Venezuela – United States and Europe Intervention to Topple Democratic Maduro Government

January 28, 2019

Venezuela – United States and Europe Intervention to Topple Democratic Maduro Government

Padmini Arhant

The recent developments involving United States democrat lawmakers and White house efforts to unseat Venezuela’s democratically elected government of President Nicolas Maduro is condemnable with serious repercussions for those behind the coup.

United States and EU intrusion in the removal of then Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and the entire cabinet at gun point replacing then democratically elected government with Neo-Nazi regime resulted in tumult and unprecedented chaos that also led to Crimea in Eastern Ukraine become part of the Russian Federation in 2014 besides triggering Russian troops deployment in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine democracy demolition was steered by both republican members viz. then Senator John McCain to democrats held State Department under former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the likes of Victoria Nuland playing prominent role in the decimation of a sovereign state in 2014.

Similar operation underway in Caracas, Venezuela by United States lawmakers in bipartisanship with democrats in the forefront in instigating protest to oust democratic leadership of President Nicolas Maduro is devious confirming deep state representatives in United States government obliging marching orders to create turmoil in the South American nation.

Furthermore, the foreign interventionists i.e. United States and Europe favored opposition leader Juan Guaido declared the so-called acting President violating the core democratic principles and sovereignty of a nation by U.S. democrats and President Donald Trump pose many legitimate questions on the joint operation that could somehow not meet eye to eye on United States citizens affairs forcing the longest government shut down that ended two days ago.

Again, the government shut down costing United States tax payers in billions and nearly million government workers still deprived of back pay and salary due to them apparently is not a priority for the White House and Congress preoccupied in determining –

Who rules the foreign sovereign nation Venezuela?

These activities clearly indicative of United States political apparatus in lockstep with deep state agenda in destabilizing foreign nations and regions transforming democracy into oligarchy run state targeting Venezuela’s natural resources, the crude oil reserves in particular showing little or no concern for adverse consequences from such wanton engagement.

Creating turmoil and disorder like in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Honduras, Paraguay and Ukraine to name a few these members in United States government are not only committing treason but also squandering U.S. taxpayers’ funds promoting undemocratic political unrest in Venezuela to install puppet regime in that part of the world.

The democrat Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz leading the coup in Venezuela is least surprising. The Florida Congresswoman having caused considerable damage to the party at home in subverting democracy during democrats’ Presidential primary in 2016 to boost then Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s chances in winning nomination suffered setback at personal level in losing democratic party chairwoman status. The scandal also produced unsolved mystery behind the murder of democrat party worker, 26-years-old Seth Rich, the supporter of Bernie Sanders then Hillary Clinton’s democrat rival in the race.

Yet another democrat from Florida, Donna Shalala providing more political ammunition in the coup explains the extent of corruption within United States political establishment.

President Donald Trump mission in Venezuela for regime change following suit from both democrat and republican predecessors in this regard is self-destructive course that would not yield the desired outcome.

Venezuela is a sovereign nation and President Nicolas Maduro is democratically elected legitimate leader of the country. The electorate in Venezuela are the only ones with exclusive rights to decide any change in government through ballot box not via foreign bullets and unscrupulous tactics employed to achieve undemocratic goals predominantly premised on economic interests.

Last but not the least, United States administration and Congress dealings in Venezuela and elsewhere for vested aspirations highlights hypocrisy ad nauseam while crying foul in the false claims on the alleged Russian sabotage of United States Presidential election in 2016 prompting never ending Russia probe since 2016 and conducted up until now at ordinary taxpayers’ expense.

What’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily good for the gander according to these entities hailing Bible teaching in classrooms while disregarding morals and ethics demonstrated in the current Venezuelan coup d’état in the name of democracy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter



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