Politics- Political and Electoral Reform

October 12, 2019

Politics – Political and Electoral Reform 

Padmini Arhant

Those who sell their SOUL would have no problem selling anything whether it be nation they lead rather mislead into economic ditch or destiny of the population electing them as the head of the state and representatives of every constituency.

Politics is nothing more than theatrics and accordingly the strong relation between entertainment world and politics instrumental in distracting public from reality evading transparency and accountability using scapegoat on their indefensible economic debacles.

Today’s regimes in control of affairs need to acknowledge own follies, shortcomings and acutely deficient skills to deal with challenges created by them.

There is one thing about hogging undeserving glory through event management at ordinary lives expense. There is yet entirely another dimension demanding glory hogging and publicity starved personalities to live up to the grandiose image marketing miserably falling short in credibility and integrity.

Election anywhere is meaningful and purposeful unless the electoral process meet the following criteria.

1. Eliminate electronic voting machine or EVM and substitute with manual voting accompanied by verifiable voter paper audit trail VVPAT providing every voter casting vote receipt with confirmation of candidate, political party and any legislation propositions they voted through ballots for individual and national tally on election result day.

EVM is irrefutably proved to be managed with preconfigured software designed to generate election results in major political parties favor.

2. Eradicate black money, slush funds, electoral bonds and campaign financing from personal money laundering and corporations buying candidates and political parties forming corporate run government.

Instead, every voter must demand public financing with a cap in election spending barring negative smear nonsensical campaign advertisements premised on divisive, polarization politics.

Every citizen granting approval through vote insist candidates regardless of political positions from local legislators to the highest as Prime Minister or President only address issues that matter to citizens such as economy, crime in society in national security and measures to improve infrastructure.

3. Boycott rally of any candidacy indulging in delusional politics sowing the seeds of hatred, prejudice, communal and religion…making their way into Parliament or Congress deploying divide and conquer strategy.

4. Abandon celebrity worship and reject political parties as well as candidates fielded on glamor and glitz while miserably lacking in substance and ingenuity.

5. Similarly every voter should remind political members of their constitutional duty and responsibility to fulfill their pledge to serve people of the entire nation not just the rich, famous and powerful in society.

Again  political figures on public funded payroll and benefits are citizens’ employees not rock stars or messiahs as the political trend transformed in the past decade against democratic norm.

6. Every candidate running for public office to submit complete profile and made public with cross verification. Anyone with criminal and corruption record or charges pending trial should be declined by voter seeking clean and honest representation of them in Parliament and Congress. Likewise, deter candidates and legislators proven on corporate and special interests bandwagon and those determined to deter development among underprivileged and disenfranchised demography. 

7. A candidate of any political party including independent candidacy should not be allowed to run in more than one constituency. In facilitating candidate to contest election in two or more constituencies denies others a fair chance enabling the wealthy and any organizations institutions backed candidate and members of political dynasties to retain political power despite their ineligibility evident in other regions of the country. 

8. All candidates and political parties formal and informal funding to be revealed to public prior to election and cross checked by public. The data missing in this context would be a strong indication of sources behind political parties and candidates sponsoring them entirely in their interests not for ordinary citizens or national progress.

9. Shun media and press false propaganda and hyperbolic publicity of candidates and political parties ignoring their legacy and track record to sway public opinion to their preferred candidate’s advantage.

10. Every citizen – the electorate in emerging economies and developing nations in particular should not welcome foreign entities and powerful external forces influence, direct and indirect involvement maintained as tradition thus far to install puppet regimes and proxies to exploit population and extract natural resources in those countries at will.

11. Don’t be misled and misguided by foreign powers pseudo recognition of political leaderships of your nation with coveted honors and awards nearing national election as a blatant intrusion nominating their proxies exclusively for economic and vested interests.

12. Last but not the least, don’t accept bribes in cash or kind from political parties, candidates and their affiliates in disguise luring you to vote for them and in return seize your basic fundamental rights to everything as citizens importantly the economic opportunity and freedom of speech to discuss and debate government failures, actions and inaction concerning people across the spectrum and nation at large.

Every voter need to compare and realize their economic, social and political situation and general environment around them to evaluate government and leaderships performance rather than any other distraction via foreign or domestic solicitation. 

Unless every voter is mindful of the power in their hands to approve or disapprove governance and leaderships beginning at City Council, Municipal, District, State and National level, the status quo would remain leaving the poor the poorest, the selective segments isolated and marginalized as well as average ordinary lives struggling for generations with no end in sight.

