Politics- Political and Electoral Reform

October 12, 2019

Politics – Political and Electoral Reform 

Padmini Arhant

Those who sell their SOUL would have no problem selling anything whether it be nation they lead rather mislead into economic ditch or destiny of the population electing them as the head of the state and representatives of every constituency.

Politics is nothing more than theatrics and accordingly the strong relation between entertainment world and politics instrumental in distracting public from reality evading transparency and accountability using scapegoat on their indefensible economic debacles.

Today’s regimes in control of affairs need to acknowledge own follies, shortcomings and acutely deficient skills to deal with challenges created by them.

There is one thing about hogging undeserving glory through event management at ordinary lives expense. There is yet entirely another dimension demanding glory hogging and publicity starved personalities to live up to the grandiose image marketing miserably falling short in credibility and integrity.

Election anywhere is meaningful and purposeful unless the electoral process meet the following criteria.

1. Eliminate electronic voting machine or EVM and substitute with manual voting accompanied by verifiable voter paper audit trail VVPAT providing every voter casting vote receipt with confirmation of candidate, political party and any legislation propositions they voted through ballots for individual and national tally on election result day.

EVM is irrefutably proved to be managed with preconfigured software designed to generate election results in major political parties favor.

2. Eradicate black money, slush funds, electoral bonds and campaign financing from personal money laundering and corporations buying candidates and political parties forming corporate run government.

Instead, every voter must demand public financing with a cap in election spending barring negative smear nonsensical campaign advertisements premised on divisive, polarization politics.

Every citizen granting approval through vote insist candidates regardless of political positions from local legislators to the highest as Prime Minister or President only address issues that matter to citizens such as economy, crime in society in national security and measures to improve infrastructure.

3. Boycott rally of any candidacy indulging in delusional politics sowing the seeds of hatred, prejudice, communal and religion…making their way into Parliament or Congress deploying divide and conquer strategy.

4. Abandon celebrity worship and reject political parties as well as candidates fielded on glamor and glitz while miserably lacking in substance and ingenuity.

5. Similarly every voter should remind political members of their constitutional duty and responsibility to fulfill their pledge to serve people of the entire nation not just the rich, famous and powerful in society.

Again  political figures on public funded payroll and benefits are citizens’ employees not rock stars or messiahs as the political trend transformed in the past decade against democratic norm.

6. Every candidate running for public office to submit complete profile and made public with cross verification. Anyone with criminal and corruption record or charges pending trial should be declined by voter seeking clean and honest representation of them in Parliament and Congress. Likewise, deter candidates and legislators proven on corporate and special interests bandwagon and those determined to deter development among underprivileged and disenfranchised demography. 

7. A candidate of any political party including independent candidacy should not be allowed to run in more than one constituency. In facilitating candidate to contest election in two or more constituencies denies others a fair chance enabling the wealthy and any organizations institutions backed candidate and members of political dynasties to retain political power despite their ineligibility evident in other regions of the country. 

8. All candidates and political parties formal and informal funding to be revealed to public prior to election and cross checked by public. The data missing in this context would be a strong indication of sources behind political parties and candidates sponsoring them entirely in their interests not for ordinary citizens or national progress.

9. Shun media and press false propaganda and hyperbolic publicity of candidates and political parties ignoring their legacy and track record to sway public opinion to their preferred candidate’s advantage.

10. Every citizen – the electorate in emerging economies and developing nations in particular should not welcome foreign entities and powerful external forces influence, direct and indirect involvement maintained as tradition thus far to install puppet regimes and proxies to exploit population and extract natural resources in those countries at will.

11. Don’t be misled and misguided by foreign powers pseudo recognition of political leaderships of your nation with coveted honors and awards nearing national election as a blatant intrusion nominating their proxies exclusively for economic and vested interests.

12. Last but not the least, don’t accept bribes in cash or kind from political parties, candidates and their affiliates in disguise luring you to vote for them and in return seize your basic fundamental rights to everything as citizens importantly the economic opportunity and freedom of speech to discuss and debate government failures, actions and inaction concerning people across the spectrum and nation at large.

Every voter need to compare and realize their economic, social and political situation and general environment around them to evaluate government and leaderships performance rather than any other distraction via foreign or domestic solicitation. 

Unless every voter is mindful of the power in their hands to approve or disapprove governance and leaderships beginning at City Council, Municipal, District, State and National level, the status quo would remain leaving the poor the poorest, the selective segments isolated and marginalized as well as average ordinary lives struggling for generations with no end in sight.

Act now and SAY NO to negative, corrupt and counterproductive politics.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com







Bush Tax Cuts, Unemployment Benefits and National Deficit

December 7, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The 111th Congress with Democrats still in control of the House and Senate is challenged by the White House capitulation to the Republican unsustainable deal on Bush tax cuts.

Fortunately the House passed the bill per initial democratic plan – allowing tax cuts to the wealthy expire and granting permanent tax cuts to the families with income $250,000 and below.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi leadership and the House representatives’ commitment to the middle class America is commendable.

‘Political Irony in Republican Congress Victory’ – Article published on November 18, 2010 under ‘Politics – United States’ category on this website highlighted the specifics on Bush Tax Cuts and Protecting Social Security for America.

There are different proposals from the majority and the minority in Congress.

Republican members unanimously dedicated to the top 2% wealthy Americans getting wealthier at the rest of America’s expense pushed tax cuts extension for the multimillionaires while disregarding their irresponsible claim’s devastating impact on the ballooning deficit – the primary political slogan that enabled Republican victory in the recent mid-term election.

Unlike the Republican minority, the Democrat majority are divided on this issue.

The Senate Democrats have laid few options – Some favor the House version which is the initial Democratic strategy outlined above. It is unequivocally a pragmatic solution to the status quo.

