United States – Warfare and Military Strikes

January 9, 2020

United States – Warfare and Military Strikes

Padmini Arhant

United States warfare and military aggressions using extra judicial powers at the executive branch is distinctive for a nation declared beacon of democracy with deep respect for national and international laws subject to own terms and conditions granting privileged status.

United States warfare, military strikes and other interventions in foreign land are consistent in justifying unjustifiable actions at executive discretions failing to provide evidence at every instance. The convention subjugates democratic system and constitution guided congressional process allowing debates, discussion and deliberation prior to any deployment of defense force and military assets in overt or covert operation.

In recent memory, United States invasion of Iraq under former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney in 2003 led to status quo in that nation and Afghanistan.

What was the premise for Iraq invasion?

Iraq’s alleged chemical weapons that were nowhere to be found or reproduced leaving the nation with mass graves and permanent damage including looting and plunder of Iraq’s artifacts, museum and cultural sites. Not to mention the generational suffering endured by Iraqi population with children born with congenital birth defects and other acute illnesses from the use of depleted uranium in Fallujah in Al-Anbar province and cluster bombs reined over Baghdad are mere examples of devastation.

The subsequent administration under former President Barack Obama scuttled Benghazi incident in Eastern Libya that claimed then U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and CIA intelligence personnel lives that remain unanswered until today.

Similarly former President Barack Obama administration’s involvement in Syria created ISIL, ISIS, al nusra front and the current IS in Syria spilling over to neighboring Lebanon, Libya, Iraq and Turkey.

In May 2011, President Barack Obama administration ventured into Abbottabad mission in Pakistan presenting the nation and the world with bizarre claim on the capture and killing of long gone al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Ladin who actually died in December 2001. He was diagnosed with renal failure and had dialysis treatments in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and Dubai, UAE.

Again when asked for evidence of Osama Bin Laden’s remains or his body from then President Barack Obama’s administration,

America and the world were informed of Osama Bin Laden’s remains to have been disposed in Arabian Sea in accordance with the mission architects’ invented islamic rites exclusive to that particular event.

Furthermore, the physical witnesses – the SEAL Team Six entire crew and other members deployed in Abbottabad operation were eliminated when the Vietnam era military Chinook helicopter they were aboard was shot down in Afghanistan despite United States and NATO presence in the territory.

The SEAL Team SIX family request for investigation into this strange incident with no survivors were slighted without any respect for the young victims in their early twenties whose lives apparently had no value for those in position of power and authority.

President Barack Obama aka President Obama  earned the coveted title Drone King not without any reason. President Barack Obama penchant for drone strikes chasing children, women, elderly and men of all age from their humble dwellings in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Colombia in South America, Mali, Sudan in Africa to name a few among many other near and far destinations is the highlight of President Barack Obama’s two term Presidency.

History repeating itself with the current administration under President Donald Trump aka President Trump, once a harsh critic of the above cited incidents as a civilian including during the Presidential campaign in 2016 vowing to American electorate to pursue the path of peace and not the one his predecessors treaded on with no accountability regardless of their respective political representation emerged a fierce competitor in this trend.

In light of these factual substantiations on misuse of executive power evading transparency and responsibility to the people of United States and especially citizens abroad irreversibly affected in the carte blanche authority waging warfare or military and other special operations seeking high value targets,

The congressional move to limit war powers at the executive branch setting precedence now and in the future is the preliminary and positive step towards peace besides safeguarding freedom and democratic values enshrined in constitution.

Last but not the least, all of the above mentioned violations by successive administrations constitute war crimes and political immunity in this regard is treason.

Notwithstanding willful conscious engagement is betrayal of public trust in the democratic setting.  The law applicable to all  exempting none above in a democracy would serve justice to victims and their survivors living up to the status as the land of justice.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Nobel Peace Prize Impact 

January 30, 2019

Nobel Peace Prize Impact 

Padmini Arhant

How a mistaken peace prize was misused to commit horrific crimes against humanity?

The 44th President of the United States President Barack Obama tenure was rife with terrorism, deaths, catastrophe and devastation breaking the record of his predecessor ex-President George W.Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, who together championed the illegal invasion and occupation of foreign lands using 9/11 initiating the ill-fated Project for New American Century (PNAC).

The successor Barack Obama escalated violence and bloodshed multifold in the militarization of Africa, destabilization of Middle East and Latin America as justification of the Nobel Peace Prize. He was coronated the drone King not without reason for his predator drones chasing and killing children, women and men in humble dwellings of Afghanistan and many developing nations in Africa and Latin America. Not to mention economic sanctions against nations regarded adversary to hegemonic interests in the Middle East, South East Asia, Latin America and Africa.

The Office of Presidency and similar post like Prime Ministership is often taken for granted by occupants in the White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington D.C. 20500 and other capitals around the world pledged allegiance to deep state global agenda. The fact that electorate, the ordinary citizens mandate is abused against them is a tragedy in politics.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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The following segment is from the international press release.

Nobel Secretary: Awarding Obama the Peace Prize Was a Mistake

A press release at the time announced that Obama had earned the award based on “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” though he had only been in the White House mere weeks when he was nominated. The committee awarded the prize to Obama based entirely on his media popularity, not based on anything he actually did.

Lundestad, aside from admitting that the stunt had proven a failure, revealed the reason behind it wasn’t exactly in keeping with the credibility of the panel or the award, once a symbol of excellence.

The former secretary told the Associated Press that “the committee hoped the award would strengthen Mr. Obama.”

Understanding nearly a decade later that strengthening an American president wasn’t exactly in the committee’s job description, Lundestad voiced some regret.

“No Nobel Peace Prize ever elicited more attention than the 2009 prize to Barack Obama,” Lundestad writes in his memoir.

“Even many of Obama’s supporters believed that the prize was a mistake,” he adds. “In that sense, the committee didn’t achieve what it had hoped for.”

Obama expanded and continued war and tensions across the globe

While it’s good to hear Lundestad admit the Obama Peace Prize was a mistake, it isn’t simply because the committee wasn’t able to strengthen his presidency that made it so.

The real reason is that they awarded a prize for peace to a man who had no diplomatic achievements, would allow terrorism to flourish throughout the Middle East, and who would become the longest wartime president in history, expanding war into several countries like Libya and Syria.

The committee at the time wrote, “Only very rarely has a person to the same extent as Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future.”

That ‘better future’ didn’t quite pan out. A report in November of 2015 indicated that terrorism-related deaths had more than quadrupled since Obama took office, actually peaking in 2014.

America, Rolling Stone reported, had been at war under Obama “longer than under George W. Bush — or any other U.S. president, for that matter,” and that over 2,500 Americans had died in Afghanistan and Iraq by May of 2016.

Peace wasn’t exactly Obama’s strength.

The failed former president is no longer pictured in the section titled “Featured laureates” on the Nobel website, reserved for such individuals as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mother Teresa.


World of Irony

July 8, 2017

World of Irony

By Padmini Arhant

The condescendence to physical attributes conforming to prejudice is accepted as elitism. The small and big comparisons often project the latter as strong though such premise is baseless. Juxtaposed the ones upholding anything big as mighty are actually submissive to tiny nations on the globe viz. Britain, Israel and Germany.

