Vishwa Kalyan Award (VKA) 2018 Ceremony

January 3, 2019

Vishwa Kalyan Award (VKA) 2018 Ceremony

Padmini Arhant

Vishwa Kalyan Award or Universal Benefit Award 2018 virtual ceremony.


The recipients of VKA exemplify hope and altruism with self sacrifice and extraordinary commitment towards humanity and environment cause. VKA celebrates these real heroes and honors them for their selfless actions to promote peace, justice,  liberty and above all clean and healthy environment braving state sponsored fatal sniper attacks, thwarting terrorism and confronting oppression in the world.

The majority of VKA awardees being posthumous recipients will ever remain the shining light dispelling darkness. They are worthy of emulation and admiration for their deeds and dedication towards humanitarian and environment goals.

Congratulations! to Vishwa Kalyan Award 2018 and previous years recipients for setting precedence in righteousness, compassion and courage.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Natural Disaster – Earthquake and Hurricane

September 20, 2017

Natural Disaster – Earthquake and Hurricane

Padmini Arhant


When natural disasters strike any place, the impact is severe in some incidents and the loss of lives are always regrettable.

United States recently experienced hurricane in Texas, Florida and now the anticipated storm in the northeast is understandably a great concern having witnessed the damages in the affected areas in the Southeast.

The high category in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic with the gusty wind sweeping the vulnerable spots are menacing to the locals in the region.

Meanwhile, the earthquake in Mexico rocking sensitive territories especially the cities and villages near the epicenter bearing the brunt of seismic activity measuring 7.1 magnitude on the Richter scale is challenging for the victims and authorities involved in rescue operation.

In any predictable events such as these considering past occurrences, the preparedness among residents and public safety programs in early evacuation and timely emergency care as well as essential requirements delivery minimize casualties and diverse problems.

The natural calamities are exacerbated with human conducted subterranean, overland nuclear testing, mountain top removal in coal mining, fracking, shallow and deep water drilling for oil exploration besides poisoning soil, air and water with pollutants and contaminants for economic gains hurting inhabitants and habitat.

Life otherwise is always hanging in balance with man made catastrophe like wars, nuclear threats and terrorism. Those in the position of power and influential status claiming entitlement to kill and terrorize citizens with absolute immunity are far worse than environment hazards.

Ironically, the same entities media representatives ignore own indulgence in subjecting earth and atmosphere to cataclysmic actions, while describing the wind and earth movements releasing pressure as vicious Mother Nature clarifying propaganda and mindless politics availing any opportunity to be abusive.

The ferocity in natural elements would be less and perhaps temperate upon human authorized malevolence on earth in digging, detonating and demolishing for financial goals with no reflection on adverse effects desist.

The earth would survive but the question isWill the reckless conduct in maintaining environment woes beginning with nuclear proliferation and reluctance to adopt universal nuclear disarmament in addition to relentless wars in some or other parts of the world inflicting death and destruction, depletion of natural resources proved unsustainable ever cease?

The responsibility lies on dwellers to safeguard the planet with respect for all other beings enduring enormous suffering and endangerment due to the selective groups’ greed driven policies and agenda.

Again, Paris climate treaty amendment to include nuclear arsenal disposal across the spectrum not just the targeted nuclear states along with ending conflicts and terrorism are critical to protect life and planet.

I convey my condolence to the families having lost their loved ones and hope for speedy recovery of the injured in the hurricane and earthquake.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission

Earth Day – Nature is the Source of Science

April 23, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

Earth is the common habitat that binds all species existence through food chain and depletion of any endangers survival of another. The food pyramid link is broken with many species extinct or increasingly becoming rare in the exploitation of earth’s resources meant for all.

Science discovered in nature has led to development in protecting and prolonging life. The continuous progress in prevention and cure enabled by variety of roots and plants along with chemical compounds available on earth is a natural event. The research using other animal species prior to human clinical trials is made possible by nature. The laws of physics, chemistry and biology are governed by nature barring unnatural extraneous manipulations and interference.

The inventions viz. nuclear bombs to exert dominance and introduction of guns, rifles and grenades…are regressions in civilization and continue to claim lives as potent weapons of violence.

