United States – Quid Pro Quo in Politics and Presidential Race 2016

November 5, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

The White House is the Country Club with memberships exclusive to those from dynasty, super rich and others willing to oblige political campaign investors besides incognito permanent power holders representing secret society.

The election season nearing end, the electorate once again expected to cast ballots and fulfill the formality as their approval of the secret society pre-determined choice.

There is no longer the question of electability, propriety and integrity in politics with the political class held above law and accountability.

In the so-called democracy, the political family i.e. dynasty rein control over establishment and political apparatus undermining laws, rules and regulations that is otherwise enforced on citizens outside of political circle.

Politics premised on quid pro quo with back end deals and mutually benefitting agreements at electorate expense use electoral process to legitimize illegitimacy. The overwhelming majority running for public office become private and special interests’ envoy upon elected to power diligently carrying out campaign financiers and behind the scenes policy makers and strategists’ instructions in the political game.

The interesting factor in election is mainstream population – the ordinary people vote and the rich fund the campaign. While Super Pac and wealthy campaign investors’ every dollar translates into power for them, that is not the case for average voter.  His and her vote merely remains an expression of preference without importance.

In a way the public voting enables campaign funders and elected officials to declare political mandate as political capital to suit individual and selective entities goals.

The typical democracy would have election barring Super Pac and special interests influence as the highest bidders alongside providing opportunity for contenders without excess baggage and litany of charges related to abuse of authority and breach of public trust amounting to treason.

Apparently in contemporary politics, sex scandals and criminal involvements are measured differently with the former leading to indignation and expulsion whereas the latter granted immunity and favored to assume power.

As bizarre as it might be, the evidence based criminal engagements barely attracts flak and instead promoted as strong candidacy. This position in politics could perhaps explain shadow governance set up criteria – the more corrupt the better to advance cause woefully against country and citizens progress.

The candidacy with tarnished track record not barring blatant nuclear threat endangering life and planet survival in addition to having been in the center stage sponsoring and fostering violence through terror networks is hardly a matter of concern.

The notion that one political party’s hawkish stance is belligerence and the other party’s aggression and illegal warfare propagated as necessary involvement despite massive civilian casualties, refugee crisis, humanitarian, health and environment disaster verifies the state of affairs.

On the other side of the political aisle, contender’s next of kin as well as surrogates scripted role misleading voters during public speech is anything but honorable not to mention the intentional distortion accounts for desperate attempt to appease unscrupulous elements and destructive course.

Such performance is not useful serving neither the operative nor the source. On the contrary the contrived overture only confirms dysfunctional operation and complicity in mass deception let alone lend a voice to women and children – the easy targets in political pandering and duplicity.

Those who seek power on the political platform essentially trade electorate goodwill for personal and political gains in quid pro quo politics.

Time to wise up and recognize the situation where relevance to nonsense and no significance to substance persists to deflect citizens’ attention from real issues and global problems.

The day election offers worthy and deserving options, that would mark the dawn of democracy.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant













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