United States – Facts vs. Fabrication

January 23, 2017

Padmini Arhant.
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United States – Facts vs. Fabrication

Padmini Arhant

The unnecessary tension between White House and media representing political establishment is a distraction and not in country’s interest. The exchange creates bad impression and skepticism on America’s democracy.

The election is over and the candidate of the other party (democrat) conceded in world view. Subsequently the Presidential inauguration confirmed the Presidency of Donald J Trump on January 20th, 2017.

The frivolous talk over crowd attendance on inauguration day to fill in 24/7 media slot clarifies media priority ignoring issues that are far more important and relevant than crowd statistics at a ceremonial event.

In 2009, there might have been large audience on inauguration day and at the same time there were also many who did not attend the event on that day.

Again, in 2013 the public presence was relatively smaller compared to 2009 regardless of re-election. The media and press divestment on accolades on Presidency that departed without delivering the hope and change promised disappointing electorate that was reflected consecutively in congressional election results since assuming term in office with failure to have democrats in majority in the House and Senate after 2008.  In other words, the democratic party was unable to sustain majority losing in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016.

Anything achieved in the first term between 2008 – 2016 was not without others intense labor and selfless commitment working without pay and monetary incentives to help the administration and the country at large in return for constant mockery and indignation.

Whenever press and media fail on objectivity and embark on myopic projection, democracy is subject to scrutiny.

The press reaction to my article referencing BBC unprofessional and unethical engagement although not the first time for the prominent British media and in this instance on the Delhi (Indian) gang rape victim to be at fault was slighted as something old and obsolete regurgitated many times over.

Juxtaposed cheering on the women’s march this past weekend on January 21st, 2017 highlighting the so-called movement tied to 2005 video release on then Presidential candidate Donald Trump remark replayed multiple times and spread worldwide despite apology from the candidate Donald Trump on the campaign trail.  

Unlike the unapologetic BBC and several profiteers in entertainment industry whether in the Unites States or India and anywhere unscrupulous marketing of theme and content in films and print disparaging womanhood under the guise of fiction speaks volume on hypocrisy.

As for political affairs, the leading news organizations  have responsibility towards responsible and accurate reporting given the resources, clout and dominance in the field.

The current headline on Trump administration abandoning Trans Pacific Partnership slated as the outgoing administration’s signature trade deal was already discarded by then administration due to lack of support in Congress which was confirmed months ago in the news reports by the same news organization that are now spinning the same topic.

With respect to any lawsuit on constitutional violation against the new President albeit on personal wealth, the issue attracts attention.

According to news report the counsels on this litigation are the advisers to former Presidents Barack H.Obama and George W.Bush – the predecessors legacy is testimony to the respect or the lack thereof towards constitution and constitutional rights in the introduction and continuation of act denying American citizens the right to legal representation prior to being killed on American soil like the young American Muslim targeted and shot on the alleged Yemeni conflict at ally Saudi Arabia’s behest during Barack Obama’s Presidency.

Likewise, constitution headed to the back burner under Bush and Cheney administration.

As for lying under oath or at any time that is something innate in politics, the ethics committee (CREW) rising to the occasion on all times and seeking accountability on every one of them would verify credibility.

The isolated action against the new administration while having overlooked the previous administrations numerous crimes amounting to treason and breach of public trust further demonstrates political motive.

The serious crimes like waging war under false pretext claiming the former President of Iraq Saddam Hussain had WMD only to be proved as mass deception with Halliburton headed by then Vice President Dick Cheney and cohorts profiteering on Iraq war.

The protagonists and agents behind 9/11 attack in the United States remain free and are regular guests on media.

The recent outgoing President Barack Obama administration Benghazi debacle, sponsoring terrorism protracting Syrian war spilling into Iraq and Lebanon, the falsehood on deceased Osama Bin Laden capture and eliminating Navy SEALS involved in that operation to withhold truth from the public and much more that are somehow not regarded misuse of power in office.

The commentators on television network are paid for their commentary and the same applies to political leaders’ role in the media.

The former speaker Newt Gingrich representing the Republican Party drawing comparisons between the present and past leadership overseas on political characteristics while not remembering own tenure as the anti-left and main opponent throughout former President Bill Clinton terms in office leading to impeachment of the President on Lewinski scandal is not surprising for politics with selective memory or amnesia.

When facts challenge fabrication, the exposure leads to disillusionment.

The law made applicable to all on transparency and constitutional compliance unlike pursuing one and exempting rest as happening now summarize political partisanship neglecting electorate will and America’s future.

America and the world deserve peace and progress for all.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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