Act now and SAY NO to negative, corrupt and counterproductive politics.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com








July 13, 2019


Padmini Arhant


Welcome to Self-Empowerment.

Self-Empowerment is the base for Republic empowerment.

The governments are run by oligarchy i.e. Corporatized system using public funds. Privatization is the trend in the globalized economy. The chief beneficiaries in privatization are corporations and shareholders. Corporatized governance deny ordinary citizens fair access and opportunity.

Corporate run government policies exclusively favor them. Corporatized governance bear no responsibility on losses to taxpayers and severe damages to economy as well as environment. There is minimal or no oversight on deals benefitting companies on government projects viz. defense contracts handled by private company.

Hence, no checks and balances which means none held accountable on corruption. Transparency is a misnomer with no internal and importantly external audit.

For example – The U.S. government deployed private army Blackwater later dubbed as Xe and now changed into Academi committed atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan…and in Ukraine with license to kill besides gross human rights violations.

Oligarchy run governments use national defense force as private army for wars, destabilization of sovereign foreign nations and derail economy via sanctions. These actions are directed by organizations, think tanks and institutions representing oligarchy hegemonic goals and strategic dominance.

Government in reality is Corporation’s proxy delivering corporate interests. Government’s other wing is special interests group with own political ideology.

This leaves the government as representatives of private entities and organizations. Citizens are merely used as instrument to legitimize illegitimacy through election. Elections are run by oligarchy with massive funding in campaigns and candidacy.

Governments pledge allegiance to corporate financiers behind election campaign.

In fact, it is ordinary folks money circulated between governments and corporate funders. Ordinary people tax money generously handed to corporations by government. These handouts involve major tax breaks, government subsidies and many exemptions seldom distributed or trickle down to bottom in the workforce. The big corporations in return utilize a portion of common citizens money converted into slush funds and invested in election campaigns to secure government loyalty.

Major corporations enjoy the most favored company (MFC) status in quid pro quo.

Corporate owned media and political party run TV networks to control communication.

Free speech is a one way street with a dead end allowing only government to mislead muted audience. Ordinary citizens voices are muzzled and their advocates subject to government scrutiny. The system is fraudulently declared democracy while stifling republic status.

There is little or no tolerance to alternative perspectives and they are regarded a threat to authority.

As a result, freedom is under siege creating do or die situation. However, there is hope.

How can citizens free themselves from shackles?

Ordinary people in society are taxpayers, workers and consumers at large. Yet, average citizens are denied fair economic opportunity, income and social equality.

First, identify corporations behind government including companies and groups in disguise.

Then, remember you – the consumer possess the power towards Self-Empowerment.

Your decision to buy or avail products and services as end customer impact business.

Accordingly, boycott companies engaged in depriving your individual rights and economic progress.

Election reform is mandatorily required. Enforce ballot paper electoral process to prevent vote rigging and fraud witnessed time and time again in the so-called democratic elections.

Public mandate via referendum on public financing of election is the beginning. Setting election expenditure with strict limits and guidelines is critical. Similarly, demand political parties to disclose their donors and funders in public domain.

Set up cross verification process to confirm accuracy on political funding and voting. Political parties funding should be checked at all times and not just limited to election season. 

Reject political factions and candidates vying for public office as corporate agent.

Bar candidates with criminal records, serious civic violations and corruption charges.

These are preliminary steps towards freeing society from oligarchy and organizations run government.

Again, remind yourself and them that consumer is the ultimate authority determining success and failure of economy and politics.

Watch out for fake government critics launched on social media and main street to deceive public on factual events confirming democracy and constitution crises in society. The government organized pseudo semi-baked clowns are paid trolls to stymie genuine voice. Poor imitation is self-mockery and buffoonery of the paid performer. 

Audience exercising discernment in recognizing original from fakery dished out of bakery would be wise. 

Rise to the occasion and claim your liberty, the inalienable natural right of all beings in the world. 

Freedom is non-negotiable right of all citizens barring hierarchy and prejudice. 

Get started in Self-Empowerment to make this world a better place for all not selective few in society. 

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Auhtor & Presenter PadminiArhant.com



India – Assembly Election 2017

March 12, 2017

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United States – Facts vs. Fabrication

January 23, 2017

Padmini Arhant.
Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com. Spouse in Divine Mission.

