Corona Virus COVID 19 – Origin and Source

April 30, 2020

Corona Virus COVID 19 – Origin and Source

Padmini Arhant

Western Defense and Offense. Means and Strategy. 

Strategy – When new weapons are manufactured – the hardware potency is tested in Central Asia, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Means – Conventional warfare deploying boots on the ground, terror sponsorship recruiting terror outfits by arming, funding and training terror factions not barring cannibalism witnessed in 2011, 2012 against Syrian civilians spreading across the country and neighborhood. Dropping cluster bombs in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya…earlier deadly chemical Agent Orange Napalm – used in flamethrowers in Vietnam war burning down forests and bushes, nuclear laden missile strikes, air raid in Libya in 2011 imposing No Fly Zone through UNSC denying the nation under attack any defense mechanism are mere examples among scores of violent engagement in these parts of the world.

The drone attacks became the sport targeting vulnerable population in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Middle East, Central, East, West and North Africa as well as Central and South America intensified in the second decade of the twenty first century i.e. in 2007 onwards and more so in 2010, 2011,2012, 2013, 2014…etc.

Similarly, Western Nuclear arsenal enhancements via nuclear subterranean testing conducted by France from 1966 – 1996 about 193 nuclear tests carried out in paradise islands – the Polynesian stretch in the Pacific Ocean inarguably attracted local outcry demanding the western power to cease dangerous nuclear activity in their waters affecting lives and livelihoods all around.

Importantly, the draconian economic sanctions invariably enforced on non-western nations only thus far claimed millions of lives world wide forcing millions into starvation, malnutrition and diverse preventable disease in the victim nations with no respite despite the cataclysmic impact on children, women, youth and elderly population in these nations world over. 

Chronology of Events (2000 – 2020) –Pre-meditated and calibrated terror attack on September 11, 2001 ignoring adequate warnings from concerned intelligence agencies outside United States set the stage for military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq  in 2001 and 2003 lasting nearly two decades that alone consumed thousands of lives leaving millions refugees in their homeland.

The trend continued in the so-called Arab Spring in 2010 that catapulted new wave of terrorism sponsoring terror networks to circumvent congressional authorization which in return meant public approval on traditional military interference in foreign land that was not easily forthcoming given the disastrous episodes in Afghanistan and Iraq.  This period again resulted in destruction of several thousands of lives in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon and other states in the region. The casualties from these western and middle eastern coalition erupted in multitudes leaving many survivors especially children destitute and women preyed for sexual assaults and assorted abuse in the war zone by terror groups and participants in the name of war on terror. 

Not to mention the unwarranted bifurcation of African nation Sudan into South Sudan in 2011 causing political instability and chaos along with population exodus fleeing their territories from violence. Likewise the UNSC mandated French military operation in Western African state Mali in 2012 created deaths and demolition of lives and habitat.

In 2020 – Two decades later – the massive loss of human lives currently at 233,411 deaths and staggering 3.3 million affected with the deadly virus occurs in the form of global pandemic without the use of military and nuclear arsenal.

The compelling argument in the present global health disaster is tracking the origin and sources behind the mammoth health and economic crises confronting the ordinary citizens and privileged worldwide.

The latest report on corona virus in understanding the severity of the pathogen emanates from the controversial Gain of Function research involving animal passage reportedly tried by Scientist Ron Fouchier from Erasmus University in Holland a decade ago in the wake of bird flu that was limited to only infection upon handling the bird at that time.

The finding seemingly aroused the curious scientific mind to further explore on the virus potential in transforming into a pandemic prompting virus manufacturing in the lab setting. The scientific lobby reportedly succeeded in introducing PREDICT program in 2009 with $200 million investment from international funding in United States and Europe facilitating dangerous Gain of Function experiment defying risks and consequences regardless of frequent accidents in the science labs on small pox, anthrax, avian flu experiment in the United States and other labs in the world producing harmful effects including deaths is noteworthy.

The report suggesting the Wuhan lab in China funded through PREDICT program were aware of the lapses in the lab performing highly infectious virus experiments is a serious  negligence in the absence of immediate precautionary measures that appear to have contributed to the unprecedented global pandemic. 

Science by nature experimenting and exploring future in medicine, space inhabitation and more for various reasons bear responsibility to weigh the pros and cons of daring undertakings without any preparedness for unexpected twists and turns is an extravagant adventure at the expense of the rest of the world caught unbeknown in the present experience.

The earlier attempt to clone live mammal viz. the sheep Dolly in Scotland, U.K. using nuclear transfer with an unfertilized egg cell contracted life span of the clones attributed to progressive illnesses from such fallacious aspirations.

The human power is limited to saving lives from diseases and health woes acquired or inherited in one’s lifetime at the most leading to defer and not deter loss of life. The acceleration to go beyond the confines of nature evident in cloning and now in virus manufacturing with or without enhanced engineering to test virus virulence in humans is an overarching endeavor proved deadly and devastating for humanity.

Needless to say, human intelligence protecting life and in the other extreme endangering lives with mass fatalities is an established pattern since human evolution.

As for creating life, the task is an extraordinary empowerment and accordingly best left to Supernatural force and phenomenon behind natural creation and the Universe comprising inconceivable configurations. 

Science effectiveness would be appropriate in dealing with myriad contemporary challenges facing mankind in health, economic and social behavior rather than subjecting entire human population and other species to catastrophic accounts in the prevalent corona virus pandemic.

The health calamity obviously arising from collaborative mismanagement in the scientific environment and erroneous political decisions together exacerbate humanity plight. 

Frankenstein approach without careful thoughts, diligence and deliberation on audacious virus experiments conclusively deliver undesirable outcome. 

The scientific community, the so-called philanthropic investors and political powers in favor of contentious Gain of Function experiment with animal passage inevitably affecting humans need to come forward and accept accountability for the ravaging COVID 19 consuming lives and drowning businesses in the global economic shut down.  The situation surrounded by uncertainty and ambivalence in predicting the virus containment and elimination is the convincing delivery from the $200 million PREDICT venture. 

Finally, transparency is key and integral structure of ethics without exceptions ranging from Science, economy to politics and everything related to human survival and earth sustenance. In flouting transparency, the tremendous loss is never recovered from any superficial gains now and ever.

Thank you. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 







Venezuela – United States and Europe Intervention to Topple Democratic Maduro Government

January 28, 2019

Venezuela – United States and Europe Intervention to Topple Democratic Maduro Government

Padmini Arhant

The recent developments involving United States democrat lawmakers and White house efforts to unseat Venezuela’s democratically elected government of President Nicolas Maduro is condemnable with serious repercussions for those behind the coup.

United States and EU intrusion in the removal of then Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and the entire cabinet at gun point replacing then democratically elected government with Neo-Nazi regime resulted in tumult and unprecedented chaos that also led to Crimea in Eastern Ukraine become part of the Russian Federation in 2014 besides triggering Russian troops deployment in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine democracy demolition was steered by both republican members viz. then Senator John McCain to democrats held State Department under former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the likes of Victoria Nuland playing prominent role in the decimation of a sovereign state in 2014.

