tibet is inexplicable. Tibet independence from China is quintessential for the latter’s interpretation of autonomy with sovereign statehood. Tibet was a free country. Ever since occupation in 1959, the Tibetan population are subject to enormous suffering with culture and civilization completely wiped out under China. Time for Tibet liberation from People Liberation Army (PLA) and Beijing’s control in China ending the decades old sovereign subjugation.

Nepal – the proud Himalayan nation at the foothills of the highest peak Mt.Everest, the heavenly abode of God Shiva with Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha is unfortunately landlocked between  China and India. Nepal is compelled to contend with wanton skirmishes and territorial seizures considering authoritarian leaderships in both China and India sharing common aspirations especially towards neighbors regarded weak and vulnerable. Nonetheless, Nepal possess abilities to deal with challenges in the shadow of holy heritage, the majestic Himalayan premise.

India –  China having previously annexed approximately 38,000 Aksai Chin in Ladakh and reportedly entered the region across the Line of Actual Control (LAC) recently surrounding India in all directions from west in Ladakh,  north and northeast viz. Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Assam and,

In south, reports confirm China having seized the island strip in Indian territory off Maldives in Indian Ocean pouring millions of pounds sand in preparation for submarine base are significant encroachment and invasion of foreign land, in this instance India. China and India have been drawn into warfare earlier in 1962, 1967…and were at the brink of escalation in Doklam border standoff near Bhutan in 2017. These incursions and invasions characterize China’s hegemony against Nuclear India and other neighbors in the region. In other security issues related to India, China’s empathy to Pakistan based terror networks extended when China was the only country among the 15-member UNSC to have opposed the ban on Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar despite the terror group’s terrorism against India.

China carried out these activities while Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted the Chinese Premier Xi Jinping on several occasions reminiscent of Gujarat days when the former Chief Minister entertained Chinese investments in Gujarat and all over India upon assuming office as Prime Minister. India’s trade deficit with China is $57.4 billion per public data given opaqueness on both sides of the government in revealing the latest figure. India’s earlier trade surplus $3.9 billion against Hong Kong reversed into $2.7 billion trade deficit in 2018 following Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visits to India.

China has consistently been the beneficiary against India accessing Indian market in trade and economic deals. In return India received China’s military interventions via troops deployment covering all sides of the Indian territory. Additionally, China’s overt and covert operations in north eastern states luring Indian citizens to Beijing’s economic incentives laden with political agenda are some of many omissions on the Indian government oversight.

Chinese leaderships decision on immediate withdrawal of troops, artillery and military assets from the current positions within, near and around India is paramount and remains the determining factor for China’s recovery from internal economic turmoil, pandemic containment and political turbulence in Communist party politburo.

China has the opportunity to alleviate unnecessary tensions with India. The two nations as ancient civilizations has much to benefit from each other in mutual growth and development that inarguably requires trust and reliable partnership without any surprises such as the ongoing border intrusion and military posturing in the Himalayas and across Indian boundary in the region.

The elephant and dragon dance is possible upon the dragon, the mythical character in ancient legend renounce emitting fire endangering self and all around. On the contrary, the elephant existing since time immemorial worshipped in Hindu, Buddhist religion and offshoots proved priceless in living and beyond for many attributes is testimony to peaceful co-existence in the habitat.

South-China Sea – the increased clashes in international waters between China and ASEAN countries viz. Vietnam after the Vietnamese fishing boat drowning linked to China’s interception, Malaysia reportedly confronted by China near Malaysian oil rig facility, Philippines intimidated by China restricting local fishing and availing marine resources in archipelago. Japan has long standing territorial dispute with China over Senkaku Islands dispute, or Diaoyu Islands dispute respectively. Tiaoyutai Islands is contested between China and Taiwan.

Needless to say United States patrol in South China Sea unwelcome and perceived as interference by China in the overall international collision in Asian waters.

The nations worldwide burdened with pandemic originating in Wuhan, China enforcing economic shut down has inflicted phenomenal losses that are irreversible in terms of fatalities, a staggering 388,000 and still rising and 6.6 million affected right now from the deadly virus cannot be written off as benign incident. The pandemic generated humongous economic liabilities depriving billions from livelihoods and driving businesses into insolvency is historic and expected to prolong over a period of time until economic revival and sustainability.

The global citizens as prime consumers of Made in China goods and services are naturally frustrated and feel betrayed by Beijing and World Health Organization’s joint lapses and malfeasance in withholding facts and numbers on the virus victims at the start of the pandemic.

Beijing might succeed in winning favors from certain governments, organizations, multinational companies and those willing to appease China’s Leaderships at any level.