United States – Facts vs. Fabrication

Padmini Arhant

The unnecessary tension between White House and media representing political establishment is a distraction and not in country’s interest. The exchange creates bad impression and skepticism on America’s democracy.

The election is over and the candidate of the other party (democrat) conceded in world view. Subsequently the Presidential inauguration confirmed the Presidency of Donald J Trump on January 20th, 2017.

The frivolous talk over crowd attendance on inauguration day to fill in 24/7 media slot clarifies media priority ignoring issues that are far more important and relevant than crowd statistics at a ceremonial event.

In 2009, there might have been large audience on inauguration day and at the same time there were also many who did not attend the event on that day.

Again, in 2013 the public presence was relatively smaller compared to 2009 regardless of re-election. The media and press divestment on accolades on Presidency that departed without delivering the hope and change promised disappointing electorate that was reflected consecutively in congressional election results since assuming term in office with failure to have democrats in majority in the House and Senate after 2008.  In other words, the democratic party was unable to sustain majority losing in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016.

Anything achieved in the first term between 2008 – 2016 was not without others intense labor and selfless commitment working without pay and monetary incentives to help the administration and the country at large in return for constant mockery and indignation.

Whenever press and media fail on objectivity and embark on myopic projection, democracy is subject to scrutiny.

The press reaction to my article referencing BBC unprofessional and unethical engagement although not the first time for the prominent British media and in this instance on the Delhi (Indian) gang rape victim to be at fault was slighted as something old and obsolete regurgitated many times over.

Juxtaposed cheering on the women’s march this past weekend on January 21st, 2017 highlighting the so-called movement tied to 2005 video release on then Presidential candidate Donald Trump remark replayed multiple times and spread worldwide despite apology from the candidate Donald Trump on the campaign trail.  

Unlike the unapologetic BBC and several profiteers in entertainment industry whether in the Unites States or India and anywhere unscrupulous marketing of theme and content in films and print disparaging womanhood under the guise of fiction speaks volume on hypocrisy.

As for political affairs, the leading news organizations  have responsibility towards responsible and accurate reporting given the resources, clout and dominance in the field.

The current headline on Trump administration abandoning Trans Pacific Partnership slated as the outgoing administration’s signature trade deal was already discarded by then administration due to lack of support in Congress which was confirmed months ago in the news reports by the same news organization that are now spinning the same topic.

With respect to any lawsuit on constitutional violation against the new President albeit on personal wealth, the issue attracts attention.

According to news report the counsels on this litigation are the advisers to former Presidents Barack H.Obama and George W.Bush – the predecessors legacy is testimony to the respect or the lack thereof towards constitution and constitutional rights in the introduction and continuation of act denying American citizens the right to legal representation prior to being killed on American soil like the young American Muslim targeted and shot on the alleged Yemeni conflict at ally Saudi Arabia’s behest during Barack Obama’s Presidency.

Likewise, constitution headed to the back burner under Bush and Cheney administration.

As for lying under oath or at any time that is something innate in politics, the ethics committee (CREW) rising to the occasion on all times and seeking accountability on every one of them would verify credibility.

The isolated action against the new administration while having overlooked the previous administrations numerous crimes amounting to treason and breach of public trust further demonstrates political motive.

The serious crimes like waging war under false pretext claiming the former President of Iraq Saddam Hussain had WMD only to be proved as mass deception with Halliburton headed by then Vice President Dick Cheney and cohorts profiteering on Iraq war.

The protagonists and agents behind 9/11 attack in the United States remain free and are regular guests on media.

The recent outgoing President Barack Obama administration Benghazi debacle, sponsoring terrorism protracting Syrian war spilling into Iraq and Lebanon, the falsehood on deceased Osama Bin Laden capture and eliminating Navy SEALS involved in that operation to withhold truth from the public and much more that are somehow not regarded misuse of power in office.

The commentators on television network are paid for their commentary and the same applies to political leaders’ role in the media.

The former speaker Newt Gingrich representing the Republican Party drawing comparisons between the present and past leadership overseas on political characteristics while not remembering own tenure as the anti-left and main opponent throughout former President Bill Clinton terms in office leading to impeachment of the President on Lewinski scandal is not surprising for politics with selective memory or amnesia.

When facts challenge fabrication, the exposure leads to disillusionment.

The law made applicable to all on transparency and constitutional compliance unlike pursuing one and exempting rest as happening now summarize political partisanship neglecting electorate will and America’s future.

America and the world deserve peace and progress for all.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spousal Partner Divine Mission












United States – Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2016

PADMINI ARHANT. Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com. Spousal Partner Divine Mission.