Similar operation underway in Caracas, Venezuela by United States lawmakers in bipartisanship with democrats in the forefront in instigating protest to oust democratic leadership of President Nicolas Maduro is devious confirming deep state representatives in United States government obliging marching orders to create turmoil in the South American nation.

Furthermore, the foreign interventionists i.e. United States and Europe favored opposition leader Juan Guaido declared the so-called acting President violating the core democratic principles and sovereignty of a nation by U.S. democrats and President Donald Trump pose many legitimate questions on the joint operation that could somehow not meet eye to eye on United States citizens affairs forcing the longest government shut down that ended two days ago.

Again, the government shut down costing United States tax payers in billions and nearly million government workers still deprived of back pay and salary due to them apparently is not a priority for the White House and Congress preoccupied in determining –

Who rules the foreign sovereign nation Venezuela?

These activities clearly indicative of United States political apparatus in lockstep with deep state agenda in destabilizing foreign nations and regions transforming democracy into oligarchy run state targeting Venezuela’s natural resources, the crude oil reserves in particular showing little or no concern for adverse consequences from such wanton engagement.

Creating turmoil and disorder like in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Honduras, Paraguay and Ukraine to name a few these members in United States government are not only committing treason but also squandering U.S. taxpayers’ funds promoting undemocratic political unrest in Venezuela to install puppet regime in that part of the world.

The democrat Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz leading the coup in Venezuela is least surprising. The Florida Congresswoman having caused considerable damage to the party at home in subverting democracy during democrats’ Presidential primary in 2016 to boost then Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s chances in winning nomination suffered setback at personal level in losing democratic party chairwoman status. The scandal also produced unsolved mystery behind the murder of democrat party worker, 26-years-old Seth Rich, the supporter of Bernie Sanders then Hillary Clinton’s democrat rival in the race.

Yet another democrat from Florida, Donna Shalala providing more political ammunition in the coup explains the extent of corruption within United States political establishment.

President Donald Trump mission in Venezuela for regime change following suit from both democrat and republican predecessors in this regard is self-destructive course that would not yield the desired outcome.

Venezuela is a sovereign nation and President Nicolas Maduro is democratically elected legitimate leader of the country. The electorate in Venezuela are the only ones with exclusive rights to decide any change in government through ballot box not via foreign bullets and unscrupulous tactics employed to achieve undemocratic goals predominantly premised on economic interests.

Last but not the least, United States administration and Congress dealings in Venezuela and elsewhere for vested aspirations highlights hypocrisy ad nauseam while crying foul in the false claims on the alleged Russian sabotage of United States Presidential election in 2016 prompting never ending Russia probe since 2016 and conducted up until now at ordinary taxpayers’ expense.

What’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily good for the gander according to these entities hailing Bible teaching in classrooms while disregarding morals and ethics demonstrated in the current Venezuelan coup d’état in the name of democracy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


United Nations – Social Economic Equality Possible Upon UNSC Dissolution

August 20, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

United Nations inception following world war II in the twentieth century with United Nations Security Council (UNSC) comprising imperial powers – Britain, France, United States, China, Russia and new addition Germany in P5+1 mislead UN purpose.

UNSC five permanent nuclear nations with veto authority is a hierarchy in contradiction to contemporary  economic dynamics and geopolitical landscape.

The global powers syndrome exercising prerogative at UNSC slight remaining members of United Nations set up as an international body.

UN poised as an International organization is on UNSC oversight.

UNSC P5+1 along with counterpart EU aim to prolong imperial era.

UNSC imposing economic sanctions against non-western countries and fomenting international crises through military interventions and operations involving terrorism rather than preventing them proved counterproductive.

UNSC arbitrary dealings against nations regarded adversaries with trade and financial embargo viz. North Korea, Cuba, Syria and lately United States and Israel created South Sudan are few examples of ongoing economic warfare.

Imperialism revived in UNSC ambit with P5+1 as former imperialists renewing aspirations in respective regions for economic and strategic dominance.

United States military prowess demonstrated in militarization of Africa besides extending support to France in neocolonization of the continent.

United States sprawling military bases worldwide not sparing island nations defines imperial goals despite colossal failure in invasion and occupation of foreign land adventure.

The expedition downside experienced in national front costing United States taxpayers in trillions expended in destruction of nations backfired in domestic economic situation far from recovery.

United States direct control over Latin America conspicuous in disabling democratic governments and promoting contraband substances ranging from drugs to arms in North, South and Central America.  The economic strategy Free Trade Agreement is one of many dimensions to exert rule in that domain.  The Caribbean nations debilitated by enforcing foreign economic and military plan.

United States and NATO military drills in Baltic sea, presence in Afghanistan covering Central Asia, United States activity in Korean Peninsula implementing Pivot Asia policy claimed as curtailing Russia and China incursions in the respective regions perpetually escalate tensions and proliferate conventional as well as nuclear arms race.

The skirmishes are also impetus for disproportionate defense spending producing more poverty and economic struggles worldwide.

Britain’s unwillingness to renounce empire trait in the twenty first century evident in impugns on Malvinas of the Argentinian coast, Gibraltar in Iberian Peninsula and nations held under dominion status notwithstanding substantial landmass in Antarctica and waters in Indian Ocean declared private estate.

France relentless pursuit in Africa is a lost cause refusing to learn from the past exploitation of Africa.

Russia having gained from territorial annexation of Crimea in the wake of Ukraine destabilization ominously assert Arctic zone i.e. the North Pole as state owned property.

Russian Federation attempts to resurrect ex-Soviet bloc largely attributed to United States and NATO upsurge in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

United States and NATO coordination in Eastern and Central Europe other than Central Asia generated Russia formation of Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) with Baltic states membership and China-Russia initiated Shanghai Cooperation Organization to counter existential territorial ambitions.

China’s predisposition on stretching border lines apparent since seizure of Tibet.

Furthermore, Maoist infiltration in Nepal and north eastern India enlarge China’s encroachment on Indian frontier with Arunachal Pradesh,  Ladakh and Aksai Chin Kashmir remaining contentious in that context.

Subsequent to economic rise in the latter half of twentieth century, China’s territorial disputes with neighboring states in South China Sea has intensified offering United States pretext to besiege Asia Pacific.

Middle East – Imperial alliance with Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey engaged in endless violence and proclamation of nuclear treaty between P5+1, EU and Iran epitomize two sides of the coin.

The paradigm shifts in western powers partnership with Iran in the region is reminiscent of western approach towards Libya for easy access to Libyan oil and economic resources during Libyan leader Muammar Gaddaffi governance.

Western maneuver in replacing Saudi Arabia with Iran and incentives to convince Israel on Iran nuclear deal clarifies imperial powers classic characteristics on enmity and amity to suit convenience.

Similarly, Iran’s close economic ties with Turkey amid Turkey’s overt indulgence in terror against Iraq and Syria spilling over to Lebanon pose conflict of interest exacerbating humanitarian plight.