Other Senate Democrats are considering $1 million threshold for tax cuts redefining the middle class category that is contradictory to reality.

Yet another democrat’s perspective opposes any tax cuts alongside rising deficits.

“We can’t afford any of these tax cuts,” says Rep. Bobby Scott (D) of Virginia. “It is hard to imagine that extending all of the tax cuts at a cost of $3.7 trillion is fiscally irresponsible but extending $3 trillion worth of tax cuts [to families earning less than $250,000] is somehow fiscally sensible.”

It’s obvious that the opposition to tax cuts for middle class America stems from blanket assessment of the fiscal crisis without any consideration to the slow economic growth and rising unemployment predominantly affecting the poor and the middle class not the super-rich.

According to the latest reports the deal between the White House and Congressional Republican members comprises the following;

Bush tax cuts extended at all income level for two years – the cost of this compromise is estimated at $700 billion over the next two years.

Estate tax capped at 35 percent after $5 million exemption to each wealthy individual – This alone would deprive the economy of the desperately required revenue contributing further to the alarming deficit.

The Republican two year extravagant tax breaks to the wealthiest is in exchange for the jobless benefit to the long-term unemployed up to 13 months at the anticipated $60 billion cost and last but not the least,

Social Security payment is diverted from retirement savings and added to the present income through 2% payroll tax reduction for workers.

However, this detrimental step is substituted for the general tax relief provided to the middle and lower income groups in the previous year economic stimulus.

Otherwise the bill eliminates last year tax credit from the middle and lower income families’ paychecks and utilizes their only safety nest thus far – the Social Security for consumer spending in the payroll tax diversion.

It’s a dangerous precedence with the possible depletion of reliable income to the baby boomers nearing retirement notwithstanding the easier access to Republican goal in privatizing Social Security and increasing the retirement age similar to the unpopular Pension bill enforced upon the people in France.

The contentious issues are the disproportionate concession to the 2% with an extraordinary disposable income mostly invested in personal holdings against harsh imposition on the 98% hard working middle and lower income groups burdened with not only diminishing income, spending cuts on life dependent programs, savings replaced for tax credits but also expected to pay substantially towards national debt mainly accumulated from irrational economic and defense policy.

Above all the Republican members’ euphoria on the pending bill –

‘Not raising taxes on anyone in the country’ is ideological for it rejects the ramifications on national deficit. Again the issue presented as pivotal to the conservative agenda during the 2010 election.

If there are no tax hikes for two years, the essential unemployment aid up to 13 months in the provision combined with a magnanimous estate tax credits,

How do the decision-makers of this deal propose to trim the burgeoning national deficit?

Are the Republican members complacent to the Borrow and Spending concept that was targeted against the Democrats in the past two years irrespective of the Democrats Pay-go rule to fund the key economic legislations?

Given the undercurrent in the U.S and China relationship from currency devaluation to North Korea skirmishes – China the major U.S. creditor may not volunteer to be the Santa Claus.

Who is then expected to bailout the wealthiest Americans in the GOP sponsored –

Who wants to be a billionaire contest?

It’s imperative to dispel the myth surrounding the bizarre agreement that Republican minority have control over the crucial legislation when the Democrats are the majority in the legislative branch and the White House currently has the power to do the right for the suffering Americans as demonstrated by the House Democrats on this bill.

Republican legislators assuming cart blanche to steer the critical economic decision despite the catastrophic effects on their constituents and the nation at large is purely political besides betrayal of the electorates’ trust in the Republican action to protect self-interest over the average American interest.

In fact, Republican party awaiting House dominance and increased Senate representation is on national watch to deliver their campaign promise on containing the growing deficit, coordinate efforts in easing unemployment not excluding jobless aid to the millions who elected them in the fall election and transcend Washington partisan culture visibly promoted by special interests.

The Speaker-elect John Boehner emotional speech upon victory reminiscing the hard times experienced to achieve the American dream is a common factor in the contemporary society.

Relevantly, Republican lawmakers’ allegiance to the campaign financiers instead of the people they are elected to represent clearly revealed in their failure to address the American plight.

In the difficult economic period the GOP priority to undermine main street struggles is regrettable sending a strong message to the electorate to exercise diligence during election since Washington is not amenable to change.

Therefore the people power must exert pressure on the elected representatives with a reminder about the legislative responsibility towards the constituents and the nation they are elected to serve during their term in office.

The republic position in this matter is absolute and that being “No deals on tax cuts for the wealthy.” Overwhelming electorate disapprove the GOP reckless demand to shift the economic liability on the average Americans – the driving force of the economy.

Hence the Senate Democrats and moderate Republicans focused on fiscal constraints have a unique opportunity to exhibit bipartisanship in passing the House approved Bush tax cuts bill.

Ignoring public concerns is a political misstep and often realized in the electoral results. If GOP won in November 2010 then it does not take long for the political tide to turn against them and that is politics.

It is incumbent upon the esteemed Senate to acknowledge the American families’ hardships and the escalating deficit when casting votes on this particular bill evidently vital for national and global economic recovery.

Good Luck! To the Congressional members for a successful passage of the prudent economic legislation.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Euro Crisis and Impact on Global Financial Markets

May 27, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

It originated in Iceland with the pervasive subprime mortgage factor and similarly affected other economies like Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain, referenced as PIGS.

Although, every nation in this category share the contaminated ‘derivative’ traded internationally, the lack of deficit control with the national budget exceeding the GDP growth also contributed to the meltdown and subsequently reflected in the poor credit rating.

More prominently, Greece identified with:

“Goldman Sachs between the years 1998-2009 has been reported to systematically helped the Greek government to mask its national true debt facts.

In September 2009 though, Goldman Sachs among others, created a special Credit Default Swap (CDS) index for the cover of high-risk national debt of Greece. This led the interest-rates of Greek national bonds to a very high level, leading the Greek economy very close to bankruptcy in March 2010.”

The culmination of internal and external mismanagement primarily led the Mediterranean economy to the brink of collapse seeking bailout from the European Central Bank (ECB), EU and IMF.

European Union was challenged with a predicament in the Greece bailout to either ignore the problem or address it to avert the contagion in Europe.

Since Greece is an EU member using the reserve currency euro in the 16 of the 27 states representing the eurozone, the former alternative would have had serious ramifications.

Besides, the euro being the second most traded currency in the world after the U.S. dollar; it has multifaceted impact on the financial markets dealing with high volume trading especially in the futures exchange.

The industrialized and emerging economies are in a bind with the euro value reduction, due to the competitiveness expansion in export trade. For example, the export oriented Germany is at a competitive edge with the United States, Japan and China irrespective of Germany specializing in high end industrial and heavy machinery equipments.

Hence, the euro crisis upside is the European nations gaining export affordability.

Accordingly, the emerging economy and the major U.S. creditor China is concerned about the potential split in global market share and availing the opportunity to reject the U.S. request for currency (renminbi) value adjustment, which has been set below the market determination despite China’s extraordinary trade surplus.

China’s currency, renminbi (RMB) or yuan (CNY) has been withheld from floating as the international currency in the foreign exchange market to protect the status quo.

At the same time, the positive aspect of the dollar appreciation is omitted in the evaluation and that being the foreign investments in U.S. dollars particularly the Treasury bills held by China is strengthened in value and guarantee long term security in futures contract.

Financial stability measures adopted by EU, IMF and ECB with approximately one trillion dollars of which a conditional rescue loan worth $110 billion to Greece is approved to reverse the negatives in the financial markets reacting to the euro downslide from the unsustainable government debts and deficit level.

Had the eurozone requirement on its union members to keep deficits below 3 percent of GDP maintained, Greece and other struggling economies need not have been subject to harsh austerity strategies that has resulted in protest among the mainstream population in Greece and Ireland.

Regardless, the current global financial crisis calls for wasteful expenditure elimination and the national budget review to direct investments in high value returns.

Appropriate actions involving tax hikes and spending cuts are necessary to balance the budget.

However, spending cuts targeting the fundamental programs inevitably generating revenues through productive workforce and consumers is counteractive.

Restoring essential programs and services for the job creation and preservation, youth education, citizens’ health care, social security, safe and clean environment nurture healthy and middle class society to ease the burden on the top 1% or 10% wealthy taxpayers in different economies.

Most importantly, the defense budget consuming a significant proportion of taxpayer revenue in the prolonged wars could be divested to peaceful and profitable opportunities benefiting the citizens at the domestic and international front.

The ideal solution for the European Commission and the monetary union to avoid rising deficits in Europe without compromising the member states’ sovereignty in their national fiscal policy decisions would be to establish an independent, non-partisan committee by the states to examine the individual spending and tax plan, rather than the centralized monitoring or the neighboring authority verifying it.

Further, the constitutional amendment by Germany to contain the deficit to 0.35 percent of GDP by 2016 provided the higher deficit not attributed to GDP decline is a trendsetter in curbing the economic crisis.

In concurrence with the economic experts’ advice – The ECB expediting the credit approval on government bonds used as collateral upon qualifying the self-regulated constitutional limit on deficits is prudent in deterring broad speculative lending activities.

Alongside, the EU sweeping financial reform with tough standards against the hedge fund managers including the two proposals by German Parliament:

Global financial transaction tax and Financial activity tax focused on CEO’s Personal Income & Bonuses are effective steps with the exception of the global financial transaction tax because it is eventually transferred to the end-consumer and may not be a viable option for all participants.

Nevertheless, international agreement on financial regulation by G-20 and other nations is crucial in order to emerge from the existing crisis and prevent the future economic recession.

The systemic risk in the multi trillion dollars ‘derivatives,’ that caused the financial debacle in Europe, Middle East (Dubai), North America, Asia and elsewhere demands stringent policies and independent investigations on fraudulent ventures.

The financial overhaul passed by the U.S. Senate last week has been under scrutiny by analysts with mixed response and elaborated in the article titled:

“New Financial rules might not prevent next crisis – Associated Press, Sun May 23rd. 2010 at 3.55 PM EDT. Reported by Jacobs from New York and contributed by AP writer Jim Drinkard.”

Unequivocally, closing the loopholes as detailed in the cited article and other reports is paramount to establish a financial system free of K street influence.

The apparent revolving-door relationship between Wall Street and Capitol Hill in which employees and consultants have moved in and out of high level US Government positions, with the prevalent conflict of interest is a hindrance to any legislation.

Only the electorates with the voting power in a democracy can remove the persisting obstacles by rejecting the special interest representatives in politics against meaningful legislation.

People as the consumers, taxpayers and voters are the ultimate force in achieving the progress for common good.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

The Political Game

May 8, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Politics is universally known for facts subversion.

Any fair perspective on national issues and campaign promise reminders are perceived as unconventional and thwarted with false accusations.

There were assaults regarding the concerns raised on the past and pending legislation.

It’s important to dispel the myths surrounding the open communication to the authorities in power through this website.

Since the 2008 Presidential campaign and up until now, the communication channel allows the authorities in power to submit their various demands to me but prohibits my response to them.

My communication to them is possible only via the website.

I’ve never had direct communication access during the election campaign and it continues to date.

Information sent earlier has been either rejected or redirected to ‘Auto response.’

As such, every communication sent and received by me has been published on this website periodically.