By Mrs. Padmini Arhant

Happy Thanksgiving!


I take the opportunity to thank the sun, the moon, the stars, the sky, the earth, air, oceans and seas, forests and mountains facilitating life on the planet.

I would like to thank the indigenous folksthe Native Americans, the first inhabitants in North America introducing the culture to express gratitude and in this instance to Mother Nature also Mother Earth for nurturing life through plentiful crops and orchards in the tradition following harvest that became Thanksgiving in the United States of America.

I thank the environmentalists protecting environment despite formidable challenges from industries and politics threatening ecological balance and planet sustenance for profitability with many species forced into extinction and humanity conditions increasingly deprived of clean air and pure water due to pollution and contamination.

In other fields, I thank the common citizens taking the time and effort to upload YouTube videos on diverse problems related to fixing things whether mechanical or technological and general glitches experienced in daily life helping fellow human beings to address them saving money and time for many through such assistance.

Keep up the good work in providing and sharing ideas and solutions to minor and major routine overload that often disrupts normal schedule. The voluntary free tips on many relevant life functionality is much appreciated.

I thank all those striving hard to make a difference in the world without ulterior motives and self-interest most importantly fame, fortune and glory.

The candidates winning and losing especially for the ones with high profile political life is premised on track record speaking louder than words and glorified editorials including powerful backing witnessed in the election campaign.

The candidate acknowledgment of own shortcomings and mistakes rather than ascribing blame or scapegoat anybody for failure would mark the humble beginning.

I thank the interns, the apprentice and those working in general office duties, the mail room in particular sorting and dispatching mail for proper delivery that could otherwise bring the entire business down and similarly production assistants enabling successful shows and programs regardless of meager pay and condescendence towards jobs and job doers in the work force. 

I thank the Housewives in America and worldwide for their culinary talent shining through in ordinary life and more so on special occasions.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner without arguments on the recent 2016 election results.

In not doing so, the turkey might jump out of the table and walk out alive much to your bewilderment. Haha!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Mrs.Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spousal Partner Divine Mission




United States – Quid Pro Quo in Politics and Presidential Race 2016

November 5, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

The White House is the Country Club with memberships exclusive to those from dynasty, super rich and others willing to oblige political campaign investors besides incognito permanent power holders representing secret society.

The election season nearing end, the electorate once again expected to cast ballots and fulfill the formality as their approval of the secret society pre-determined choice.

There is no longer the question of electability, propriety and integrity in politics with the political class held above law and accountability.

In the so-called democracy, the political family i.e. dynasty rein control over establishment and political apparatus undermining laws, rules and regulations that is otherwise enforced on citizens outside of political circle.

Politics premised on quid pro quo with back end deals and mutually benefitting agreements at electorate expense use electoral process to legitimize illegitimacy. The overwhelming majority running for public office become private and special interests’ envoy upon elected to power diligently carrying out campaign financiers and behind the scenes policy makers and strategists’ instructions in the political game.

The interesting factor in election is mainstream population – the ordinary people vote and the rich fund the campaign. While Super Pac and wealthy campaign investors’ every dollar translates into power for them, that is not the case for average voter.  His and her vote merely remains an expression of preference without importance.

In a way the public voting enables campaign funders and elected officials to declare political mandate as political capital to suit individual and selective entities goals.

The typical democracy would have election barring Super Pac and special interests influence as the highest bidders alongside providing opportunity for contenders without excess baggage and litany of charges related to abuse of authority and breach of public trust amounting to treason.

Apparently in contemporary politics, sex scandals and criminal involvements are measured differently with the former leading to indignation and expulsion whereas the latter granted immunity and favored to assume power.

As bizarre as it might be, the evidence based criminal engagements barely attracts flak and instead promoted as strong candidacy. This position in politics could perhaps explain shadow governance set up criteria – the more corrupt the better to advance cause woefully against country and citizens progress.

The candidacy with tarnished track record not barring blatant nuclear threat endangering life and planet survival in addition to having been in the center stage sponsoring and fostering violence through terror networks is hardly a matter of concern.

The notion that one political party’s hawkish stance is belligerence and the other party’s aggression and illegal warfare propagated as necessary involvement despite massive civilian casualties, refugee crisis, humanitarian, health and environment disaster verifies the state of affairs.

On the other side of the political aisle, contender’s next of kin as well as surrogates scripted role misleading voters during public speech is anything but honorable not to mention the intentional distortion accounts for desperate attempt to appease unscrupulous elements and destructive course.

Such performance is not useful serving neither the operative nor the source. On the contrary the contrived overture only confirms dysfunctional operation and complicity in mass deception let alone lend a voice to women and children – the easy targets in political pandering and duplicity.

Those who seek power on the political platform essentially trade electorate goodwill for personal and political gains in quid pro quo politics.

Time to wise up and recognize the situation where relevance to nonsense and no significance to substance persists to deflect citizens’ attention from real issues and global problems.

The day election offers worthy and deserving options, that would mark the dawn of democracy.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant












Political Game Debunked

October 23, 2016

Divine Power.
God Shiva - The Divine Power with
Padmini Arhant. Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com. Divine Mission.

Ladies and Gentlemen – It has been a while since an interview with prominent figures on this site. Today I present the prospect for all to be informed, entertained and enlightened in the interaction between Mr. Wise Au Fait and Mrs. Prudent Au Fait (pronounced Oh Fe French).

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the pleasure and honor to introduce the venerable, luminary, significant, phenomenal yet humble and the one and only Supreme entity Mr. Wise Au Fait.

Mrs. Au Fait – Mr. Wise Au Fait – Welcome to the domain padminiarhant.com.

Mr. Au Fait –My pleasure. Thank you for having me to interact with you and the rest of the world.

Mrs. Au Fait – How are you?

Mr. Au Fait  – I am fine. Thank you and How are you?

Mrs. Au Fait – I am well. Thank you.

The topic we are going to discuss in this program is Political Game.

Mrs. Au Fait What is really going on? United States is caught in election mania with one candidate having been affected by pneumonia that has not been entirely contained while the other subdued by sexophrenia.

Mr. Au Fait – Let me help your audience orient with the picture comprising artistes and contributors in diverse format.

As you appropriately titled the topic – Political Game, the plan and objectives ought to be understood by all – the people in particular as they are pawns in this Grand Chess Game.

Mrs. Au Fait  – you mentioned Chess. Do you care to clarify the origin of Chess considering speculations in this regard?

Mr. Au Fait  – Gladly. Chess originated from India going back to the time of epic Mahabharata when Lord Krishna as Lord Vishnu’s (the protector of universe) incarnate presented the preview of Kaliyuga or Kaliyug depicting the events now taking place in the dark age. Chess otherwise known at that time as chaturang (meaning adeptness and cleverness) and later interpreted as Shathranj. In Mahabharata chess game was critical behind events and the ultimate outcome.

Mrs. Au Fait – Thank you for that.

Mr. Au Fait – You are welcome.

Mr. Au Fait – What is really happening now is the people as electorate are audience and participants in the picture produced and directed by stakeholders of dysfunctional system in place.

What do you have in United States Politics?

Mrs. Au Fait – Well the two party system. The democrats and republicans claiming to have respective ideology and party platform.

Mr. Au Fait – Correct. There is citizenry as the system described as democratic even though democracy is a convenient access to modify thought process. People for various causes although some for self-interest and others towards common benefits are all considered a major hurdle by stakeholders i.e. investors in political campaigns reserving the rights on candidacy for profitable returns to sole advantage not barring incognito power – the permanent forces behind the system.

Accordingly, the stakeholders as you aptly refer to them as conglomerate and hegemony have devised the grand strategy to repeal democracy, election, faith i.e. religion in society, environment protection, peace and progress. The prime target is truth and facts based exposé.

What do you know. The plot thickens with the urgency to impose the undesirable as the perfect choice.

Mrs. Au Fait – How so? Could you please elaborate?

Mr. Au Fait  – Certainly.

In this game what needs to be recognized is relentless efforts are made to prove right as wrong, fictitious as factual and relevant made irrelevant.

After discounting everyone who came on board to play the scripted role in this election, the race came down to three people. 

The Republican contender Donald Trump and close friend of Clintons presumed to be representing the right wing, the Democrat contestant Hillary Clinton supposedly the left wing and even characterized as liberal and the third challenger Bernie Sanders positioned to be Independent but caucus with democrat so ran on democrat ticket.

The republican candidate slogan embarked on – Make America Great Again.

The democrat candidate launched her campaign on – Stronger Together along with latest catchphrase – ‘When They Go Low We Go High.’ – per advice from her friend Michelle Obama at the White House.

The other democrat candidate Bernie Sanders slogan was – A Future to believe in Not me, Us. Feel the Bern.

