Korea – Peace Talks and Winter Olympics

January 9, 2018

Korea – Peace Talks and Winter Olympics

Padmini Arhant

The latest official gesture on Tuesday between North and South Korean officials to thaw relations is a positive sign welcoming peace in the Korean peninsula. The initiatives on both sides impetus the Korean population interest and security having been subject to unnecessary skirmishes and nuclear threats so far.

North and South Korean leaderships focus on persistent diplomacy and peaceful dialogue distancing from any advice or notions for overt or covert military intrusion to disrupt peace activity would demonstrate both nations resolve to rise above violent means and adopt direct communications and meaningful negotiations between two states sharing strong family ties and mutual economic development.

Meanwhile, the U.S. officials in Washington as behind the scenes actors and warfare proponents largely responsible for mayhem and chaos wherever possible whether Middle East, Ukraine or North Korea abandoning the repeat failed and flawed strategy to ignite hostility is not only beneficial to target nations but also help United States in moving away from destructive course.

These individuals, unknown to American public yet instrumental in ruining United States image and ability to allow peaceful resolutions of conflicts are the biggest threat to national and international peace and security. The current proposal from these officials to strike North Korean facility coining the term bloody nose strategy to provoke response from North Korea expecting such attempt would not erupt into full blown confrontation not barring nuclear option is at best delusional and at worst provocative.

The intent among these officials to disrupt and deviate the peace talks to combat mode describes their fixation on violence, deaths and destruction for which they are fully responsible and never ever held accountable so the trend continues with no respect for lives in general.

Accordingly, nations bearing the brunt of such reckless policy relevantly South and North Korea averting the possibility of any foreign military intervention to sabotage peace efforts between them would be wise and further exemplify the respective leaderships determination to defend sovereignty and commitment to protect Korean lives on either side.

North Korean athletes and cheering squad participation in the upcoming Winter Olympics without heeding to any foreign distractions alongside pursuing continuous peaceful dialogue with counterparts in South Korea would enable important issues like Korean family reunion and revival of Kaesong industrial complex that are essential for Korean citizens social and economic progress.

As for those touting wars and aggressions ignoring consequences despite trajectory on devastations inflicted on humanity with thousands of lives killed and millions forced into refugee status and their fate shattered is no laughing matter.

Those floating such ideas like bloody nose engagement with North Korea amid peaceful exchanges between North and South Korea evidently have vested interests at the Korean and the entire Asian regions expense. The lack of maturity among such groups permanently serving every U.S. administration is a travesty of intellect and rationality in treating military actions as nothing more than virtual game or simulation effects slighting serious ramifications.

The world is tired of turmoil and constant tensions with innocent lives targeted for regime change and other political, economic and strategic goals that were never viable and nonetheless maintained to exert dominance. The sane approach would be to refrain from harming peaceful process and instead appreciate the prospects of nations moving towards reconciliation rather than retaliation.

I convey my best wishes to North and South Korean leaderships and officials involved in transforming polarization in Korean relations to amicable partnerships prioritizing Korean citizens unity, economic needs and security.

I also wish success in hosting Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission


United States – President’s Day 2017

February 16, 2017

PADMINI ARHANT. Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com. Spousal Partner Divine Mission.

By Padmini Arhant

The office of Presidency is a powerful position as the chief executive and commander-in-chief of the military in the nation.  Power comes with responsibility and ability to manage and maintain stability without compromising unity, peace and progress.

There is no doubt that politics pose challenges in many ways due to political, ideological and fundamental reasons except recognizing common grounds to build the nation for the benefit of all rather than selective few in society.

In the United States – the two political parties as Republicans and Democrats resigned to conservatism and liberalism with moderate position on both sides often bridging the gap in the otherwise political tussle on most legislations make governance nearly impossible. Lately media role exacerbates the condition. 

Not to mention the internal and external influence on government through lobby, campaign financing and think tanks policy disenfranchise electorate post-election.

Regardless of administrations whether republican or democrat, the political favors are exchanged between all three government branches viz. the executive, legislative and judiciary members and big donors behind candidacy. In politics, the tradition expanded for self and vested interests hindering necessary developments in the country.

The problem lies in the absence of accountability and collusion to protect one another exempting those involved in violations from facing charges that are normally enforced on ordinary citizens and others not in the exclusive club.

The polarization in society with the rule of law binding on all citizens while the lawmakers, government members and their affiliates, associates or anyone remotely linked to them not affected by such laws or ethics despite numerous breaches raise serious questions about the system declared as democracy.

Presidency with executive orders is misunderstood as privilege meant for misuse and administrations in the past and present misinterpret the purpose as extrajudicial power at their disposal that creates unnecessary tension and confusion.

There is one thing about campaign promises to attract political base and segments with belief on any issue in the contentious elections even when that leads to lofty and controversial aspirations and then the other dealing with practicality of fulfilling them upon assuming office.

As a result, the campaign strategy drawn on extraordinary goals to win elections fall short on mechanisms and means to deliver the election motivated pledge.

The newly elected administration headed by President Donald Trump signed executive orders on immigration and building the wall among several others might be prompted in adherence to personal convictions over due diligence. 

On the immigration matter – deportation of families with many having United States born children as dependents is not a rational measure and continuation of the earlier administration approach in this regard would prove alignment on ill-conceived exercise.

President Donald Trump professional background related to real estate and hospitality industry with immigrant workers contributing to business success is the reality that other businesses and companies deserve to boost economic growth understandably the President’s immediate priority.

The dynamics utilizing diverse skills and orientation that immigrants offer in different capacity instrumental in advancing macroeconomic prospects and international trade.

Any apprehensions on immigrants depriving American work force arise from businesses seeking higher profitability at lower cost of operation and simultaneously remaining competitive in the global market.

Many factors such as taxes, business incentives and employment structure for various categories would create better opportunity to maximize productivity in manufacturing and service sector.

The proposal to build the wall for border security is not prudent considering the scope of the project, the investment and effectiveness could drain resources with little or no impact on the intended course.

Instead President Donald Trump focus to ease trade relations with neighbors like Mexico and prevent arms sales to drug cartels responsible for violence forcing local population to leave their territory in search of safety and economic security would be far more viable in addressing the cause.

In terms of the recently confirmed EPA appointment of the former Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt has received well founded concerns and reservations with EPA role to save environment from relentless abuse with energy and automobile industry resistance to contain contamination, pollution and carbon emission threatening life and ecosystem at a rapid pace.

Environment protection agency (EPA) lacking in appropriate guidelines and enforceable options defeats the objectives for federal agency as oversight monitoring and preserving the environment shared by the entire nation and the world at large.

Accordingly, the incoming director Scott Pruitt justifying the post with actions favorable to environment like clean air and water are vital that would alleviate health hazards cutting costs on health care for many suffering from preventable illness in addition to promoting well-being for all.

Without healthy environment, wealth and prosperity is unsustainable and meaningless in the event of increasing environment woes endangering life and habitat.

As for other executive rules from the current administration, the topic will resume elaborating the pros and cons to evaluate the risks and recovery process.

Peace o all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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 Politics – Public Service or Gold Mine?

By Padmini Arhant

Choosing political career and joining the government would be normally considered a sense of duty to serve constituents, district, state, nation and the world at large.

The meaning of Public Service leading to the term public servant is regarded derogatory by members in government. Instead the designation preference is authority and powerful entity or lawmakers even when they are lawbreakers with no respect for the rule of law and ethics they enforce on citizens of the state.

Not surprisingly, the recruits in the administration are usually the ones committed to not necessarily serving the nation but the head of the administration and in most instances the spouse in particular.

How does one explain the wealth acquisition among White House staff with annual salary $172,200 and upon exit at the end of the term their net worth is millions of dollars? The same would apply to members of Congress as well.