Upon being approached by the authority in power on several occasions lately with the routine message:

‘Stand up to Fear and Hate,’ against the Republican opponents and donate minimum $450 towards the election campaign,

The position was clarified in the blogpost titled ‘Reconciliation for a new beginning’

Not surprisingly, it was retorted by the authority through the talking heads.

The remarks varied ranging from the alleged pitch, uneven playing field, intimidation, improper delegation and ill preparation of the staff…

Never mind the ordeal endured by me in the recent ‘character assassination, serious death threats, 24/7 surveillance enabling attacks via the national and international outlets,’ –

The irony of ‘Fear and Hate,’ in this context cannot be ignored.

Computer and telephones are vulnerable to illegal spying aided by on-line sources in addition to the agencies.

Moreover, the unconstitutional monitoring by the notorious organization implicated for turning in the pro-democracy dissidents’ personal emails to the Beijing authorities is the tip of the iceberg.

Their profit-oriented action had rendered the courageous political activists’ life imprisoned, not to mention the billions deprived of freedom.

One would think this would be the random conduct of this particular corporation, but it doesn’t appear to be so as their activity is widespread in democratic systems as well.

Privacy is a misnomer for those standing up to the power and exposing the truth to revive democracy.

Truth finders are not entitled to the first amendment or the right to defend themselves against power abuse.

The victim is barred from sharing the experiences, otherwise characterized as ‘rants, wailing and even inflammatory by the extreme sources.

In case the authority and their ardent supporters/attackers were unaware of it, then they ought to be in a parallel universe.

Democracy is best served with the critics’ investing their talent and resources to investigate the closed chamber deals carried out prior to legislation rather than targeting the unprecedented transparency displayed on this website thus far.

With respect to the level playing field – it’s forgotten by the authority’s defenders that –

In order to publish the articles on this website for national and global service to humanity –

There are no speechwriters, Teleprompters, news briefing, consultants, confidantes, czars, any aide or a task force dedicated to feed the selective news media the rebuttal in the form of distorted information.

Further, the service is not for profit and purely a humanitarian deed without costing the taxpayers or the federal and state authorities.

On the so-called “ill preparation of the staff leading to legislative failures,’ – poignantly,

Politics chooses one to be the authority when convenient and regards the same entity irrelevant in all circumstances.

Prominently scapegoating the individual engaged in the selfless crusade is the trend.

Political expediency is the norm and begins on the campaign trail to infinity.

Unlike the distracting voluminous bills, the details admittedly escaping the lawmakers’ attention and more often used by the Republican members as the contentious factor,

Every topic on this website – from finance reform, stimulus package, unemployment, environment, foreign policy…are elaborated and categorically stated to benefit the public, national and international interest.

Despite the numerous articles on Health care legislation clearly defining the requirements with visual presentations emphasizing the need for federal run program – Single Payer system or the Public option at the least – published on this website and in the congressional survey delivered via priority mail to the authorities,

The baseless allegation is the proof of the integrity crisis in the broken system.

It requires rationality to view that the instructions were always clear but the intentions among the executors were not there.

The “bipartisan” health care summit conspicuously excluded the elected officials seeking ‘Public Option,’ or ‘Single Payer System,’ while unsuccessful attempts were made to appease the conservatives on both sides.

Issuing the executive order to win the ‘anti-abortion’ Senate votes and,

Contrarily weakening the Medicare program in the absence of Single Payer or Public option for effective competition reveals the misplaced priority.

On the eve of the final health care vote, the leading authorities proudly declaring to the press that,

“The liberals and progressives quest for public option or medicare expansion has been muted.”

Evidently, the claim that the health care law is serving the deserving population under the private for profit health care to a tune of $35 trillion dollars over a decade with 34 million remaining uninsured until 2020 fit the political dogma prevailing over pragmatism.

Similarly, in the face of the reality on the oil spill in the gulf coast, maintaining the offshore drilling decision instead of its reversal confirms defiance.

Power comes with many privileges and in politics governed by profits, the truth is the regular casualty.

The only hope for democracy’s survival is the people’s discernment in electing the candidacy pledged to serve the nation and not the special interests agenda.

It’s essential to verify the incumbents’ voting record and the actual beneficiaries from it in the assessment.

Campaign finance reform could be achieved by merely rejecting the corporate representatives and electing the public financed candidates vowed to national and environmental protection.

Democracy has been privatized by seeking public votes and the consequences are voting abstinence balanced with pro-special interest votes during legislation.

At present, the special interests controlled political system is configured to favor the respective industry resisting regulations and recommendations for a viable economy, besides planet sustenance.

History is testimony to ‘Change’ brought upon by ordinary citizens’ with extraordinary commitment to the long cherished democracy that guarantees economic opportunities, equal rights, safe environment and eternal peace.

People have the ultimate power as consumers, taxpayers and voters in a democracy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Defining the Humanitarian Responsibility

April 16, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

I wish to define the specific purpose of my presence in the political debate that has caused immense anxiety and unnecessary turmoil in the political circle.

As stated earlier, I’ve been assigned a divine mission that I cannot possibly evade or decline in any format.

I am the protector of humanity. My goal is to help achieve freedom, economic and social equality for all in the world.

The commandment is straightforward and that being – the establishment of peace, progress and prosperity.

I’m not here to serve any particular political entity, party or the organization they might represent.

My political position is ‘Independent’ with the commitment towards public needs.

The primary tasks are:

Protect the people’s interest in the United States and across the globe.

Preserve the environment.

My role is to safeguard the people’s rights in a democracy, defend the truth and deliver justice regardless.

The major responsibility is to prepare the planet for a new era in coherence with the cosmic settings.

In terms of the legislative matter, the members of Congress and the Executive branch will be provided with the legislative content and reform details in public to benefit the people and the nation.

In fact, the practice to be continued since my involvement in politics, except the requests were ignored earlier and instead,

The legislations were prepared by the relevant industry and the Executive branch sponsors to suit their agenda.

