Global Citizens Petition for WHO Director General Resignation

May 23, 2020

Global Citizens Petition for WHO Director General Resignation

Padmini Arhant

Global citizens petition for World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus resignation rejected by Murder Inc., the shadow world government reining control over nearly 8 billion lives on Earth clarifies apathy and disdain for ordinary citizens enduring extraordinary pain and misery from the pandemic. 

The global pandemic victims’ families and survivors experiencing excruciating health and economic ordeal deserve to know from Murder Inc. protecting members responsible for massive loss of lives and economic collapse, the reason behind impunity to World Health Organization authority having miserably failed in saving lives by following China’s dictum to conceal information clearly identified as corruption and willful negligence in the highest order.

Why should the pandemic victims and those affected be silenced and disregarded in the heinous crime against humanity when the Murder Inc. launch attacks against nations on false pretext citing biological and chemical weapons to invade and occupy foreign land?

The Murder Inc. paradoxical strategy target innocent lives world over while shielding and providing impunity to those involved in mass murder and genocide deploying communication outlets and media to defend indefensible offense and criminal actions. The systemic abuse is deplorable.

Under these circumstances, the World Health Organization authority agreement to review lapses originating from China and the global health body own mismanagement with flawed guidance equally at default maintaining Beijing’s position that led to pandemic explosion is an insult to human intelligence and humanity at large.

When those accountable for egregious decisions causing pandemic are granted immunity, the Murder Inc. continues to remain existential threat to humanity, global health, economic and political progress as well as peace and security. 

The global citizens demand for WHO authority Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus resignation is legitimate and well qualified considering the director general’s past record in previous positions conceivably led to outbreaks in alarming proportions and repeat performance in the current pandemic verify the dismal trajectory. 

Anyone in favor of retaining the service of WHO director general purely for political interests despite the authority misleading international community with conflicting instructions obliging Beijing that triggered the pandemic cannot be the party concerned about global health safety and wellness. On the contrary, these entities pose imminent danger to humanity and civilization.

Global citizenry renewed call on this matter and end to shadow government viz. Murder Inc. authorizing permanent indemnity to continue business as usual is critical to safeguard individual health and economic status moving forward. 

Every citizen in the world frustrated and tired of generational suffering and aspire freedom in all aspects must denounce the shadow government Murder Inc. secrecy and free the world from prolonged open and disguised oppression. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 









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