Environment – Climate Treaty 2015

December 13, 2015

By Padmini Arhant 

The Climate Treaty in Paris to address global warming and agreement to maintain level below 2 degrees Celsius is welcome and represents refreshing global commitment.

The contentions in reaching consensus were industrialized states fund provisions to developing and island nations in combating environment woes due to excess carbon emissions from the former and now joined by emerging economies with greater energy demands viz. China and India.

The carbon emitters pledge towards $100 billion a year was the proposal back in 2010.  The current pact were to reflect the industrialized countries together with rising economic powers submitting to that funding in writing then that is the preliminary step in the acknowledgment of responsibility.

As for the unanimous consent in voluntary setting to contain emissions, the data could vary and might be deficient in achieving goals unless the undertaking meets the expected range.  The offer made binding on all nations especially the most obvious defaulters is crucial for the implantation of accord.

Energy giants relentless pursuits to excavate oil wells and mining companies nonchalant activities in coal production and export combined with nuclear deals in the backdrop of disasters determine reality.

Fukushima ordeal with nuclear reactors leakage contamination of ocean inflicted irreversible loss on marine life and grave health risks to inhabitants in the prefecture and across the shores.

Most importantly, the existential threat to environment is nuclear proliferation and endless warfare dropping bombs, missiles, air strikes and predator drone attacks leaving scores dead and causing destruction in targeted nations with regional and global impact.

Declining nuclear disarmament and signing climate agreement is paradoxical and confirms lack of sincerity in planet protection.

The ongoing military interventions through terrorism enabling terror networks access to chemical and biological weapons poison water reservoir and pollute the sky.

Considering the unwillingness to end conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and skirmishes in South China as well as Baltic Seas with nuclear laden submarines and fighter jets hovering over the areas, the climate accord is challenged in the seamless confrontations and expansive military operations.

The world leaderships hailing the climate agreement with key nations positioned as global powers sponsoring terrorism resulting in refugee crisis is not only a humanitarian issue but also environment problem.

The duplicity with contradictory engagements pose credibility factor in any serious matter such as planet preservation.

Any efforts to lower carbon emissions is compromised in aerial bombings and widespread shelling with severe health and environment hazards for the natives migrated elsewhere upon them fleeing the danger zone.

The climate pact coming into fruition is possible upon complete and comprehensive nuclear disarmament along with departure from dependency on fossil fuel and nuclear energy contemporarily invigorated in defiance to catastrophe experienced thus far.

The political will and genuine concern to save the planet for the present and future generations could no longer remain negotiable.

Planet is the habitat for all species with humans contributed calamity endangering survival and sustenance.

Never too late to change course and avert further deterioration of the environment.

Greener existence is directly linked with peaceful atmosphere devoid of violence and bloodshed in addition to adopting natural energy options available to all.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant








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