Global Reality Check – Power, Pride and Prejudice

November 19, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

Humanity plight is largely attributed to shadow governance wielding power over politics, economics, religion, and social justice.

The military prowess and nuclear status is predominant threatening force subjugating nations to prioritize defense spending against citizens’ needs and nation building.

Any pre-emptive wars and preparation to strike targeted adversaries would be self-destructive with serious repercussions for eager participants in the world carnage.

Mideast naval fleet in the territory along with troop deployment from Iraq diverted to other closer borders viz. Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE boosting pre-existing military presence is kamikaze operation doomed for failure.

The false propaganda to wage war at irreversible loss of precious lives and scarce economic resources after major debacles in Iraq and Afghanistan is yet another wake up call for citizens around the world to demand the end of illegal warfare and foreign occupation with troop return from the global base.

Current posturing in the Middle East and Asia Pacific to disrupt emerging freedom and economic growth plunging the region into chaos and catastrophe is detrimental to the source underestimating dire consequences beyond salvation.

Indian sub-continent – Pakistan in particular ever remaining the terror haven is convenient for defense industry considering the arms race to the nuclear neighbors incited against each other as nuclear rivals for strategic control.

Amazingly the worlds’ super power boasting sophisticated artillery and military together with NATO fighting the presumed war on terror previously against self-founded Al Qaeda and,

Presently Haqqani network – US State department admittedly having held meeting with them but somehow unable to terminate terrorism from the group consisting barely hundred renegades confirms the military industrial complex real mission – profitability through eternal violence claiming innocent lives all around.

Meanwhile nuclear armament in India at the White House behest prompting the subservient government in New Delhi sworn allegiance to global conglomerate in rejecting citizens’ dissent on nuclear proliferation under nuclear power pretext compounds volatility to the fragile regional relations.

Again utilizing certain disloyal and unscrupulous local elements in society,

The nexus influence on all matter especially economics, politics, nuclear and media is prominent undermining sovereignty,

To capitalize on globalization premised on collective productivity and selective income distribution – depriving the vast majority decent living standard reflecting the global power designated ‘third world’ category.

Furthermore, from Asia Pacific, Down under  – Australia is the chief exporter of fossil fuel viz. coal to China.

With Labor leadership recent declaration to lift ban on uranium shipment to India amid compliance to U.S led military aggression in every frontier details the anti-environment and anti-peace adaptation to appease the apex authority.

Africa and Latin America marred with civil wars, drug wars and political instability due to U.S and foreign intervention via coup d’état as well as arms supply suppress the respective continents’ ability to overcome challenges exacerbated in corporate driven globalization for exclusive interests.

Island nations regardless of size and economic output plea to the powerful players on global warming – averting cataclysmic 2 degree Centigrade temperature rise by Kyoto Treaty ratification and COP16 implementation is unheeded with resistance from energy industry backed political leaderships representing key polluting states.

Europe grappling with contagion factor on solvency is determined to impose drastic cuts in vital programs – education, health, retirement and housing…hurting the youth, working families and senior citizens – the vulnerable in the society.

Contrarily no tax reform in taxing the super rich or,

Closing financial institutions that allow legal deposits of illegal funds from tax evasions, national treasury embezzlement such as kickbacks on government contracts, corruption deals, arms sales, extortion, human trafficking and narcotic trade…

Comprising varied remittances draining the originating country’s financial capacity with no accountability and transparency to uphold justice in a functional democracy –

None are above the law.

The investigation formality stops at expendable members while real beneficiaries under privileged status granted impunity from treason and significant crimes compromising national image, wealth  and credibility.

United States – Treading on Europe’s path experiencing rising national debt at $14.6 trillion with,

No agreement on balanced budget, jobs bill, infra structure improvement to spur growth and,

Free trade instead of fair trade practice declined by the people in the partner nations viz. South Korea, Colombia and Panama.

Clean Energy Obstructionism – Congressional examination of Solyndra insolvency involving the White House with taxpayer dollar investment $528 million in solar energy company is legitimate for fact finding purpose and future guidelines.

Solyndra with inherent deficiencies from inception receiving federal funding to a tune of half billion dollars creates a perception – eluding to discredit renewable energy options counteracted by none other than big oil companies generously financing both political party candidates throughout congressional and Presidential race.

Likewise the exercise conducted on taxpayer dollars squandered in illegal invasion and occupation of foreign land specifically Iraq benefitting Halliburton and then subsidiary KBR Inc.( Kellog, Brown and Root) would eliminate partisan politics stigma in truth exploration and justification on taxpayer fund investments.

On the warfront – Troop withdrawal from Iraq would be genuine upon troops returning back to United States and not deployed on Iraq’s periphery or around Persian Gulf prevalent in the growing tension against Iran.