The average citizens as retail buyers buying goods manufactured in China instrumental in China’s economic empowerment hold the key to Beijing’s present and future.

Hence, China’s political, economic, strategic, military and social transformation conforming to individual freedom, free speech, free press, civil rights, democratic system, open free society within China towards own people and Hong Kong citizens aspiring democratic values with self-governance, independent Taiwan, Xin Jiang province, Tibet and all others enunciated above in South and South East Asia, South Pacific and the rest of the world are no longer a choice but an obligation to rebuild China and the global economy.

China’s seismic shift in political and strategic evolution accepting democracy, respecting human rights, neighbors sovereignty, territorial integrity and above all transparency and trustworthiness in all dealings is the only way forward to earn global citizens confidence and approval.

China’s economic prosperity ascribed to free market enterprise in the global economy venturing into mainland invigorated meteoric rise. The political and strategic reforms in China’s system is long overdue for positive exchange in relations severely compromised in Beijing’s rattled response to COVID19 and economic ramifications.

Beijing’s reconciliation and rapprochement with India and neighbors in South China Sea would renew ties boosting economic progress amongst all.

China’s engagement with United States and western powers is a complex relationship. China positioned as a major creditor financing and servicing western economies. The trade war with United States alongside China as the manufacturing hub for United States mega corporations is an inter-dependent economic chain link with lingering mistrust and mendacious malfeasance overwhelming at certain times like currency manipulation to gain export advantage and leverage foreign currency reserves and at present the corona virus corroded the benefit of doubt against China.

United States recent steps against China are motivated by the latter’s inconsistency in meeting expectations with inherent deficiencies in mutual cooperation and understanding on many issues from economic strengths to intellectual property rights that are contentious requiring considerable revisions and renewed measures for a fresh dependable transparent trade alliance.

In conclusion, China’s awakening to twenty first century reality represented by generation within the country, Xin Jiang Province, neighboring Hong Kong, Tibet and Taiwan for independence leading to a democratic society with freedom, political rights, individual liberty to elect government through ballots not bullets, honoring the will and wishes of nations seeking respect for their sovereignty and territorial integrity, abandoning hostility for harmony with all nations in the region and world wide is the only way forward to establish meaningful and universally acceptable transition that guarantees trust, peace and fulfillment on obligations and commitments.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter





















Global Citizens Petition for WHO Director General Resignation

May 23, 2020

Global Citizens Petition for WHO Director General Resignation

Padmini Arhant

Global citizens petition for World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus resignation rejected by Murder Inc., the shadow world government reining control over nearly 8 billion lives on Earth clarifies apathy and disdain for ordinary citizens enduring extraordinary pain and misery from the pandemic. 

The global pandemic victims’ families and survivors experiencing excruciating health and economic ordeal deserve to know from Murder Inc. protecting members responsible for massive loss of lives and economic collapse, the reason behind impunity to World Health Organization authority having miserably failed in saving lives by following China’s dictum to conceal information clearly identified as corruption and willful negligence in the highest order.

Why should the pandemic victims and those affected be silenced and disregarded in the heinous crime against humanity when the Murder Inc. launch attacks against nations on false pretext citing biological and chemical weapons to invade and occupy foreign land?

The Murder Inc. paradoxical strategy target innocent lives world over while shielding and providing impunity to those involved in mass murder and genocide deploying communication outlets and media to defend indefensible offense and criminal actions. The systemic abuse is deplorable.

Under these circumstances, the World Health Organization authority agreement to review lapses originating from China and the global health body own mismanagement with flawed guidance equally at default maintaining Beijing’s position that led to pandemic explosion is an insult to human intelligence and humanity at large.

When those accountable for egregious decisions causing pandemic are granted immunity, the Murder Inc. continues to remain existential threat to humanity, global health, economic and political progress as well as peace and security. 

The global citizens demand for WHO authority Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus resignation is legitimate and well qualified considering the director general’s past record in previous positions conceivably led to outbreaks in alarming proportions and repeat performance in the current pandemic verify the dismal trajectory. 

Anyone in favor of retaining the service of WHO director general purely for political interests despite the authority misleading international community with conflicting instructions obliging Beijing that triggered the pandemic cannot be the party concerned about global health safety and wellness. On the contrary, these entities pose imminent danger to humanity and civilization.

Global citizenry renewed call on this matter and end to shadow government viz. Murder Inc. authorizing permanent indemnity to continue business as usual is critical to safeguard individual health and economic status moving forward. 