The quid pro quo between P5+1, EU and Iran sharing commonality on imperial legacy depends on western forces balancing act with old ally Israel.

Western strategy with Persian nation Iran in Arab oriented Middle East is enactment of Persian and Ottoman reign vying for regional superiority.

EuropeGermany as P5+1 entity, European Union dominant member and euro zone chief beneficiary is hegemony augmentation in transatlantic..  Germany capitalizing on vulnerable EU members viz. Greece economic woes facilitate international creditors ECB, IMF and EC monopoly in executing imprudent economic scheme under the guise of rescue package.

UN credibility and viability jeopardized with UNSC decisions on international matter and UN missing in action on pivotal issues related to human misery. UN peace keeping corps reputation compromised in war torn nations especially Africa with allegations on certain UN squad for sexual assault and atrocities against women and children.

UN performance or the lack thereof in resolving Palestinian problem and leaving Sri Lankan Tamil civilians to fend for themselves from Sri Lankan military raid and summary executions…not barring partisanship on sectarian clashes confirm one world government agenda and resistance to transformation seeking departure from exclusivity and unipolar mechanism.

UNSC dissolution abandoning flawed system and relieving UN organization from external jurisdiction prevalent in UN Secretary General appointment and diverse engagement is the preliminary step in building reliable global consortium.

UN addressing disparity within would set precedence for universal equality.

Humanitarian progress made possible with recognition of errors and sincere commitment to amend and adopt positive measures benefitting the world at large.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



















Europe – Padmini Arhant on Immigration Issue

June 15, 2015


Planet in Peril – Melting Glaciers. Padmini Arhant

By Padmini Arhant,

Dear Citizens,

I present my thoughts on Europe’s immigration issue.  Please click on the audio link for the content.

Thank you for your interest.

Padmini Arhant

Global Events – Synopsis 2015

March 20, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The global events marked by mayhem, misery and melancholy is representative of those in power i.e. incognito rule and proxy governments together with servile contingency ever remaining at disposal for self-destructive cause.

The agents spreading viciousness misuse communication outlets including parliament floor and entertainment format. Sadly they do not realize their venom consuming them conforming to reaping what one sow in life.

These negative developments aimed at self-interests reflect on the rulers and operatives declining status and confirm the demise of deceptive regimes and cohorts in the suicide mission.

1. Middle East – The manufactured terror used as pretext to destabilize nations is a classic example of the blank misleading the belligerence to precipice.

The self-ruinous venture is costing them and allies in economic, political and strategic terms with severe damages to the point of no return. 

Those behind continuous death and decimation of innocent lives care less about consequences and defiance is mistaken for strength in the face of internal decay and inevitable dissipation. 

Hegemony and coalition intervention through terrorism in Syria, Iraq and Libya is evidently counterproductive.

Interestingly subsequent involvement claimed as necessary to curb their own terror networks such as ISIS and ISIL…despite having them on taxpayer funded payroll.

Lebanon and Palestine under constant attacks from Israel justified in the name of Israel’s security. 

The kingdoms, fiefdoms and hegemony loyalists facilitating carnage by funding, training and recruitment of terror groups ignore blowback experienced from terror instigation.

Iran and P5+1 endless nuclear talks under estimates human intelligence wasting citizens tax contributions for purpose other than nuclear issue to deflect public attention from domestic and international crises.

The redundant exercise poses credibility factor for major nuclear states continuing proliferation with nuclear testing and enhancements unheeding global concern.

Any seriousness on nuclear matter would be exemplified in self-disarmament. The action would then qualify them to seek others to follow precedence.

Furthermore, Iran’s closer ties with hegemony shared in duplicity and scripted performance clarifies futile attempts to void contemporary phenomenon and original identity.

2. Africa – Hegemony goals are clear in militarization of this continent for unfettered access to resources and permanent colonization leading to prolonged subjugation in the twenty first century.

Abject poverty, hunger and disease affecting millions are hegemony legacy.

3. Asia :

Asia Pacific – Occupation of nations with military bases and provocation in Korean peninsula is tip of the iceberg in the policy fostering rivalry over rapprochement.

Additionally removing governments and leaderships regarded obstacles to hegemonic ambitions is the tradition.

The mysterious disappearance of Malaysian commercial airlines, installing militia rule in Thailand, forging relations with authoritarian system in Singapore and fomenting controversy in Indonesia are few of the many indulgence in that part of the world.

Central Asia – Afghanistan and neighboring countries are essentially declared imperial bastions again for natural endowments and strategic presence. 

South Asia – The dominion republics compliance with hegemony instructions on nuclear expansion and divestments in defense contracts override importance to environment and economy notwithstanding the infrastructure. 

The agriculture land is industrialized and privatized to satisfy political campaign donors’ demands leaving the farmers with no choice but accept conditions in the land deal.

As a result, national dependency on import elevating food prices or inflation due to crop production shifting from self-sufficiency to inadequacy is apparently irrelevant. 

On transparency and democratic value – The ordinary citizens beguiled with hegemony nominees landslide victory in the state and national elections in the so-called democracy.  The electoral process marred with voting irregularities and corruption not excluding massive cash infusion in political campaigns enables shadow governance.

4. Latin America – Hegemony interference in this region is well known and persists until now. The nations are routinely targeted stifling democracy.  Any government pledging to national progress is promptly displaced with anti-democratic rule.

5. North America: 

United States – United States tax dollars squandered in pretentious squabbles to maintain dysfunctional governance. While there are numerous problems confronting the nation, the lawmakers diligently oblige covert execution diverting time and money on extraneous affairs.

The social injustice conspicuous with demographic isolation and marginalization of Native Americans, African Americans, Muslims, Undocumented workers, immigrants from certain ethnic background as well as women in lower economic strata.

Guantanamo Bay and secret prisons with torture chambers cannot possibly be a national pride.

Canada – The indigenous citizens plight slighted regardless of law enforcement agency excess use of force and neglect in some instances constituting abuse. Hegemony influence on political, economic and other areas attribute vassal statehood.

Mexico – The national dilemmas are combating corruption and drug cartels with weapons influx from United States initiated in the fast and furious program. The experiment premised on arbitrary arms sales reaching nefarious elements had no prohibitive measures exacerbating safety and security of the country.

Yet another challenge is preserving national assets viz. petroleum and precious metals from oligarchy acquisition.

6. Europe – Austerity, staged unrest and volatility is the trend to stymie economic growth and political stability.

EU creation primarily expended in debilitating member states within Union with egregious economic policies largely favoring selective groups and entities at local population expense.

EU and United States intrusion in Ukraine promotes disintegration and territorial annexation besides NATO extension burdening the region with military expenditure rather than investments in the economy.

Hegemony hallmark is false flag incidents in resistance to peace and harmony with preference for eternal discord in community.  The turmoil then used as the reason for military aggression or drone authorization to curtail violence.

Environment protection is on the reverse with funding slashed in the national budget for political driven appropriations. 