Tiny Britain became the dominant imperial power exerting clout until now.  Germany with 357,000 square kilometers nearly conquered Europe in twentieth century and at present elevated as prime authority in EU ambit besides inclusion in UNSC as P5+1.

Likewise, small state Israel holding vast United States hostage on domestic legislations and foreign policy is a glaring irony in elitist playbook.


By Padmini Arhant

What is wrong with the ruling elites?  Have they exhausted materials in the spin zone?

The contemporary practice to mislead the world on matter continues unabated much to own dissatisfaction and hard to convince the mass predicament due to duplicity in domestic and international affairs.

The grave concern echoed in threat to western civilization is inconceivable considering western policies since dawn of industrialization until now have destroyed non-western civilizations and culture on the notion they are barbaric, primitive and unsuitable for western dais.

Western invasion, occupation and colonization of continents for economic and strategic interests systematically decimated heritage of nations with little or no regard for cultural and rich ethnic values irreplaceable in modern times with materialism undermining humanism alongside erosion of intellectualism and spiritualism.

The concept of bondage and subservience emerged in imperial era persists until today with revival of feudalism evident in vassal statehood disguised as democracy.

Sovereignty and constitutional governance is substituted with secret organization comprising members pledging allegiance to agenda not conforming to democratic principles by not allowing public access to discussions on global issues and decisions pertaining to more than seven billion population in the world.

Election is a convenient process to legitimize illegitimacy with pre-selection and Super pac as well as special interests bidding on candidacy voiding ordinary citizens participation in the polls.

Corporations control over governments steering legislations to suit private goals is the norm leaving taxpayers at authorities’ mercy with imposition of mandatory laws tied to penalty in existing health care.

Additionally, the organizations like AIPAC representing foreign country such as Israel demand for compulsory aid in multi-billion dollars on one side and pressure to submit to protecting United States allies in building NATO defense on the other while depriving United States taxpayers and citizens from quality health care is unfortunately not considered a betrayal of electorate trust.

The ongoing debate about Russia meddling in U.S. election in 2016 is an interesting complaint from the nation with institutions and government legacy on interventions world over installing dictatorships and regimes displacing democratic governments and popular leaderships time and time again appears to have no end in sight.

The trend maintained by both republican and democrat administrations in the United States intercepting and lodging proxies adhering to United States foreign policy typically engineered by organizations and institutions viz. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Tri Lateral Commissions and think tanks representing globalists apparently not included in the same category of interference in foreign internal event.

Obviously, what is good for hegemony not approved for others as the case on every issue related to humanity.

Creating parallel unipolar system with veto power whether UNSC within United Nations or European Union to oversee member states, the alternate body exerting influence is enormous. The pattern once again subjugating nations independent status implemented as global requirement.

UNSC authorized economic sanctions and military aggressions on nations targeted for not in agreement with western goals are forced into starvation and perpetual violence.

European Union and euro zone functioning under bureaucrats in Brussels and financial institutions – ECB, IMF and Germany’s Central bank economic policies largely premised on bankers’ profitability enforcing sovereign debt via austerity in the absence of growth and opportunity exacerbate economic problems in respective member domains.

EU economic and foreign policy has been successful in producing refugees generating the need for liberal immigration strategy without borders in Western Europe.

EU lifting ban on arms supply and funding to terror outfits in Syria opened the floodgates for terror victims to flee their country. The economic refugees from austerity and population affected from terror sponsorship in Syria and Iraq are the results of erroneous determinations with no review and modifications to EU plan of action.

Similarly, EU prominent role along with United States in destabilizing Ukraine is yet another debacle leading to Ukraine losing Crimea to Russia.

The quest for territorial annexations in South and South East Asia is a cause for regional trepidation especially when major economic powers have boundary issues and encroachment in common territory.

The relations straining over border incursions could be improved with mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity to avoid escalation of tensions between emerging economies in the region. In this context, there is confrontation of false pride hindering peaceful reconciliation.

On the nuclear front, North Korea Inter Continental Ballistic Missile capability is arousing anxiety. 

Nuclear non-proliferation arguably linked with nuclear disarmament incumbent on all nuclear and non-nuclear states without exception transcending arbitrary rule against some as nuclear threats from any against another triggered nuclear arms race to begin with evolving into latest development.

Any climate treaty with or without United States is ineffective and meaningless provided serious ramifications of nuclear status among nuclear powers regularly conducting subterranean and overland testing is factored into environment degradation.

Unless the war strategy deploying uranium, plutonium and other chemical weapons contaminating rivers and polluting air cease allowing nations under attack to overcome treacherous conditions inflicted upon them for strategic dominance, the climate accord would be cosmetic rather than constructive.

Planet survival is challenged in many frontiers with nuclear arsenals, drones and diverse technological means engaged in combat situations excluded from elimination in climate pact weakening the issue of addressing climate change.

In the world of irony embarked on fault finding ignoring flaws and failures within is an incredible irony.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission


















World – Current Affairs

May 21, 2017


Duplicity feigning Authenticity

By Padmini Arhant

Could the media in the United States care to clarify on the present family in the White House?

Is President Donald J. Trump an orthodox Jew?

If the answer is no, then the President’s eldest daughter Ivanka could not be an orthodox Jew since she is referred to as Ivanka Trump.

On the contrary, any claim on Ivanka’s apostasy from whatever that was previously to the current one through alleged marriage with an orthodox Jew Jared Kushner could not be true either with the last name Kushner discarded by supposedly an orthodox traditional spouse.

What is true?

Ivanka’s marriage to orthodox Jew Jared Kushner then why not Ivanka Kushner rather than Ivanka Trump given the orthodox status?

Alternatively, there could be no connection between Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner and yet she is supposedly a mother of his three kids struggling the act between an orthodox Jew and an unorthodox identity.

In keeping up with prevalent practice to dissect personal profile of anyone regarded a public figure, the clarification is necessary to end misrepresentation.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Spouse in Divine Mission


By Padmini Arhant

There are many questions arise due to duplicity feigning authenticity and violations are the norm.


  1.  Could any system be truly democratic when candidates are pre-selected by a special council or for that matter chosen by Super Delegates like in the United States Democratic Party exerting superiority over electorate prior to national election?


  1. What about a democracy that bars women hopefuls while expecting women voters to cast votes and yet described as vibrant democracy?


  1. How is the election free and fair with detention of political opposition and absence of other parties from mainstream denied opportunity to participate in the process?


  1. Is it possible that CIA and NSA are so weak and vulnerable that their secret world is infiltrated by Wikileaks and one of their employees both of whom are apparently fugitives and named in the most wanted list?


  1. Similarly, were CIA and counterparts in deep slumber awakened by al-Qaeda on 9/11?


  1. Is terrorism today the premise for warfare likened to communism in the past prompting invasion of Vietnam and other parts of South East Asia while triggering near nuclear meltdown targeting Cuba?


  1. Did Karl Marx benefit from communism? Or Did communism promote feudalism?


  1. Is corporate socialism facilitating welfare system for politics considering economic sector and political establishment interdependency?