Are they all born with silver spoon and pledged to serve the country?

In that case, shouldn’t they bequeath their wealth alleviating economic disparity?

Unless, the situation is other way around.  The primary purpose is to make hay when the sun shines and in politics it happens rain or shine – the perennial season.

How about the administration using IRS to intimidate political opponents or organizations for partisan agenda?

While protecting administration members in serious violation of tax evasions and tax fraud.

The administration of the former President Barack Obama hired White House Staff have done remarkably well considering the Hope and Change platform enabling the victory in 2008.

Synopsis on public service guaranteed wealthy status.

In 2012, the ex-President Barack Obama White House members on annual salary $172,200 or more net worth were as follows within three years of service in the administration and exponential rise towards the second term. 

Susan Rice – $20 million plus

Valerie Jarrett – $3.3 million to $13 million

Christopher Lu – $2.3 million and $5.2million

David Plouffe – $3.6 million

Jay Carney – $3.2 million

Dan Pfeiffer –   $2.1million

Just a few names among several for whom politics apparently is a gold mine.

No wonder the selective choices effectively compete in the gold rush.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission


Politics and Media Relations

By Padmini Arhant

How does Politics manage media relations?

Through wedding and pre-nuptial agreement. Marry media and bury the hatchet. 

In the former President Barack Obama administration – the media relation, a family affair. 

ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, former National Security Adviser in former President Barack Obama administration – This explains the ex-NSA Susan Rice sweep and mop strategy  in misleading American public on Benghazi scandal. 

CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Barack Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications – Master stroke not to report on Ben Rhodes email elaborating coverup on Benghazi debacle.

ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney.

ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary.

ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood.

CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to Hillary Clinton’s former Deputy Secretary Tom Nides – No wonder there was all praise regardless of Benghazi, private email server and political excess baggage. 

Is this not a conflict of interest?  

Who is to report when the source outsourced to serve political interest.

Politics and cronyism evolved to become inseparable entity defending any indefensible position.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission


United States – The Parallels and Paradoxical Judgment

By Padmini Arhant

Whenever the wheels of justice are out of alignment and spin off breaking the trust and aspirations for fair outcome, the system collapse.

Politics in control of judiciary with judicial nominations and appointments stemming from the source responsible for diverse violations and constitutional breach cannot be expected to deliver justice.

Similarly, media and press along with entertainment industry directed to embellish and exaggerate performance of one administration while hold the other in extreme contempt clarifies the apparatus beyond repair.

There are many issues that are raised now were not pursued with prevalent zeal during previous administrations unspeakable crimes and undemocratic means exercising extrajudicial power in the executive branch.

Notwithstanding the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s defiance to secrecy on private email server and hacking domestic and foreign governments officials email and phones besides toppling democratic leaderships for perpetual chaos and unrest.

The advocates of democracy and liberalism or republican conservative values together with the so-called progressives and independents dismayed at current state of affairs originated long before and worsened thereafter possibly lost in memory lane.

Since twenty first century onset in the face of coordinated and coalesced 9/11 attack for preemptive aggressions against nations in the Project for New American Century (PNAC), the quest to deplete United States economy and foreign land resources never ceased.

Then the administration of hope and change arrived in 2008 intensifying the ill-conceived foreign policy and domestic woes that are misquoted as positive accomplishments.

In fact, the recently departed administration could get away with more of the same as the predecessor inflicting damages and magnifying problems at home and abroad.

Bush-Cheney administration introduced Islamophobia under the guise of national security was maintained by Barack Obama administration.

The President name Barack Hussain Obama was not acknowledged as a Muslim heritage and insisted on having nothing to do with Islam.

The Bush-Cheney infamous Guantanamo Bay and activities such as renditions including abductions for overseas detentions denying habeas corpus diligently pursued under former President Barack Obama administration.

The State department under former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton organized coups in Latin America, Egypt, Thailand and Ukraine not barring Syrian peace accord sabotage at every opportunity from the certified   democrat experiencing defeat in the 2016 Presidential election attributed to bizarre speculations except the candidate’s flawed trajectory.

The fact check on ex-President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could very well be slighted and lampooned through surrogates and talking heads in different form and shape. 

However, the administration’s egregious decisions sponsoring terrorism with funding, arming and training terror networks evolving into ISIS and direct involvement leading to irreversible loss of lives and destruction of innocent civilians’ future forced into refugee status are not laughing matter.

Congressional hearing on Benghazi scandal scoffed instead of admitting dereliction of duty on preventable fatalities of former U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and intelligence officials showing little or no respect for life in general.

In the same manner, the massive cover up on Abbotabad mission claiming victory in the killing of the deceased Osama Bin Laden and systematic elimination of Navy SEALS deployed in that operation under Barack Obama Presidency is all too sensitive for free speech condemnations audible at the moment.

The Presidency of Barack Obama foreign policy accelerated economic sanctions against countries identified as adversary.

Notably embargo impact citizens of the sanctioned nations depriving them from essentials like food, medicines and various items that are imported from other regions. The action is far more debilitating given the scarcity and lack of access contributing to slow and painful deaths of children, women and elderly suffering from chronic disease.

Yet sanctions are passionately endorsed at UNSC as the ideal choice to contain nations that are not in agreement with unreasonable demand from major powers exerting control over world population.

The troop withdrawals in Iraq was redeployed in the outskirts of Baghdad and Mosul while the remaining were dispatched to Afghanistan extending the occupation in the war torn nation indefinitely without any respite from shelling and carnage.

Asia Pacific encountered Pivot Asia strategy under Barack Obama administration with provocative maneuvers escalating tension in that part of the world.

Under Barack Obama PresidencyAfrica was lot easier to be militarized with drones, military bases and weapons cache to rebels protracting civil wars and interventions like in Sudan splitting the largest North African nation into Sudan and South Sudan with never ending conflict.

In south Asia, Barack Obama administration authorized predator drones in Muslim countries Pakistan and Afghanistan chasing men, women and children from their humble dwellings banned existence in their homeland in the irony on protest to Muslim travel ban now. The drone targeted east African Muslim country Somalia as well.

Middle East transformed into perennial turmoil with overt supply of arms and ammunitions to terror factions relocated from Libya and Afghanistan.

The middle east peace process consistently stifled with the administration’s veto at UNSC amid authorizing U.S. tax fund $38 billion dollars to Israel’s military aid over ten years beginning in middle of 2016 despite Israel’s contentious settlement activity.  Any tail end gesture with abstinence at UNSC highlights duplicity.

The blood rivers in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Yemen enabled in the military and financial assistance to terror outfits and dictatorial regimes in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and lackeys viz. Turkey leadership Recep Tayyip Erdogan obliging Barack Obama administration instruction to provide shelter to terror recruits defined as moderate terrorists against Syria.

Nuclear proliferation amongst prominent nuclear powers expanded with subterranean nuclear testing under water and overland carried out unabated in the same breadth criticizing other nations nuclear ambitions aimed at deterrence as dangerous and contemptuous.

The former President Barack Obama came to power with Super Pac funding and mega donations from Goldman Sachs and big wigs in Wall Street. 

The administration had cabinet members like Larry Summers who quit midway in the first term and Timothy Geithner unapologetic tax evasions heading Treasury in the second term.  These individuals profile were well known as Wall Street bankers. Likewise, the other key posts from Defense to Commerce and Justice were not mainstream category either.

The corruption charges against former Attorney General Eric Holder declining to show any interest in Wall Street bankers and financial institutions mortgage fraud among several other findings on unlawful practices confirms the revolving door between Wall Street and Washington.

Accordingly, the tradition of exchanging favors following political win judiciously continued under Barack Obama Presidency evidently erased from media and loyalists database.