Human rights violations peaks defining human character or the lack thereof with no recognition for life and individual respect. 

The discriminatory practice based on various orientations propagated to polarize society for political and personal gains not taking into account irreversible ramifications on the source and catalysts. 

To summarize status quothe situation mirror dissolution emanating from incorrigible disposition expediting decadent era conclusion.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Global Reality Check – Power, Pride and Prejudice

November 19, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Humanity plight is largely attributed to shadow governance wielding power over politics, economics, religion, and social justice.

The military prowess and nuclear status is predominant threatening force subjugating nations to prioritize defense spending against citizens’ needs and nation building.

Any pre-emptive wars and preparation to strike targeted adversaries would be self-destructive with serious repercussions for eager participants in the world carnage.

Mideast naval fleet in the territory along with troop deployment from Iraq diverted to other closer borders viz. Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE boosting pre-existing military presence is kamikaze operation doomed for failure.

The false propaganda to wage war at irreversible loss of precious lives and scarce economic resources after major debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan is yet another wake up call for citizens around the world to demand the end of illegal warfare and foreign occupation with troop return from the global base.

Current posturing in the Middle East and Asia Pacific to disrupt emerging freedom and economic growth plunging the region into chaos and catastrophe is detrimental to the source underestimating dire consequences beyond salvation.

Indian sub-continent – Pakistan in particular ever remaining the terror haven is convenient for defense industry considering the arms race to the nuclear neighbors incited against each other as nuclear rivals for strategic control.

Amazingly the worlds’ super power boasting sophisticated artillery and military together with NATO fighting the presumed war on terror previously against self-founded Al Qaeda and,

Presently Haqqani network – US State department admittedly having held meeting with them but somehow unable to terminate terrorism from the group consisting barely hundred renegades confirms the military industrial complex real mission – profitability through eternal violence claiming innocent lives all around.

Meanwhile nuclear armament in India at the White House behest prompting the subservient government in New Delhi sworn allegiance to global conglomerate in rejecting citizens’ dissent on nuclear proliferation under nuclear power pretext compounds volatility to the fragile regional relations.

Again utilizing certain disloyal and unscrupulous local elements in society,

The nexus influence on all matter especially economics, politics, nuclear and media is prominent undermining sovereignty,

To capitalize on globalization premised on collective productivity and selective income distribution – depriving the vast majority decent living standard reflecting the global power designated ‘third world’ category.

Furthermore, from Asia Pacific, Down under  – Australia is the chief exporter of fossil fuel viz. coal to China.

With Labor leadership recent declaration to lift ban on uranium shipment to India amid compliance to U.S led military aggression in every frontier details the anti-environment and anti-peace adaptation to appease the apex authority.

Africa and Latin America marred with civil wars, drug wars and political instability due to U.S and foreign intervention via coup d’état as well as arms supply suppress the respective continents’ ability to overcome challenges exacerbated in corporate driven globalization for exclusive interests.

Island nations regardless of size and economic output plea to the powerful players on global warming – averting cataclysmic 2 degree Centigrade temperature rise by Kyoto Treaty ratification and COP16 implementation is unheeded with resistance from energy industry backed political leaderships representing key polluting states.

Europe grappling with contagion factor on solvency is determined to impose drastic cuts in vital programs – education, health, retirement and housing…hurting the youth, working families and senior citizens – the vulnerable in the society.

Contrarily no tax reform in taxing the super rich or,

Closing financial institutions that allow legal deposits of illegal funds from tax evasions, national treasury embezzlement such as kickbacks on government contracts, corruption deals, arms sales, extortion, human trafficking and narcotic trade…

Comprising varied remittances draining the originating country’s financial capacity with no accountability and transparency to uphold justice in a functional democracy –

None are above the law.

The investigation formality stops at expendable members while real beneficiaries under privileged status granted impunity from treason and significant crimes compromising national image, wealth  and credibility.

United States – Treading on Europe’s path experiencing rising national debt at $14.6 trillion with,

No agreement on balanced budget, jobs bill, infra structure improvement to spur growth and,

Free trade instead of fair trade practice declined by the people in the partner nations viz. South Korea, Colombia and Panama.

Clean Energy Obstructionism – Congressional examination of Solyndra insolvency involving the White House with taxpayer dollar investment $528 million in solar energy company is legitimate for fact finding purpose and future guidelines.

Solyndra with inherent deficiencies from inception receiving federal funding to a tune of half billion dollars creates a perception – eluding to discredit renewable energy options counteracted by none other than big oil companies generously financing both political party candidates throughout congressional and Presidential race.

Likewise the exercise conducted on taxpayer dollars squandered in illegal invasion and occupation of foreign land specifically Iraq benefitting Halliburton and then subsidiary KBR Inc.( Kellog, Brown and Root) would eliminate partisan politics stigma in truth exploration and justification on taxpayer fund investments.

On the warfront – Troop withdrawal from Iraq would be genuine upon troops returning back to United States and not deployed on Iraq’s periphery or around Persian Gulf prevalent in the growing tension against Iran.

U.S and Allies double standards: Arab Spring effect in the Middle East is addressed differently and entirely dependent on political ties with U.S. and favored ally – Israel.

Syrian violent crackdown is reprehensible and assault on unarmed civilians with firearms seemingly a pattern among autocratic regimes ignoring the equally devastating conclusion witnessed particularly in Egypt and Libya.

The situation in Syria could be prevented from becoming Libya in terms of civil war had there not been arms delivery to dictatorial governments from democratic nations.

Military hardware disarmament through diplomatic channel viz. Arab League and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) rigorous actions against leadership Bashar al-Assad and loyalists unlike U.S. and NATO dismantling in Libya would save many lives and contain violence.

There has been many hearings on Syria at the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee in Washington D.C.

However, same response and committee sessions are missing for other nations in the Middle East beginning with Palestinian statehood at the UN like Israeli state establishment in 1947.

Saudi army attacks against Bahrain citizens after former Defense Secretary Robert Gates visit to the Gulf State,

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh approved merciless shooting of citizens in the non-violent dissent.

Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces pledged to hold elections early November 2011 for civilian rule.

Instead Egyptian authorities brutality against dissenters in Tahrir Square and clashes with Coptic Christians followed by the latest row with Islamists is the trend repeating Mubarak era and could perhaps exit the same way.

Kuwait citizens have joined the Arab revolution with the discord in Kuwaiti Parliament and the stakes are much higher given,

The Al Sabah dynasty strong military alliance with United States represented by 25,000 U.S troops and more relocated from Iraq in the so-called troop withdrawal.

Saudi Arabia and Jordan as the western partners escape media attention and political leaderships scrutiny on the relevant political sea change in order.

Nuclear wise reiterating the earlier facts – The western powers vying to supply uranium to India and concurrent condemnation of Iran’s nuclear program is contradictory generating nuclear competitiveness and non-proliferation default in the expansive nuclear power aspiration.

Attempts or the lack thereof to resolve manufactured crises from economy to environment is losing authenticity with people frustration demonstrated in peaceful protests like Occupy all over.’