Every citizen in the world frustrated and tired of generational suffering and aspire freedom in all aspects must denounce the shadow government Murder Inc. secrecy and free the world from prolonged open and disguised oppression. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 








United States – Political Immunity

May 21, 2020

United States – Political Immunity

Padmini Arhant

In the latest Spy gate scandal there are serious questions on developments granting political immunity to those directly involved in the matter.

What is the reason behind U.S.Attorney General William Barr’s statement exempting the former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden from criminal investigation despite Gen. Michael Flynn case from the beginning until now lead to then highest office bearers i.e. President and Vice President of the United States in 2016?

The same would apply to United States Senate interestingly from the Republican aisle the Senate Majority leader Mitch Mcconnell elected by Kentucky voters and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham maintaining similar position on the former U.S. administration.

United States proudly claimed as the land of Justice inhibiting justice and facilitating widespread corruption in all three branches of the government i.e. the executive, legislative and judiciary is a flagrant betrayal of public trust and blatant evasion of accountability.

The abuse of power undermines democracy and holds the electorate hostage protecting political establishment with impunity on crimes and unlawful engagement that would otherwise subject others not in the same league to the fullest extent of law. 

The system must be fair and equal holding none above law without exception barring political bias and amnesty.

The preference and prejudice subvert democratic principles allowing politics and those exerting control from within and outside to misuse public office and taxpayers money for private and political interests.

United States voters in the blue, red and purple states are burdened with the responsibility to free democracy under siege from secret society run and managed deep state as well as their representatives in government.

Likewise, the policy defending China and World Health Organization directly responsible for global pandemic affecting 5.1 million people and 330,000 deaths and counting of which 100,000 pertain to United States and the remaining related to rest of the world notwithstanding economic collapse worldwide consuming lives and costing livelihoods is reprehensible. 

Needless to say the buck stops at the highest order viz. with the Presidency of the United States expected to exercise executive authority executed on other matter and in this particular health and economic disaster heeding bad political advise favoring China as well as WHO conform to collusion and complicity.

China’s influence over World Health Organization is demonstrably corruption and cronyism that led to colossal failure to save lives from the deadly virus extended to regions across the globe with governments and leaderships facing severe criticisms and possible rejection in election in their respective domain.

Any laxity in appropriate response and actions against China and World Health Organization authority at the helm by governments worldwide would sabotage credibility and electability among own population for ignoring pandemic victims’ tragedies enduring loss of lives of their loved ones and economic devastation.

All those affected by crimes and willful wrongdoing deserve justice that cannot be denied based on arbitrary intervention and egregious decisions.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter



Corona Virus – WHO Mismanagement

May 18, 2020

Corona Virus – WHO Mismanagement 

Padmini Arhant

The ruling governments at the state and federal level subject to severe criticism and taking lot of heat from partisan media and predecessor ex-President Barack Obama rebuke of the incumbent President Donald Trump in the handling of the pandemic with rebuttal from the latter ongoing on one side.

On the other hand, the global health authority, World Health Organization having misled the world and allowed the virus spread globally through full cooperation with Beijing leadership, President Xi Jinping of China Communist Party in the critical initial period perhaps never even cross critics’ minds when targeting political leaderships and administrations bogged down in health and economic dual crises.

The burden of responsibility squarely falls on the World Health Organization for miscalculations and misguidance in denying human to human transmission in the beginning and disapproval on international travel ban that triggered contagion effect far and wide.

China and WHO together failed to contain the virus in Wuhan at the onset. WHO obligatory to conduct independent investigation on the outbreak prior to Beijing’s deliberated confirmation in Wuhan, China delayed in providing instructions to the international community until after preliminary epidemic evolved into a pandemic.

The controversy surrounding corona virus origin i.e. Wuhan lab in China with known lapses brought to notice by United States embassy in Beijing back in January 2018 appears to have been ignored raising a red flag in the institute set up for experiments in highly infectious viruses from the wild life viz. bats per numerous data drawing focus on the facility and activities concerning humanity at large.

The current corona virus SARS-CoV2 identified as related to bats that trace back to Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China involved in corona virus research in bats attracting funding from the United States and Europe cannot be isolated in the efforts to determine the pandemic cause. 

The global attention on China and WHO, the organization having maintained contact and meeting with China at the early stages of the pandemic have let down global citizens in mitigating the deadly virus.

The global citizens seeking inquiry on the corona virus stemming from China together with WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus resignation for failure to act immediately in alerting the world governments and citizens that could have saved thousands of lives and averted the massive health and economic disaster are legitimate and valid. 

The loss of lives are irreversible and economic costs are phenomenal. Yet those responsible to deliver effectively at the beginning of this pandemic granted immunity on the job and protected from any adverse impact to their position is deeply regrettable.

