Corona Virus – WHO Mismanagement

May 18, 2020

Corona Virus – WHO Mismanagement 

Padmini Arhant

The ruling governments at the state and federal level subject to severe criticism and taking lot of heat from partisan media and predecessor ex-President Barack Obama rebuke of the incumbent President Donald Trump in the handling of the pandemic with rebuttal from the latter ongoing on one side.

On the other hand, the global health authority, World Health Organization having misled the world and allowed the virus spread globally through full cooperation with Beijing leadership, President Xi Jinping of China Communist Party in the critical initial period perhaps never even cross critics’ minds when targeting political leaderships and administrations bogged down in health and economic dual crises.

The burden of responsibility squarely falls on the World Health Organization for miscalculations and misguidance in denying human to human transmission in the beginning and disapproval on international travel ban that triggered contagion effect far and wide.

China and WHO together failed to contain the virus in Wuhan at the onset. WHO obligatory to conduct independent investigation on the outbreak prior to Beijing’s deliberated confirmation in Wuhan, China delayed in providing instructions to the international community until after preliminary epidemic evolved into a pandemic.

The controversy surrounding corona virus origin i.e. Wuhan lab in China with known lapses brought to notice by United States embassy in Beijing back in January 2018 appears to have been ignored raising a red flag in the institute set up for experiments in highly infectious viruses from the wild life viz. bats per numerous data drawing focus on the facility and activities concerning humanity at large.

The current corona virus SARS-CoV2 identified as related to bats that trace back to Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China involved in corona virus research in bats attracting funding from the United States and Europe cannot be isolated in the efforts to determine the pandemic cause. 

The global attention on China and WHO, the organization having maintained contact and meeting with China at the early stages of the pandemic have let down global citizens in mitigating the deadly virus.

The global citizens seeking inquiry on the corona virus stemming from China together with WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus resignation for failure to act immediately in alerting the world governments and citizens that could have saved thousands of lives and averted the massive health and economic disaster are legitimate and valid. 

The loss of lives are irreversible and economic costs are phenomenal. Yet those responsible to deliver effectively at the beginning of this pandemic granted immunity on the job and protected from any adverse impact to their position is deeply regrettable.

The reverse would be applicable to any ordinary citizen anywhere had they been reckless in their decision and caused health catastrophe in epic proportion.

The rule of law regardless of status and statehood should be fair and equal. The global health organization expected to prevent pandemics and major health hazards having passed on their responsibility to China by relying on Beijing’s assessment and dissemination on the virus impact that originated in Wuhan, China reflect gross negligence and dereliction of duty. 

Beijing’s political clout and economic incentives to WHO top executive and officials undermining public health and safety is systemic epidemic in corruption culture.

WHO at the center of this health quagmire quintessential for egregious actions in dealing with the most sensitive and alarming health calamity.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 





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