The bipartisan Super Committee proposals on deficit control are more directed at Medicare, Medicaid and Social security – the American family lifeline.

Divestments from Pentagon unaudited expenditure and extravagant military ambitions drowning the U.S. and global economies in debts could aid economic stimulus through job creation and investments to broaden prospects in education, research, health and clean energy pursuits for healthy environment.

Occupy protesters were evacuated from zuccoti park during the week on community hazard basis and elsewhere the approach was aimed at crowd dispersal to discourage constitutional right for peaceful assembly.

Nonetheless, the Occupy movement is resilient in exhibiting strength from coast to coast devoid of media coverage.

The 99% bearing the brunt of 1% blunders in economic, political, social and environmental policies at home and globally is one voice unified in bringing about the long overdue change –

Republic governed democratic system principled in fairness and equality for all.

Greed motivated global dominance showing no respect for life anywhere is the root cause of humanity suffering.

Mighty, powerful and the privileged are exempt from tax and judicial probe on general to monumental crimes that is otherwise enforced upon ordinary citizens with inhumane and extraordinary conditions.

Judicial inquiry and investigative process effectively transformed into political gimmicks with guilty either set free or shielded from public exposure.

Selective corporate media and communication outlets in cohort with politics obsessed with truth subversion, perversion, and profanity in certain segments deteriorating in moral and ethical standards – the fundamentals of civilized society.

Not to mention the deviation from substance and solutions for global problems ascribed to flawed strategies and presumptuous decisions ignoring grievous outcome.

Peace and diplomacy discarded for war and belligerence to promote misguided agenda at life and planet peril.

The status quo dictated by few is unsustainable and arguably engaged in losing battle against worldwide people power.

Mass consciousness dedicated to peace and non-violence could gain momentum expediting inevitable change and turning hope into reality for seven billion –

Seeking political freedom, economic progress, social equality and environment protection.

Humility is the virtuous trail leading to profound values that enrich human character for inner peace and happiness.

Inaction and tolerance to injustice make the powerful become powerless reversing the course in human development.

Individuals possess the power to produce positive results in life.

Will power without compromising honesty and integrity to succeed against all odds would enable reaching the mountain peak.

The vibrant youth energy in every society is resourceful and could be optimally used in self and national empowerment committed to saving habitat and humanity.

On that optimistic note – Wishing Good Luck and Best Wishes to Global movement in solidarity for peace, liberty and prosperity for all.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant "They will want nukes now!": UK & US plan to strike Iran exposed, 3.11.2011, RT
"Occupy" Protest Movement Seen Worldwide by NewsLook

Euro Crisis and Impact on Global Financial Markets

May 27, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

It originated in Iceland with the pervasive subprime mortgage factor and similarly affected other economies like Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain, referenced as PIGS.

Although, every nation in this category share the contaminated ‘derivative’ traded internationally, the lack of deficit control with the national budget exceeding the GDP growth also contributed to the meltdown and subsequently reflected in the poor credit rating.

More prominently, Greece identified with:

“Goldman Sachs between the years 1998-2009 has been reported to systematically helped the Greek government to mask its national true debt facts.

In September 2009 though, Goldman Sachs among others, created a special Credit Default Swap (CDS) index for the cover of high-risk national debt of Greece. This led the interest-rates of Greek national bonds to a very high level, leading the Greek economy very close to bankruptcy in March 2010.”

The culmination of internal and external mismanagement primarily led the Mediterranean economy to the brink of collapse seeking bailout from the European Central Bank (ECB), EU and IMF.

European Union was challenged with a predicament in the Greece bailout to either ignore the problem or address it to avert the contagion in Europe.

Since Greece is an EU member using the reserve currency euro in the 16 of the 27 states representing the eurozone, the former alternative would have had serious ramifications.

Besides, the euro being the second most traded currency in the world after the U.S. dollar; it has multifaceted impact on the financial markets dealing with high volume trading especially in the futures exchange.

The industrialized and emerging economies are in a bind with the euro value reduction, due to the competitiveness expansion in export trade. For example, the export oriented Germany is at a competitive edge with the United States, Japan and China irrespective of Germany specializing in high end industrial and heavy machinery equipments.

Hence, the euro crisis upside is the European nations gaining export affordability.

Accordingly, the emerging economy and the major U.S. creditor China is concerned about the potential split in global market share and availing the opportunity to reject the U.S. request for currency (renminbi) value adjustment, which has been set below the market determination despite China’s extraordinary trade surplus.

China’s currency, renminbi (RMB) or yuan (CNY) has been withheld from floating as the international currency in the foreign exchange market to protect the status quo.

At the same time, the positive aspect of the dollar appreciation is omitted in the evaluation and that being the foreign investments in U.S. dollars particularly the Treasury bills held by China is strengthened in value and guarantee long term security in futures contract.

Financial stability measures adopted by EU, IMF and ECB with approximately one trillion dollars of which a conditional rescue loan worth $110 billion to Greece is approved to reverse the negatives in the financial markets reacting to the euro downslide from the unsustainable government debts and deficit level.

Had the eurozone requirement on its union members to keep deficits below 3 percent of GDP maintained, Greece and other struggling economies need not have been subject to harsh austerity strategies that has resulted in protest among the mainstream population in Greece and Ireland.

Regardless, the current global financial crisis calls for wasteful expenditure elimination and the national budget review to direct investments in high value returns.

Appropriate actions involving tax hikes and spending cuts are necessary to balance the budget.

However, spending cuts targeting the fundamental programs inevitably generating revenues through productive workforce and consumers is counteractive.

Restoring essential programs and services for the job creation and preservation, youth education, citizens’ health care, social security, safe and clean environment nurture healthy and middle class society to ease the burden on the top 1% or 10% wealthy taxpayers in different economies.

Most importantly, the defense budget consuming a significant proportion of taxpayer revenue in the prolonged wars could be divested to peaceful and profitable opportunities benefiting the citizens at the domestic and international front.

The ideal solution for the European Commission and the monetary union to avoid rising deficits in Europe without compromising the member states’ sovereignty in their national fiscal policy decisions would be to establish an independent, non-partisan committee by the states to examine the individual spending and tax plan, rather than the centralized monitoring or the neighboring authority verifying it.

Further, the constitutional amendment by Germany to contain the deficit to 0.35 percent of GDP by 2016 provided the higher deficit not attributed to GDP decline is a trendsetter in curbing the economic crisis.

In concurrence with the economic experts’ advice – The ECB expediting the credit approval on government bonds used as collateral upon qualifying the self-regulated constitutional limit on deficits is prudent in deterring broad speculative lending activities.

Alongside, the EU sweeping financial reform with tough standards against the hedge fund managers including the two proposals by German Parliament:

Global financial transaction tax and Financial activity tax focused on CEO’s Personal Income & Bonuses are effective steps with the exception of the global financial transaction tax because it is eventually transferred to the end-consumer and may not be a viable option for all participants.