Natural science emanating from nature guided knowledge in the study of cells and genetic compositions innovate medicine with new treatment and therapy for life threatening illness. Due to diverse orientations, any disruption in the structure as part of creation contributes to ecological imbalance eventually weakening planet sustenance.

Earth being the habitat for different genus including microorganisms, the environment neglect is a serious matter that stifles life and deteriorate living conditions with pervasive impact. The notion prioritizing economy over environment for mega profitability and meager jobs is ill-conceived and not without consequences in the near and long term depriving present and future generation to exist and experience longevity.

The combination of politics and economic goals behind global warming denial prompts egregious decisions ignoring reality. Importantly the phenomenal costs to repair and restore following environment damages exceeds revenue and gains proving the venture a lost cause at the expense of majority. The policies discarding evidence on environment woes explains impervious stance determined towards self-detriment considering own presence in the world.

The propagation on the past administration efforts to curb global warming while no discussion on the outgoing administration’s offshore drilling approval despite environment disasters such as Gulf coast BP oil spill in April 2010 and lowering bars in environment regulations to accommodate energy sector demands might serve political prospects against factual data.

The political maneuvers to win popularity and maintain status quo with entities representing economic sector was the trend that are not regarded necessary in earnest evaluation of any administration rule. At the end of the day, the actions behind the scenes are reflected in general practice. The economic segments financed political campaigns overrides commitment to rational endeavors like saving environment and optimizing planet enrichment.

The current Keystone XL pipeline project in the United States with investors from all political factions as stakeholders defy environment ramifications for personal profits and political expediency.  The brazen measure stomping legitimate resistance from indigenous groups to favor corporation and politics is misguidance overwhelming prudence. Environment laws would be meaningful upon enforcement across the spectrum. The industries behind pollution particularly known for evasion.

In the subject of Science, the political climate regardless of party in power engineered towards wars with bombings, shelling, predator drones, missiles, rockets and nuclear submarines notwithstanding consistent nuclear testing whether subterranean or overland consumes national budget with little or none to spare for National Institute of Health (NIH) funding and organizations engaged in promoting life.

The climate treaty is ineffective with no desire to change course in defusing conflicts other than nuclear threats and military artillery employed as provocation fueling tensions in sensitive regions of the world.

Western exclusive nuclear rights defining the odd decree as responsible vs. reckless when the latter is applicable to them based on legacy exacerbates global peace and environment safety.

The grave danger to environment is posed from nuclear status. Accordingly, denuclearization of all not just the targeted few is the only way to mitigate global crisis given the major powers quest for dominance and territorial annexations with nuclear might at the helm accelerating nuclear proliferation.

The preliminary step would be for all nuclear powers without exception to unconditionally surrender and dispose nuclear arsenal that would then qualify any member to denounce any other nuclear state violation. The lack of sincerity and political will on ethical standards to contain strategic arms race, short and long range ballistic missiles and several engagements bolstering offensive response to international issues compromise climate accord.

Furthermore, the sophisticated nuclear laden stockpiles and defense power embarked on confrontational strategy generates defiance vs. deterrence scenario that would consequentially affect the entire world. The western controlled system allowing them nuclear possession and storage with defacto partners in South East Asia and NATO allies in Europe set precedence in nuclear expansion.

Additionally, the trend substituting conventional warfare with terror sponsoring introduced in 2011 to quell Arab Spring in the Middle East and bifurcation of nations like Sudan into Sudan and South Sudan in 2012 to access oil and other resources in the region, extension of occupation in Afghanistan, militarization of Africa in the past decade bear responsibility in the destruction of lives and environment.

As long as hostility and aggression remain the choices over peaceful negotiations and resolutions, no climate agreement can tackle challenges in modern era.

The population suffering from avoidable communicable diseases and ailments, declining basic environment and economic prosperity choking atmosphere from congestion, severe air pollution and water contamination are not factored in the policy to benefit the privileged society shifting the burden of degradation and liabilities on average citizens worldwide.