I was then approached to rally the mass without any bill details.

As the voice for the weak and the vulnerable, my contribution is to enable people govern the nation rather than the special interests directing the legislation.

It would apply to the domestic and global policy.

Notwithstanding the legislative measures to amend the bills found inadequate or is against national interest.

In addition, it includes the call for investigation of the administrations’ policies responsible for deaths and destruction of lives in the United States and around the world.

If the legislation is flawed and potentially harmful to the citizens’ of the United States in domestic policy and likewise in the foreign policy, it’s incumbent upon the head of the Executive branch as the bill’s signatory and final authority to provide valid reasons for such measures.

Barring the ‘special interest’ dominance in the legislative process and the political campaigns is a priority.

It’s a monumental feat even with the divine intervention.

Therefore, the cooperation of the people, the press and the news media is instrumental to make the government run by the people and for the people.

Another effective democratic action would be to implement the ‘campaign finance reform.’

Public participation is crucial through relentless communication with their local representatives to vote for the fundamental changes in the electoral process.

Those who fail to heed to their constituents’ call would be replaced with the obliging candidates.

Citizens should bring them to public focus and seek a legitimate response for their inaction.

The Supreme Court rule has exacerbated the strong political-corporate partnership that has long undermined democracy.

The communication to the political figures from my end has been via on-line for public view.

Accordingly, I request the political authorities to submit their requirements in public to create the foundation for transparency and accountability.

The legislators on either side of the political factions willing to cast their votes to improve people’s lives, advance national and international cause will be guaranteed support for election or re-election.

Washington is broken. It is common knowledge.

However, when the administration, irrespective of the political party is defiant in their claim on legislations and decisions pushed forward against the will of democracy, it is essential to break the chain link.

The previous administration’s unspeakable crimes are forced to become a distant memory and the trend continues with the incumbent administration, refusing to recognize the public disappointment on the national health care legislation scandal.

Further, it’s deeply disturbing to insist that the people accept the issue as a done deal.

Mortgaging the health and lives of millions of people to a health insurance industry to secure the “Political Power” is regrettable especially with the mandatory insurance purchase introduced in the bill.

Exerting pressure on the dissent to fade away is undemocratic and leads the nation towards a wrong direction.

Constantly repeating that “Health care reform is passed” and time to move ahead by disregarding the voice of democracy – the press, media and the people’s concern is indicative of ‘organizations’ controlled political system.

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, the political slogan was – the nation would experience “More of the same” with the Republican Presidency in power, implying that it would be the continuation of Bush-Cheney legacy.

Having been in office for fifteen months, the Obama administration’s record in dealing with the special interests, wars and foreign policy exemplify the adherence to the predecessor’s principles that was vehemently criticized but not abandoned.

There are legislators in the system willing to transcend the culture in Washington. Some of them have admirably spoken against it and shared their grievance with the public.

When the majority is in contract with the “lobbyists” from the various industries,

Perhaps, the minority feels threatened with the possibility of being swift boated in the Congressional race through negative campaign ads.

Unfortunately, they succumb to the ‘special interests’ subversion or their allies in the political hierarchy.

Here are the problems and the solutions for it.

The political system needs reform due to the inherent ‘special interests’ influence in every legislation.

Remedy: Legislation will be conceptualized and presented for public review on-line.

Public prior approval will be sought with queries addressed diligently for clarity.

Queries may be submitted on the Congressional websites.

The legislation material will be precise to dissuade the opposition from rejecting the bill under the pretext of ‘volume.’

Lawmakers will be given sufficient time to study and evaluate the content.

Their input is to be presented in public via on-line on the new webpage – www.publiclegislation.gov, in extension of the existing Congressional website for the House and the Senate.

Legislators will be encouraged to debate and discuss the issue with their constituents and the media to conform to transparency.

I will work on the people’s side to ensure that the policies and legislations benefit the citizens at home and overseas.

The analysis and review will be published prior to the legislation approval, i.e. after receiving the legislators’ views and their exact position on the issue.

Legislation will have a deadline and the legislators would be required to meet the objectives within the given time frame so that the bills are passed with public consent.

Legislators’ voting record on every bill will be displayed on the Congressional web page.

Lawmakers’ brief comment for voting in favor or against it, would be enormously useful to the public.

Legislation is to begin with the Political reform:

Campaign finance reform restricting the sources – corporations, union, religious institution, foreign organization…except for the U.S. citizens, is to become the law.

Election expenses are to be limited and held accountable to the non-partisan election commission, preferably set up by the Public Policy Institute or an independent group non-affiliated to the private sector.

Any lawmakers receiving special interests funds are to be exposed and challenged with a candidate vowed to the public interest.

The news organizations and the media along with the public could play a major role in the political reform by restricting ‘special interests’ access in national legislation.

Health care legislation is to be amended with the guidelines detailed in the article “Universal Health Care.”

I look forward to working with the members of Congress, the news media and the public in reaching the political milestones.

We could consolidate our talent and resources as a nation and work in harmony to restore the magnificent image of the United States of America and bring peace to the world.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Subliminal Attacks – A new wave Politics

March 8, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

I would like to thank the visitors to the website www.padminiarhant.com in the United States, India and around the world.

Your love and support makes the effort worthwhile.

As stated in the profile, the website objective is to promote peace, progress and prosperity for all with a major focus on protecting the environment, the only ideal habitat for living species in the universe, thus far.

It is depicted in the logo – Save the Planet,and Peace on Earth.

That being the goal, I express my gratitude and deep appreciation to the readers of my articles for taking the time to read and reflect on the topic.

In coherence with the paradoxical universe,

Success is greeted with genuine affection and enthusiasm for its representation – obviously from the supporters.

