Corona Virus COVID 19 – Origin and Source

April 30, 2020

Corona Virus COVID 19 – Origin and Source

Padmini Arhant

Western Defense and Offense. Means and Strategy. 

Strategy – When new weapons are manufactured – the hardware potency is tested in Central Asia, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Means – Conventional warfare deploying boots on the ground, terror sponsorship recruiting terror outfits by arming, funding and training terror factions not barring cannibalism witnessed in 2011, 2012 against Syrian civilians spreading across the country and neighborhood. Dropping cluster bombs in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya…earlier deadly chemical Agent Orange Napalm – used in flamethrowers in Vietnam war burning down forests and bushes, nuclear laden missile strikes, air raid in Libya in 2011 imposing No Fly Zone through UNSC denying the nation under attack any defense mechanism are mere examples among scores of violent engagement in these parts of the world.

The drone attacks became the sport targeting vulnerable population in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Middle East, Central, East, West and North Africa as well as Central and South America intensified in the second decade of the twenty first century i.e. in 2007 onwards and more so in 2010, 2011,2012, 2013, 2014…etc.

Similarly, Western Nuclear arsenal enhancements via nuclear subterranean testing conducted by France from 1966 – 1996 about 193 nuclear tests carried out in paradise islands – the Polynesian stretch in the Pacific Ocean inarguably attracted local outcry demanding the western power to cease dangerous nuclear activity in their waters affecting lives and livelihoods all around.

Importantly, the draconian economic sanctions invariably enforced on non-western nations only thus far claimed millions of lives world wide forcing millions into starvation, malnutrition and diverse preventable disease in the victim nations with no respite despite the cataclysmic impact on children, women, youth and elderly population in these nations world over. 

Chronology of Events (2000 – 2020) –Pre-meditated and calibrated terror attack on September 11, 2001 ignoring adequate warnings from concerned intelligence agencies outside United States set the stage for military interventions in Afghanistan, Iraq  in 2001 and 2003 lasting nearly two decades that alone consumed thousands of lives leaving millions refugees in their homeland.

The trend continued in the so-called Arab Spring in 2010 that catapulted new wave of terrorism sponsoring terror networks to circumvent congressional authorization which in return meant public approval on traditional military interference in foreign land that was not easily forthcoming given the disastrous episodes in Afghanistan and Iraq.  This period again resulted in destruction of several thousands of lives in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon and other states in the region. The casualties from these western and middle eastern coalition erupted in multitudes leaving many survivors especially children destitute and women preyed for sexual assaults and assorted abuse in the war zone by terror groups and participants in the name of war on terror. 

Not to mention the unwarranted bifurcation of African nation Sudan into South Sudan in 2011 causing political instability and chaos along with population exodus fleeing their territories from violence. Likewise the UNSC mandated French military operation in Western African state Mali in 2012 created deaths and demolition of lives and habitat.

In 2020 – Two decades later – the massive loss of human lives currently at 233,411 deaths and staggering 3.3 million affected with the deadly virus occurs in the form of global pandemic without the use of military and nuclear arsenal.

The compelling argument in the present global health disaster is tracking the origin and sources behind the mammoth health and economic crises confronting the ordinary citizens and privileged worldwide.

The latest report on corona virus in understanding the severity of the pathogen emanates from the controversial Gain of Function research involving animal passage reportedly tried by Scientist Ron Fouchier from Erasmus University in Holland a decade ago in the wake of bird flu that was limited to only infection upon handling the bird at that time.

The finding seemingly aroused the curious scientific mind to further explore on the virus potential in transforming into a pandemic prompting virus manufacturing in the lab setting. The scientific lobby reportedly succeeded in introducing PREDICT program in 2009 with $200 million investment from international funding in United States and Europe facilitating dangerous Gain of Function experiment defying risks and consequences regardless of frequent accidents in the science labs on small pox, anthrax, avian flu experiment in the United States and other labs in the world producing harmful effects including deaths is noteworthy.

The report suggesting the Wuhan lab in China funded through PREDICT program were aware of the lapses in the lab performing highly infectious virus experiments is a serious  negligence in the absence of immediate precautionary measures that appear to have contributed to the unprecedented global pandemic. 

Science by nature experimenting and exploring future in medicine, space inhabitation and more for various reasons bear responsibility to weigh the pros and cons of daring undertakings without any preparedness for unexpected twists and turns is an extravagant adventure at the expense of the rest of the world caught unbeknown in the present experience.

The earlier attempt to clone live mammal viz. the sheep Dolly in Scotland, U.K. using nuclear transfer with an unfertilized egg cell contracted life span of the clones attributed to progressive illnesses from such fallacious aspirations.

The human power is limited to saving lives from diseases and health woes acquired or inherited in one’s lifetime at the most leading to defer and not deter loss of life. The acceleration to go beyond the confines of nature evident in cloning and now in virus manufacturing with or without enhanced engineering to test virus virulence in humans is an overarching endeavor proved deadly and devastating for humanity.

Needless to say, human intelligence protecting life and in the other extreme endangering lives with mass fatalities is an established pattern since human evolution.

As for creating life, the task is an extraordinary empowerment and accordingly best left to Supernatural force and phenomenon behind natural creation and the Universe comprising inconceivable configurations. 

Science effectiveness would be appropriate in dealing with myriad contemporary challenges facing mankind in health, economic and social behavior rather than subjecting entire human population and other species to catastrophic accounts in the prevalent corona virus pandemic.

The health calamity obviously arising from collaborative mismanagement in the scientific environment and erroneous political decisions together exacerbate humanity plight. 

Frankenstein approach without careful thoughts, diligence and deliberation on audacious virus experiments conclusively deliver undesirable outcome. 

The scientific community, the so-called philanthropic investors and political powers in favor of contentious Gain of Function experiment with animal passage inevitably affecting humans need to come forward and accept accountability for the ravaging COVID 19 consuming lives and drowning businesses in the global economic shut down.  The situation surrounded by uncertainty and ambivalence in predicting the virus containment and elimination is the convincing delivery from the $200 million PREDICT venture. 

Finally, transparency is key and integral structure of ethics without exceptions ranging from Science, economy to politics and everything related to human survival and earth sustenance. In flouting transparency, the tremendous loss is never recovered from any superficial gains now and ever.

Thank you. 

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 








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