Nevertheless, international agreement on financial regulation by G-20 and other nations is crucial in order to emerge from the existing crisis and prevent the future economic recession.

The systemic risk in the multi trillion dollars ‘derivatives,’ that caused the financial debacle in Europe, Middle East (Dubai), North America, Asia and elsewhere demands stringent policies and independent investigations on fraudulent ventures.

The financial overhaul passed by the U.S. Senate last week has been under scrutiny by analysts with mixed response and elaborated in the article titled:

“New Financial rules might not prevent next crisis – Associated Press, Sun May 23rd. 2010 at 3.55 PM EDT. Reported by Jacobs from New York and contributed by AP writer Jim Drinkard.”

Unequivocally, closing the loopholes as detailed in the cited article and other reports is paramount to establish a financial system free of K street influence.

The apparent revolving-door relationship between Wall Street and Capitol Hill in which employees and consultants have moved in and out of high level US Government positions, with the prevalent conflict of interest is a hindrance to any legislation.

Only the electorates with the voting power in a democracy can remove the persisting obstacles by rejecting the special interest representatives in politics against meaningful legislation.

People as the consumers, taxpayers and voters are the ultimate force in achieving the progress for common good.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Welcome to a New Era!

April 12, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Dear Fellow Americans and Citizens of the World,

This morning a major decision was made to allow the smooth transition of Executive Power in the Oval Office.

It was done in order to move forward in achieving the domestic and international goals.

There are far too many challenges to deal with, here at home and abroad.

Beginning with politics, economics, health care, education, social issues, energy, environment, national and global security are the main issues.

In the United States, the economy and the health care legislation require fixing. There is an urgent need to expedite the job recovery and simultaneously revive the slow housing market.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the March unemployment rate remained at 9.7 percent with the number of unemployed persons at 15.0 million.

Of this data, the long term unemployed appears to have increased by 414,000 over to 6.5 million. Further, in March alone 44.1 percent have been unemployed for 27 weeks or more.

This is a difficult situation for the American families and the economy.

Extending the unemployment benefits along with resurrecting the manufacturing base, energize the small business and retail outlets including tax incentives to corporations should provide a reasonable relief to the job market.

The housing market experiencing foreclosures and credit crunch require immediate attention with credit flow and effective strategies to reverse the trend.

Therefore, the American families can retain their home values and for most of them, it would be the loan adjustment programs allowing them to make affordable payments in order to stay in their homes.

Both job and housing markets are dependent on credit supply.

The financial sector is due for a financial reform with the re-enactment of Glass Steagall Act along with an independent consumer rights agency to monitor the home loans, credit card and other retail transactions.

Reducing national deficit and fiscal responsibility will be a primary objective.

A thorough review of the financial market is essential to implement the regulations to protect the consumer, investor and the taxpayer from any future bailouts.

Health care legislation will be amended to conform with the ‘Medicare for all,’ Single Payer System and the necessary reform for the private industry to coexist as detailed in the ‘Universal Health Care’ article recently.

Education will be reviewed to address the funding status in terms of salaries to attract highly qualified teaching staff, school supplies and better facilities, curriculum to assist K-12 students in becoming more competitive at the local and international level.

Focus on Science, Math, Arts, languages, sports will be a priority including programs for students with special needs.

College education fees revised for the students from low-income families and federal grants for research and development to the state run institutions with an investment value return.

Social issues would involve immigration, gay rights; focus on improving poorer neighborhoods and community services, early child centers and senior citizens services to be renewed with an identifiable revenue source to fund the programs.

Energy Policy – Clean renewable energy will be pursued – Solar, wind, hydro thermal notwithstanding bio fuel to supplement the varying demand.

Environment – The Mexico summit in 2010 is crucial for the global nations to accomplish the COP15 agenda and other environmental issues.

National and Global Security – Troop withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan along with military budget divestments to Peace Corps and diplomacy will precede the extraordinary military budget consumption.

The national and global security issues – A departure from the activities since 2000-2010 on torture, overseas rendition, Guantanamo bay etc. in compliance with the humanitarian law.

High value terror related sources would be verified and structured accordingly to meet with the national as well as international security.

Socio-economic investments in the regions susceptible to terror recruitment will replace the military expenditure.

Economic aid to Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Asia and Island nations will be promoted.

Foreign Policy:

Israeli-Palestinian Peace Treaty – Independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. Palestine and Arab nations’ agreement on recognition of Israeli sovereignty and security. Freezing settlements and return of land to Palestine in the Palestinian territory.

Iran and North Korea – Strategic dialogues initiated with the governments. Efforts in outreaching the population of these countries by exchanging cultural, educational and travel activities would vastly improve the political situation.

Cuba – Dialogue and diplomacy with the Cuban government. Extending round trip travel for U.S. residents and the families in Cuba. Eliminate the trade embargo as it hurts the population more than the power.

Latin America – Democracy will always be favored over military regimes and repressive governments. Military base in these regions is to be withdrawn to ease tensions within borders.

Brazil – It’s an emerging economic power and a regional force in Latin America. There is hope and optimism in the relationship between the United States and Brazil.

Mexico – The drug related violence would be addressed by prohibiting the arms supply from the United States.

United Kingdom – The partner in the Afghan and Iraq war. The U.K and the U.S share a vision on many issues. Exchange intelligence information to safeguard global security and maintain the formidable unity between the two nations.

Russia – It is promising. U.S and Russia along with other nuclear powers should arrive at a consensus on complete nuclear disarmament.

Europe – Healthy relationship will continue and work together on economy, environment and energy policies.

Japan – Strong economic ties and strategic partnership to resolve the North Korean nuclear and political standoff in the Korean peninsula.

South Korea – Warm friendly relations reflected in economic trade, political and cultural exchange.

China – Beijing has been conciliatory on the currency value adjustment. It’s enormously encouraging.

However, fair trade practices towards foreign corporations could enhance the bilateral economic prospects.

Human rights issues in China and Independence for Tibet will commence shortly as part of the planetary preparation to form free nations on earth. I look forward to Beijing leaders’ positive reaction.

India – Many opportunities are on the horizon. Economic, environment, nuclear disarmament, energy and educational ties could mutually benefit the two popular democracies. Regional security in the Indian sub-continent and the Indo-China border would be a dominant issue.

Nepal – The nation at the Himalayan foothill should form a democratic government and not desire a communist system even in a coalition as it had experienced the political unrest from it. Nepal is a tourist attraction for the American tourists.

Pakistan – Similar relationship with that of India. Transform warfare into peace through investments in economic, social and educational projects. Collaborate on eradicating terrorism and share resources for common security.

Afghanistan – President Hamid Karzai’s administration has to disavow corruption and make the government more transparent. Peace with Taliban fighters willing to disarm is a good approach. It has to be a long-term commitment. Afghan government must start working on the economy and the infrastructure.

It’s understandable that it cannot make progress with the war on the Afghan soil. That’s why the troop withdrawal will be a priority beginning this year.