  1. Are the cash flow from campaign donors to political members and vice versa via kickbacks and backend deals deemed corruption?


  1. Should lawmakers as lawbreakers be allowed to legislate laws they do not respect and follow while enforcing them against rest of the society?


  1. What about those in the position of power and authority exercising the license to kill at will whether the victim is unarmed civilian in domestic or foreign land?


  1. Is freedom of press a privilege or priority in a democracy?


  1. Should media and news outlets be pugnacious to some and unctuous to other?


  1. What makes the report fair and balanced – facts or fabrication?


  1. Should television networks be concerned about rating or rationality?


  1. What is the difference between State broadcasting and corporate channels fielding for the State?


In International Developments:


  1. Can a state annex territory and occupy neighboring country in defiance of international law and maintain normal relations with rest of the world?


  1. Should a country as major economic power claiming territorial proprietary continue to threaten region simply because the sea shares the name of the country?


  1. Is it appropriate to undermine sovereignty of a nation with arbitrary air strikes against the defense force?


  1. Does it make the wrong right with weapons supply to nation identified as terror sponsor and aggressor?


  1. Should innocent people in poorer nations die for the sake of job creation and profitability in industrialized country?


  1. What leads to self-destruction?


Response – The enslavement to greed and hatred.


  1. What distinguishes political opportunism from human compassion?


Response – When the government exploits options to stay execution order for one citizen while colludes with then ruling power in declining a rape victim the right to survive and mandatorily transports the patient in critical condition out of country against medical advice resulting in patient’s mortality and political killing.  Further victimizing the citizen by rejecting  the victim and parent’s plea to disclose the victim’s actual name.


  1. What is worst – myopia or dystopia?


Response – The former transforms into latter.


  1. What is religion to politics?


Response – The pawn for political advantage.


Something to think about in the rapacious environment.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission







United States – Politics in Disguise prolonging Establishment Rule

November 5, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

United States political system allowing only two political parties with any third party remaining the fringe factions to technically aid the pre-determined choice is the contemporary practice.

The trend adapted following 1992 Presidential race with then third party candidate the self-made billionaire Ross Perot securing 17% votes in national election cost the incumbent President George Herbert Walker Bush (Sr.) losing to then Presidential candidate Bill Clinton.

The democratic Presidency did not necessarily resist wars with NATO dissemination of Baltic region under the pretext of eliminating authoritarian rule and overthrow of people choice leaderships and governments not in compliance with neo-liberalization policy for corporate ventures in poor and developing countries like Haiti in western hemisphere and Latin America.

Again the democratic Presidency was poised to privatize social security towards the end of second term in 1999 only distracted with Lewinsky sex scandal that led to impeachment. In a way this was divine intervention to halt the egregious decision hurting millions of Americans, the retired and baby boomers alike upon the notion coming into fruition.

When behind the scenes operatives controlling the office of Presidency felt the urgent need to initiate and launch the pre-meditated plan the Project for New American Century (PNAC), their choice of candidacy was someone willing to go more than a mile in the devious course to invade and occupy foreign nations for economic and strategic interests. In other words, they sought proxy Presidential candidate George W. Bush (Jr.) accompanied by actual Presidential candidate Dick Cheney as Vice President.

The Presidential election in 2000 had a third party candidate supposedly the anti-corporate and Wall Street critic Ralph Nader as independent contender essentially assisting the Republican nominee George W. Bush(Jr.) against the Democratic nominee Al Gore. 

The third party in political structure surfacing only during election has been enabling the pre-selected nominee’s position representing the major political party. They are facilitators representing the same forces that reins control over the two party and periphery in politics.

In 2004, the Presidential race was designed to favor then incumbent the Republican President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney to continue with the momentum of wars and economic blunders.

Again in terms of Congress, the democrats gained majority in mid-term election with events unfolding against the Republican Presidency at the White House.  The foreign and domestic policy were maintained much to citizens’ plight at home and abroad.

In 2008, the democratic candidacy had an advantage over the republican contender due to predecessor’s track record.

The question arises – Did the democratic Presidency refrain from unwanted and unnecessary involvement in foreign land?

The two term democratic Presidency expedited foreign invasion exceeding the strategists’expectations through terror sponsoring, funding and training the so-called moderate terror groups nonetheless are terror networks to topple governments overseas conforming to PNAC agenda.

In the domestic front, the democratic Presidency in 2008 came to power with democrats in majority at the House and Senate.  Yet somehow, the health care reform for Universal health care without exacerbating average citizens’ economic woes experienced now was not desirable and instead passed the health insurance and health care industry recommended legislation with results seen in the present time that has health insurance premiums rising by 25% and health care costs on the increase as well.

To add insult to injury in the health care legislation, the blue dog democrats positioned as conservative democrats opposed the funding for women’s reproductive concerns and treatment with the White House making concessions in that regard to accommodate the democratic segments demand.

As for the democratic Presidency in the past two terms along with democrats in the house and Senate claiming to be opposed to tax cuts for wealthy is a misnomer. They did exactly the opposite i.e. rather than letting Bush tax cuts to wealthy expire in 2010, they extended the policy perhaps to protect self-political aspirations for re-election.

On immigration issuethe current administration deportation of 2 million undocumented immigrants soon after resuming power in second term may not be the headlines or topic of discussion, however the facts cannot be dismissed to suit political preference.

In 2012, the Presidential race debated less on failure to deliver the hope and change promised in 2008 with more on the opponent’s Mormon religion making the entire election process nothing but a ritual to satisfy public. The reason being the secret society decision always upheld to maintain status quo regardless of party lines whether democrat or republican.

Fast forward in 2016, the race snowed down with sex scandals against the other candidate while the chosen candidate granted a free pass in the face of flagrant violations and abuse of power and status throughout political career.

The unprecedented setting this time around is the controversial media  FOX news, networks and press across the spectrum editorializing the event as a done deal to coronate the pre-selected candidate ignoring every scandals implicating the democratic candidacy clarifies the collusion to upend electorate.

Furthermore, in the wake of more revelations against democratic candidacy linked to private email server besides several involvements causing loss of American and foreign citizens lives simply laughed at during press interview and congressional hearing describes the empathy or the lack thereof in a candidate poised to be leader of the free world.

The democratic candidate’s spouse ad hoc meeting with head of Justice Department i.e. the serving Attorney General on the airport tarmac preventing disclosure to electorate while campaign slogan declaring the candidacy to be believed as strong and trustworthy leadership undermines electorate discretion.

What voters need to understand is permanent power maneuvered dysfunctional system using two party mechanism alongside third party cooperation to sabotage potential disruption in the pre-calculated outcome.

The present republican nominee Donald Trump’s stance on immigration obviously does not correlate with reality considering the contestant’s professional undertaking in real estate industry expanding into hospitality sector that predominantly employs Latino population has created job opportunities and in return benefitted the nominee as well.

The election hype in an effort to pandering to the base or certain groups does not change the background.  Latino voters fear of being deported that actually materialized recently under democratic administration in the second term also explains the political shades changing colors for expediency.

The fact of the matter is both red and blue in politics governed by self and vested interests pledge allegiance to campaign investors, incognito power and political party with little or no respect for electorate will.