In the fervor to drop Mother of all bombs and execute Mother of all aggressive schemes devised by Father of terror representing international crime syndicate,

Mother Nature and Mother Earth endurance is tested slighting the experiments counterproductive outcome.

Nature under assault in all directions with negative involvements for political, economic and vested interests in investments is myopic and carcinogenic with universal adverse effect.

Galaxy exploration for inhabitance amid excoriation of earth endowments is analogous to splitting between shores and midstream ending in undesirable landing.

Science success in healing life and strengthening life span is directly related to safeguarding environment and natural precincts vital for all beings on earth.

Commemorating Earth every day besides specific date is individual and collective responsibility. The remembrance delivered positively would be a glowing tribute to the only place of habitat for life.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission









Vishwa Kalyan Award 2016 – Universal Benefit Award

August 23, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Dear Citizens,

In 2015, Vishwa Kalyan Award was introduced to recognize and honor the unsung heroes alongside members known to world community. However, the mission not necessarily adapted and pursued for desirable outcome.

Every year on August 26th the awardees are commemorated for exemplary service and sacrifice.

The award is to create awareness among world population to appreciate, safeguard and contribute to the welfare and survival of all species for planet sustenance.

I present the categories for the year 2016 Vishwa Kalyan Award with the hope to revive interest and action in promoting goals to benefit humanity and earth. 

The two categories in 2016 are – Environment and Humanitarian Cause.

Environment protection is made possible with not only reducing carbon emission but also enrichment of natural habitat through greenery and preservation of rain forests worldwide.

In the environment category – The winners are:


  1. Ethiopia – The East African nation in the Horn of Africa is leading power generator in the region via clean energy program.

Latin America:

  1. Peru – The National Photovoltaic Household Electrification Program (SOLAR POWER) expected to benefit more than 2 million people in Peru.
  1. Costa Rica – 100% Renewal Energy with departure from fossil fuel. The Central American country generated electricity entirely from renewal energy – the combination of hydroelectric and geothermal power permitting clean and affordable energy supply in 2015. The national commitment towards 100% carbon neutrality by 2021 sets important precedence for the rest of the world to follow suit.
  1. BrazilKayapo – Indigenous Tribe in Amazon protecting rainforests against miners, poachers, loggers and drillers in the region.     

     5.   Protecting endangered species – 

 A.  Irrawathi dolphins of Myanmar in Mekong river are critically endangered from fisheries and entrapment threatening the intelligent creature’s domain.

B. Save the Elephants – Elephants – the most fascinating and adorable member of animal kingdom is sadly now enlisted in endangered species.

C. Marine Mammals – The dismissal of global warming as a myth among skeptics slight polar bears plight in the arctic with melting glaciers posing challenge to marine mammals existence.

More on this topic to follow shortly.

The Humanitarian award recipients will be announced in due course.

Peace to all!

Thank You.

Padmini Arhant 

Environment – Climate Treaty 2015

December 13, 2015

By Padmini Arhant 

The Climate Treaty in Paris to address global warming and agreement to maintain level below 2 degrees Celsius is welcome and represents refreshing global commitment.

The contentions in reaching consensus were industrialized states fund provisions to developing and island nations in combating environment woes due to excess carbon emissions from the former and now joined by emerging economies with greater energy demands viz. China and India.

The carbon emitters pledge towards $100 billion a year was the proposal back in 2010.  The current pact were to reflect the industrialized countries together with rising economic powers submitting to that funding in writing then that is the preliminary step in the acknowledgment of responsibility.

As for the unanimous consent in voluntary setting to contain emissions, the data could vary and might be deficient in achieving goals unless the undertaking meets the expected range.  The offer made binding on all nations especially the most obvious defaulters is crucial for the implantation of accord.

Energy giants relentless pursuits to excavate oil wells and mining companies nonchalant activities in coal production and export combined with nuclear deals in the backdrop of disasters determine reality.

Fukushima ordeal with nuclear reactors leakage contamination of ocean inflicted irreversible loss on marine life and grave health risks to inhabitants in the prefecture and across the shores.

Most importantly, the existential threat to environment is nuclear proliferation and endless warfare dropping bombs, missiles, air strikes and predator drone attacks leaving scores dead and causing destruction in targeted nations with regional and global impact.