Likewise, it’s also subject to hostility, propaganda and rejection – by the opposition.

The purpose of the material on the website is to engage the like and the unlike minds in a serious thinking process beyond surface review in order to understand the self-created complexity largely responsible for the global status quo.

Criticisms are directed in many different ways. Constructive criticisms enhance quality.

Targeted criticisms often subvert facts with fiction and personal convictions.

Earlier on the element of truth was explained in a manner to allow rational thinking to prevail over confusion and distortion.

When viewed with an open mind, the articles on the website have invariably defended the weak, the oppressed, the disadvantaged and the victims of mass deception –

Dissenting authoritarianism against innocent population.

In many featured visual content, the protesters represented by the unarmed civilians and the monks were waving a white flag and a peace sign during their peaceful demonstrations for freedom and justice only to be mercilessly hurt and killed in response.

The individualism – “Me, Myself and I” restraints outreach to the less fortunate.

Saving humanity from a myriad of defiant forces is a horrendous task especially when the violators are powerful and immunized against reconciliation for common good.

Synopsis of requests made thus far:

Campaign Finance Reform – Public funded elections poignantly after the Supreme Court decision in Corporations’ favor.

Preserving American jobs by resurrecting the manufacturing sector and small businesses.

Universal Health Care for all – Single Payer System.

Tough Financial Reform – to protect average citizens from predatory and fraudulent practices, providing a safety net for the domestic economy and the global financial market.

Strong Environment Policies – fossil fuel and nuclear energy abandonment.

Public Education – Free higher education for students from average income families.

Economic and Social Justice – Gay rights and legalization of the undocumented workers in the country. Bridging the gap between the rich and the poor. Reviving the middle class in the society.

Nuclear Weapons – eliminating hierarchy prevalent under the pretext of the responsible factor and truthful disclosure on complete nuclear disarmament worldwide.

War and Military Base – Troop withdrawal, the prolonged military operations termination and defense budget divestment in the domestic economy including economic and social development in the war zones.

Being a reliable peace partner in international conflicts particularly Israel and Palestine,

Freedom for Tibet, Burma, North Korea, and Iran and curtail military coups like in Honduras, Haiti, vulnerable nations in Africa and Latin America on the United States watch.

Closure of Guantanamo bay and relinquish torture of terror suspects that’s in violation of the Geneva Convention.

Investigation of illegal invasion of Iraq war and judicial trial against the torture memo author Professor Yoo and others to prevent history repeating itself in the future.

Finally, the ordinary and the extraordinary have to leave this planet sometime in their lifetime in accordance with natural process.

Hence peace and empathy would make the world a better place for all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Financial Reform with an Independent Consumer Protection Agency

March 6, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The Wall Street bailout season commenced in 2008 and continued into 2009. Those corporations allied with the oligarchs not only survived but their CEO’s are thriving amid difficult economic times and some states experiencing a double-digit unemployment.

As stated earlier in numerous articles on the economy and the financial sector, the speculators’ reckless conduct together with greed led to the status quo. The sub-prime mortgage and credit card lending practices targeting the vulnerable population contributed to the housing market decline and the alarming bankruptcies.

In addition, the credit crunch has forced many small businesses to lay off employees and left the self-employed in a dire situation. The private sector have also been affected in the liquidity crisis triggering the 9.7 percent national unemployment rate and much higher when consolidated with the under employed statistics.

Evidently, a rigorous financial reform is necessary to revive the economy and avert future meltdown.

Although, an international consensus was reached during the G-20 meetings in 2009 at London and Pittsburgh to implement strong financial regulations, the domestic agenda in the United States is faltering due to the usual Senate gridlock and the lack of enthusiasm to push the issue forward.

However, the House of Congress is way ahead of Senate in passing legislations on many issues, reflecting the Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House of Representatives’ commitment.

On the other hand, the Senate majority leader Harry Reid has a tough battle convincing the opposition, sworn to filibuster the legislations on any reform.

The Republican Senators and the democrat opponents believe in the market economy free of regulations and refuse to acknowledge the economic adversity brought upon by deregulations in the recent decades.

Failure to act now would be catastrophic for the global financial market and the economy.

There is no guarantee that the U.S economy and the rest of the world would not be subject to a similar scenario in the future with the hedge fund managers and the investment banks such as the Goldman Sachs…

Having set a precedence in wild speculations, high-risk exposure and fast track profiteering at the expense of millions of borrowers, investors and national economies like P.I.G.S, an acronym for Portugal, Iceland/Ireland, Greece and Spain, all of whom are currently dealing with insolvency.

Finance sector being the cradle of the economy, the benign symptoms would prompt the government bailouts of the default institutions. Thus, history repeating itself with the exponentially rising national debt remaining the constant factor in the non-regulatory environment.

Another attention worthy issue in this context is the establishment of an Independent Consumer Protection Agency.

Agency’s function would be fairly common and that being,

Protecting the consumer rights as the borrowers,

Creating awareness on the industry’s unethical practices apart from,

Preventing the banks in the systemic abuse of customers through inflated finance charges and interest rates on personal loans, credit card etc.

Further, it could also provide arbitration service to the borrower and the lender on financial disputes, thereby mitigating legal expenses for both parties.

Not surprisingly, there is resistance to the Independent Consumer Protection Agency.

As witnessed in the health care bill, the lobbyists are relentlessly engaged in ensuring the demise of the financial reform and the consumer protection agency.

The White House being suggested to nominate the Treasury Department in handling the Consumer Protection Agency affairs as opposed to a non-partisan and an independent committee, poses a conflict of interest stemming from the Treasury Department’s liaison with the financial institutions.

Likewise, the Federal Reserve maintaining control over the Consumer Protection Agency against the banking sector is an unrealistic expectation based on the Federal Reserve’s performance in the sub-prime mortgage debacle and the executives’ close ties with the finance sector.

