The Political Game

May 8, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Politics is universally known for facts subversion.

Any fair perspective on national issues and campaign promise reminders are perceived as unconventional and thwarted with false accusations.

There were assaults regarding the concerns raised on the past and pending legislation.

It’s important to dispel the myths surrounding the open communication to the authorities in power through this website.

Since the 2008 Presidential campaign and up until now, the communication channel allows the authorities in power to submit their various demands to me but prohibits my response to them.

My communication to them is possible only via the website.

I’ve never had direct communication access during the election campaign and it continues to date.

Information sent earlier has been either rejected or redirected to ‘Auto response.’

As such, every communication sent and received by me has been published on this website periodically.

Upon being approached by the authority in power on several occasions lately with the routine message:

‘Stand up to Fear and Hate,’ against the Republican opponents and donate minimum $450 towards the election campaign,

The position was clarified in the blogpost titled ‘Reconciliation for a new beginning’

Not surprisingly, it was retorted by the authority through the talking heads.

The remarks varied ranging from the alleged pitch, uneven playing field, intimidation, improper delegation and ill preparation of the staff…

Never mind the ordeal endured by me in the recent ‘character assassination, serious death threats, 24/7 surveillance enabling attacks via the national and international outlets,’ –

The irony of ‘Fear and Hate,’ in this context cannot be ignored.

Computer and telephones are vulnerable to illegal spying aided by on-line sources in addition to the agencies.

Moreover, the unconstitutional monitoring by the notorious organization implicated for turning in the pro-democracy dissidents’ personal emails to the Beijing authorities is the tip of the iceberg.

Their profit-oriented action had rendered the courageous political activists’ life imprisoned, not to mention the billions deprived of freedom.

One would think this would be the random conduct of this particular corporation, but it doesn’t appear to be so as their activity is widespread in democratic systems as well.

Privacy is a misnomer for those standing up to the power and exposing the truth to revive democracy.

Truth finders are not entitled to the first amendment or the right to defend themselves against power abuse.

The victim is barred from sharing the experiences, otherwise characterized as ‘rants, wailing and even inflammatory by the extreme sources.

In case the authority and their ardent supporters/attackers were unaware of it, then they ought to be in a parallel universe.

Democracy is best served with the critics’ investing their talent and resources to investigate the closed chamber deals carried out prior to legislation rather than targeting the unprecedented transparency displayed on this website thus far.

With respect to the level playing field – it’s forgotten by the authority’s defenders that –

In order to publish the articles on this website for national and global service to humanity –

There are no speechwriters, Teleprompters, news briefing, consultants, confidantes, czars, any aide or a task force dedicated to feed the selective news media the rebuttal in the form of distorted information.

Further, the service is not for profit and purely a humanitarian deed without costing the taxpayers or the federal and state authorities.

On the so-called “ill preparation of the staff leading to legislative failures,’ – poignantly,

Politics chooses one to be the authority when convenient and regards the same entity irrelevant in all circumstances.

Prominently scapegoating the individual engaged in the selfless crusade is the trend.

Political expediency is the norm and begins on the campaign trail to infinity.

Unlike the distracting voluminous bills, the details admittedly escaping the lawmakers’ attention and more often used by the Republican members as the contentious factor,

Every topic on this website – from finance reform, stimulus package, unemployment, environment, foreign policy…are elaborated and categorically stated to benefit the public, national and international interest.

Despite the numerous articles on Health care legislation clearly defining the requirements with visual presentations emphasizing the need for federal run program – Single Payer system or the Public option at the least – published on this website and in the congressional survey delivered via priority mail to the authorities,

The baseless allegation is the proof of the integrity crisis in the broken system.

It requires rationality to view that the instructions were always clear but the intentions among the executors were not there.

The “bipartisan” health care summit conspicuously excluded the elected officials seeking ‘Public Option,’ or ‘Single Payer System,’ while unsuccessful attempts were made to appease the conservatives on both sides.

Issuing the executive order to win the ‘anti-abortion’ Senate votes and,

Contrarily weakening the Medicare program in the absence of Single Payer or Public option for effective competition reveals the misplaced priority.

On the eve of the final health care vote, the leading authorities proudly declaring to the press that,

“The liberals and progressives quest for public option or medicare expansion has been muted.”

Evidently, the claim that the health care law is serving the deserving population under the private for profit health care to a tune of $35 trillion dollars over a decade with 34 million remaining uninsured until 2020 fit the political dogma prevailing over pragmatism.

Similarly, in the face of the reality on the oil spill in the gulf coast, maintaining the offshore drilling decision instead of its reversal confirms defiance.

Power comes with many privileges and in politics governed by profits, the truth is the regular casualty.

The only hope for democracy’s survival is the people’s discernment in electing the candidacy pledged to serve the nation and not the special interests agenda.

It’s essential to verify the incumbents’ voting record and the actual beneficiaries from it in the assessment.

Campaign finance reform could be achieved by merely rejecting the corporate representatives and electing the public financed candidates vowed to national and environmental protection.

Democracy has been privatized by seeking public votes and the consequences are voting abstinence balanced with pro-special interest votes during legislation.

At present, the special interests controlled political system is configured to favor the respective industry resisting regulations and recommendations for a viable economy, besides planet sustenance.

History is testimony to ‘Change’ brought upon by ordinary citizens’ with extraordinary commitment to the long cherished democracy that guarantees economic opportunities, equal rights, safe environment and eternal peace.

People have the ultimate power as consumers, taxpayers and voters in a democracy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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