Declining nuclear disarmament and signing climate agreement is paradoxical and confirms lack of sincerity in planet protection.

The ongoing military interventions through terrorism enabling terror networks access to chemical and biological weapons poison water reservoir and pollute the sky.

Considering the unwillingness to end conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and skirmishes in South China as well as Baltic Seas with nuclear laden submarines and fighter jets hovering over the areas, the climate accord is challenged in the seamless confrontations and expansive military operations.

The world leaderships hailing the climate agreement with key nations positioned as global powers sponsoring terrorism resulting in refugee crisis is not only a humanitarian issue but also environment problem.

The duplicity with contradictory engagements pose credibility factor in any serious matter such as planet preservation.

Any efforts to lower carbon emissions is compromised in aerial bombings and widespread shelling with severe health and environment hazards for the natives migrated elsewhere upon them fleeing the danger zone.

The climate pact coming into fruition is possible upon complete and comprehensive nuclear disarmament along with departure from dependency on fossil fuel and nuclear energy contemporarily invigorated in defiance to catastrophe experienced thus far.

The political will and genuine concern to save the planet for the present and future generations could no longer remain negotiable.

Planet is the habitat for all species with humans contributed calamity endangering survival and sustenance.

Never too late to change course and avert further deterioration of the environment.

Greener existence is directly linked with peaceful atmosphere devoid of violence and bloodshed in addition to adopting natural energy options available to all.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



 –Vishwa Kalyan Award 2015 Environment Category

October 24, 2015

PA VKA Award 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Vishwa Kalyan Award in environment category 2015 is awarded to developing nations in recognition of the endeavor to eliminate fossil fuel and carbon emission reduction in the respective domain.

The public sector role in  energy programs with rural electrification as integral part of the project address developmental needs across the spectrum.

Environment Awardees are as follows:

  1. Ethiopia – The East African nation in the Horn of Africa is leading power generator in the region.

EEPCo – Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation is a public utility enterprise.

CEO – Ato Miheret Debebe.

The company overview – The corporation is in the business of producing, transmitting, distributing and selling electrical energy in accordance with economic and social development policies and priorities of the government and to carry out any other related activities that would contribute to achieve its purpose.

Ethiopia Clean Energy Program.

The grid based electricity generation is developed for national power supply.

Ethiopia’s clean energy drive through Wind, Hydro, Geo thermal and Waste Energy Projects facilitated Grid based rural electrification in the country.

Wind – The grid based wind electricity generation capacity – the total national potential is assessed at about 100 GW.  Many projects completed with more underway.

Hydro Projects – Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam already producing power from various stations in the country.

Geo thermal – The power plant connected to national grid allowing additional flow to meet energy demand.

Waste to Energy Power Plant (WtE) – The energy plant near open dumping site set up to transform 1,200 tons of waste a day into clean energy.

As a result, Ethiopia is able to provide energy to East and Central African nations in the Energy Transmission Construction projects to Kenya and Sudan besides addressing national requirement.

IT Projects:  The project aims to digitalize business processes and automate in EEPCO for efficiency and cost effectiveness in customer services and communication with stakeholders and concerned networks nationwide.

The current undertaking:


The acquisition of state of the art software; with a thorough consideration of integration with the current system and future expansion of the corporation.

To improve EEPCO’s commercial operation by replacing the existing system with decentralized systems to establish a fully integrated Management Information System (MIS).


2. Latin America.

Solar Energy.

Peru – The South American nation is embarked on solar power. 

National Photovoltaic Household Electrification Program expected to benefit more than 2 million people in Peru.

The program aims to provide electricity to poorest households using solar panels. The remote areas and villages using oil lamps and dependent on hazardous fuel would be relieved with connection to power grid.

The Peruvian government launched the first phase to provide 500,000 solar panels and installed some in the northeastern region of Cajamarca lighting homes with no access to electricity. The program poised at providing 95 percent of Peru with electricity through clean energy by the end of 2016.
The National Photovoltaic Household Electrification Program cost is about $200 million.


