Health Care Revelation

July 21, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

The special interests through their government talking heads i.e. the legislators and specific media are engaged in the preposterous propaganda convincing the naïve majority that are insured to claim utter satisfaction with the status quo, when in reality those who are currently insured are ‘safe’ in the same reference to their stock market holdings.

The truth of the matter is – in the highly volatile job market, the employers ripped off by the exploitative health industry through exorbitant premiums will not be able to sustain the health care costs and soon forced to withdraw the contributions to maintain overheads. Then the crisis will transform to a personal level for all those in agreement with the deceptive misguided policies of the self-serving legislators obligatory to their sponsors’ prosperity.

United States cannot possibly procrastinate on this health care issue any longer as the economy is drained from corporate greed, unscrupulous practices, and gross abuse of legislative power solemnly pledged to the special interests directly responsible for the economic ruin of the state, country and the entire world. The narcissistic policies of the authorities in the State of California with the Republican Governor and the minority are a classic example in the recent declaration of ‘closing the deal’ on the budget crisis.

As for the legislators contemplating on the issue of meeting the President’s deadline, it is a test of their courage, commitment and competence in the health care battle between the people i.e. the constituents holding the key to the power in a democracy, vs. the special interests, also dependent on the people as the consumers in a capitalist society.

The special interests tactics is to stall the legislature through their paid employees i.e. legislators objecting to the reform by detecting flaws on unrelated pretexts given the past triumphant record in extinguishing the national health care scheme.

Citizens across the nation on their part must vigorously campaign by calling the local representatives and Senators to act immediately by embracing the President’s public option policy dedicated to revive the economy and the job market with a guaranteed low cost yet quality insurance for every citizen.

By doing so, the citizens can free themselves and relieve the future generation from the existing corporate bondage essentially liable for the crippling economy.

Regardless, the people will prevail because without consumers and constituents’ vote the ‘power’ is powerless despite the substantial wealth investment in the legislative votes.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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