Barack Obama administration domestic policy – the Bush tax cuts to wealthy were preserved burdening the middle class and actual tax payers in the economy.

On health care reformObamacare imposition of mandatory insurance subscription with penalty upon failure to comply is a bonanza to health insurance industry gaining 30 million subscribers through legislation.

Financial reform – Dodd – Frank act leaving several loopholes to satisfy Wall Street bankers requirements and incorporating former Federal Reserve Chairman and Bilderberg group elite member Paul Volcker rule was not entirely an effective measure to restrict financial institutions from conducting business as usual.

Not to mention Senator Chris Dodd and Vice President Joe Biden as well as some republican lawmakers’ family affiliation as Wall Street lobbyists compromising any regulations and enactment.

Furthermore, the formidable 1933 Glass Steagall Banking Act long regarded an obstacle for Wall Street private endeavors was repealed in 1999 during democrat Bill Clinton administration paving way for successor Republican George W. Bush administration carte blanche authority resulting in 2008 recession and housing market debacle.

In this context, the Obama Affordable Housing Act continues to mislead homeowners ending in foreclosures than necessary relief in home retention critical to protect housing market and job creations in construction industry.

EnvironmentBarack Obama and Hillary Clinton scuttled Copenhagen COP 15 treaty exacerbated environmental challenges for developing countries and island nations bearing the brunt on unusual weather conditions that are not addressed in Paris climate pact.

Social Issues – Regardless of clamor and denials, the rise in African American deaths under Black Presidency is an irrefutable reality. Additionally, the unemployment and homelessness amongst blacks compared to other racial demography increased in the absence of specific program to improve the disadvantaged situation.

There is one aspect of law enforcement clashes with black citizens and then the other black mistreatment by Black Presidency demonstrated in the Secret Service and Washington D.C. Police fired bullets at unarmed civilian – the young black mother Miriam Iris Carey with her thirteen months old daughter Erica in the back seat on October 3rd, 2013 at the White House doorstep is reprehensible.

Subsequently refusing the victim’s family request to allow the child to attend her mother’s funeral could only be interpreted as power corrupts human mind and absolute power endanger safety and security of anyone not within the circle.

Then on July 19, 2010 African American citizen Shirley Sherrod, Director, Georgia State Rural Department for United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) was a casualty of political expediency.

Shirley Sherrod was unfairly fired by President Barack Obama in reaction to Fox News aired doctored videotape.

Troy Anthony Davis the African American executed on September 21, 2011 in the southern state of Georgia through lethal injection that could have been averted with a Presidential pardon then reversing the trend on history repeating itself in reminiscent of plantation era.

On the topic of billionaires flocking the present administration, that should not be a surprise considering money and politics are intertwined with one aiding another and vice versa.

The media frenzy on the new administration representation with billionaires obviously neglects the important factor about the previous administration entry into White House with maxed out credit cards and exit with phenomenal bank balance and offshore accounts qualifying membership in billionaire club.

Politics double standards are nothing new. Nonetheless the ex-President Barack Obama message to homeowners losing their homes was one should live within means and not exceed affordability.  Although the advice for any other item would be appropriate, the investment in home for living would be evaluated on sustainability.

Interestingly the same was not applied to President and family extravagant vacations at taxpayer expense to a tune of $100 million on a single African Safari trip when the rest of the country was struggling to make ends meet in the sluggish economy at that time.

To summarize Barack Obama Presidencythe proof of the pudding is in the eating and aptly reflected in the elections 2010 to 2016 not excluding the unsuccessful Summer Olympic bid for 2016 in Chicago.

The administration legacy espousing violence and shunning transparency exemplified in the emergence of ISIS and downward spiraling in humanitarian cause for a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Too good to be true on campaign trail perhaps proved to be as such.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Russia – Hegemony Trump Card To Rescue Imminent Imperialism Decline

March 17, 2014

By Padmini Arhant

(The Article Presented with Addendum in blue highlight).

The Syndicate doctrine is two sides of the coin – heads and tails designed to favor the shadow power. 

The premise prominent in political campaign viz. United States and similar proxy governance worldwide to suit hegemony agenda. 

Hegemony latest tactic involves pseudo opposition to Washington primarily to convince the world as challenger to status quo.

However in reality the cooperation between major powers – Washington and Moscow in this context are locked steps on all major issues invariably leading to anchored goals for strategic dominance.

Since Russian President Vladimir Putin assumed formal position as head of the Russian Federation following election in 2012, the Russian authority decisions on international crises arguably met hegemony satisfaction.

They are enumerated according to global events in recent memory.

1.  North Korea – UNSC Resolution imposed economic sanctions against North Korea. The five permanent members viz. United States, Britain, France, Russia and China unanimously voted to exacerbate North Korean population suffering in the Korean peninsula. 

2. Mali – UNSC Resolution on France invasion of the West African nation, Mali – Again all members along with EU approved military aggression and Moscow providing logistic support in the operation.

3. Central African Republic –  UNSC Resolution on France troop deployment in Central African Republic – Russia and counterparts authorized Resolution 2127 mandating military intervention.

4. SyriaRussia honoring EU, United States and allies arms embargo on Syria withheld prepaid military consignment especially S-300 despite for exclusive defensive purpose.

The measure consequently facilitated more than two Israeli air strikes laden with nuclear component targeting Syrian scientific and research center as well as other interests near and around the capital, Damascus in 2013 notwithstanding many casualties and infrastructure destruction.

5. Syria – Moscow initiated agreement with Washington yielded Israel, United States and Saudi Arabia aspired chemical weapons disarmament from Syria without multilateral enforcement on real perpetrators i.e. the sponsors of terrorism and five chemical attacks in the war torn nation. 

6. Iran – Russia in compliance with Untied States and Israel’s objection indefinitely postponed S-400 delivery to Iran regardless of the latter advance payment on the deal. 

7. Russia –  On 20 December 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin pardoned oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky at EU and Israel’s behest.   The oligarch held on corruption charges visited Israel soon after release from prison to reconnect with business associates from the previously owned oil corporation Yukos for revival.

8. Russia –  Kremlin’s tolerance or the lack thereof to free speech surfaced in disguise with suppression of alternative press in the otherwise predominant state owned or represented broadcast media. 

Synonymously on social trend whether federal response to undocumented immigrants in Moscow or anti-gay rights movement upends democratic prospects in the failure to guarantee pervasive fairness and equality in society.

9. JordanRussian aummition supply to Jordan – one of the key players enabling terror networks operation against Syria not necessarily considered conflict of interest ignoring subsequent provision to mercenaries for easy access.

10.  Egypt – Hegemony instruction to Washington to suspend military aid to interim government in Cairo – engaged in confrontation with pro-Morsi supporters and further accused of violent crack down essentially reestablished by Moscow.

Egypt’s defense minister and potential Presidential candidate Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi during Moscow visit signed weapons contract worth $ 2 billion offsetting $1.5 billion United States assistance maintaining Israel and military industrial complex respective policy.  

President Vladimir Putin officially endorsed the visiting dignitary for Egypt Presidency in the anticipated Presidential election.

11.  Russia – The Southern Russian city Volgograd bombings in less than two months duration in October and December 2013 conforming to false flag terror incidents linked Islamic states such as Dagestan and Chechnya…in North Caucasus region seeking autonomy and independence from Russia.

12. PalestineRussia relations with Israel and relevantly the controversial settlement expansion comprising settlers from Russia, Poland and other states in Eastern Europe serving as deterrence in the seven decades old peace process with Moscow refraining from active participation or exerting influence on Russian ally Israel. 

13. CubaRussian President Vladimir Putin strengthened ties with Cuba through debt forgiveness waiving 90 percent of $ 32 billion including $ 20 billion in fees and accrued interest originating from former Soviet Union transaction. 