U.S and Allies double standards: Arab Spring effect in the Middle East is addressed differently and entirely dependent on political ties with U.S. and favored ally – Israel.

Syrian violent crackdown is reprehensible and assault on unarmed civilians with firearms seemingly a pattern among autocratic regimes ignoring the equally devastating conclusion witnessed particularly in Egypt and Libya.

The situation in Syria could be prevented from becoming Libya in terms of civil war had there not been arms delivery to dictatorial governments from democratic nations.

Military hardware disarmament through diplomatic channel viz. Arab League and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) rigorous actions against leadership Bashar al-Assad and loyalists unlike U.S. and NATO dismantling in Libya would save many lives and contain violence.

There has been many hearings on Syria at the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee in Washington D.C.

However, same response and committee sessions are missing for other nations in the Middle East beginning with Palestinian statehood at the UN like Israeli state establishment in 1947.

Saudi army attacks against Bahrain citizens after former Defense Secretary Robert Gates visit to the Gulf State,

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh approved merciless shooting of citizens in the non-violent dissent.

Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces pledged to hold elections early November 2011 for civilian rule.

Instead Egyptian authorities brutality against dissenters in Tahrir Square and clashes with Coptic Christians followed by the latest row with Islamists is the trend repeating Mubarak era and could perhaps exit the same way.

Kuwait citizens have joined the Arab revolution with the discord in Kuwaiti Parliament and the stakes are much higher given,

The Al Sabah dynasty strong military alliance with United States represented by 25,000 U.S troops and more relocated from Iraq in the so-called troop withdrawal.

Saudi Arabia and Jordan as the western partners escape media attention and political leaderships scrutiny on the relevant political sea change in order.

Nuclear wise reiterating the earlier facts – The western powers vying to supply uranium to India and concurrent condemnation of Iran’s nuclear program is contradictory generating nuclear competitiveness and non-proliferation default in the expansive nuclear power aspiration.

Attempts or the lack thereof to resolve manufactured crises from economy to environment is losing authenticity with people frustration demonstrated in peaceful protests like Occupy all over.’

The bipartisan Super Committee proposals on deficit control are more directed at Medicare, Medicaid and Social security – the American family lifeline.

Divestments from Pentagon unaudited expenditure and extravagant military ambitions drowning the U.S. and global economies in debts could aid economic stimulus through job creation and investments to broaden prospects in education, research, health and clean energy pursuits for healthy environment.

Occupy protesters were evacuated from zuccoti park during the week on community hazard basis and elsewhere the approach was aimed at crowd dispersal to discourage constitutional right for peaceful assembly.

Nonetheless, the Occupy movement is resilient in exhibiting strength from coast to coast devoid of media coverage.

The 99% bearing the brunt of 1% blunders in economic, political, social and environmental policies at home and globally is one voice unified in bringing about the long overdue change –

Republic governed democratic system principled in fairness and equality for all.

Greed motivated global dominance showing no respect for life anywhere is the root cause of humanity suffering.

Mighty, powerful and the privileged are exempt from tax and judicial probe on general to monumental crimes that is otherwise enforced upon ordinary citizens with inhumane and extraordinary conditions.

Judicial inquiry and investigative process effectively transformed into political gimmicks with guilty either set free or shielded from public exposure.

Selective corporate media and communication outlets in cohort with politics obsessed with truth subversion, perversion, and profanity in certain segments deteriorating in moral and ethical standards – the fundamentals of civilized society.

Not to mention the deviation from substance and solutions for global problems ascribed to flawed strategies and presumptuous decisions ignoring grievous outcome.

Peace and diplomacy discarded for war and belligerence to promote misguided agenda at life and planet peril.

The status quo dictated by few is unsustainable and arguably engaged in losing battle against worldwide people power.

Mass consciousness dedicated to peace and non-violence could gain momentum expediting inevitable change and turning hope into reality for seven billion –

Seeking political freedom, economic progress, social equality and environment protection.

Humility is the virtuous trail leading to profound values that enrich human character for inner peace and happiness.

Inaction and tolerance to injustice make the powerful become powerless reversing the course in human development.

Individuals possess the power to produce positive results in life.

Will power without compromising honesty and integrity to succeed against all odds would enable reaching the mountain peak.

The vibrant youth energy in every society is resourceful and could be optimally used in self and national empowerment committed to saving habitat and humanity.

On that optimistic note – Wishing Good Luck and Best Wishes to Global movement in solidarity for peace, liberty and prosperity for all.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant "They will want nukes now!": UK & US plan to strike Iran exposed, 3.11.2011, RT
"Occupy" Protest Movement Seen Worldwide by NewsLook


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