Pakistan – Democracy under Siege

June 20, 2012

By Padmini Arhant

United States and ally England once again adopt undemocratic tactics and this time around in the Indian sub-continent against Pakistan.

The western trio U.S., England and Israel imperialistic desire and far-fetched ambitions for global conquest through military intervention is no secret considering the deadly imprint throughout history continued until now with Blood River flowing across Middle East and massacres in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Pakistan has been the battleground for architects behind ill-fated PNAC (Project for New American Century) to start world war III gaining strategic advantage against emerging economies India, China and Russia subsequent to launching attacks on Iran.

Although India at present made to believe the United States ally analogous to the impression created with Pakistan not long ago in the so-called war on terror,

The western troika relation with allies is well known even among them such as Israel attack on USS Liberty killing U.S. marines in the absence of remorse or apology and England as well as Israel collusion in 9/11 attack.

Outside – former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, CIA trained and Bush family friend Osama Bin Laden, ex-Libyan President Colonel Gaddafi, Pakistani dictatorship General Pervez Musharraf, clinically pronounced dead Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak – are just few examples to confirm trustworthiness or the lack thereof in the extraordinary alliances only to be betrayed at the critical hour.

United States infiltration in Pakistan deploying mercenaries like Blackwaters aka XE services, paramilitary, CIA personnel on the ground with persistent drone strikes was legitimately condemned and resisted by democratically elected Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani unlike the predecessor and western partner General Musharraf or the contemporary agent in political opposition.

Pakistan had become thorn on the side for western powers when Prime Minister Gilani raised serious objection to United States occupation utilizing Shamsi air base to shower drones,

Conducted deceptive Abbottabad raid resurrecting the long dead U.S. friend and foe Osama Bin Laden for political scores aimed at Barack Obama’s re-election to second term having miserably lost in the mid-term election in 2010 and Gubernatorial race as well reflecting then incumbent Barack Obama administration failures and,

Surpassing all events was the unapologetic NATO assault on 24 Pakistani soldiers in the Salala outpost.

Accordingly, Pakistan Army Chief Ashfaq Parvez Kayani issued shooting order on foreign air attacks following U.S. led NATO aggression in 2011.

The ramifications resulted in U.S. and Pakistan standoff and NATO supply routes blockade.

Furthermore, the incumbent President Barack Obama administration and United States Congress in the House and Senate reacted with aid withdrawal on Pakistan court decision sentencing Dr. Shakil Afridi reportedly hired by United States in scandalous Abbottabad mission – the dubious operation demanding unadulterated American investigation to avoid dangerous precedence in the abuse of executive power.

Whereas Pakistan judiciary claimed Dr. Afridi was on trial for alleged treason in Baluchistan secessionist movement.

The murder of Pakistan soldiers and nearly 40,000 civilians since U.S. invasion along north western borders of Waziristan and urban suicide bombings justifiably caused Islamabad to take a firm stance and,

Prime Minister Gilani expressed disapproval by declining to attend U.S. hosted Bonn summit in 2011.

In another instance, United States spy and CIA operative Raymond Davis shot down two unarmed civilians identified as farmers in the market and President Barack Obama administration warned Pakistan against prosecution or any legal action granting Mr. Davis diplomatic impunity irrespective of the crime committed in public view.

Concurrently United States Republican member at the House from California Dana Tyrone Rohrabacher introduced a bill on Baluchistan recognizing the State Union in Pakistan as an independent nation.

The unconstitutional showmanship arguably sparked anti-American sentiments in Pakistan and the Congressman action widely criticized for unnecessary provocation.

Ironically the self-proclaimed fiscal conservatives in U.S. Congress usually in the front line to filibuster legislation on funding programs benefitting American citizens and veterans squandered taxpayer dollars in the unwanted session.

