Defining the Humanitarian Responsibility

April 16, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

I wish to define the specific purpose of my presence in the political debate that has caused immense anxiety and unnecessary turmoil in the political circle.

As stated earlier, I’ve been assigned a divine mission that I cannot possibly evade or decline in any format.

I am the protector of humanity. My goal is to help achieve freedom, economic and social equality for all in the world.

The commandment is straightforward and that being – the establishment of peace, progress and prosperity.

I’m not here to serve any particular political entity, party or the organization they might represent.

My political position is ‘Independent’ with the commitment towards public needs.

The primary tasks are:

Protect the people’s interest in the United States and across the globe.

Preserve the environment.

My role is to safeguard the people’s rights in a democracy, defend the truth and deliver justice regardless.

The major responsibility is to prepare the planet for a new era in coherence with the cosmic settings.

In terms of the legislative matter, the members of Congress and the Executive branch will be provided with the legislative content and reform details in public to benefit the people and the nation.

In fact, the practice to be continued since my involvement in politics, except the requests were ignored earlier and instead,

The legislations were prepared by the relevant industry and the Executive branch sponsors to suit their agenda.

I was then approached to rally the mass without any bill details.

As the voice for the weak and the vulnerable, my contribution is to enable people govern the nation rather than the special interests directing the legislation.

It would apply to the domestic and global policy.

Notwithstanding the legislative measures to amend the bills found inadequate or is against national interest.

In addition, it includes the call for investigation of the administrations’ policies responsible for deaths and destruction of lives in the United States and around the world.

If the legislation is flawed and potentially harmful to the citizens’ of the United States in domestic policy and likewise in the foreign policy, it’s incumbent upon the head of the Executive branch as the bill’s signatory and final authority to provide valid reasons for such measures.

Barring the ‘special interest’ dominance in the legislative process and the political campaigns is a priority.

It’s a monumental feat even with the divine intervention.

Therefore, the cooperation of the people, the press and the news media is instrumental to make the government run by the people and for the people.

Another effective democratic action would be to implement the ‘campaign finance reform.’

Public participation is crucial through relentless communication with their local representatives to vote for the fundamental changes in the electoral process.

Those who fail to heed to their constituents’ call would be replaced with the obliging candidates.

Citizens should bring them to public focus and seek a legitimate response for their inaction.

The Supreme Court rule has exacerbated the strong political-corporate partnership that has long undermined democracy.

The communication to the political figures from my end has been via on-line for public view.

Accordingly, I request the political authorities to submit their requirements in public to create the foundation for transparency and accountability.

The legislators on either side of the political factions willing to cast their votes to improve people’s lives, advance national and international cause will be guaranteed support for election or re-election.

Washington is broken. It is common knowledge.

However, when the administration, irrespective of the political party is defiant in their claim on legislations and decisions pushed forward against the will of democracy, it is essential to break the chain link.

The previous administration’s unspeakable crimes are forced to become a distant memory and the trend continues with the incumbent administration, refusing to recognize the public disappointment on the national health care legislation scandal.

Further, it’s deeply disturbing to insist that the people accept the issue as a done deal.

Mortgaging the health and lives of millions of people to a health insurance industry to secure the “Political Power” is regrettable especially with the mandatory insurance purchase introduced in the bill.

Exerting pressure on the dissent to fade away is undemocratic and leads the nation towards a wrong direction.

Constantly repeating that “Health care reform is passed” and time to move ahead by disregarding the voice of democracy – the press, media and the people’s concern is indicative of ‘organizations’ controlled political system.

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, the political slogan was – the nation would experience “More of the same” with the Republican Presidency in power, implying that it would be the continuation of Bush-Cheney legacy.

Having been in office for fifteen months, the Obama administration’s record in dealing with the special interests, wars and foreign policy exemplify the adherence to the predecessor’s principles that was vehemently criticized but not abandoned.

There are legislators in the system willing to transcend the culture in Washington. Some of them have admirably spoken against it and shared their grievance with the public.

When the majority is in contract with the “lobbyists” from the various industries,

Perhaps, the minority feels threatened with the possibility of being swift boated in the Congressional race through negative campaign ads.

Unfortunately, they succumb to the ‘special interests’ subversion or their allies in the political hierarchy.

Here are the problems and the solutions for it.

The political system needs reform due to the inherent ‘special interests’ influence in every legislation.

Remedy: Legislation will be conceptualized and presented for public review on-line.

Public prior approval will be sought with queries addressed diligently for clarity.

Queries may be submitted on the Congressional websites.

The legislation material will be precise to dissuade the opposition from rejecting the bill under the pretext of ‘volume.’

Lawmakers will be given sufficient time to study and evaluate the content.

Their input is to be presented in public via on-line on the new webpage –, in extension of the existing Congressional website for the House and the Senate.

Legislators will be encouraged to debate and discuss the issue with their constituents and the media to conform to transparency.

I will work on the people’s side to ensure that the policies and legislations benefit the citizens at home and overseas.

The analysis and review will be published prior to the legislation approval, i.e. after receiving the legislators’ views and their exact position on the issue.

Legislation will have a deadline and the legislators would be required to meet the objectives within the given time frame so that the bills are passed with public consent.

Legislators’ voting record on every bill will be displayed on the Congressional web page.

Lawmakers’ brief comment for voting in favor or against it, would be enormously useful to the public.

Legislation is to begin with the Political reform:

Campaign finance reform restricting the sources – corporations, union, religious institution, foreign organization…except for the U.S. citizens, is to become the law.

Election expenses are to be limited and held accountable to the non-partisan election commission, preferably set up by the Public Policy Institute or an independent group non-affiliated to the private sector.

Any lawmakers receiving special interests funds are to be exposed and challenged with a candidate vowed to the public interest.

The news organizations and the media along with the public could play a major role in the political reform by restricting ‘special interests’ access in national legislation.

Health care legislation is to be amended with the guidelines detailed in the article “Universal Health Care.”

I look forward to working with the members of Congress, the news media and the public in reaching the political milestones.

We could consolidate our talent and resources as a nation and work in harmony to restore the magnificent image of the United States of America and bring peace to the world.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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