I guess in this context, Bernie did warn his fans not to believe in him given his limited role to quit the domain for the main character – hegemony and conglomerate envoy Hillary Clinton. Mind you this was meant to be a political revolution from Bernie Sanders. The followers were noted as Berners.

Mrs. Au Fait – So what happened?

Well the media and press stated – Trump runs and Hillary fires back when the result was the Berners sadly and predictably got burned out in the firing. Maybe Hillary Clinton firing aimed at any moving target not necessarily Trump alone conforming with her foreign policy.

Mrs.Au Fait – From what you are saying – Hillary is not only hilarious but also merciless.

Mr. Au Fait – hilarious is an understatement that is exemplified in her signature laughter. However, merciless linked to obsession with power.

Mrs. Au Fait  – What else?

Mr. Au Fait – Along the sidelines the stakeholders lined up lemonade stalls as they had to cover the base you see.

Mrs. Au Fait – Yes I see. You mean the token third party candidates on their payroll as well.

Mr. Au Fait  – Yes. Spot on.

The one assigned to be Libertarian Gary Johnson has Aleppo moments many times over to cliché prevalent ignorance in foreign affairs regarded United States personal matter.

The other candidate apparently representing Green Party Dr. Jill Stein with a medical degree is a regular feature to grab 1% vote and sabotage election to close the gap between two major contenders leaving the margin of error insignificant in the predetermined verdict. The interesting factor with this candidate is despite medical background in technology guided medicine, she makes comments like – Wi-Fi fries children brains prompting the remark – progressive is anti-science loon.

There you have it – the cast in the political drama to beguile voters –  the audience and partakers in the election.

Mrs. Au Fait – How exactly stakeholders aka the masterminds behind this not so genius political drama plan on achieving their goal?

Mr. Au Fait  –As I mentioned earlier the intention is to null and void election through pre-selected candidacy pledged allegiance to stakeholders’ scheme.

The electoral college system influenced to promote pre-selected candidate and dismiss popular vote validating invalidate electoral process in the name of democracy. Remember 2000 Presidential election – Gore v. Bush.

When you come to think of it, the candidates in the Presidential election from the beginning until now performed according to script and departed when required from the scene to let the electorate know the following;

The idea of Progressiveness is anything but viable and intelligent. 

Secondly, showcasing stakeholders’ candidacy democrat  in disguise Super Pac and establishment member Hillary Clinton as ideal regardless of disastrous track record.

The office of Presidency is auctioned every four years with highest bidders claiming greater stake and profitability. Similarly Congress every two years is subject to bidding with special interests, Super Pac and donors near and far throw their weight around candidacy for investment dividends.

Furthermore, in 2008 they switched gears to democrat candidate and managed to betray public trust advancing mission initiated in 2000 and 2004.

Since 2008 until now they pushed anti-republic domestic and foreign policy with the so-called democratic Presidency retaining members responsible for sub-prime mortgage crisis represented in Treasury department. The defense department spearheaded aggressive interventions through democratic administration.

The trajectory in the past eight years proves the camouflaged democrat is the preferred choice for stakeholders and hegemony to cancel election and concept of democracy.

The aim is to eliminate election and prolong own operatives and representatives appointment to the office of Presidency abrogating voters and mandate.

What you can see is unusual bipartisanship from Republicans willing to acknowledge pre-selected electoral consequence to the extent of many abandoning republican base in the lead up to colluding with stakeholders on their choice for democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The fact of the matter is those poised as democrats in Presidential race have become the favorite for stakeholders and hegemony due to convenience and ability to deceive electorate under the pretext as liberal and moderate to lure democratic and independent voters respectively besides disenchanted republican voters in the bully pulpit.

The truth is electorate from all sides are taken for ride and defrauded by the political coalition as republican and democrat alike including fringe parties, the third party.

The reality is there are no political parties anymore. There is only one faction committed to disenfranchisement with conglomerate and foreign entities run and controlled system for vested interests.

Politics has actors with scripted performance rewarded for treason and crimes against humanity with peace prize and immunity for life.

The establishment forbids opportunity to mainstream population in the fervor to continue undemocratic and unconstitutional trend upholding dynasty rule and privileged society diktat.

However, anything that violates suitable norm and tramples on millions of voters’ legitimacy is deemed defunct expediting archaic tradition termination.

People need to wake up and reject such custom and convention to restore republic rule.