Then onwards U.S. and Pakistan relationship precipitously deteriorated with United States escalating violence in all fronts on Pakistani soil with utter disregard for Pakistan’s sovereignty and,

Meanwhile U.S. State department wasted no opportunity with direct interference in Pakistan’s internal political affairs utilizing loyalists and servitudes to western powers within Pakistan’s diplomatic and political circle for removal of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani from office and government destabilization.

United States and England constant meddling in Pakistan rocking the first viable democracy in that nation with reprehensible practices like bribes, blackmail, drones, nuclear threats not only for surrender of sovereignty but also appeasement denied under Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani.

The political maneuvering with Supreme Court abrupt disqualification of incumbent Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani also linked to western crafted corruption case against the son of present Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry prompting judicial verdict against western targeted leadership in the typical divide and conquer strategy not barring pressure on compliance to external intrusion – a trend in vogue for Washington to spread mayhem in the Indian sub-continent.

The outcome in Pakistan politics is counterproductive for United States with troops stationed in Pakistan’s backyard alongside jeopardizing safety of U.S. espionage members and contractors scattered across the nation.

Pakistan volatility also facilitates hegemony to exploit vulnerabilities displayed among spotlight starved failed opposition member with strong western ties exacerbating crisis for personal goals.

Notwithstanding spill over extending beyond boundary to complicit government in New Delhi administered by Washington on domestic matter including cabinet appointments depicting colonial era – Master – slave establishment.

Pakistan population could unanimously confront the western orchestrated political setbacks to deter progress in any dimension.

The western objective to subjugate Pakistan as a failed state and terror haven – a common reference in the media representing western authoritarian belief all too convenient to prolong warfare experimenting newly manufactured artillery and technology on scores of innocent civilians in rural and tribal areas of the country.

Additionally, terror recruitments a by-product of foreign dominance would always serve the purpose in the militarization of Indian sub-continent and Central Asia threatening the ultimate adversaries China and Russia.

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani provided direction and consistently pursued peace on every occasion with western characterized ‘arch nemesis’ India and Afghanistan apart from neighbors in the region.

The government under Prime Minister Gilani was inclusive transcending gender and ethnicity – the premise for territorial hungered powers triggering sectarian conflict wherever possible.

Pakistan’s future is dependent on defending national interest prohibiting overseas influence and local opportunists capitalizing the moment for political gains lacking in vision and solutions to myriad problems confronting the beleaguered state.

Accepting the status quo is reminiscent of western coup d’état in Iran that toppled the democratically elected head of the state – DR. Mohammad Mossadeq for his commitment to democracy free of western coercion.

Pakistan being a sovereign state need not succumb to prevalent development and instead exemplify resilience against all challenges with reinstatement of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani.

Prime Minister Gilani stood for PPP (Pakistan’s People Party) until the last minute to preserve democratic system from cracking and unscrupulous elements at the political helm from abroad aimed at Pakistan’s fragmentation used the fragility to embark on sacrificial ritual.

The Swiss bank accounts do not pertain to Prime Minister Gilani and the circumstances for conviction as contempt of court despite defense counsel’s elaborate evidence based facts presented on the accused behalf exposes inherent weaknesses and flaws undermining judicial law in the highest court on land.

In this context, the earlier regime widely regarded as the western puppet General Pervez Musharraf offshore accounts especially US $10 billion aid per western sources as incentive to invade Pakistan somehow not raised by Pakistan political rivals in the accountability fervor.

Perhaps the western backed dissent in judiciary and polity against leader Gilani apprehensive about drawing national focus on General Musharraf treasure cove given their harrowing experience as political prisoners during the military rule.

Pakistan is at the crossroads to either remain steadfast in rallying behind Yousuf Raza Gilani leadership epitomizing courage integrity and proven track record in moving the nation forward and above all preventing foreign incursion or resign to perpetual turmoil compromising freedom and economic prospects to satisfy supremacists usurpation.

Hopefully rationality and prudence will triumph in the acknowledgment of genuine leadership.

Best Wishes to Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and people of Pakistan in endeavors that guarantee peace and success to the nation at large.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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