United States – Politics in Disguise prolonging Establishment Rule

November 5, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

United States political system allowing only two political parties with any third party remaining the fringe factions to technically aid the pre-determined choice is the contemporary practice.

The trend adapted following 1992 Presidential race with then third party candidate the self-made billionaire Ross Perot securing 17% votes in national election cost the incumbent President George Herbert Walker Bush (Sr.) losing to then Presidential candidate Bill Clinton.

The democratic Presidency did not necessarily resist wars with NATO dissemination of Baltic region under the pretext of eliminating authoritarian rule and overthrow of people choice leaderships and governments not in compliance with neo-liberalization policy for corporate ventures in poor and developing countries like Haiti in western hemisphere and Latin America.

Again the democratic Presidency was poised to privatize social security towards the end of second term in 1999 only distracted with Lewinsky sex scandal that led to impeachment. In a way this was divine intervention to halt the egregious decision hurting millions of Americans, the retired and baby boomers alike upon the notion coming into fruition.

When behind the scenes operatives controlling the office of Presidency felt the urgent need to initiate and launch the pre-meditated plan the Project for New American Century (PNAC), their choice of candidacy was someone willing to go more than a mile in the devious course to invade and occupy foreign nations for economic and strategic interests. In other words, they sought proxy Presidential candidate George W. Bush (Jr.) accompanied by actual Presidential candidate Dick Cheney as Vice President.

The Presidential election in 2000 had a third party candidate supposedly the anti-corporate and Wall Street critic Ralph Nader as independent contender essentially assisting the Republican nominee George W. Bush(Jr.) against the Democratic nominee Al Gore. 

The third party in political structure surfacing only during election has been enabling the pre-selected nominee’s position representing the major political party. They are facilitators representing the same forces that reins control over the two party and periphery in politics.

In 2004, the Presidential race was designed to favor then incumbent the Republican President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney to continue with the momentum of wars and economic blunders.

Again in terms of Congress, the democrats gained majority in mid-term election with events unfolding against the Republican Presidency at the White House.  The foreign and domestic policy were maintained much to citizens’ plight at home and abroad.

In 2008, the democratic candidacy had an advantage over the republican contender due to predecessor’s track record.

The question arises – Did the democratic Presidency refrain from unwanted and unnecessary involvement in foreign land?

The two term democratic Presidency expedited foreign invasion exceeding the strategists’expectations through terror sponsoring, funding and training the so-called moderate terror groups nonetheless are terror networks to topple governments overseas conforming to PNAC agenda.

In the domestic front, the democratic Presidency in 2008 came to power with democrats in majority at the House and Senate.  Yet somehow, the health care reform for Universal health care without exacerbating average citizens’ economic woes experienced now was not desirable and instead passed the health insurance and health care industry recommended legislation with results seen in the present time that has health insurance premiums rising by 25% and health care costs on the increase as well.

To add insult to injury in the health care legislation, the blue dog democrats positioned as conservative democrats opposed the funding for women’s reproductive concerns and treatment with the White House making concessions in that regard to accommodate the democratic segments demand.

As for the democratic Presidency in the past two terms along with democrats in the house and Senate claiming to be opposed to tax cuts for wealthy is a misnomer. They did exactly the opposite i.e. rather than letting Bush tax cuts to wealthy expire in 2010, they extended the policy perhaps to protect self-political aspirations for re-election.

On immigration issuethe current administration deportation of 2 million undocumented immigrants soon after resuming power in second term may not be the headlines or topic of discussion, however the facts cannot be dismissed to suit political preference.

In 2012, the Presidential race debated less on failure to deliver the hope and change promised in 2008 with more on the opponent’s Mormon religion making the entire election process nothing but a ritual to satisfy public. The reason being the secret society decision always upheld to maintain status quo regardless of party lines whether democrat or republican.

Fast forward in 2016, the race snowed down with sex scandals against the other candidate while the chosen candidate granted a free pass in the face of flagrant violations and abuse of power and status throughout political career.

The unprecedented setting this time around is the controversial media  FOX news, networks and press across the spectrum editorializing the event as a done deal to coronate the pre-selected candidate ignoring every scandals implicating the democratic candidacy clarifies the collusion to upend electorate.

Furthermore, in the wake of more revelations against democratic candidacy linked to private email server besides several involvements causing loss of American and foreign citizens lives simply laughed at during press interview and congressional hearing describes the empathy or the lack thereof in a candidate poised to be leader of the free world.

The democratic candidate’s spouse ad hoc meeting with head of Justice Department i.e. the serving Attorney General on the airport tarmac preventing disclosure to electorate while campaign slogan declaring the candidacy to be believed as strong and trustworthy leadership undermines electorate discretion.

What voters need to understand is permanent power maneuvered dysfunctional system using two party mechanism alongside third party cooperation to sabotage potential disruption in the pre-calculated outcome.

The present republican nominee Donald Trump’s stance on immigration obviously does not correlate with reality considering the contestant’s professional undertaking in real estate industry expanding into hospitality sector that predominantly employs Latino population has created job opportunities and in return benefitted the nominee as well.

The election hype in an effort to pandering to the base or certain groups does not change the background.  Latino voters fear of being deported that actually materialized recently under democratic administration in the second term also explains the political shades changing colors for expediency.

The fact of the matter is both red and blue in politics governed by self and vested interests pledge allegiance to campaign investors, incognito power and political party with little or no respect for electorate will.

Unless the veil of secrecy and privileged status is lifted, the political apparatus would be run amuck in the absence of transparency and accountability.

Politics denied a break from dynasty and establishment rule declining the nation republic governance.

The no choice is offered as the only choice in election that need not be accepted for the sake of exercising the democratic right.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant









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