The quid pro quo typically encompasses the remaining 10% payment i.e. $ 3.2 billion over 10 years from Cuba in addition to accommodating Russia’s military presence in the Caribbean nation.

Such developments are indicative of Russian leadership prevalent ambition to reinstate former Soviet tradition in pro-Russian territories around the world.

The fact of the matter is whenever foreign powers occupy nations – the occupied country surrender republic statehood and transformed into colony.

In this particular accord between Moscow and Havana – Is Cuba sovereignty valued at only $ 28.8 billion rather than being non-negotiable exemplifying liberty as invaluable?

14. Russia Nuclear testing continues unabated in correlation with United States proliferation and likewise conventional arms trade exponentially increased escalating human rights violation in volatile and oppressed conditions world over.

Russia focus on economic opportunity in nuclear power plant technology and equipment viz. reactors to developing nations neglects Fukushima generated environment disaster besides fostering possible nuclear arsenal pursuits in the long run. 

15. Ukraine – Considering Russian intelligence apparatus with former KGB dissolved into covert and overt espionage activity nonetheless sharing information in the areas concerning domestic and regional security among neighboring states apparently overlooked United States and EU infiltration to derail democracy in Ukraine.

Hegemony divide and conquer strategy in the removal of democratically elected government in Kiev allowed on Russia’s watch promoting Crimea disintegration from Ukraine.

Finally, the paradoxical paradigm utilizing Russia and United States in congruence to hegemonic mission evidently the last hope to rescue inevitable and imminent extinction of feudal system espousing imperialism.

Good Luck! To humanity in protecting individual freedom, national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



















North Korea – United States Provocation Against DPRK is Counterproductive

March 9, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Korea colonized earlier by Japan until twentieth century endured typical colonial oppression.

Subsequently neo colonial power United States under the newly formed United Nations following World War II launched aggression against sovereign Korea in June 1950 and after three years the warring factions declared truce with Korea split into North and South according to hegemony agenda.

South Korea since then occupied with United States military base under the pretext of providing protection from North Korea.

United States offensive strategy conducting naval drills supposedly training South Korean forces for six decades intensified presence in Korean Peninsula and more so in the past three years with nuclear submarine on Yellow sea posing threats not only to North Korea but entire region likened to Persian Gulf incursion.

Washington’s antagonism towards North Korea from the beginning prompted Pyongyang to pursue nuclear aspirations and Korean leadership under former Premier Kim Jong Il developed nuclear capability with assistance from nuclear neighbors China and Pakistan in the Far East.

North Korea has been imposed with economic sanctions over decades for becoming a nuclear state.

In contrast United States has 5100 nuclear warheads and,

UNSC strongest ally Israel in possession of at least 200 – 500 nuclear arsenals enabled by U.S. and Britain with no formal acknowledgment to this effect and shielded from being listed as nuclear nation.

Again UN permanent security members i.e. P5 +1 United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany are nuclear powers either overtly or covertly like Germany being a prominent NATO and leading EU member with nuclear access yet none of them have been subjected to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspections and,

United States, Israel and others declined to be signatory to Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) while conducting nuclear testing at their own convenience.

In the backdrop of consistent violations with respect to ballistic missiles and sub-nuclear testing by all nuclear states,

The P5 + 1 and other nuclear members in second tier security council unanimous consensus imposing sanctions against North Korea or any other country is claiming entitlement to nuclear weapons by them and highlight discriminatory precedence.

North Korea nuclear status is enforced upon the South Asian nation by United States and former imperial power Japan coherence using South Korea as pawn to militarize Asia Pacific.

With Japan and South Korea hosting U.S. military bases accompanied by rigorous exercise flaunting superpower prowess is provocative and an impetus to target nation North Korea to enhance defense mechanism in semblance with Iran in Middle East.

Furthermore, the illegal and immoral economic warfare waged by United States and allies misusing UNSC appropriately qualify for war crimes considering genocide committed in this regard.

The trade embargo predominantly hurt respective population being the victims in the arbitrary condemnation by those in defiance of the law applicable to all – apparently only in theory and not necessarily in practice.

UNSC sanctions against North Korea has debilitated economy with acute food shortage and basic necessities resulting in scores of deaths due to starvation and people suffering further exacerbated in United States militarism forcing North Korean divestments in defense build up rather than economic development.

Ironically, the incumbent ‘democrat’ administration under Nobel Peace Prize winning Presidency has rejected too many opportunities to reverse the predecessor trend against North Korea and likewise sponsoring terrorism in Syria.

In fact the overture from North Korean late leader Kim Jong Il for direct talks and negotiations including DPRK complete nuclear disarmament proposal conveyed through former U.S. President Jimmy Carter in 2010 was slighted rather than moving forward with constructive dialogue in pursuit of peaceful settlement.

North Korea requests for engagement with United States several times before to resolve the unnecessary standoff and merciless sanctions liberally used by UNSC dictating unreasonable terms and conditions on nations considered obstacle to hegemonic quest and perpetual warfare boosting arms industry, oil and banking cartels profiteering at the vast majority devastation.

Contrarily, the Obama administration has expanded militarization in Asia Pacific with President Barack Obama emphasizing United States determination to proliferate exponentially in Asia compared with Middle East in deterrence to emerging powers in the specific domain.

Another interesting factor being China with ongoing territorial disputes on land and international waters in South China Sea with Japan, India, Vietnam and Philippines is the co-sponsor with United States in the latest round of sanctions against North Korea.

China, Russia and western powers denounced North Korea’s third nuclear testing stating the imminent danger to international community although individually and collectively every one of them bear equal responsibility in this context.

Nuclear disarmament regardless of economic, military and political stature is no longer an option but a necessity for global peace and security.

The immediate resolution to escalating tension between North Korea and United States is to call off computer simulated drill titled Key Resolve involving around 10,000 American troops along with South Korean armed personnel scheduled to carry on aviation, land and marine regimen on March 11 to April 2013.

South Korea willingness to subjugation with foreign troops on national soil despite citizens experiencing sexual assault and violence from U.S. servicemen meant to safeguard South Korean rights attacking the same evidently eclipse the concept of democracy.

The U.S. violations in South Korea are no different from the abuse happening with Japanese residents at frequent intervals in Okinawa, only to be ignored by national leaderships in South Korea and Japan.

Similarly, Afghanistan is much worse in every respect with United States and International Special Armed Forces (ISAF) violence against local Afghans and their lives rendered expendable.

Inviting foreign forces for occupation on homeland eliminates sovereignty and over a certain period evolves into slavery with reciprocation of host guest relation identified as imperialistic trait. – Poignant lesson unheeded by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan with Patriot Missile deployment debacle in Turkey.

South Korea and Japan freedom mortgaged for false sense of security with United States military camp that has only heightened tensions nuclearizing North Korea and allowing China to increase nuclear and defense potential.

United States and western illegal invasion and occupation of foreign land whether by conquest or consent is the fundamental cause for world unrest and turmoil.

South Korea’s rhetoric towards North Korea and the latter response to unjustified inhumane financial and trade restrictions routinely misused by the west and the rest at UNSC compounds the otherwise resolvable matter.

The clear and concise solution to this unwanted crises could be easily thwarted with reunification of North and South Korea.

Imperialism could not survive let alone thrive in the absence of polarization with civilians paying the highest price in the divided territory.

The leaderships and segments facilitating foreign exertion of authority in sovereign internal affairs flagrantly betray their nation and electorate trust characterized as treasonous act.

Lifting all sanctions against North Korea combined with United States troop withdrawal from Korean Peninsula is the immediate remedy as well as requirement paving way for North and South peaceful union reviving Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) agreements and non-aggression pact signed between North and South to prevent military clashes by accident or volition.