3. Costa Rica 100% Renewal Energy with departure from fossil fuel.

The Central American country generated electricity entirely from renewal energy – the combination of hydroelectric and geothermal power permitting clean and affordable energy supply in 2015. The national commitment towards 100% carbon neutrality by 2021 sets important precedence for the rest of the world to follow suit.

Costa Rica record on renewal energy for electricity with determination to reach milestone in 100% carbon free status has earned them the environment award.


4. KayapoIndigenous Tribe in Amazon protecting rainforests against miners, poachers, loggers and drillers in the region.

Kayapo ChiefRaoni or Ropni has led the tribe in dedicating their lives to preserve the Amazon rainforest – the treasure cove of Planet Earth.

Kayapos have been defending the world’s richest ecosystem for generations sacrificing their life as they are constantly threatened by land grabbers and big corporations not to mention systemic attacks against them leading to genocide. Kayapos fearlessly remain in the frontline to save habitat for entire humanity.

Rainforests are the nerve centers for ecological balance.  Since industrialization, rainforests face decline due to deforestation, dam constructions, contamination of rivers, soil and ground waters with oil residue and mining projects such as gold and other precious metals besides coal and minerals that require mountain top removal.


5. Protecting endangered speciesIrrawathi dolphins of Myanmar in Mekong river are critically endangered from fisheries by catch and habitat deterioration.

In Zimbabwe, Africa – poachers prey on elephants by poisoning them with cyanide laced oranges or salt.  The recent incident in north and western national park involved 14  elephants  deaths and reportedly in 2013 – 300 elephants died from cyanide poison in Hwange.  Human greed prompts such cruelty against other species ignoring ultimate toll on natural surroundings.

The dismissal of global warming as a myth among skeptics slight polar bears plight in the arctic with melting glaciers posing challenge to marine mammals existence.

Human recklessness is not only endangering rare species but also targets original inhabitants in the world.

The indigenous population across the globe are subject to gross human rights violation and deprived from maintaining their rich cultural heritage.  The natives’ meaningful customs and traditions that are sacred to them prohibited with unnecessary enforcements indicative of disrespect for aboriginal spirit.

The award acknowledges efforts in revival of plants and animals on the brink of extinction. Accordingly, the aborigines are honored as reliable guardians and stalwarts in earth conservation especially with pollution and rising toxicity endangering life and planet survival.

Congratualtions! To winners of Vishwa Kalyan Award 2015 in environment category.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant









Environment – Challenges and Solutions

September 5, 2015

By Padmini Arhant Recognition of Environment issue for Vishwa Kalyaan (VK) Award 2015. 

There are far too many challenges with few steps against climate change.

The procrastination on climate treaty with effective policy from major contributors of pollution is a serious threat to humanity.

Any positive development requires collective actions for air and water are the two main elements enabling life on planet.

The blue sky and ocean are no longer clear with smoke clouds from carbon emission and repeat incidents of oil spills, subterranean nuclear testing, missile programs to strengthen nuclear capability inflicting massive damages to life and livelihoods in coastal areas and all around beyond recovery.

The global warming leading to ozone depletion in atmosphere affecting seasons and melting glaciers causing sea level to rise endangering marine lives with species becoming rare and extinct not to mention the ultimate impact on ecological balance.

Natural disasters cannot be assessed as natural and triggered by environment neglect and abuse ranging from off shore and shallow water drilling including hydro fracking for oil to mountain top removal in coal mining and other fossil fuel related excavations and explorations proved destructive.

The pursuits attributed to growing energy demand also tied to profitability like in coal mining industry with political members’ direct involvements as stakeholders raking huge financial gains ignore environment woes and options for renewal energy in particular.

Although there are many environment groups and organizations tirelessly engaged in containing industrial and political combined anti-environment undertakings, the greed motivated strategy continues unabated with little or no concern for apparent environment degradation.

The powerful energy sector – fossil fuel and nuclear industry despite catastrophic events viz. Fukushima prioritize political and economic opportunity at environment and population expense.

There is no doubt that energy is essential to fuel economy and maintain machine age.  However, the investments in natural sources like sun, wind and water that are in abundance somehow not appealing stifling alternative energy supply emergence.