Mrs. Au FaitMr. Wise Au Fait, I appreciate your invaluable insight and enlightenment.  I request your esteemed involvement in shedding light on womanhood currently exploited using unsuitable women folks in politics to disgrace gender sanctity for individual and secret society aspirations.

Mr. Au Fait – I look forward to that discussion with you – Mrs. Prudent Au Fait.

Mrs. Au Fait  – Thank you Mr. Wise Au Fait.

Mr. Au Fait – Thank you for having me to engage in this interesting conversation with you, Mrs. Prudent Au Fait and many around the world.


Now this brings the first segment on Political Game to end. The next topic on Political Game would focus on womanhood and designated role in women leadership poised to endanger life and global security through nuclear weapons and mass destruction.

Thank you all for your concentration and time.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


Rhapsody on Parody Part II

August 10, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

In my earlier segment I briefed on Parody.

The resistance to change to status quo is experimented with viral attacks on the public medium using all outlets at their disposal like movie, television and talk shows…anything and everything in print, visual and audio media through parody resulting in self-caricature.

The political theater is run at taxpayers’ expense with political opportunists wasting citizens’ money on theatrical charade.

Those who indulge in indignation of others in disagreement to any constructive proposals are obstructionists to progress. The operatives involved in different capacity are instrumental in this process. The inability to deal with reality arouse irrational thoughts and insipid performance from them.

Additionally, the customary tactics are also deployed with blatant threats such as reference to second amendment in the United States Bill of Rights once again revealing the real intent to keep constitution and the Bill of Rights as play book subverting the code and purpose.

There could be no denying that politics is dirty, ugly and downright brutal exemplified long ago going back to Roman days by Brutus and hence the term brutal in vernacular. The political players preach and practice violence. Corruption is the acceptable culture fostering criminality with no accountability.

Politics is the art of deception in superficial setting with courtesy and pleasantry displayed to beguile audience besides promises to move voters to the polls and the rest is history.

The saboteurs of change maintain the tradition to disparage and demonize entity committed towards development and peaceful existence benefitting all not the selective few represented in the establishment.

The trend is assassination and elimination of peace makers and peaceful resolutions to world problems.  War and mechanisms facilitating warfare such as terrorism in the present time is the preference among these forces unwilling to relent to peace and freedom.

These anti-humanity and anti-environment crusaders exist only for now sparing no thoughts about future. They believe in arming the world notwithstanding nuclear proliferation amongst key nuclear powers amid saber rattling on territorial disputes to establish supremacy.

The world has never been more dangerous than before with free access to weapons that includes nuclear components attributed to irresponsible politics and failed policy in the hope of end justifying the means that describes the prevalent mindset.

Money and ammunitions in human possession has weakened them undermining basic elements and values contrary to the belief that wealth and weapons means empowerment. Despite nuclear status and massive control on lives and livelihoods, they are insecure and fearful.

The hunger for power is intensified with fraudulent practice evident in elections that legitimize illegitimacy and unscrupulousness leading the way.

Could there be dawn to dispel darkness?

Never a time anything destructive could prolong with repeat failures and fractured system.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant










Immunity – War Crimes and Abuse of Power

July 9, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Terror and terrorism emanating from profiteers of violence with agenda to prolong status quo is the twenty first century war against peace and unity.

Politics seeped in corruption and criminality justified as the means to remain in power through elections that legitimize illegitimacy is the norm that fuels chaos and turmoil in the tumultuous era.

The institutions, private organizations and secret society run governments poised as champions of democracy while unseating democratically elected choices for proxies representing the ideology and dogma prevalent much to self-detriment.

The success through ballots in the so-called democracies is largely based on campaign finance and unscrupulous strategy allowing the undesirable and establishment nominees to acquire power. 

The electoral process is a platform misguiding the hungry and hopeless electorate in search for hope and change in life with the elected ultimately serving the campaign sponsors and economic stakeholders interest.

The incognito rule directing policies with representatives and agents in politics, economic sector, communication media and entertainment industry…not barring religious domain exemplify the state of affairs.

Any investigations and inquiry on wars clearly identifying the authorities misuse of power and cavalier approach would be effective and meaningful upon universal application of international law rather than selective incarceration and judgments witnessed time and again against Eastern Europe and African members targeted to convince the world on International Court of Justice role as UN body.

Furthermore, the nations proclaimed as democratic conducting probe on such matter utilizing tax payer funds could demonstrate serious commitment in advancing the inquest into indictments setting precedence to curb abuse of power and discretionary actions by the government claimed to represent the people.