North Korea frustration to United States provocation is well founded and DPRK reaction promoting CPRK peace treaty with South leaderships and populace would be potent to negate foreign power negative influence on South Korean government.

Simultaneously, the recently elected South Korean President Park Geun Hye outreach to North Korea adopting diplomatic course and abandoning western doctrine aimed at perpetual standoff for self-interest would be positive and conform to President Park’s message on campaign trail to persevere peace over violence against North Korea.

South Korea independence from foreign rule prevailing under United States military contingency threatening peace and progress not to mention citizens’ safety compromised in the series of incidents is paramount for Korea and regional stability.

Reiterating the fact that South Korea return to original existence in amalgamation with North Korea maximizing outcome from the synergies in terms of North military assets and South economic growth aided by North Korean substantial labor force would be pervasively beneficial.

Meanwhile, North Korea political adjustments delineating military from civilian governance towards constitutional based republican democratic system would ease lingering hostility and perhaps be appealing to South Korea in unification goal.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un introducing transparency with prudent political and economic restructuring focused on civil rights and liberty in conjunction with local productivity and self-sufficiency to overcome UNSC unethical and biased actions would yield desirable effects and prospective when forging alliance within and outside Asia.

North and South Korea recognition of fine attributes and shortcomings with mutual understanding and cooperation premised on peaceful and pragmatic approach is essential to reunite divided families and the nations together sharing common values and cultural heritage.

United States interference to destabilize nations is counterproductive and instead time and resource investments in addressing domestic issues would be wise as an urgent priority now and in the long run.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Park Geun Hye exercising restraints and rationality to preside over decision-making process is critical for national sovereignty and re-establishment of viable Democratic Republic of Korea.

Solidarity is key to deal with challenges emanating from familiar and foreign source.

Nuclear confrontation would be catastrophic for the world and best averted with restoration of communication channel especially the hot line in the demilitarized zone.

All sides are urged to observe sober interaction not saber rattling to defuse wanton altercation.

Wishing successful convergence of North and South Korea as a proud and free nation devoid of imperialistic and militaristic surrounding with a progressive, promising present and future.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

United States – Wall Street and Washington Job Action

October 15, 2011

By Padmini Arhant

American families across the nation are hurting from the tough economic times with layoffs, housing market decline, credit crunch and expensive health care costs taking toll on middle class, lower income groups and small businesses all over.

Main Street justified frustration over high unemployment; unlawful foreclosures and unaffordable health care expenses are demonstrated in ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests spreading within and outside the country.

Protestors could peacefully assemble near Capitol Hill and the White House for reminder on the unresolved economic problems and social inequality in the United States and abroad.

As for Washington measures on jobs – the lawmakers failed to pass the jobs bill this week and,

Instead approved free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Peru. respectively for manufacturing jobs at home although,

The legislative success is dependent on the trading partners’ reciprocation i.e. the consumer demand and affordability for American goods.

Meanwhile, U.S. Congress has agreed on payroll tax holiday and unemployment insurance extension that are positive steps with immediate relief for the jobless and those facing retrenchment in the uncertain economic environment.

If both parties in the House and Senate could set aside the political differences for common goals,

Perhaps it would facilitate job growth in private and public sectors essential for economic revival.

Addressing the serious housing crisis with lenders unlawful practices is pertinent for the following reasons:

Improper foreclosures is depriving American homeowners ownership allowing foreign investor frenzy to capitalize on the American plight that needs to be fixed considering,

The mortgage securities as derivatives component are tied to overseas assets.

Furthermore, there are inherent risks involved in such investments due to short-term selling and swap agreements generating volatility in the global market.

Notwithstanding the equity transfer from domestic to offshore holdings embedded in the sovereign wealth funds cause political concerns besides economic turbulence in the globalized economy.

Remedies to these ramifications lies with Congress in easing the burden on home owners through effective strategies such as –

Resurrecting foreclosure moratorium enabling homeowners to renegotiate mortgages with property reevaluation to current market value and,

Payment modification per existing rates would protect American interests in the desperate housing situation.

The home loans revision for families regardless of hierarchy on the verge of losing homes could reverse the trend and boost jobs in the construction industry and service sector.

Any relief thus far is limited to conventional practices with the bulk of the homeowners left at the mercy of lenders’ discretion often premised on short-term gains suppressing the housing market rebound.

While the taxpayer bailouts based on ‘too big to fail’ salvaged the default banking industry despite the illegal sub-prime mortgage activities,

The delinquent homeowners are forced to deal with contrary response ranging from aggressive evictions to unreasonable payment options.

The banks were rescued unconditionally and the financial institutions in return have not only restrained money supply prolonging the credit crunch but also denied majority homeowners refinancing opportunity and small business entrepreneurs capital infusion.

Wall Street with substantial cash reserves could create and retain employment rather than preparing to slash 10,000 finance jobs in the coming months that would exacerbate the dire economy.

Corporations’ role confined to economic development with disengagement from political governance through lobbyists would promote government functionality and efficacy in legislative matter.

Companies incentivized with Bush tax cuts extension have failed to deliver the anticipated job growth and expansion only to be substituted by job reduction and/or exports contributing to national debt and trade deficit.

Repealing Bush tax cuts and redirecting financial resources to organizations committed to domestic jobs would enhance free market performance.

Micro-credits is yet another avenue to empower business proprietorship and alleviate economic pain from unemployment status.

Communities with alarming jobless rate could potentially utilize micro-credit facility for self-employment and niche market.

United States is endowed with skilled work force, ingenuity and innovative talent leading in sophisticated technology and other global achievements that revolutionized urban lifestyle.

U.S. workers productivity resulted in economic boom worldwide supporting developing economies to advance at a phenomenal pace.

There is an urgent requirement to turn U.S. economy around with Corporations assuming primary responsibility in providing jobs, liquidity and restoring homes for American families.

U.S. economic recovery is paramount for Wall Street and Washington.

Corporations cannot exist without workers and politics would desist in the absence of electorate.

Citizens’ grievances are real and legitimate – the economic issues cannot be resolved without political will and corporate investments in domestic economy.

Government and Corporations expediting job oriented economic surge is the universal expectation with millions of lives in jeopardy.

Corporate and Political leaderships are urged to prioritize American jobs, housing, health and business prospects over personal aspirations and partisanship.

Global recession could be contained upon U.S. economic progress.

Action and not procrastination would guarantee the desirable outcome.

Hopefully rationality would prevail in arriving at consensus on economic solutions.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant














Midterm Elections 2010

November 4, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Congratulations! To the Congressional members from both political parties on their victory in the 2010 midterm elections.

The Republican members experience on November 2, 2010 is similar to the Democrats 2006 election results.

Regardless, all contenders deserve praise and recognition for their tireless campaigning in the political race.

The Democrats dedicated their valuable time and resources to improve American lives.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, The House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Franks and other honorable Congressional representatives worked diligently and demonstrated commitment.

Likewise, the isolated Republican members’ contribution is equally valid in the legislative matter.

Welcome to the New House Speaker – The Hon. Rep. John Boehner.

Rep. John Boehner’s remarkable life journey to attain the American dream is admirable.

The Republican majority in the House beginning January 2011 have an opportunity to resolve the national crises.

Any solutions to the contentious problems are meaningless if they fail to address the average citizens’ plight and protect national interest over special interests.

Hopefully both sides will set the differences aside and work together in alleviating the main street struggles. Washington gridlock is the reason for the alternation in the Capitol Hill.

If the political parties cannot arrive at a consensus on legislative affairs, it defeats the purpose of winning elections.