In contrary procurement of fossil fuel especially oil desirable expending taxpayer funds in invasion and occupation of nations rich in oil and mineral resources leaving further economic, environment, political and social problems in the destinations.

The military interventions whether conventional or sponsoring terrorism to destabilize nations and regions with constant use of arsenals and explosives laden cluster munitions dropped in Yemen right now substituting land mines are devastating to victims – mostly children and other civilians in the war zone.

Wars around the world with overt and disguised use of nuclear components augment environment deterioration.

The trend funding political campaigns for vested interests form governments to suit donors’ agenda via legislations and disregard consequences exacerbating economy and environment.

Solutions to energy needs are divestments in alternative energyclean energy like solar, wind and hydropower projects suitable to vast majority of developed and developing nations in terms of affordability and minimum to zero maintenance in operation for end user.

The current dilemma to meet emerging economies energy demand could be addressed in promoting reduction in energy consumption with more awareness on the issue.

Small approach often eases the situation resulting in economic prudence.

The replacement of existing incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient light emitting diodes (LED) lights is incremental pace towards conservation.  

The household appliances such as refrigerators, washer and dryer…and electronic devices conforming to low power absorption and high in performance would allow energy saving.  The consumer responsibility in adjusting usage and smart exercise equally important to decrease energy wastage.

Another critical measure is to broaden and modernize public transportation like buses, metros and subways for convenient access.

The campaign urging commuters to avail these facilities providing low fares as incentives would attract large numbers boosting revenue.

Traffic congestion and weak environment standards like absence of mandatory smog control in emerging economies is a health hazard with ripple effects on economy deterring tourism and business venture.

Recycling is an age old practice in developing nations serving as survival means for demography in impoverished and lower economic strata. The mechanism to operate recycling plant and waste management is yet to be fully developed and deployed for maximum benefit.

Water scarcity and distribution is ongoing global crisis. The harvesting and irrigation techniques in agriculture reaching farmers in near and remote areas is key to self-sufficiency and satisfying hunger.

In urban and rural areas –  water storage during monsoon and reutilization of water with investments in purification would minimize water shortage.

The wealthy states in the Middle East diversion from aiding terrorism to constructive projects like desalination would transform arid desert lands for cultivation.

Preserving rain forests and reefs in ocean beds from commercial activities is paramount for life linked with natural food pyramid.

Ordinarily planting trees and expanding greenery oxygenate surroundings in the nature designed conversion of carbon dioxide.

Summarizing on environment matter – setting targets on carbon emission and compliance on environment regulations in addition to departure from fossil fuel with commitment to natural energy – solar, wind and water sourced power is the gateway to free the world from oil dependency.

The nuclear energy evidently not always meant for civilian programs and deviation from the objective towards nuclear weapons status is the reason behind contemporary nuclear proliferation.

Again unless there is complete and comprehensive nuclear disarmament beginning with P5+1 and other nuclear states – the environment and biodiversitys face imminent risks with preference for confrontation over peaceful resolutions escalating global tensions and volatility.

Arriving at consensus on climate accord is incumbent on industrialized and emerging economies to release the burden on developing and island nations experiencing enormous losses due to extreme weather conditions and lack of technology as well as logistic support.

The environment awardees names for 2015 Vishwa Kalyaan (VK) Award i.e. Universal Benefit Award will be published subsequent to official declaration on recipients of Health category award.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant














 – Recognition of Issues – 2015

August 27, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Health and Environment leads the issues concerning life and habitat.

Health is important for survival.  Healthy living contributes to productivity and quality life.

The fundamental facilities like clean drinking water, sanitation, proper accommodation and health care access are lacking for scores of inhabitants across the globe.

Political, economic and social complexities deprive locals from basic requirements in life.  Above all warfare and internal turmoil disrupt normal state with enormous toll on health and infrastructure.

In the urban areas, health is affected from eating habits, lifestyle, stress level and surroundings including common genetic factor and general well being.

Healthcare costs still remain unaffordable for vast majority in the developed and developing nations worldwide.

Accordingly, the nation prioritizing national health would strive for universal health service without preconditions and restrictions to people from all walks of life.