President Karzai should repeal the non-consensual consummation law against women and allocate funding for social advancement to uplift the women’s status. Nation building with international aid is the fundamental step towards progress.

Central Asia – Trade and economic cooperation in the region would be mutually beneficial.

Sri Lanka – The ethnic Tamil population and other minority groups deserve equal economic, educational and social rights particularly the political representation in the Sri Lankan Parliament.

Burma – Democracy is the preferred system by the Burmese population and the military junta should release the pro-democracy leader Ang Sang Suu Kyi for her participation in the national election. Burmese people have suffered long enough. It’s time for them to be free and lead the nation to the twenty first century.

Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam – The U.S relationship with all of these nations is solid and has a great potential to grow in many areas.

South Africa – An economic, cultural, environment and a peace partner with the United States. South Africa is the regional leader in Africa. There are lots to look forward to with the young democratic nation.

Rest of Africa – Renunciation of civil wars, military regimes and corruption is earmarked for the African nations. No more political instability and investments in conventional arms. Instead, African countries will be assisted to become the self-sufficient and economically vibrant region.

Middle East:
Saudi Arabia – Will continue to remain a strong ally of the United States.

The coalition government in Iraq with Sunni representation is important for the region. The United States and Saudi Arabia need to collaborate in helping Yemen economically that would alleviate the Yemeni plight and perhaps end the internal political turmoil. Moreover, the terror networks might find it hard to hire young recruits in a better economy.

Jordan – A great friend and an ally of the United States. The mutual aspiration to see a Palestinian state is imminent. Jordan’s economic and political partnership with the United States is poised for a continuous success.

Egypt – Is another vital representative and a key player in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.
United States and Egypt go back a long way in the political remaking of the Middle East.

Like other nations, the people in Egypt yearn for freedom of expression and a free and fair election. Egypt could probably transcend the current system to enable the people rejoice their newfound liberty in the next election.

Iraq – Is unique like a phoenix. The latest general election dispute should be settled without any violence and the secular coalition government is the ideal political solution to bring peace to Iraq. United States troop withdrawal in 2010 would normalize the people’s existence in Iraq.

Syria and Lebanon – U.S. could have fresh diplomatic ties with both nations. At the same time, it’s best for Israel, Syria and Lebanon to reconcile the differences and aim for a peaceful beginning.
Peace is attainable with peace seekers perseverance.

UAE & Bahrain, Qatar and the Rest of the Middle East:
Economic ties and military cooperation with all of these nations are good. Much to anticipate in the long run.

Australia – The land of OZ is a beautiful country with common democratic principles. Environment, nuclear disarmament, renewable energy, trade and commerce create tremendous outcome for both U.S and Australia.

New Zealand – United States and New Zealand could become leading partners in green technology and explore other trade partnerships.

All other island nations across the globe – Each one of you are equally important and the United States will work with you to resolve the environmental threats you face in the rapidly changing climate. We should strive to reach an agreement during the Mexico summit in 2010. In addition, the U.S. will coordinate efforts in the economic, energy and all other fronts.

I welcome you all to a new era. I request that we put our differences aside and work together in harmony for a peaceful, brighter and prosperous world.

We must reject war for peace. Let there be freedom for all with none held against their will.

As the earth’s inhabitants, we have individual responsibility to preserve the habitat for eternal life.

We can make it possible collectively in appreciation of nature’s gift to humanity.

May God bless all and the Planet Earth.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
President of the United States

Happy New Year! Arrival of 2010

January 3, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The world bid farewell to the first decade of the new millennium and greeted the beginning of the yet another decade with hope and optimism. Events in the years 2000 – 2009 have been remarkably pulsating with the Y2K hype, Presidential elections, political scandals, New Wave terrorism, simultaneous wars, space shuttle disaster, natural catastrophes, environmental onslaught, economic recession, corporate failures, pandemics, genocides, religious sacrilege, and the demise of the famous and the infamous personalities overwhelming the population in intensity and casting the news media on a spin.

On the bright side, the innovative technology introduced novel electronic devices, gadgets and gizmos and continues to revolutionize modern existence in all frontiers evidenced in medicine, space programs, travel, sports, and entertainment not barring the election process such as the 2008 Presidential race.

Human character is tested every moment in life. The extreme adversity survival is an affirmation of the victims’ tenacity to weather the storm at any level. Tragedies of greater magnitude often unify people and unfortunately it’s never long lasting. Soon after, society defaults to individualism, the factor that contributes to problems facing humanity.

Contemporary issues are largely pre-empted by the concept of “me, myself and I,” involving power struggle, wealth amassment and spotlight.

From politics, economics to any form of entertainment, the aggressive domination serving the self interest rather than the common good is pursued as the only path to triumph in the targeted goals. Ironically, such behavior ultimately affects all including the original source, both morally and otherwise. Some change the course of action and evolve from it whereas others dissolve in it for a kamikaze end.

“Some things never changes,” is ominous throughout the crisis. Following the September 11, 2001 artfully orchestrated terrorism, the several testimonies to Congress concluded that the intelligence and the national security flunked in defending the country from the monstrous attack.

Eight years later the repeat scenario with the young bomber on Christmas day fortunately averted but again attributed to the same administrative branch’s dismissal of the warnings from the terror suspect’s father, the next of kin. Instead of following the lead and aborting the incident prior to any serious development, the bizarre explanation reportedly alluding to the suspect’s father not being a close relative defies common sense.

Pertaining to the terror revival, the travelling experience for particular people is guaranteed to be harrowing due to the ethnic groups branding largely stemming from ignorance causing further polarization.

The terror organization Al-Qaida is unduly regarded as the formidable opponent in the “war on terror,” when the reality being the gaping hole in the domestic front like the transportation department (TSA) deprived of the qualified personnel to lead the important division because of the partisan politics is an open invitation to all imaginable external harm out there.

Hence, the priority must be to thwart the internal threats, a hindrance to the functional government. It guides to the supermajority issue in the Senate that must be eliminated and made filibuster proof for democracy to prevail. Politics focused on self promotion uses the filibuster as a weapon, no less than the tactics availed in the terror plots by the assailants.

Only the public outrage and condemnation along with stripping the power that is misused will terminate the undemocratic means among the legislators entrusted to be the lawmakers. Further, the imposition of term limits is equally necessary in the meaningful political reform to enable successful legislations on national and global matter.

Today, politics is nothing but a popularity contest. It makes one wonder why nations bother holding the grueling elections that emits the worst out of candidates who pledge to safeguard the state sovereignty while grossly violate the ethics and sometimes even the constitution they are elected to defend. It holds no bar against the demeanor witnessed during the elections all over.

Since, politics seeks glamour and glitz with the media interested in style than substance, it might be simpler for the electorate to choose the most popular entity on-line and be disenchanted by the contenders. It would also save the political aspirants from the heartaches and blistering attacks funded by the special interests operating to reap huge dividends in the short and long term regardless of the outcome.