There were many surprises and setbacks in the electoral outcome. Democracy being undermined in contemporary politics is not unusual and conspicuous during elections with corporate cash drowning the republic voice.

In other instances, candidacies unfairly targeted to settle political scores contributed to the elimination of veteran political figures with exemplary record.

Politics ignoring merits and rewarding misrepresentation is a travesty and a national loss.

The mandate is clear underscoring the republic rule – Washington is required to deliver the campaign promises and not a political rhetoric.

Unfortunately the tradition continues with any administration in the absence of real change causing public frustration and disappointment reflected in the electoral backlash.

Among many national issues, the economy is a primary concern with stagnant growth in the job market. Foreclosures, liquidity freeze… and other economic hurdles in the Housing and Financial sector are far from over.

There are many challenges ahead and now it depends on the Republican majority to coordinate with the Democratic minority in the House to prevail in all fronts.

Transparency and accountability is realistic when it is applicable to all – given Washington clout and Wall Street influence on the political parties.

The key industries monopoly on the legislation is the deterrent factor producing watered down reforms directly affecting the economic conditions and the national deficit.

In the environmental matter the California ballot measure – Prop. 23 successfully prevented the oil companies’ dominance and their polluting strategies. The action saved the rapidly growing clean energy sector currently providing 500,000 jobs.

The environmental organizations such as Earthjustice and several prominent groups along with committed supporters were responsible for the phenomenal intervention.

Synonymous steps by other states on public issues yielded the desirable change.

People power can never be underestimated in any form of government. Throughout history, political transformations, social and economic progress have been made possible by people movement exemplifying that ordinary citizens are capable of extraordinary achievements.

Therefore, if legislations are controlled by affluent sources empowered with the lack of political will in Washington then the citizens’ response – ‘change course’ is inevitable and effectively conveyed through ballots.

It is imperative for all factions to come together and consolidate efforts in leading the great nation forward. Nation thrives with prosperity accessible to all and not just the privileged members in the society.

Good Luck! To the newly elected Congress in reaching the anticipated milestones.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Ecuador Failed Coup d’état – September 30, 2010

October 31, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

On September 30, 2010, yet another Latin American nation was targeted with a coup attempt by the police forces apparently not acting alone in the calculated operation fortunately resulting in a massive failure due to the brave civil society mobilization and the Ecuadorian security personnel prompt action.

Unlike the successful Honduran coup in June 2009 with the democratically elected leader Manuel Zelaya deposed against the republic will evidently involving Washington coup consultants and their liaison,

The Ecuadorian mission was a renewed political assault on its sovereignty testing the democratic strength that conveyed a defiant message to the perpetrators not to underestimate the people power.

According to the reports – the law on the spending cuts was falsely propagated as having direct impact on the police officers’ bonuses and job benefits despite no pay or perquisite reductions providing a pretext for the conspirators to instigate uprising in the capital city, Quito and the Guayquil harbor town.

Consequentially, the coup based on Latin American prototype had disrupted ground and air transportation cancelling the domestic and international flights in the country.

The Ecuadorian air force interestingly comprising numerous US-trained officers while selectively excluding the Venezuelan pilots serving within the Ecuadorian defense network is reported to have executed the halting with the misguided police coordination.

Meanwhile, the Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa seemingly had a close encounter with fatality upon approaching the police quarters to offer a personal explanation on the reform.

The President and the bodyguards were forced to take shelter in a military hospital after being confronted with the rebel police firing, tear gas and grenade explosion.

Then the military hospital was immediately sieged by the police rebels and armed opponents for prolonged hours and eventually President Correa appeared to have been set free by the Special Forces taking control of the situation.

The reports claim the following events that had unequivocally led to the local law enforcement officers’ botched coup in the Latin American nation – Ecuador.

Until now, the Ecuador police and operatives had been pursued by the US Embassy with a defined agenda accompanied by the various US agencies such as FBI, CIA , DEA and others generous funding for the high rank police officials’ bonuses and the police department’s specific requirements.

The extraordinary rapport between the Ecuador police, the army intelligence, the US Embassy and the listed US agencies had facilitated the US intelligence agency to hire their services for 24/7 surveillance of the nation’s political figures, journalists and other civilians perceived by the US intelligence as potential US opponents.

Early 2007, President Correa administration clamp down on the illegal establishment set up by the US controlled intelligencia enabled the democratic government to repossess control of their national intelligence agencies.

Moreover, the President had wisely eliminated the unofficial dealings via unethical payroll system between the Ecuadorian army intelligence, police force and the US Embassy not barring the US combined agencies.

Washington had then reacted demanding the Ecuadorian DEA return the computers supplied by the US DEA.

The Ecuador-US relations had soured after President Correa’s closure of the US airbase in Mante. So Washington disapproved Ecuador partnership with its Latin American neighbors among several other issues.

As stated earlier, the overwhelming confidence from the Honduran coup triumph in June 2009 had motivated Washington to imitate plan in other parts of Latin America and the U.S. administration had under evaluated Ecuadorians resistance.

The Latin American nations’ democratically elected leaderships have been constantly threatened and overthrown invariably by the U.S. backed forces leaving the region in ceaseless economic and political turmoil.

Reports suggest that the blatant coup against President Rafael Correa was a systematic effort initiated by the US ambassador to Ecuador, Heather Hodges appointed in August 2008.

The profile details her as having previously worked in Guatemala under the dictatorial regime Rios Montt and later on held deputy director position with the US State Department for Cuban Affairs interconnected to CIA.

Mrs. Hodges prior employment with USAID in many nations and,

Subsequently as the US ambassador to Moldova primarily entailed severing ties of these countries with Russia and form an orange revolution. At present Mrs. Hodges is said to be training CIA employed groups in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador.

The trip made by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Quito in June 2009 to convince the Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa to agree with US on all issues and reverse the earlier actions proved to be futile.

Hence, the US ambassador Heather Hodges was ordered to carry out the coup to debilitate President Correa and ultimately replace the incumbent with the government in agreement to US position like in Honduras.

USAID had solely interjected $40 million for this purpose using the former Ecuadorian President Lucio Gutierrez as the protagonist. The ex-President miserable performance had contributed to the Ecuadorian plight that set his departure from the country denying him access to power during the 2009 Presidential bid that concluded in a colossal defeat.

Per the carefully crafted CIA blueprint President Gutierrez was to portray the incumbent President Rafael Correa as an alleged “dictator,” and advise power transfer to an interim government in a televised statement.

Furthermore, the plot aimed at the Ecuadorian Parliament abandonment and prepare the nation for mock elections.

However, the democratically elected President Correa’s allies thwarted the plan and declined television appearance to the former President.

Also the lndian group PACHAKUTIK had refused to participate in the overthrow leading to the coup collapse.

Ecuador is under emergency rule and President Rafael Correa is believed to have vowed to investigate the elements from the police to the army intelligence sources behind the undemocratic process.

The former President Gutierrez and the organization Sociedad Patriotica is indicted for the explicit role in the CIA masterminded failed coup.

UNASUR – The Union of South American Nations resembling the EU had an emergency meeting in Argentinian Capital, Buenos Aires on October 1, 2010 to address and adopt measures on the Ecuador political crisis and the relentless coups against Latin American governments.

The reports confirmed that Washington did not condemn those engaged in the Ecuador coup d’état.

Latin American coups have long been the tradition leading to U.S. as the originating point.

Nevertheless, the successive coups – Honduras in 2009 and Ecuador in 2010 deserves worldwide condemnation denouncing the architects’ perpetual endeavor to inflict political instability, economic constriction and social chaos on the Latin American population.

Regardless of status, any nation that foments political unrest driven by ‘Super Power’ syndrome has a credibility factor demonstrating as a reliable global leader in the twenty first century.