The healthy choices in food are available now compared to a decade ago.  This is a preliminary step towards recognition of health as critical for existence.

However, greater efforts and actions are required in enabling population in lower economic strata with similar consumption. Obviously price is the bottom line for many with inflation reflected in food market.

Regrettably, healthy food is relatively expensive than unhealthy products leaving significant mass susceptible to health problems.

Multinational Corporations (MNC) dominance in food manufacturing beginning with farming, harvesting, sales and distribution hinder incentives to farmers in growing organic foods and produces availability at reasonable price.

In fact, organic food could be cheaper upon high market demand long stymied by MNC monopoly in agriculture commodity trade and food supply.

The corporations focus on profits over consumer health exacerbates conditions for vulnerable segments in society.

Corporations could make profits and achieve targeted earnings without compromising on healthy options especially the ingredients in various food merchandises with potential harm increasing health risks to average citizen and regular patrons.

Government agency such as food and drug administration effective measures and timely interventions on any serious violations are instrumental in averting food related health crisis.

The food and premise inspection of restaurants and food merchants sometimes evade responsibility due to corruption.

In developing nations, the street hawkers and vendors observing plain guidelines in food handling and safe practices would eliminate exposure to known and unknown health woes for customers in this category.

Briefly, health cannot be neglected for any reason. Simple decisions to improve health by checking on diet and physical activity could enhance living standard.

There are many form of exercise suitable to individual preferences and the one that cost nothing is walking leaving no excuse for sedentary routine.

Yoga is balanced with meditation for mental relaxation that complements overall benefits in mind body function.

Health and Environment are directly linked with clean, healthy, innocuous and secure atmosphere imperative for life sustenance on planet.

Environment pollution and contamination is a major challenge resulting in preventable illnesses regardless of age.

The contributions in promoting health and environmental status will be highlighted and honored for continued progress in this field.

Environment topic will be presented shortly.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant










United States – White House Carbon Emissions Reduction Rule

August 4, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

President Barack Obama announcement on rule to curb green house gas pollution from power plants is a positive step and deserves national and international cooperation for formidable climate treaty.

The proposition targeting carbon emission from coal plants and automobile industry is one aspect of environment protection scheme.

However, environment hazards are multi-faceted and accordingly involve diverse industrial groups besides federal and state governments within nation.

United States energy consumption remaining significantly higher amongst industrialized nations, the variation in objectives and standard on containing and decreasing carbon emission across the country result in net negative trend and discrepancy in national tally in improving performance.

The plan encompassing basic formula applicable to all with necessary modifications depending on pollution output would be a viable option.

The White House anticipation in cutting carbon emission around 32% by 2030 alongside extending renewable energy from current 5% to 35% in that timeframe is feasible with efficient strategy across the spectrum for impact.

Unfortunately, the U.S. administration dual track in opposite directions confining specific fossil fuel division to environmental law while allowing access to oil companies for deep water drilling despite devastating experience creates huge credibility issue.

British Petroleum (BP) oil spill in Gulf of Mexico in 2010 continues to be major environment disaster.

Please double click and click again on the illustration to view content.

In the backdrop of environment catastrophe in continental shelf from offshore drillings, the Obama administration approval of Shell Corporation to drill in Arctic juxtaposed White House latest proposal on limiting carbon emission is a direct contradiction posing hindrance in environment goals.

The White House conflicting positions could deter potential achievements not only on lowering carbon emission but also in different areas related to environmental cause.

Furthermore, the existing environment conditions exacerbated from relentless warfare using artilleries, ammunitions, grenades, Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), landmines, chemical weapons against Syria, missiles in Yemen, Libya, nuclear component viz. depleted uranium in Iraq, white phosphorous in Gaza and drones in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Mali and Colombia…to name a few in contemporary practice.

The pragmatic approach to environment problems is to end conflicts in the Middle East, Central Asia, South East Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America.

The death and destruction from conventional wars and terrorism has produced outbreaks of diseases controlled earlier spreading into neighboring parts of the region.

The warzones endure grave economic and environment woes with population facing serious health complications due to toxicity and contamination of water as well as air pollution from lethal weapons and terror operatives gross violations inflicting maximum damage.