Therefore, the consumer protection agency ought to be independent and focused on safeguarding consumer interest.

Financial reform cannot be delayed or relinquished especially with the Wall Street’s compulsive disorder to indulge in short term gains by acquiring toxic assets only to be transformed into a burgeoning liability.

Alternatively, the watered down legislation could fulfill a formality and not serve the purpose.

Hence, the requirement for a meaningful financial reform is absolutely vital to rein in on predatory traditions.

Finally, the U.S. economic recovery could be expedited through a robust financial regulation that would instantaneously restore the investor and consumer confidence.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Health Care Reform – Medicaid Program Review

January 16, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The issues that deserve consideration from the individual state standpoint:

Reallocating the Senate offer to Nebraska nationally is a fair approach.

Increasing federal aid in the Medicaid expansion program for 50 states is necessary to deal with the vast uninsured population across the nation.

Since the President and the democratic lawmakers have appropriately incorporated the requirement, it’s constructive to ensure the coverage entirely to avoid rifts between the states.

With regard to the creation of new insurance exchanges under federally regulated marketplaces for consumer choice, it’s important to extend or re-enact the anti-trust laws in addition to the establishment of caps to curb the rising costs especially in the absence of government run insurance program.

The demand and supply determined free market is never inhibited to exercise the freedom to hike the price leading to the status quo.

There is a higher probability in the future, with the demand introduced mandatorily via 30 million and more insured through the proposed legislation. Therefore, it’s vital to close the loopholes presumed to cause the cost factor to rise exponentially.

Upon evaluating California and other states’ grievances in the national health care reform, the following options are viable to resolve the contentious details in the Medicaid program.

In this respect, the State of California is an ideal example with New York State sharing the scenario in terms of the benefits and drawbacks from the current national health care bill.

California is believed to be splitting the costs on Medi-Cal – the state version of Medicaid, the health insurance program for the poor and disabled – in equal ratio with the federal government.

Raising the income threshold under the Medicaid program is a sensitive enactment that would enable the uninsured in millions to qualify for the Federal aid, a crucial component in the legislation.

At the same time, it also enhances the revenue prospects for the insurance industry represented by the health care reform opponents, thereby allowing the free market to thrive and yet vilified by the Republican Senate minority remaining steadfast against the legislation regardless, signifying partisan politics.

The republican stance in any legislation thus far, is clearly anti-populace prioritizing self-interest backed by the special interests over national progress. Similarly, the connotation is extended to the moderates and the conservatives on the democratic side weaving lanes for political security.

Given the eternal gridlock hampering progress more prevalent in the Senate than the House, the adjustment would inevitably yield the desirable result, i.e. coverage for the uninsured provided the market maintains the affordability.

Health Care bill has the federal government absorbing 80 percent of the costs of newly eligible enrollees with the entire costs being paid for the first three years upon the legislation becoming effective in 2013 or 2014.

Although, it’s a positive step in dealing with the burgeoning health care crisis, there are anomalies that could be easily addressed to satisfy the different states’ economic conditions.

For instance, in the 80 percent federal subsidy applied only to newly eligible enrollees, California is confronted with a huge number of people who are qualified for Medi-Cal, but they appear to have not enrolled.

The legitimate concern is the cost burden shifting to the state on equal basis when the compulsory health insurance purchase becomes the law.

Further, the news report titled Health Care – Painful costs of reform for state,

Medi-Cal’s broad mandate would mean greater burden under national overhaul

By Mike Zapler, San Jose Mercury News, January 16, 2010

“The legislation would offer more federal relief to states that now offer Medicaid to only the neediest people, such as Texas and Alabama, than to states that have expanded the program over the years to cover more people, such as California and New York.

California, for example, already will cover a family of four earning up to $23,373, while Texas covers a family of four earning up to only $5,733.

Put a different way, federal largesse would be concentrated on those who don’t qualify for Medicaid currently but would under the new national rules – and California has a lot fewer of them than many other states.

“It is beyond unfair,” Kim Belshé, the governor’s secretary of health and human services, said in an interview. “California is being penalized,” she added, “for having done the right things when times were good.”

Federal regulations make it all but impossible for California to scale back Medi-Cal to cover fewer people, so the state is essentially stuck with generous rules adopted during the flush economic times for it can no longer afford, Belshé, said.

John Holahan, a health care expert at the Washington D.C. based Urban Institute, agreed that it’s “inherently unfair” for the federal government to pay different shares of each state’s health care expansion costs and said it’s bound to create a bureaucratic maze.

“For every new enrollee in each state, they’re going to have to check:

Did they qualify under the old rules or the new rules?” Holahan said.”


Analysis with Solutions: By Padmini Arhant

Even though, the single payer or the public option at the bare minimum would have eliminated these problems, the bill should have provisions allowing the States to adopt the universal plan by preference through state legislature or on a ballot measure.

Nevertheless, in the immediate health care proposal, the practical method is to standardize the eligibility criteria to minimize the cost bearing responsibility at the State level.

Rather than conducting an audit on the qualifying enrollees based on old and new rules that would only escalate the administrative costs, it’s simpler to accept all new enrollees nationwide on federal aid.

Under the existing rule and the pending health care legislation, the state – federal match on health care program is apparently based on the states’ per capita income instead of the poverty rate formula.

Realistically, the poverty rate is an accurate indicator of the uninsured in each state. That being the case, choosing the latter would mitigate the on-going health care costs in the emergency rooms at the County hospitals paid for by the taxpayers.

California’s reimbursement rates to doctors on Medi-Cal program is reportedly the lowest in the country. Accordingly, the Medi-Cal patients are declined by a majority of doctors supposedly struggling to cover the treatment costs.

Moreover, the House version of reform expected to boost Medicaid payments for primary care, whereas, the Senate bill, not surprisingly would not. Again, per the cited article, neither bill would increase reimbursement rates for specialist care.

Such predicaments leave the Medi-Cal patients and the newly insured under Medicaid with insurance coverage,

However, denying them the essential medical service choices.

Hence, the Medi-Cal and Medicaid patient dilemma beckons the network availability with health care providers across the spectrum for meaningful health care access.

Concisely, the micro adjustments on the rules pertaining to the Medicaid program would alleviate the anticipated economic plight for the respective states and pave the way for long-term achievements at the macro proportion in the national health care legislation.

Failure to rectify the inherent inequalities could potentially exacerbate the state deficits inevitably affecting the national GDP.

In this matter, it’s poignant to follow the health care principle:

Prevention is better than cure.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Health Care Revelation

July 21, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

The special interests through their government talking heads i.e. the legislators and specific media are engaged in the preposterous propaganda convincing the naïve majority that are insured to claim utter satisfaction with the status quo, when in reality those who are currently insured are ‘safe’ in the same reference to their stock market holdings.

The truth of the matter is – in the highly volatile job market, the employers ripped off by the exploitative health industry through exorbitant premiums will not be able to sustain the health care costs and soon forced to withdraw the contributions to maintain overheads. Then the crisis will transform to a personal level for all those in agreement with the deceptive misguided policies of the self-serving legislators obligatory to their sponsors’ prosperity.

United States cannot possibly procrastinate on this health care issue any longer as the economy is drained from corporate greed, unscrupulous practices, and gross abuse of legislative power solemnly pledged to the special interests directly responsible for the economic ruin of the state, country and the entire world. The narcissistic policies of the authorities in the State of California with the Republican Governor and the minority are a classic example in the recent declaration of ‘closing the deal’ on the budget crisis.

As for the legislators contemplating on the issue of meeting the President’s deadline, it is a test of their courage, commitment and competence in the health care battle between the people i.e. the constituents holding the key to the power in a democracy, vs. the special interests, also dependent on the people as the consumers in a capitalist society.

The special interests tactics is to stall the legislature through their paid employees i.e. legislators objecting to the reform by detecting flaws on unrelated pretexts given the past triumphant record in extinguishing the national health care scheme.

Citizens across the nation on their part must vigorously campaign by calling the local representatives and Senators to act immediately by embracing the President’s public option policy dedicated to revive the economy and the job market with a guaranteed low cost yet quality insurance for every citizen.

By doing so, the citizens can free themselves and relieve the future generation from the existing corporate bondage essentially liable for the crippling economy.

Regardless, the people will prevail because without consumers and constituents’ vote the ‘power’ is powerless despite the substantial wealth investment in the legislative votes.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Environmental Policy

April 19, 2009

The recent developments to combat climate change in the State of California and nationwide is commendable. The Supreme Court granting authority to EPA to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions under the Clean Air Act eliminates obstacles on the path to a clean environment. It is significant since according to the reports the projected levels of greenhouse gases “endanger the public health and welfare of current and future generations.”

With the time lapse of inaction on this important matter threatening the mere existence of life on the planet, the new administration under President Obama is seeking the right course of action by having the choice to either legislate or regulate carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases resisted in the past on the notion of negative economic impact.

Further, EPA consideration to reduce emissions including rigorous tailpipe emissions standard also previously blocked in the past eight years is a step in the right direction. This particular issue like others has been subject to criticism and opposition from sectors focused on personal short term gains over long-term future of humanity. Again, the Obama administration’s gesture to proceed toward a national standard on vehicle emissions that will be as strong as California’s is right on target.

It would be appropriate to embrace California’s standard as the national requirement, rather than maintaining individual regional measure and finalize the pending EPA decision over the controversial tailpipe carbon emissions by the automobile industry. The national standard would be beneficial to the struggling auto industry in marketing their fleet in other parts of the country without the burden of meeting the regional expectations.

In a democracy, active participation in public discourse and dissent whenever justified is honorable. However, protest against progress and life sustenance is detrimental to the source contributing to such disruptions. The opposing legislators’ argument on any environmental regulation is weak for it dismissed global warming as a ‘myth’ up until now. Their defense of businesses potentially affected by stringent measures is hypothetical. It fails to recognize that the planet in peril is a hard-core fact with abundance evidence in rising temperatures and several disasters no longer natural because of the none other than greenhouse gases causing ozone depletion in the earth’s atmosphere.

According to the recent article on this topic – Industry representatives voiced a variety of concerns over the prospect of mandatory emissions controls. The National Association of Manufacturers warned that the Clean Air Act was designed to focus on local and regional pollution, and that greenhouse gases “are global in nature and require a new framework.”

The industry demand to distinguish the Clean Air Act to curtail domestic pollution from greenhouse gases produced globally is worth clarification. In the latest G-20 summit, it is not clear if the United States sought any guarantee from the participants with respect to individual and consolidated global effort in greenhouse gases reduction. Even though the G-20 gathering predominantly focused on global economic rescue plan, the equally challenging environmental issue deserves universal commitment in achieving the desired goals.

It is imperative for the inhabitants of planet earth to pay serious attention to the environmental degradation arising from industrial pollution, population explosion, poor waste management and revolutionary demographic shifts among the population of the emerging economic powers in the world.

In the United States, the bipartisan consensus is paramount if legislation required to promote healthy and safe environment for the well-being of the present and future generations of the nation. To reiterate any partisanship during legislation combined with industry objection in compliance of regulation would lead to dire consequences and irreversible state of earth’s natural resources due to ecological imbalance.

Mankind best interest lies in the protection and preservation of the habitat, the planet earth.

Save the planet and secure the future for all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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