Unless the veil of secrecy and privileged status is lifted, the political apparatus would be run amuck in the absence of transparency and accountability.

Politics denied a break from dynasty and establishment rule declining the nation republic governance.

The no choice is offered as the only choice in election that need not be accepted for the sake of exercising the democratic right.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant








September 11, 2016 – 15th Anniversary Terror Attack And Perpetual Violence

September 11, 2016



By Padmini Arhant

Terrorism, targeted racial profiling and license to kill strategy abusing position of power and authority ensue September 11, 2001 terror attack.

Memorial and monument in innocent lives memory is a gesture that does not necessarily satisfy fairness and justice yet to be served to survivors and families of 9/11 victims awaiting accountability on heinous crime against humanity that persists until today using 9/11 as pretext for illegal invasion and occupation of foreign land as well as home grown terrorism.

Terrorism is fostered and funded to maintain status quo.  The activities under the guise of national security is violation of human rights not limited to invasive surveillance and harassment of law abiding citizens at the airport with deliberate intent to humiliate individuals of specific origin and ethnicity. Such deplorable actions reflect lawlessness and character beneath human nature.

The karmic effects of similar dealings are slighted burdening self with incessant suffering sooner than later. 

Meanwhile, the real perpetrators behind 9/11 and thereafter until now are protected with immunity and regarded VIP’s despite no remorse or regrets from them for their involvement resulting in massive casualties and lives torn apart with generational impact.

The unspeakable crime camouflaged and projected as continuous threat obviously known to them as source and catalysts behind terror and terrorism worldwide.

Considering the aversion for truth and factual presentation, the norm is to suppress reality with make believe enactments constituting mass deception.

Terror and terrorism was invented to promote supremacy through violence and unjust wars with no concern for consequences affecting lives in war zones and domestic front expending tax payers’ money for hegemonic goals and agenda.

When selective group and syndicate seize power with representatives in various capacity, the seismic shift is apparent in governance and societal functionality. The project for New American Century (PNAC) generated terror exemplify intrusion and operation.

The legislations such as Patriot Act is anything but patriotic with patrons of violence having remained complacent ignoring ominous warnings on 9/11 terror further confirms the state of affairs in the broken system.

Anything that is defective and defunct beyond repair only exacerbate problems leading to unsustainability. The circumvention to deny 9/11 victims followed by civilian deaths in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria not to mention several terror incidents globally to preserve incorrigible indulgence somehow expected to prolong without reasonable doubt.

However, the revelations on 9/11 event clearly calls for upholding the democratic principle in a nation poised as beacon of democracy to treat none above the law.

The day when the powerful and influential misusing power that produce irreversible loss to citizens and nation at large are brought to justice then that would be the revival of democracy.

Unfortunately, the wheels of justice are steered by those with endless desire to reign while having no control over self-destructive cause.

Regardless, history is testimony to failed and flawed policy contributing to decline of anything proved counterproductive.

My thoughts and wishes to citizens enduring pain and anguish from terror and terrorism besides manifested prejudice reversing the trend on civilization concept and practice.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


The individuals behind Project for New American Century granted immunity on crimes against humanity. 

The following names in the list acknowledged as authors, architects and contributors on official PNAC documents.

The entities profile provides insight to PNAC objectives and ongoing conflicts in the world.

Abramowitz, Morton – Senior Fellow at the Century Foundation.

Abrams, Elliot – National Security Council – top advisor on the Middle East. Alumnus of the Heritage Foundation.

Profile: As Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs under Reagan, was responsible for covering up war crimes committed by the U.S. backed Contras. Was charged in connection with the Iran-Contra affair, and pled to lesser charges. Was later pardoned by Bush Sr. The British media reported Elliot was behind the attempted coup against President Hugo Chavez  in Venezuela.

Allen, Richard V. – member: National Security Advisory Board and the Defense Policy Board. President of the Richard V. Allen Company (consulting firm). Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute.

Profile:  founding chairman for the Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center. Founding member of the Committee on the Present Danger. Former board member of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Assistant to the President for National Security affairs during the Reagan administration, but forced from office over suspected financial misconduct.

Anderson, Mark A. – Identified in PNAC involvement.

Armitage, Richard – Deputy Secretary of State.

Profile:  Former board member of CACI, the private military contractor whose employees were responsible for torturing prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs during the Reagan Administration. Named by the government as one of the people guilty of supplying weapons in the Iran Contra Affair, but never charged.

Au, Andrew Y. – Identified in PNAC involvement).

Bang-Jensen, Nina – executive director of the Coalition for International Justice.

Bao-Lord, Bette – member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR director until 2003). Chairman of Freedom House. Wife of ex-ambassador to China Winston Lord, who is Co-chairman of the International Rescue Committee.

Barnett, Roger – professor at the Naval War College (a government facility).

Profile:  Vice President of the National Institute for Public Policy. Professor at Georgetown University.

Bauer, Gary – founder of the Campaign for Working Families, president of American Values.

Profile:  Past president of the Family Research Council. Under Secretary of Education in the Reagan administration.

Bennet, William J. – co-director of Empower America, co-director of Partnership for a Drug-Free America, Distinguished Fellow of the Heritage Foundation. Writer.

Profile: Secretary of Education under Reagan.

Bergner, Jeffrey – study group member of the Commission on National Security 21st Century. Member of the board of trustees for the Hudson Institute and the Asia Foundation. His lobbying company represents a number of weapons contractors, among other major corporations.

Profile:  Staff Director for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during the Reagan administration.

Bernstein, Alvin – Identified in PNAC involvement.

Bernstein, Robert L. – Professor at the National Defense University (a government facility).

Profile:  worked at the Naval War College (government facility) and in the Defense Department.

Biddle, George – member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Senior Vice President of the International Rescue Committee (allegedly a relief organisation).

Bolton, John R. – Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security.

Profile:  Senior Vice President of the American Enterprise Institute. Assistant Secretary for International Organization Affairs for the Department of State under Bush Sr. Assistant Attorney General for the Department of Justice under Reagan.

Boot, Max – Senior Fellow of the National Security Studies. Contributing Editor for the Weekly Standard.

Profile: editor of the Wall Street Journal, writer and editor for the Christian Science Monitor.

Bork, Ellen – Deputy Director of the PNAC.

Profile:  Transatlantic Fellow of the German Marshall Fund.

Boschwitz, Rudy – Presidential appointee to the Holocaust Memorial Council. One of the top fund-raisers for Bush Jr. in 2000. Founder of Home Valu Inc. Minnesota Senator (1978-1991).

Buckley, William F. Jr. – owner of National Review magazine.

Profile: CIA agent in the Fifties. Hosted the television show Firing Line.

Bush, Jeb – Governor of Florida.

Profile: Banned convicted felons from voting in the 2000 presidential election, using an extremely inaccurate system to remove voting rights; allowed ineligible absentee ballots to be counted.

Cambone, Stephen A. – Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Special Assistant to the Secretary and Director for Program Analysis and Evaluation – Department of Defense.

Profile:  Special Assistant to Donald Rumsfeld just prior to current appointments. Director in the Defense Department during the Bush Sr. administration. Past deputy director in SRS Technologies (Defense contractor).