The reverse would be applicable to any ordinary citizen anywhere had they been reckless in their decision and caused health catastrophe in epic proportion.

The rule of law regardless of status and statehood should be fair and equal. The global health organization expected to prevent pandemics and major health hazards having passed on their responsibility to China by relying on Beijing’s assessment and dissemination on the virus impact that originated in Wuhan, China reflect gross negligence and dereliction of duty. 

Beijing’s political clout and economic incentives to WHO top executive and officials undermining public health and safety is systemic epidemic in corruption culture.

WHO at the center of this health quagmire quintessential for egregious actions in dealing with the most sensitive and alarming health calamity.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 




World Health Organization Failure and Director General Resignation

April 24, 2020

World Health Organization Failure and Director General Resignation

Padmini Arhant

The UN body set up for public health management as the name suggests i.e. World Health Organization (WHO) miserably failed on corona virus containment. The director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus earlier statements at corona virus outbreak in Wuhan, China in adherence to China Communist Party’s instructions underestimating the virus rapid contagion impact describing the epidemic in Wuhan at that time as not alarming contributed to status quo.

Furthermore, the WHO  position at that time was the corona virus had no human to human transmission and advised against travel ban that essentially transformed the local epidemic in Wuhan, China into global pandemic.

World Health Organization funded to exercise independent authority without submitting to any pressure or accepting incentives from anywhere for personal and vested interests adopting reverse approach allowing corona virus explosion is not a minor error that could be ignored on political correctness and other meaningless explanations provided in defense.

The international body erring right at the beginning, the critical juncture demanding precautionary measures and swift actions to save lives and prevent pervasive infection slighted with no after thought on such grave stance.  Needless to say, WHO cooperation echoing China’s leadership (CCP) version and interpretation of the highly infectious virus as not a threat to humanity considering previous epidemics like H1N1, SARS and MERS…with preceding ones in communicable disease having originated in China and MERS from Saudi Arabia was a colossal mistake that erupted into ravaging pandemic consuming lives necessitating global economic shutdown costing more lives and livelihoods as a result of the deadly virus.

The loss of precious lives and agony experienced by victims and families in the health disaster from corona virus is not an ordinary plight. The economic toll leaving billions around the world in poverty, hunger and starvation not to mention the global economic collapse creating insurmountable uncertainties and immeasurable financial difficulties is a monumental challenge confronting citizens worldwide.

In normal and abnormal situations anywhere, an employee in any sector and industry conscientiously at fault would not continue with the job and neither be encouraged to carry on with the affairs where responsibility flouted in the first place causing tremendous health and economic tragedies only expected to prolong until unknown period.

That being the case, anyone appointed with salary, perks and privileges at the helm entrusted with a serious task of health management and global citizens well being assuming the duty for granted with decisions based on China Communist Party leadership (CCP) recommendations covering up facts and figures amid avalanche of incidents in the then epicenter Wuhan, China bare evidence.  The diligence, prudence and vigilance abstinence at the crucial moment proved catastrophic for the entire world is not something to be taken on stride and left behind as a bad dream especially when the dream has evolved into a living nightmare for many all around.

Although, those in position of power and authority maintaining close ties with entities flexing influence are exempt from accountability, the tradition exacerbate human frustration and patience on fundamental change holding none above law in all matter.

In this respect, World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus investing complete faith and trust in China Communist Party (CCP) narratives releasing official reports contradictory to pandemic events in the original domain rather than the autonomous World Health Organization (WHO) conducting own investigation examining ground reality in Wuhan, China amount to misleading, misguidance and gross negligence in handling the pandemic.

The global pandemic inflicting deaths and destruction of lives in the magnitude beyond sustainability and economic injustice affecting billions in epic proportion appropriately seek the resignation of Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus from heading the World Health Organuzation effective immediately.

World Health Organization sharing the woes of alleged corruption and lack of transparency in many aspects overhauling the structure and prevailing in the scrutiny on international oversight representing common citizens not elite members in the panel is paramount to gain public confidence in the otherwise ethically fractured auspices.

As for China, the Communist Party leaderships in Beijing are obligatory to humanity at large in presenting actual data and accounts on corona virus since emergence up until now in addition to deploying strict quality control on functionality and effectiveness of medical supplies and equipment shipped to various destinations around the globe.

Last but not the least, the Central authority in Beijing arguably hit with libel suits for withholding vital information on corona virus triggering ripple effects on global health and economy heeding citizens urgent needs and emergency care within China abandoning secrecy and intolerance to whistle blowers  in medical community would enormously help in mitigating the unprecedented health and economic crises.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter