World of Irony

July 8, 2017

World of Irony

By Padmini Arhant

The condescendence to physical attributes conforming to prejudice is accepted as elitism. The small and big comparisons often project the latter as strong though such premise is baseless. Juxtaposed the ones upholding anything big as mighty are actually submissive to tiny nations on the globe viz. Britain, Israel and Germany.

Tiny Britain became the dominant imperial power exerting clout until now.  Germany with 357,000 square kilometers nearly conquered Europe in twentieth century and at present elevated as prime authority in EU ambit besides inclusion in UNSC as P5+1.

Likewise, small state Israel holding vast United States hostage on domestic legislations and foreign policy is a glaring irony in elitist playbook.


By Padmini Arhant

What is wrong with the ruling elites?  Have they exhausted materials in the spin zone?

The contemporary practice to mislead the world on matter continues unabated much to own dissatisfaction and hard to convince the mass predicament due to duplicity in domestic and international affairs.

The grave concern echoed in threat to western civilization is inconceivable considering western policies since dawn of industrialization until now have destroyed non-western civilizations and culture on the notion they are barbaric, primitive and unsuitable for western dais.

Western invasion, occupation and colonization of continents for economic and strategic interests systematically decimated heritage of nations with little or no regard for cultural and rich ethnic values irreplaceable in modern times with materialism undermining humanism alongside erosion of intellectualism and spiritualism.

The concept of bondage and subservience emerged in imperial era persists until today with revival of feudalism evident in vassal statehood disguised as democracy.

Sovereignty and constitutional governance is substituted with secret organization comprising members pledging allegiance to agenda not conforming to democratic principles by not allowing public access to discussions on global issues and decisions pertaining to more than seven billion population in the world.

Election is a convenient process to legitimize illegitimacy with pre-selection and Super pac as well as special interests bidding on candidacy voiding ordinary citizens participation in the polls.

Corporations control over governments steering legislations to suit private goals is the norm leaving taxpayers at authorities’ mercy with imposition of mandatory laws tied to penalty in existing health care.

Additionally, the organizations like AIPAC representing foreign country such as Israel demand for compulsory aid in multi-billion dollars on one side and pressure to submit to protecting United States allies in building NATO defense on the other while depriving United States taxpayers and citizens from quality health care is unfortunately not considered a betrayal of electorate trust.

The ongoing debate about Russia meddling in U.S. election in 2016 is an interesting complaint from the nation with institutions and government legacy on interventions world over installing dictatorships and regimes displacing democratic governments and popular leaderships time and time again appears to have no end in sight.

The trend maintained by both republican and democrat administrations in the United States intercepting and lodging proxies adhering to United States foreign policy typically engineered by organizations and institutions viz. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Tri Lateral Commissions and think tanks representing globalists apparently not included in the same category of interference in foreign internal event.

Obviously, what is good for hegemony not approved for others as the case on every issue related to humanity.

Creating parallel unipolar system with veto power whether UNSC within United Nations or European Union to oversee member states, the alternate body exerting influence is enormous. The pattern once again subjugating nations independent status implemented as global requirement.

UNSC authorized economic sanctions and military aggressions on nations targeted for not in agreement with western goals are forced into starvation and perpetual violence.

European Union and euro zone functioning under bureaucrats in Brussels and financial institutions – ECB, IMF and Germany’s Central bank economic policies largely premised on bankers’ profitability enforcing sovereign debt via austerity in the absence of growth and opportunity exacerbate economic problems in respective member domains.

EU economic and foreign policy has been successful in producing refugees generating the need for liberal immigration strategy without borders in Western Europe.

EU lifting ban on arms supply and funding to terror outfits in Syria opened the floodgates for terror victims to flee their country. The economic refugees from austerity and population affected from terror sponsorship in Syria and Iraq are the results of erroneous determinations with no review and modifications to EU plan of action.

Similarly, EU prominent role along with United States in destabilizing Ukraine is yet another debacle leading to Ukraine losing Crimea to Russia.

The quest for territorial annexations in South and South East Asia is a cause for regional trepidation especially when major economic powers have boundary issues and encroachment in common territory.

The relations straining over border incursions could be improved with mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity to avoid escalation of tensions between emerging economies in the region. In this context, there is confrontation of false pride hindering peaceful reconciliation.

On the nuclear front, North Korea Inter Continental Ballistic Missile capability is arousing anxiety. 

Nuclear non-proliferation arguably linked with nuclear disarmament incumbent on all nuclear and non-nuclear states without exception transcending arbitrary rule against some as nuclear threats from any against another triggered nuclear arms race to begin with evolving into latest development.

Any climate treaty with or without United States is ineffective and meaningless provided serious ramifications of nuclear status among nuclear powers regularly conducting subterranean and overland testing is factored into environment degradation.

Unless the war strategy deploying uranium, plutonium and other chemical weapons contaminating rivers and polluting air cease allowing nations under attack to overcome treacherous conditions inflicted upon them for strategic dominance, the climate accord would be cosmetic rather than constructive.

Planet survival is challenged in many frontiers with nuclear arsenals, drones and diverse technological means engaged in combat situations excluded from elimination in climate pact weakening the issue of addressing climate change.

In the world of irony embarked on fault finding ignoring flaws and failures within is an incredible irony.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

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