Carlucci, Frank – Chairman Emeritus of the Carlyle Group and Nortel Networks. Member of the board of United Defense Inc. Considered a protégé of Donald Rumsfeld.

Profile:  Chairman of the Carlyle Group (1993-2000). Secretary of Defense during the Reagan administration. Deputy Director in the CIA. CIA agent. Accused of being behind the assassination of Congo Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba during the Sixties, but never charged.

 Cheney, Dick – Vice President. Member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Employee(?) of Halliburton – draws a one million dollar per year salary.

Profile: worked for Donald Rumsfeld in 1969. Presidential assistant to Gerald Ford. Secretary of Defense for Bush Sr. Halliburton CEO 1995 to 2000; gains the company 3.8 billion dollars in federal contracts and guaranteed loans. 

Upon becoming Vice President, Halliburton receives billions of dollars in Iraq contracts not tendered to other companies. Behind installing Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton, and Elliot Abrams into their current positions in government. Wife Lynne Cheney is a senior fellow with the American Enterprise Institute. Daughter Elizabeth Cheney is Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs.

Clemons, Steven C. – Executive Vice President of the New America Foundation.

Cohen, Eliot A. – professor at Johns Hopkins University. Member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Profile:  professor at the Naval War College. Previously worked for Donald Rumsfeld.

Cropsey, Seth – Director of the International Broadcasting Bureau.

Profile: Director in the Heritage Foundation. Visiting Fellow in the American Enterprise Institute. Assistant Editor of the Public Interest (1976-77). Hudson Institute researcher. Deputy Under Secretary in the Department of the Navy during the Reagan administration.

DeConcini, Dennis Webster – Chairman of the Board of Directors for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Profile:  eighteen years as Senator from Arizona. Member of the Balkan Action Committee.

Dale, Helle – Director in the Heritage Foundation.

Decter, Midge – Writer. Heritage Foundation director. Wife of Norman Podhoretz. Claims to worship Donald Rumsfeld and has written a book for Rumsfeld admirers.

Dobriansky, Paula – Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs.

Profile:  Senior Vice President (Washington office) of the Council on Foreign Relations prior to appointment. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs for the Department of State in the Reagan administration.

Donnelly, Thomas – Deputy Executive Director of the PNAC.

Profile: Director of Strategic Communication and Initiatives for Lockheed Martin Corp. (weapons contractor).

Eberstadt, Nicholas – consultant for the State Department, consultant for the Bureau of the Census. Member of the American Enterprise Institute.

Edgar, Robert (Rev. Dr.) – General Secretary of the National Council of Churches of Christ. Ordained as an United Methodist. Former Congressman.

Epstein, David – employee at the Office of Secretary of Defense – Net Assessment.

Etzioni, Amitai – founder of the Communitarian Network, and editor of their magazine. Was Senior Advisor to the White House on Domestic Affairs during the Carter administration.

Fautua, David – Identified in PNAC involvement).

Feulner, Edwin J. Jr. – Heritage Foundation.

Profile:  advisor to President Reagan.

Forbes, Steve – President, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes magazine.

Profile:  campaigned twice for the Republican nomination for president. Directed the dissemination of propaganda on Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty during both the Reagan and Bush Sr. administrations.

Fradkin, Hillel – member of the Advisory Committee on International Education – Department of Education. Part of Benador Associates, a publicity firm handling clients such as PNAC members R. Perle, J. Woolsey, F. Gaffney, C. Krauthammer, and M. Boot.

Profile: Fellow in the American Enterprise Institute prior to government appointment.

Friedberg, Aaron – Vice President’s Deputy National Security Advisor.

Profile: Fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations. Consultant for the CIA.

Fukuyama, Francis – President’s Council on Bioethics. Member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Gaffney, Frank – President and CEO of the Center for Security Policy, Washington Times columnist, brother of Devon Gaffney-Cross.

Profile: worked for Richard Perle during the Reagan administration.

Gaffney-Cross, Devon – member of the Defense Policy Board (Pentagon). Member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. Sister of Frank Gaffney.

Gejdenson, Sam – owns Sam Gejdenson International. Congressman (D) 1981 – 2000.

Gerecht, Reuel Marc – Senior Fellow of the PNAC, Resident Fellow of the American Enterprise Institute.

Profile:  former CIA agent (1985 – 1994). CBS News consultant on Afghanistan.

Goldman, Merle – Adjunct Professor for the Foreign Service Institute of the State Department.

Goure, Daniel – consultant for the Department of State, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Energy. Vice President of the Lexington Institute. Was a Study Team Leader for the Institute of Peace (1990-91).

Halperin, Morton H. – director for the Council on Foreign Relations and for the Open Society Institute.

Hefferman, John – Identified in PNAC involvement).

Hooper, James R. – Executive Director of the Balkan Action Council.

Ikle, Fred C. – Distinguished Scholar for the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Profile:  Under Secretary of Defense for Policy in the Reagan administration.

Jackson, Bruce – President of the Project on Transitional Democracies. President of the Committee on NATO.

Member: Council on Foreign Relations, International Institute for Strategic Studies, Board of Advisors for the Center for Security Policy.

Profile: Director of Strategic Planning for Lockheed Martin Corp. (weapons contractor). Worked for Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, and Dick Cheney during the eighties.

Joyce, Michael S. – founder of Americans for Community and Faith-Centered Enterprise, an organisation created to help push through Bush Jr.’s “Faith-Based Initiative”. Member of the Research Council of America. Was part of the Presidential Transition Team for Reagan.

Kagan, Donald – Hillhouse Professor of History and Classics at Yale University. Writer. Father of Frederick and Robert Kagan.

Kagan, Frederick – Professor of military history at West Point.

Profile:  co-wrote, with his father Donald and other PNAC contributors, “While America Sleeps”.

Kagan, Robert – co-founder of the PNAC. Contributing Editor for the Weekly Standard and the New Republic; columnist for the Washington Post. Member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Husband of Victoria Nuland, Deputy National Security Advisor to the Vice President.

Profile:  Deputy in the Department of State under Elliot Abrams during the Reagan administration.

Kampelman, Max M. – Lawyer. Member of the Board of Trustees for Freedom House. Member of the Board of Advisors for the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs.

Karatnycky, Adrian – member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Freedom House.

Profile:  worked for the New York Times, Washington Post, and Washington Times.

Kemble, Penn – Department of State – Head, Eminent Persons Group, Sudan Slavery Commission. Senior Fellow in Freedom House.

Kennedy, Craig – President of the German Marshall Fund.

Khalilzad, Zalmay – Ambassador to Afghanistan, Special Presidential Envoy to Afghanistan and Special Presidential Envoy to the Free Iraqis.

Profile:  Senior Director of the National Security Council (2001 – 2003). Accused by candidates in the Afghan elections of arranging President Hamid Karzai’s victory. Worked for Paul Wolfowitz at the State Department in 1984 – 1985. Advisor to Unocal for their proposed gas pipeline project through Afghanistan (1997).

Killebrew, Robert B. – Colonel (retired)

Profile: Security Strategies study member for PNAC. Consultant to a variety of army and private institute military projects.

Kirkpatrick, Jeane – on the executive committee of Freedom House and the board of advisors of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. Member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Committee on the Present Danger. Former U.S. Ambassador. Member of the National Security Council under Reagan.

Koh, Harold Hongju – Dean of Yale.

Profile: Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor in the Clinton administration.

Kovler, Peter – Nixon Center Advisory Council. Balkans Action Committee.

Krauthammer, Charles – Presidential appointee to the President’s Council On Bioethics. Columnist for the Washington Post. Contributing Editor for the New Republic and the Weekly Standard. Member of the Editorial Board for the National Interest and the Public Interest.

Kristol, William – co-founder of the PNAC. Columnist for (and co-founder of) the Weekly Standard.

Profile:  Chief of Staff to Vice President Dan Quayle, Secretary of Education Chief of Staff under William Bennett during the Reagan administration.

Lagon, Mark P. – Deputy Assistant Secretary of State.

Profile:  fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations. Deputy Director of the House Republican Committee. Senior advisor to Jeane Kirkpatrick – American Enterprise Institute.

Lasswell, James – Employee of GAMA Corporation (war games, military training via software).

Lehrman, Lewis E. – on the Board of Trustees for the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute. President and co-founder of the Citizens for America.

Libby, I. Lewis – Assistant to the President, and Chief of Staff to the Vice President.

Profile:  after graduating law school, went to work for Paul Wolfowitz (1981 – 1985) at the State Department. Hired again by Wolfowitz in 1989, this time at the Pentagon.

Lindberg, Tod – Research Fellow at the Hoover Institute. Editor of Policy Review journal.

Mack, Connie III – Congressman for Florida. Previously served in the Florida House of Representatives (2000 – 2003).

Maletz, Christopher – Assistant Director of the PNAC.

Markey, Mary Beth – Executive Director for the International Campaign for Tibet. Worked in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee prior to 1996.

Martinage, Robert – consultant for the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.

McKivergan, Daniel – Deputy Director of the PNAC.

Profile:  research director for The Weekly Standard (1995 – 1997). Legislative director for Senator John McCain (2000), and for Congressman Dan Miller (1997).

Meese, Edwin III – Heritage Foundation.

Profile: Attorney General during the Reagan administration. Investigated for his involvement in the Iraq Bechtel pipeline deal (which also involved Donald Rumsfeld) – not prosecuted, but resigned.

Meilinger, Phil – U.S. Naval War College.

Muravchik, Joshua – Resident Scholar for the American Enterprise Institute. Member of the Board of Advisors for the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs.

Owens, Mackubin – professor at the Naval War College (a government facility).

Owens, Wayne – Deceased (December 18, 2002).

Profile:  eight years as Congressman (D) for Utah.

Peretz, Martin – owner and Editor-in-Chief of the New Republic magazine.

Perle, Richard N. – Pentagon Policy Advisor (resigned February 2004), member – Defense Policy Board.

Member: Balkan Action Committee, Committee on the Present Danger, American Enterprise Institute associate. On advisory board of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs.

Profile: Assistant Secretary of Defense under Reagan. FBI suspected Perle of spying for Israel in 1970 – not prosecuted.

Pletka, Danielle – Vice President of Foreign and Defense Policy for the American Enterprise Institute.

Profile: senior staff member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations (1992-2002).

Podhoretz, Norman – member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Husband of Midge Decter, father-in-law of Elliot Abrams.

Porter, John Edward – member of the RAND board of Trustees.

Profile: Congressman until 2000.

Quayle, J. Danforth – was Vice President under Bush Sr.

Rodman, Peter W. – Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs.

Profile:  Staff Director of State Department Policy Planning under Reagan.

Rosen, Stephen P. – Harvard professor.

Profile: professor at the Naval War College. Director in the National Security Council under Reagan.

Rowen, Henry S. – member of Department of Defense Policy Board. Presidential appointee to the Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Profile: Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs under Bush Sr. RAND Corporation president 1967–1972.

Rumsfeld, Donald – Secretary of Defense.

Member: Hoover Institution board of trustees, RAND Corporation, Empower America board, Freedom House board, Balkan Action Committee, Committee on the Present Danger, Center for Security Policy.

Profile: Congressman from 1962 to 1969. Member of Nixon’s cabinet. Member of Gerald Ford’s cabinet and Secretary of Defense. Chaired Ballistic Missile Threat (“Rumsfeld”) Commission in 1998.

Scheunemann, Randy – on PNAC Board of Directors, U.S. Committee on NATO Board of Directors. Treasurer for Project on Transitional Democracies. Lobbyist.

Profile: Office of the Secretary of Defense – Consultant on Iraq Policy (2001).

Schmitt, Gary – Executive Director of the PNAC. Consultant to the Department of Defense.Member of the Board of Directors of the U.S. Committee on NATO. Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Institute. Adjunct Professor at John Hopkins University.

Profile:  Executive Director of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board under Reagan.

Schneider, William Jr. – Chairman of the Defense Science Board for the Department of Defense. President of International Planning Services, works for the lobbying company Jefferson Consulting Group. Previously served on the “Rumsfeld Commission”.

Shaw, Sin-Ming – resident scholar at Oxford University’s Oriel College.

Shulsky, Abram N. – Director: Defence Department’s Office Of Special Plans, a division created by Paul Wolfowitz.

Profile:  Worked for the RAND corporation. Worked under Richard Perle in the Defense Department during the Reagan administration.

Shultz, Richard – Professor of International Politics at the Fletcher School. Holds Chairs at the Naval War College and the U.S. Military Academy. Fellow at the Institute of Peace.

Simon, Paul – Deceased (Dec. 9/03). Former Democratic Senator.

Sokolski, Henry – Executive Director of the Nonproliferation Education Center.

Profile:  was Resident Fellow in the Heritage Foundation and the Hoover Institution. Was a Senior Legislative Aide for Senator Dan Quayle.

Solarz, Stephen J.– vice chairman of the International Crisis Group. Member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Profile: Congressman for New York (1975-93)

Sonnenfeldt, Helmut – Brookings Institution.

Profile: member of the National Security Council. Advisor to President Nixon.

Sussman, Leonard – executive director of Freedom House. Was a journalist in New York.

Sweeney, John J. – President of the American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). Member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Taft, William Howard IV – Chief Legal Advisor to the Department of State.

Profile: assistant to Casper Weinberger in the Nixon administration.

Thornburgh, Dick – Lawyer. Past governor of Pennsylvania. Attorney General in the Reagan and Bush Sr. administrations.

Tkacik, John – Heritage Foundation. President of China Business Intelligence. Worked in the State Department during the Reagan administration.

Turner, Ed – Identified in PNAC involvement).

Vickers, Michael – Director of Strategic Studies for the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. Creator of “Future Warfare 20XX” games. Former CIA agent.

Waldron, Arthur – board member of Freedom House, member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Profile:  professor at the Naval War College (1991-97).

Wallop, Malcolm – Heritage Foundation. Founder and Chairman of the Frontiers of Freedom.

Profile: part of the Rumsfeld Commission. Senator for Wyoming (1977 – 1995).

Watts, Barry D. – Director of Program Analysis and Evaluation – Office of The Secretary of Defense.

Profile:  before government appointment, was a director in Northrop Gruman (weapons contractor).

Webb, James – was Secretary of the Navy and Assistant Secretary of Defense during the Reagan administration.

Weber, Vin – member of the National Commission on Public Service. Member of the German Marshall Fund – board of trustees. Co-founder of Empower America. Partner in Clark & Weinstock.

Profile: Congressman for Minnesota 1980 – 1992.

Weigel, George – Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

Profile:  co-founded National Endowment for Democracy.

Weinberger, Caspar W.– writer.

Profile:  past publisher and chairman of Forbes magazine. Secretary of Defense under Reagan. Indicted on felony charges for his participation in supplying missiles to Iran, but pardoned by President Bush Sr.

Weyrich, Paul M. – President of the Free Congress Research and Education Foundation. National Chairman of Coalitions for America.

Profile: co-founded Heritage Foundation. Co-founded the Moral Majority. Past treasurer of Council for National Policy.

Williams, Christopher A. – Department of Defense – Special Assistant to Donald Rumsfeld. Lobbyist for Boeing and Northrop Grumman Corporation (weapons contractors).

Profile: member of Pentagon’s Deterrence Concepts Advisory Panel, and member of Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board during Bush Jr. administration.

Windsor, Jennifer L. – Executive Director of Freedom House.

Profile: previously held various positions at the U.S. Agency for International Development.

Wolfowitz, Paul – Deputy Secretary of Defense, and Assistant to the Vice President.

Profile:  Head of the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff under Reagan. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Regional Programs under Carter.

Woolsey, R. James – member of the Defense Policy Board, member of the Deterrence Concepts Advisory Panel, and member of the National Commission on Energy Policy. Trustee for the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Freedom House. Honorary Co-Chair of the National Security Advisory Council.

Profile: Director of the CIA during Clinton administration.

Wortzel, Larry – Director in the Heritage Foundation.

Zakheim, Dov S. – Member of the advisory board for the American Jewish Committee, member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Adjunct Scholar for the Heritage Foundation. Under Secretary and Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Defense (resigned April 15, 2004).

Zoellick, Robert B. – U.S. Trade Representative and member of President’s Cabinet.

Profile: Under Secretary of State for Economic and Agricultural Affairs, then White House Deputy Chief of Staff in the Bush Sr. administration.

Rhapsody on Parody Part II

August 10, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

In my earlier segment I briefed on Parody.

The resistance to change to status quo is experimented with viral attacks on the public medium using all outlets at their disposal like movie, television and talk shows…anything and everything in print, visual and audio media through parody resulting in self-caricature.

The political theater is run at taxpayers’ expense with political opportunists wasting citizens’ money on theatrical charade.

Those who indulge in indignation of others in disagreement to any constructive proposals are obstructionists to progress. The operatives involved in different capacity are instrumental in this process. The inability to deal with reality arouse irrational thoughts and insipid performance from them.

Additionally, the customary tactics are also deployed with blatant threats such as reference to second amendment in the United States Bill of Rights once again revealing the real intent to keep constitution and the Bill of Rights as play book subverting the code and purpose.

There could be no denying that politics is dirty, ugly and downright brutal exemplified long ago going back to Roman days by Brutus and hence the term brutal in vernacular. The political players preach and practice violence. Corruption is the acceptable culture fostering criminality with no accountability.

Politics is the art of deception in superficial setting with courtesy and pleasantry displayed to beguile audience besides promises to move voters to the polls and the rest is history.

The saboteurs of change maintain the tradition to disparage and demonize entity committed towards development and peaceful existence benefitting all not the selective few represented in the establishment.

The trend is assassination and elimination of peace makers and peaceful resolutions to world problems.  War and mechanisms facilitating warfare such as terrorism in the present time is the preference among these forces unwilling to relent to peace and freedom.

These anti-humanity and anti-environment crusaders exist only for now sparing no thoughts about future. They believe in arming the world notwithstanding nuclear proliferation amongst key nuclear powers amid saber rattling on territorial disputes to establish supremacy.

The world has never been more dangerous than before with free access to weapons that includes nuclear components attributed to irresponsible politics and failed policy in the hope of end justifying the means that describes the prevalent mindset.

Money and ammunitions in human possession has weakened them undermining basic elements and values contrary to the belief that wealth and weapons means empowerment. Despite nuclear status and massive control on lives and livelihoods, they are insecure and fearful.

The hunger for power is intensified with fraudulent practice evident in elections that legitimize illegitimacy and unscrupulousness leading the way.

Could there be dawn to dispel darkness?

Never a time anything destructive could prolong with repeat failures and fractured system.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant










Immunity – War Crimes and Abuse of Power

July 9, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Terror and terrorism emanating from profiteers of violence with agenda to prolong status quo is the twenty first century war against peace and unity.

Politics seeped in corruption and criminality justified as the means to remain in power through elections that legitimize illegitimacy is the norm that fuels chaos and turmoil in the tumultuous era.

The institutions, private organizations and secret society run governments poised as champions of democracy while unseating democratically elected choices for proxies representing the ideology and dogma prevalent much to self-detriment.

The success through ballots in the so-called democracies is largely based on campaign finance and unscrupulous strategy allowing the undesirable and establishment nominees to acquire power. 

The electoral process is a platform misguiding the hungry and hopeless electorate in search for hope and change in life with the elected ultimately serving the campaign sponsors and economic stakeholders interest.

The incognito rule directing policies with representatives and agents in politics, economic sector, communication media and entertainment industry…not barring religious domain exemplify the state of affairs.

Any investigations and inquiry on wars clearly identifying the authorities misuse of power and cavalier approach would be effective and meaningful upon universal application of international law rather than selective incarceration and judgments witnessed time and again against Eastern Europe and African members targeted to convince the world on International Court of Justice role as UN body.

Furthermore, the nations proclaimed as democratic conducting probe on such matter utilizing tax payer funds could demonstrate serious commitment in advancing the inquest into indictments setting precedence to curb abuse of power and discretionary actions by the government claimed to represent the people.

Instead, the former and present chief executives are provided opportunity through media and surrogacy to self-exonerate on crimes against humanity rendering the independent or appointed committees’ arduous exercise futile to reinforce business as usual practice.

In any society that values democratic principles would hold every citizen accountable regardless of status for violation of laws and human rights reversing the paradoxical system.

The tradition granting immunity to political figures and celebrities on activities that would otherwise have legal repercussions for ordinary citizens is a vindication of crimes and criminal behavior adding insult to injury to victims and families in the apparent civil society.

The powerful forces aggression against powerless misinterpreting political mandate and operating without checks and balances in the increasingly cooperative and tolerant setting to blatant breach of electoral trust and sovereign integrity promotes carte blanche authority.

Unless the severity of damages in enabling counterproductive course and indulgence is addressed through mass consciousness predominantly affecting them, the path to destruction would continue under the pretext of pervasive benefit despite reality.

The mind invasions in the name of art and entertainment as well as every possible medium that attracts public attention are engaged for propaganda and illusive portrayal. 

Although the nuances are intended to tarnish images with the efforts in vain, the disclaimers conveniently used in defense to absolve them of possible legal consequence on character defamation and mendacity.

Again the noble and righteous would introspect and refrain from being part and parcel of contemptuous dealing.

The world’s progress is sustainable with law and order made applicable from top to bottom without exception rejecting exclusive privilege based on political and economic position.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



















Ethics – Virtues and Values

March 12, 2016

Author:  Padmini Arhant


P – Pride

R – Racism

E – Envy

J –  Judgmental

U – Ugly

D – Destructive

I  –  Ignorance

C – Condescending

E –  Ego


– Thoughtful

O – Open mind

– Lucid

E  – Equality

– Rational

A   Acceptance

N – Nice

– Cooperation

E  – Essence


H – Hubris

A – Acrimony

T – Trouble

E –  Enemy


L – Lotus

O – Opus

V – Venus

E –  Endless


G – Gorge

R – Ravenous

E – Exhaust

E – Expunge



G –Give

E – Earn

N – Nurture

E – Elevate

R – Rise


U– Utilize

S – Solidify


H – Hollow

Y – Yunx

P –Pretentious

O – Obtuse

C– Contradictory

R – Replicate

– Impropriety

S – Senseless

Y –Yoyo


H – Humility

– Outstanding

N –  Natural

E – Earnest

S – Scrupulous

T – Trustworthy

Y – Yolk


F – Falsehood

E – Expendable

A – Adverse

R – Resignation


C – Chivalry

O – Obvious

U – Uplifting

R – Robust

A – Aptitude

G – Grit

– Exemplar


T – Timid

E –  Egregious

R –  Redundant

R –  Repugnant

O –  Offense

R –  Reprehensive


T – Truce

R – Restful

A – Atmosphere

N – Normal

Q – Quintessence

U –  Ubiquitous

–  Inherent

L – Luster

I –  Innocuous

T – Tribute

Y – Yoga


W –Wicked

– Atrocity

– Ruinous


P – Progress

E –  Endeavor

A – Advancement

C – Commitment

E – Emancipation


D –Decease

– Exit

A –Absence

T – Tears

H – Homage


L – Lavender

–  Indigo

F –  Fuchsia

E – Emerald

Virtues define character delineating righteousness for meaningful existence fulfilling the purpose behind birth and death cycle.

Welcome life, peace and tranquility with courage, honesty and love for humanity and environment. Tolerance and generosity enrich human value.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


























United States – Project for New American Century (PNAC) Expose

January 29, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Project for New American CenturyPNAC related facts and events deserves attention to prevent perpetual deception and deceitful governance with behind the scenes operatives reining absolute control over ordinary lives under the guise of democracy and other convenient system to masquerade plutocracy.

The Project for New American Century designed and implemented to demolish freedom, peace and functional democracy not to mention cataclysmic impact on environment and planet sustenance with relentless bombing, shelling, killings using predator drones and nuclear proliferation.

PNAC architects, protagonists and catalysts diabolical agenda premised on launching American Century is a monumental fraud considering devastation befell on United States of America with PNAC proponents and agents directed terror attack on September 11, 2001 and subsequent terrorism unleashed on global citizens until now.

The terror onslaught citing repeat of catastrophe synonymous to Pear Harbor in PNAC dossier is blatant assault on human trust and liberty.

Since then terrorism deployed as the means to achieve fanatical aspirations such as global dominance.

The benefactor – United States of America maintaining the state of Israel and Saudi Wahhabism through monetary and military aid to the former while facilitating petro dollar afloat turning a blind eye to Saudi dynasty atrocities and footprints on carnage throughout Middle East and other Islamic nations worldwide evidently promotes treason amongst insiders and the rest complicit in betrayal en masse.

PNAC doctrine presumably to establish American empire contributed to the contrary with United States economy crumbling with 9/11 onset having ramifications at global level.

The 9/11 event catapulted PNAC mission persisting till today despite colossal failure and massive loss of lives, millions rendered refugees, children orphaned, women widowed and families torn apart in every target nation.

United States and allies involved in PNAC execution care less about citizens’ woes not only in economic terms but also militarily the young men and women sent harms way under false pretext of waging war on terror beguiled with war veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq war returning home to a life of homelessness and dependency on charity.

PNAC enabled construction of prison camp – Guantanamo Bay off Cuba in conjunction with renditions to several secret prisons in Eastern Europe, South East Asia, Middle East and Latin America.

PNAC authorized gross human rights violations viz. torture, water boarding, electric shocks treatment, sleep deprivation and seeking confessions from prisoners under duress and coercion became the standard practice.

Notwithstanding embarrassment related to Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, Bagram in Afghanistan and analogous operation tarnishing United States image.

United States regarded beacon of democracy, the home of the brave and land of the free instantaneously reversed with PNAC’s institutionalized racial profiling, prejudice, intrusive dragnet surveillance and fear mongering in the name of homeland security.

Freedom no longer the inalienable right with criminality upheld as the just and preferred method to curb public dissent. The intolerance was displayed against peaceful assembly representing Occupy Wall Street, anti-NATO summit and alike.

Police brutality towards unarmed civilians the black youths in particular is affirmed with series of acquittals revealing the travesty of justice in the nation once perceived as the bastion of justice.

In financial aspect, the privately run Federal Reserve defy accountability on money mismanagement whether on missing US $20 Trillion then in 2009 or more unaccounted incidents continued thereafter.

Similarly repeat offense from major players in the financial sector witnessed in subprime mortgage debacle at average citizens expense.

Wars known to be a racket is a lucrative affair.  None other than profiteers viz. Haliburton, Kellogg Corporation, the private army then identified as Black Water and others benefitted from innocent lives turned into mass graves without legal or moral consequences for heinous crime against humanity.

Henceforth the paradigm shift from conventional warfare with troops that require congressional approval translated into public protests to contemporary strategy sponsoring terrorism viewed expedient in bypassing political barriers and citizens opposition to detrimental policy.

Not content with phenomenal damages compromising independence, constitution and civil rights besides economic disaster and dysfunctional governance,

PNAC masterminds and colluding members in academia, economic, political and military establishment together with hegemony controlled press, communication media and entertainment industry remain committed towards prolonging status quo.

The organizations such as Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral commission in coordination with think tanks and self-proclaimed royal class in Europe and elsewhere favor chaos and crises ridden world as the situation suppress the vast majority from fair economic and political opportunity leaving the existing disparity between rich and poor intact.

Religion is the pawn and prominent religious figures participation is a convenient set up conforming to quid pro quo in the ominous activity.

The electoral process generally rigged and financed with unlimited donations from within and foreign sources claiming priority on individual and vested interests in direct violation of voters’ expectations on campaign promise.

The so-called free and fair election is a myth and nothing more than a nice catch phrase to convince electorate in legitimizing illegitimate rule and unsavory elements emergence to power.

In a nutshell, PNAC is a double edge sword aimed at destroying human values and democratic principles paramount for nation and humanity to deal with challenges and overcome predictable or unforeseen adversity.

Should the world remain silent and allow victimization in the ruthless game for supremacy?

I am Padmini Arhant, author and representative divine mission will be back on related topics for further awareness and necessary action.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
















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