United States led coalition funding and arming terror networks in Syria, Libya and Iraq contributing to massive casualties and bloodshed not to mention refugees in millions represent humanitarian and environment calamity.

Unless there is recognition to this effect amongst sponsors of terrorism and military interventions prompting them to ceasefire and permanent conclusion to wars, the measures towards environment programs would not have universal benefit.

Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, Latin America and oppressed citizens worldwide forced into perpetual suffering depriving them from normal existence.

Planet preservation to sustain life is no longer a choice but necessity with departure from military aggression and terror infiltration to destabilize nations for dominance.

Above all nuclear disarmament of P5+1 and remaining nuclear states is paramount to guarantee global peace and security in the immediate term and future.

The architects and catalysts promoting wars and terrorism together with opponents to environment laws share responsibility in denying safe and healthy habitat to inhabitants of earth.

Safeguarding environment is a collective duty with individual participation making life possible on earth.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant











India – Jammu and Kashmir Flood Situation

September 20, 2014

The audio version of the text made available for citizens convenience and choice.  Your participation is appreciated.

By Padmini Arhant

The recent natural disaster in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir has claimed many lives besides severe damages to livelihoods, residents’ homes and public convenience in the capital Srinagar and several areas of the valley.

Whenever such calamity hits the territory, the death toll and destruction has significant impact on survivors and often paralyzes the system.

The Central and state authorities preparedness in crisis management and mitigation is subject to test and the failure leads to major hazards with much longer recovery time.

The flood victims in Srinagar and Jammu have suffered enormously considering the delay in initial response on rescue operation.

However, subsequent relief efforts are pertinent and maintaining humanitarian assistance also contain casualties emanating from water borne disease and lack of basic requirements during emergency situation.

The environment neglect and various activities to satisfy energy demands whilst refusing to consider solar, wind, hydro conductivity and other natural sources contribute to extreme weather conditions accompanied by human and economic losses for the state and the people.

Political decisions overriding evidence based facts on environmental matter and non-commitment towards climate treaty are contentious and attributed to inhabitants declining general health status.

Furthermore the absence of effective strategy towards carbon reduction and earth protection endanger life and planet sustenance.

The political authorities concerted steps to compete with other carbon emitters by expanding automobile manufacturing without smog control regulations and preventive actions affect air quality resulting in massive pollution.

Unfortunately the serious lapse in regulatory measures and violations contaminate habitat not to mention the economic liability pertaining to health care costs with sharp escalation in pulmonary ailments like respiratory problems viz. asthma commonly experienced among children and elders in society.

As long as rivers, mountains, sky and soil remain under relentless attack and abuse – for instance the subterranean nuclear testing ramifications are hardly a concern for political and military leaderships engaged in nuclear weapons enhancement.

Arguably the political and economic drive at planet’s peril is existential threat to humanity.

The industrialized nations together with emerging economies bear collective responsibility in eliminating toxicity produced through diverse agents and pollutants posing greater risks to all species and causing ecological imbalance that could ultimately breakdown food pyramid and disrupt natural cycle.

The special interests backed governments illogical stance in denying environment woes from reckless and counterproductive indulgence is an impediment to corrective remedies in altering climatic variations witnessed in many parts of the world.

The developing nations in particular made vulnerable to rapidly changing seasons summarily threatening survival.

Unless recognition on planet degradation with prompt solutions are implemented,

The rising sea levels behind melting ice caps or alternatively drought and famine in Africa and regions exposed to drastic deforestation including rain forests depletion in the Amazon, Latin America or Congo in Africa, Indonesia and New Guinea in the Asia Pacific create tremendous challenges for local population transforming original landscape to undesirable level.

India’s Jammu and Kashmir latest tragedy from floods is deeply regrettable.

Hopefully citizens and political leaderships precautionary planning and readiness would avert catastrophe in the future.

I offer my sincere condolence to mournful families and pray for solace and peace to the citizens in Jammu and Kashmir.

May God bless the people in Jammu and Kashmir enabling the healing process essential to overcome suffering.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



























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