Natural Disaster – Earthquake and Hurricane

September 20, 2017

Natural Disaster – Earthquake and Hurricane

Padmini Arhant


When natural disasters strike any place, the impact is severe in some incidents and the loss of lives are always regrettable.

United States recently experienced hurricane in Texas, Florida and now the anticipated storm in the northeast is understandably a great concern having witnessed the damages in the affected areas in the Southeast.

The high category in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic with the gusty wind sweeping the vulnerable spots are menacing to the locals in the region.

Meanwhile, the earthquake in Mexico rocking sensitive territories especially the cities and villages near the epicenter bearing the brunt of seismic activity measuring 7.1 magnitude on the Richter scale is challenging for the victims and authorities involved in rescue operation.

In any predictable events such as these considering past occurrences, the preparedness among residents and public safety programs in early evacuation and timely emergency care as well as essential requirements delivery minimize casualties and diverse problems.

The natural calamities are exacerbated with human conducted subterranean, overland nuclear testing, mountain top removal in coal mining, fracking, shallow and deep water drilling for oil exploration besides poisoning soil, air and water with pollutants and contaminants for economic gains hurting inhabitants and habitat.

Life otherwise is always hanging in balance with man made catastrophe like wars, nuclear threats and terrorism. Those in the position of power and influential status claiming entitlement to kill and terrorize citizens with absolute immunity are far worse than environment hazards.

Ironically, the same entities media representatives ignore own indulgence in subjecting earth and atmosphere to cataclysmic actions, while describing the wind and earth movements releasing pressure as vicious Mother Nature clarifying propaganda and mindless politics availing any opportunity to be abusive.

The ferocity in natural elements would be less and perhaps temperate upon human authorized malevolence on earth in digging, detonating and demolishing for financial goals with no reflection on adverse effects desist.

The earth would survive but the question isWill the reckless conduct in maintaining environment woes beginning with nuclear proliferation and reluctance to adopt universal nuclear disarmament in addition to relentless wars in some or other parts of the world inflicting death and destruction, depletion of natural resources proved unsustainable ever cease?

The responsibility lies on dwellers to safeguard the planet with respect for all other beings enduring enormous suffering and endangerment due to the selective groups’ greed driven policies and agenda.

Again, Paris climate treaty amendment to include nuclear arsenal disposal across the spectrum not just the targeted nuclear states along with ending conflicts and terrorism are critical to protect life and planet.

I convey my condolence to the families having lost their loved ones and hope for speedy recovery of the injured in the hurricane and earthquake.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission


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