Instead, the former and present chief executives are provided opportunity through media and surrogacy to self-exonerate on crimes against humanity rendering the independent or appointed committees’ arduous exercise futile to reinforce business as usual practice.

In any society that values democratic principles would hold every citizen accountable regardless of status for violation of laws and human rights reversing the paradoxical system.

The tradition granting immunity to political figures and celebrities on activities that would otherwise have legal repercussions for ordinary citizens is a vindication of crimes and criminal behavior adding insult to injury to victims and families in the apparent civil society.

The powerful forces aggression against powerless misinterpreting political mandate and operating without checks and balances in the increasingly cooperative and tolerant setting to blatant breach of electoral trust and sovereign integrity promotes carte blanche authority.

Unless the severity of damages in enabling counterproductive course and indulgence is addressed through mass consciousness predominantly affecting them, the path to destruction would continue under the pretext of pervasive benefit despite reality.

The mind invasions in the name of art and entertainment as well as every possible medium that attracts public attention are engaged for propaganda and illusive portrayal. 

Although the nuances are intended to tarnish images with the efforts in vain, the disclaimers conveniently used in defense to absolve them of possible legal consequence on character defamation and mendacity.

Again the noble and righteous would introspect and refrain from being part and parcel of contemptuous dealing.

The world’s progress is sustainable with law and order made applicable from top to bottom without exception rejecting exclusive privilege based on political and economic position.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



















Politics – Facts and Features

March 17, 2016

By Padmini Arhant


P – Pandering

O –Opportunism

– Lobby

–  Inconsistency

T –  Treason

–  Irony

C – Corruption

S –  Scandal


E – Embed

S – Superficial

T – Tactic

A –Acquiescence

B – Betray

L – Lunge

– Institution

S –Sinister

H –Haughty

M -Malfunction

E – Extol

N – Nepotism

T – Tradition


E – Evasion

L – Lambast

E – Elimination

C – Charlatan

T – Target

– Influence

O – Occasion

N – Nomination


V – Victim

O – Operation

T – Tragedy

E – Expiry 


F – Fraudulence

E – Enslavement

U – Usurp

D – Dominate

A – Accost

L – Larceny

I – Insolence

S – Severance

M – Malfeasance


P – Presumptuous

L – Ludicrous

U – Unscrupulous

T –  Tortuous

O – Obnoxious

C –  Covetous

R – Rapacious

A – Ambiguous

C – Capricious

Y – Yores


O – Observable

L –  Liable

I  –  Insatiable

G – Gobble

A – Actionable

R –  Rubble

C – Culpable

H – Horrible

Y – Yobbery 


C – Control

O – Obstacle

M – Masquerade

M –Muzzle

U – Unstable

N –Noticeable

– Impoverish

S –Struggle

M –Misery


S – Subversion

O– Omission

C– Commission

I– Invention

A- Adoption

L– Liquidation

I- Illusion

S– Simulation




A– Acquisition

P– Profitability

I– Insolvency

T-Tax Exemption


L –Liaison

I – Immunity

S – Securities

M– Merger 


T –Travesty

H –Hypocrisy

E – Eclipse

O –Opaque

C –Conflict

R –Religion

A – Aberration

C – Counterproductive

Y – Yet


I –Invalid


P –Pernicious

E –Empire

R -Ruthless

I – Insidious


L -Lofty

I -Incorrigible

S -Supremacy

M -Medieval 


M –Mendacious


N– Nefarious

O– Ostentatious

P– Pugnacious

O– Ominous

L– Lawless

Y– Yex


S – Superiority



C –Calamity

T– Treaty

I –Indiscretion



S -Suppression



I  -Indignation


L –Limitation

E –Exclusion

N –Notion

C – Cessation

E – Exception


R -Rage





C –Criminality

R -Rewarded

I – Idolized


E -Endorsement


J -Jeopardy

U -Upend

S -Sardonic

T -Trivialize

I -Impunity

C -Cronyism

E -Embarrassment


P -Proxy







M –Manipulation

E –  Exaggeration

D – Dramatization

– Indoctrination

A –Adulation


S -Symbolic

T -Tainted

A -Auspice

T -Trajectory


S -Secrecy

Q -Questionable

U -Unsustainable

O -Obsolete

The fundamental change in political structure and practice is imperative to experience positive outcome made possible by functional republic and uncompromising sovereign status.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant





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