Then accordingly, the A-political celluloid celebrities will trump the political contestants for Hollywood is far-reaching with genuine dedication towards humanitarian progress monetarily and in policy advocacy, with the exception of the Californians’ leadership choice to represent the golden state.

With respect to the corporate structure, the recent revelations conform to the fact that the corporations rule the national and the international domain on all issues predominantly favoring them in their selective globalization and protectionism to suit the private agenda. There will be more in the forthcoming articles in this context.

When scanning the role of religion in politics, apparently, the constitutional separation of church and state is slighted with the religious groups heavily influencing the legislative process related to women’s health and the gay members in the society. The political fervor visibly displayed in the sermons posing a conflict of interest with the captive audience. At the same time, the activism among these groups is non-existent in deterring the government against war and human rights abuse.

Considering the global challenges, the religious institutions could be instrumental in alleviating the human plight, the appropriate call of duty that interprets service to humanity as the service to the revered entity.

For instance, the treasure held at the Vatican City, the holy shrine for the most venerable and compassionate Lord Jesus could adequately address the poverty, hunger and disease in the catholic and non-catholic regions of the world.

Lord Jesus personifies simplicity and sacrifice to mankind’s benefit and the wealth in possession of the “pious,” is an obstacle in the path to salvation and decries the ordained spiritual purpose.

The wealth disbursement for basic necessities viz. clean water, growing food crops, education, and disease prevention would provide enormous humanitarian relief to catholic nations like The Philippines, Mexico, Haiti, and other countries in Latin America, Africa and the Eastern Europe.

With Judaism, more rabbis need to join the scholars and peace activists in urging Israel to cease the settlement activity in West Bank and East Jerusalem. This would expedite the two state solutions for permanent peace between Israel and Palestine.

Likewise, the religion of Islam has come under merciless attack and falsely used as an alibi by the
terrorists to support their violent motives against innocent human beings. Islam has been wrongfully accused of preaching violence by some ill-informed political and religious representatives and certain media to stir controversy and infuse confusion in the mainstream thoughts.

It’s important for the religious order and the people of Islamic faith to overtly oppose the terrorists’ actions and the propaganda against Islam emanating from all sides. Silence is an improper response to slander.

Similarly, Hinduism is misunderstood for creating caste distinctions based on socio-economic status. On the contrary, Hindu religion invariably emphasizes on “all living beings created equal,” with the divine incarnates or “Avatars” on earth having represented the ostracized to dispel the human manufactured discriminatory conduct.

The multi-limbed goddesses have aroused curiosity for their appearance when in fact it’s symbolic of the feminine qualities in multi-tasking and places the female gender as the most productive and significant part of the creations.

Goddess Durga is worshipped as the mother of the Universe and the procreator sharing equal status and power with her consort God Shiva. Goddess Durga also known as Shakti meaning vibrant energy is omnipotent and a merciful savior of the weak and the oppressed.

However, the deity’s ferocious version of “Kali” is a force to reckon with and exclusively meant to deal with injustice, intolerance, treachery, chaos, carnage and destruction by the mortals.

Despite the aura of the Goddess Durga, women are still subject to atrocities reflected in the incidents of female infanticides, dowry homicides and denigration of various kinds in the Indian society.

Although, crimes of this nature are punishable by law, it’s essential to eradicate the concept that women are inferior in any shape or form. It reveals the hypocrisy with the female deities worshipped for fame and fortune but women in certain segments of the society do not receive the respect and dignity they deserve. Women’s organizations within India are fairly active and doing good work with room for improvement in promoting women’s rights.

In the neighboring Afghanistan and Pakistan, women fall in the subservient category and the abuse of women in these regions are legitimized through Sharia law and the Karzai administration legalizing the non-consensual consummation in a marriage against Afghan women. Women in other Islamic nations like Indonesia share the experience of being treated as second class citizens in some urban and most rural parts of the country.

Elsewhere, in Africa, Middle East and Latin America the women are burdened with the religious orthodox traditions and ancient rituals leaving the women shackled in medieval times.

Irrespective of the economic status, the female infanticide continues even in the metropolitan China and the abandonment of female children ending in the orphanage is not uncommon. The disparities in wages and other anomalies against women persist.

Industrialized nations are no better. The repressive conditions for women in Japan are well known and perhaps masqueraded with the western outlook.

As for the western nations, women encounter domestic violence and the corporate culture showcase women in a condescending manner to push the commercial merchandise and during deal negotiations. The news reports on physical assault against service women by the private contractors and discrimination of pregnant officer in the war zones is regressive for an advanced nation.

In the United States, the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) defeat recently in the legislation based on the myopic view that it would grant women equal participation in the combat role ignores other aspects on women’s rights.

Further setbacks on women’s rights extended in the Supreme Court Decision and the Senate Bill on equal pay for equal work killed by the Senate Republicans via 56-42 votes on April 23, 2008 on the grounds that the legislation would trigger lawsuits from the affected parties i.e. the women in this case.

Source: National Organization for Women – Thank you.

”The Supreme Court decision in the case of Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. In a 5-4 decision, the Court ruled that a Title VII complaint must be filed within 180 days of the specific action that sets discriminatory pay, regardless of its ongoing and continuing discriminatory impact on the employee.”

Decisions of this kind are a huge embarrassment for nations setting high moral standards and the legislative outcome confirms that principles are held in theory but not delivered in practice.

To summarize, Religions have become the tool for secular incarcerations by the minority fundamentalists undermining the majority human rights.

The religious intervention in politics is best when encouraging the government to embrace peace over military aggressions and illegal occupations of foreign lands, human rights and environmental protection are some of the issues that would bode well for the religious centers.

It should refrain from negative activities through ballot measures and public forum inciting hatred and unwarranted fear against gay community, Undocumented workers and responsible pro-choice women.

On women’s rights, the global community has reached many milestones with women as the heads of the government and leading in most professions. Nevertheless, there are far too many bridges to cross in establishing the equality ratio demographically.

Women’s organizations and human rights watch groups are striving hard to help humanity achieve progress multilaterally and regrettably the government cooperation is either lacking or insufficient to attain the desirable results.

It’s vital for every citizen to be aware and generate awareness on legislative affairs for the decisions made in the Capitol Hill profoundly impact the daily life.

The excess human greed led to the disastrous decade and those behind the travesty refuse to heed to the warning that,

Mortals brought nothing upon arrival. Therefore, they take nothing back on their departure. One might assume to be powerful but the human capability is limited like everything else on this planet.

No one is invincible and never will be. None have a permanent contract to exist on earth and all actions immaterial of stature, will be evaluated and judged accordingly. That being the status, the humanity flourishes through fairness, equality and freedom for all.

Democracy is alive when the government is of the people, by the people and for the people.

New Year resolutions for 2010 – Healthy lifestyle, fiscal responsibility and positive engagement e.g. being resourceful, peaceful, compassionate and eco-friendly.

Peace within you helps spreading peace around you.

An apple a day might keep the doctor away, in addition lots of smiles and laughter is strongly recommended.

Happy New Year to the citizens in the United States and around the world.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant