Rhapsody on Parody Part II

August 10, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

In my earlier segment I briefed on Parody.

The resistance to change to status quo is experimented with viral attacks on the public medium using all outlets at their disposal like movie, television and talk shows…anything and everything in print, visual and audio media through parody resulting in self-caricature.

The political theater is run at taxpayers’ expense with political opportunists wasting citizens’ money on theatrical charade.

Those who indulge in indignation of others in disagreement to any constructive proposals are obstructionists to progress. The operatives involved in different capacity are instrumental in this process. The inability to deal with reality arouse irrational thoughts and insipid performance from them.

Additionally, the customary tactics are also deployed with blatant threats such as reference to second amendment in the United States Bill of Rights once again revealing the real intent to keep constitution and the Bill of Rights as play book subverting the code and purpose.

There could be no denying that politics is dirty, ugly and downright brutal exemplified long ago going back to Roman days by Brutus and hence the term brutal in vernacular. The political players preach and practice violence. Corruption is the acceptable culture fostering criminality with no accountability.

Politics is the art of deception in superficial setting with courtesy and pleasantry displayed to beguile audience besides promises to move voters to the polls and the rest is history.

The saboteurs of change maintain the tradition to disparage and demonize entity committed towards development and peaceful existence benefitting all not the selective few represented in the establishment.

The trend is assassination and elimination of peace makers and peaceful resolutions to world problems.  War and mechanisms facilitating warfare such as terrorism in the present time is the preference among these forces unwilling to relent to peace and freedom.

These anti-humanity and anti-environment crusaders exist only for now sparing no thoughts about future. They believe in arming the world notwithstanding nuclear proliferation amongst key nuclear powers amid saber rattling on territorial disputes to establish supremacy.

The world has never been more dangerous than before with free access to weapons that includes nuclear components attributed to irresponsible politics and failed policy in the hope of end justifying the means that describes the prevalent mindset.

Money and ammunitions in human possession has weakened them undermining basic elements and values contrary to the belief that wealth and weapons means empowerment. Despite nuclear status and massive control on lives and livelihoods, they are insecure and fearful.

The hunger for power is intensified with fraudulent practice evident in elections that legitimize illegitimacy and unscrupulousness leading the way.

Could there be dawn to dispel darkness?

Never a time anything destructive could prolong with repeat failures and fractured system.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant











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