Powerful nations gain respect and recognition when the leaderships strive for global peace and prosperity rather than weakening the sovereignty of nations seeking trustworthy partnership to alleviate their struggle.

Given the facts and circumstantial evidences in the continuous Latin American coups,

United States taxpayers as the electorates have a prime responsibility to rise to the occasion on the eve of the crucial mid-term election and pose the legitimate questions to the Congressional contenders;

As the elected representatives and the republic voice in Congress,

What is their strategy to end the U.S political meddling in international domain?

Why the masterminds are granted political impunity in the deliberate involvement to cause mayhem in other societies?

Are they satisfied with their inaction or lack of interest underscoring the complicity to the provocative political interference in other parts of the world exacerbating the local population suffering?

How do they propose to hold those responsible for the systemic abuse of power?

Democracy is powerful when the voice of the people are heard maintaining equal rights and justice for all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
Ecuador Golpe de estado Fracasado – el 30 de septiembre de 2010

Por Padmini Arhant

El 30 de septiembre de 2010, aún otra nación latinoamericana fue apuntada con una tentativa de golpe por las policías por lo visto no interpretación solo en la operación deliberada que por suerte causa un fracaso masivo debido a la movilización de sociedad civil valiente y el personal de seguridad ecuatoriano acción incitador.

A diferencia del golpe hondureño acertado en el junio de 2009 con el líder democráticamente decidido Manuel Zelaya depuesto contra la república van a claramente implicando a asesores de golpe de Washington y su enlace,

La misión ecuatoriana era un asalto político renovado en su soberanía que prueba la fuerza democrática que comunicó un mensaje desafiante a los autores para no subestimar el poder de gente.

Según los informes – la ley en los cortes de gastos fue falsamente propagada como teniendo el impacto directo en sobresueldos de los policías y beneficios de trabajo a pesar de ninguna paga o reducciones de beneficio adicional que proporcionan un pretexto para los conspiradores para instigar el levantamiento en la capital, Quito y la ciudad de puerto de Guayquil.

Consiguientemente, el golpe basado en el prototipo latinoamericano había interrumpido la tierra y el transporte aéreo que anula los vuelos domésticos e internacionales en el país.

La fuerza aérea ecuatoriana que de manera interesante comprende a numerosos oficiales entrenados por EE.UU mientras selectivamente excluyendo a los pilotos venezolanos que sirven dentro de la red de defensa ecuatoriana es relatado haber ejecutado la parada con la coordinación de policía desacertada.

Mientras tanto, el Presidente ecuatoriano Rafael Correa aparentemente tenía un encuentro cercano con la fatalidad para acercarse a los cuartos de policía para ofrecer una explicación personal en la reforma.

El presidente y los guardaespaldas fueron obligados a tomar el refugio en un hospital militar siendo encarado con el tiroteo de policía de rebelde, gas lacrimógeno y explosión de granada.

Entonces el hospital militar era inmediatamente sieged por los rebeldes de policía y armó a opositores durante horas prolongadas y finalmente el presidente Correa pareció haber sido puesto en libertad por las Fuerzas Especiales que toman el control de la situación.

Los informes reclaman los acontecimientos siguientes que habían conducido inequívocamente al golpe arruinado de los agentes del cumplimiento de la ley locales en la nación latinoamericana – Ecuador.

Hasta ahora, la policía de Ecuador y los obreros habían sido perseguidos por la Embajada estadounidense con un orden del día definido acompañado por varias agencias estadounidenses como Brigada de Investigación Criminal, Agencia Central de Información, DEA y otros financiación generosa para sobresueldos de los funcionarios de policía de fila altos y exigencias específicas del departamento de policía.

La compenetración extraordinaria entre la policía de Ecuador, la inteligencia de ejército, la Embajada estadounidense y las agencias estadounidenses puestas en una lista había facilitado la agencia de inteligencia estadounidense para alquilar sus servicios para la vigilancia 24/7 de las figuras políticas nacionales, periodistas y otros civiles percibidos por la inteligencia estadounidense como opositores estadounidenses potenciales.

A principios de 2007, la administración de presidente Correa pone frenos al establecimiento ilegal establecido por intelligencia controlado de los EE.UU permitió al gobierno democrático poseer de nuevo el control de sus agencias de inteligencia nacionales.

Además, el presidente había eliminado sabiamente el trato no oficial vía el sistema de nómina inmoral entre la inteligencia de ejército ecuatoriana, la policía y la Embajada estadounidense que no excluye los EE.UU combinaron agencias.

Washington había reaccionado entonces exigiendo que DEA ecuatorianos devuelvan las computadoras suministradas por DEA estadounidense.

Las relaciones de Ecuador-EE.UU se habían agriado después del cierre del presidente Correa de la base aérea estadounidense en Mante. Entonces Washington desaprobó la sociedad de Ecuador con sus vecinos latinoamericanos entre varias otras cuestiones.

Como declarado antes, la confianza aplastante del triunfo de golpe hondureño en el junio de 2009 había motivado Washington para imitar el plan en otras partes de América Latina y la administración estadounidense tenía bajo la resistencia de ecuatorianos evaluada.

Los mandos democráticamente decididos de las naciones latinoamericanas eran constantemente amenazados y derrocados invariablemente por las fuerzas apoyadas de los Estados Unidos que dejan la región en la confusión económica y política incesante.

Los informes sugieren que el golpe ostensible contra el Presidente Rafael Correa fuera un esfuerzo sistemático iniciado por el embajador estadounidense a Ecuador, Heather Hodges designó en el agosto de 2008.

El perfil la detalla como habiendo trabajado antes en Guatemala bajo el régimen dictatorial Rios Montt y más tarde diputado sostenido de la posición de director con el Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores estadounidense para Asuntos cubanos interconectados a la Agencia Central de Información.

Sra. Hodges empleo previo con USAID en muchas naciones y,

Posteriormente cuando el embajador estadounidense a Moldova principalmente implicó lazos que se rompen de estos países con Rusia y forma una revolución de naranja. En Sra presente. Se dice que el Hodges se entrena la Agencia Central de Información empleó grupos en Venezuela, Bolivia y Ecuador.

El viaje hecho por el Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores estadounidense Hillary Clinton a Quito en el junio de 2009 para convencer al Presidente ecuatoriano Rafael Correa para estar de acuerdo con EE.UU en todas las cuestiones e invertir las acciones más tempranas resultó ser vano.

De ahí, al embajador estadounidense Heather Hodges le ordenaron realizar el golpe para debilitar al presidente Correa y por último sustituir el actual por el gobierno en el acuerdo a la posición estadounidense como en Honduras.

El USAID había interpuesto únicamente 40 millones de dólares para este fin usando al antiguo Presidente ecuatoriano Lucio Gutierrez como el protagonista. La interpretación miserable del ex presidente había contribuido a la situación grave ecuatoriana que ponen su salida del país que lo niega acceso al poder durante la oferta Presidencial 2009 que concluyó en un fracaso colosal.

Por Agencia Central de Información con cuidado trabajada el presidente de cianotipo Gutierrez debía retratar al Presidente actual Rafael Correa como “un dictador” presunto, y aconsejar la transferencia de poder a un gobierno interino en una declaración televisada.

Además, el complot apuntado al abandono de Parlamento ecuatoriano y prepara la nación para elecciones fingidas.

Sin embargo, los aliados del presidente democráticamente decidido Correa frustraron el plan y rehusaron el aspecto de televisión al antiguo presidente.

También el grupo lndian PACHAKUTIK había rechazado participar en el derrocamiento que conduce al colapso de golpe.

Ecuador está bajo la regla de emergencia y se cree que el Presidente Rafael Correa ha jurado de investigar los elementos de la policía a las fuentes de inteligencia de ejército detrás del proceso no democrático.

