War and Peace

February 7, 2022

War and Peace

Padmini Arhant 

War games have long known to be the typical means for political and economic gains only benefiting the selective few at the expense of vast majority not only in the war zone but also the rest of the world.

The global ramifications are felt in further inflation due to rising energy costs directly linked to oil and/or natural gas production nations like Russia and Ukraine -the supply facilitator to Europe and neighbors nearby. Ukraine commodity exports in food grains would also contribute to global market turbulence.

The other nations like Poland are also dragged into warfare in that region as United States NATO ally.

The regional instability induced through foreign meddling and especially confrontation between two vastly nuclear powered nations would be catastrophic in every respect – financial markets, currency, energy as well as food crops imports etc. are all at stake in the unwise rhetoric from western media and talking points fueling the situation.

Realistically speaking;

War yielding destruction is easy for the bidders and profiteers in the game.

Do they ever return to those territories they destroyed with their authorization in the bully pulpit?

Is there any interest or concern towards the lives they are responsible for destruction with generational effects and decimation of the nations?

Almost never.

They leave office and focus on super enrichment of personal lives divorced from the idea of contentment. The beach front mansions and ever flowing money fountain keep them preoccupied in the insatiable appetite for more fame, fortune and power they can possibly deal with in this lifetime.

They might at worst glance at the rubbles and ruins in a television news item with a complete disconnect from their deeds whilst in office and simply stare at the scene on the screen as merely unfortunate during the relaxing moments sipping champagne by the sea side home.

War resulting in deaths, devastation and destruction is hardly a matter of deliberation with no willingness to reject destructive course.

To some at the political helm, the war disposition is misconceived as strength and fancy to exhibit military prowess at ordinary taxpayers costs and economic liability burdened on the latter over generations through sovereign debt.

After all, the notion is who cares about what happens to those targeted in the playground, the war fields rained with bullets, bombs not barring nuclear laden missiles piercing the heart of the living breathing lives, homes and infrastructure.

The war is image maintenance and compliance with those serving ill-advise from their ivory tower besides obliging demands from defense contractors in the military industrial complex who in return solely eyeing on mega profits from blood and body bags in the entire gamut.

War to hawkish minds is very attractive and glamorous when dispatching young men and women in harm’s way with no guarantee of their safe return alive back home in the not near rather distant future subject to their survival.

The reason being war posturing invariably leading to permanent military base in those territories occupying the region indefinitely while administrations change in political office continuing the trend is the only certainty in the offing.

Accordingly, peace is inconvenient and not suave in displaying mighty power as tanks and troops on the ground.

Peace is not a cash cow for gold diggers creating mass graveyards and in general the delusion aiming for glory and political advantage expending blood and treasure of ordinary citizens on all sides is concentrated on exclusive profits.

War is also pursued to debilitate economies producing a constant dependency on external sources away from self-sufficient productive independent economic status.

There is also an opportunity for free supply essentially looting resources once a no man’s land and lawlessness is established in the states like Libya, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan to mention few among several in the last two decades of foreign interventions worldwide.

Peace as the alternative is too boring for the self-appointed game changers adept at destruction and alien to construction in the aftermath of turmoil and carnage they proudly inflict on the victims of warfare dismissed as collateral damages in the press briefing.

What more to expect from such mindset except knowing the inevitable i.e. power corrupts human mind and absolute power corrupts absolutely beyond salvation.

The end justifying the means often impetus mindless engagement ultimately reversing the outcome sooner than later causing embarrassment and massive economic loss with the realization on too late for remedy.

The reconciliation and rapprochement is the priority for Russia and Ukraine as permanent neighbors sharing common cultural, economic and geopolitical reality.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 




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