El antiguo presidente Gutierrez y la organización Sociedad Patriotica son procesados por el papel explícito en el golpe fallado dirigido de la Agencia Central de Información.

UNASUR – la Unión de Naciones sudamericanas que se parecen a la Unión Europea tenía una emergencia que se encuentra en la Capital argentina, Buenos Aires el 1 de octubre de 2010 para dirigirse y adoptar medidas en el Ecuador crisis política y los golpes implacables contra gobiernos latinoamericanos.

Los informes confirmaron que Washington no condenó aquellos contratados en el golpe de estado de Ecuador.

Los golpes latinoamericanos han sido mucho tiempo la tradición que conduce a Estados Unidos como el punto inicial.

Sin embargo, los golpes sucesivos – Honduras en 2009 y Ecuador en 2010 merece la condena mundial denunciando el esfuerzo perpetuo de los arquitectos para infligir la inestabilidad política, el estrangulamiento económico y el caos social en la población latinoamericana.

Sin tener en cuenta el estado, cualquier nación que instiga el malestar político conducido por ‘el Poder Súper’ síndrome tiene un factor de credibilidad que demuestra como un líder global confiable en el siglo veintiuno.

Las naciones poderosas ganan el respeto y el reconocimiento cuando los mandos se esfuerzan para paz global y prosperidad más bien que debilitar la soberanía de naciones que buscan la sociedad de confianza para aliviar su lucha.

Considerando los hechos y pruebas circunstanciales en los golpes latinoamericanos continuos,

Los contribuyentes de los Estados Unidos como los electorados tienen una responsabilidad principal de elevarse a la ocasión en vísperas de la elección de mitad de trimestre crucial y plantear las preguntas legítimas a los contendientes del Congreso;

Como los representantes decididos y la voz de república en Congreso,

¿Qué es su estrategia terminar la intromisión política estadounidense en la esfera internacional?

¿Por qué los cerebros son concedidos la impunidad política en la participación deliberada para causar el caos en otras sociedades?

¿Están satisfechos ellos por su inacción o indiferencia que subraya la complicidad a la interferencia política provocativa en otras partes del mundo que exacerba el sufrimiento demográfico local?

¿Cómo proponen ellos de sostener aquellos responsables del abuso sistémico del poder?

La democracia es poderosa cuando la voz de la gente es oída manteniendo la igualdad de derechos y la justicia para todos.


Padmini Arhant

Truth Verification and Implication on Whistle Blowers

September 18, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

In the bizarre political environment – certain talking heads for the political class or the establishment in Washington condemn truth in the name of free speech while forbidding others of the same constitutional right confirming hypocrisy in the so-called democracy.

Propaganda through subversion of facts is the typical characteristics in the denial and dismissal of truth, despite evidences in the relevant matter.

Truth and first amendment rights are the primary targets in successfully evading debates concerning human tragedies from health, economic to incessant warfare.

Attempts to discredit those raising legitimate questions on national issues and humanity at large bear uncanny semblance to the political systems depriving citizens of the democratic right to express views and opinions.

Ordinary citizens are expected to accept responsibility for their actions; meanwhile the extraordinary held above the law regardless of the issues.

The buffer created to protect the authorities from any investigation constitutes the distinctive hierarchy that in itself is undemocratic expanding the opportunities for history to repeat itself in recent times.

As for the various speculations on the possible intentions behind the humanitarian issues facts finding – there is no materialistic, political aspirations or celebrity quest involved in the spiritually guided humanitarian mission selflessly carried out to protect the planet and the inhabitants from further degradation in preparation for the new peaceful era.

The declaration in April 2010 is not a personal affirmation to any political status but a revelation in the contemporary sense on the spiritual being’s arrival and presence as the humanity’s protector to complete the cosmic realization in correlation with time and space.

Any skepticism or criticism in this regard would be an individual prerogative and the perspective is respected.

Nonetheless, if there are any from the expected quarters, then it would be a ‘selective and convenient,’ position given their precise instructions to get the political candidates elected in the midterm elections and follow the order.

Innuendoes suggest political approach as ‘calculating,’ and not “Saintly” – disregarding the notion that when defending the oppressed, persecuted and exploited population – the victims in the contentious politics with excess greed for power, fame and fortune,

The defender’s position to the powerful and the critics would always appear anything but reasonable.

Besides, from earlier experience it’s clear that when dealing with political and social issues, politeness is mistaken for weakness and silence misconstrued as an ‘apology,’ among some elite and presumptuous in the social-political circle. The populace grievances are neglected with no real or long lasting solutions to the problems.

Immigrants cited as ‘foreigners’ continue to be marginalized by the visibly clamorous ‘minority’ in the television and news media representing the oligarchy.

Fairness and equality is a misnomer with high level of suspicions against individual’s genuine sacrifices for humanitarian good reflecting xenophobia.

However, the horrendous crises resulting in loss of life or serious health problems requiring attention are not a priority and considered unimportant at the least inconvenient.

The lack of empathy for the poor and the ignored majority is an accepted norm in the contemporary society. Upon request to alleviate suffering, the action is misinterpreted as an unnecessary intrusion with ulterior motives.

Unless there is unanimous recognition for honest commitment to deliver in common interest, the gap between the rich and poor will widen with the continuous burden on the wealthy to provide for the rest.

Human conditions could vastly improve with the ability to survive and maintain an affordable economic and healthy habitat. It is made possible by strong political will dedicated to serving the people electing them to office.

Moral and ethical failure is contributed by the abuse of power with no accountability and transparency in political and corporate dealings. Above all, the concerted effort to discourage the pursuit is quite disturbing.

Hence dissent against war and disappointment in other national issues are easily suppressed under these conditions.

Therefore, whistle blowers are forced to submerge and portrayed as potential threats to the status quo through certain volunteers in the news media across the spectrum contrary to them being the voice for democracy.

Democracy is cosmetic rather than realistic in a society without equal rights.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Congressional Elections 2010 – Prognosis

September 15, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The recent primaries indicate a strong surge among the Republican base compared to the Democrats and the independent voters.

There is urgency for the Democrats and the independents to get back into action similar to the tidal wave witnessed in 2008 to accomplish their goals.

Grievances on some issues among both groups are justified. However, they cannot be addressed without effective representation in the House and the Senate. Abstinence or the eleventh hour effort could only lead to more frustration allowing the conservative blockade to continue.

Both democrats and independents need candidates with high quality performance reflecting solid commitment to the people and environment. Candidates willing to stand up to the entities against public and national interest from corporate affair to military warfare, the two predominant factors contributing to the alarming national deficit and myriad of social-economic disparities deserve voter approval.

The Republican members are not the choice whether they are tea party candidate or establishment nominee for they represent the big industries and not the average citizens. It is confirmed in the ‘Nay’ votes on legislation concerning the economy and host of other issues since January 2009.

Likewise, the democratic establishment instrumental in opposing single payer system or public option in health care reform, closing loopholes in finance legislation and swaying to the energy behemoths’ call to adhere to fossil fuel, nuclear energy despite the misgivings and horrific mining accidents in the United States and around the world,

Last but not the least against troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere – owe valid explanation to the democratic base and independents for rejecting their voices in all these issues.

Democrats have struggled with legislative process in both Houses of Congress, more in the Senate than the House, even while being a majority in 2009 as seen during the contentious health care bill and economic issues.

It’s paramount for the industry, union or any special interest backed candidates to be transparent and clarify their true representations on all things related to the American electorate in addition to providing legitimate reasons for not demonstrating them in action.

The voters have an obligation to identify their requirements and choose the candidate with proven record or having demonstrated the will to challenge the forces undermining democracy on all issues.

Essentially pragmatism over ideology enhanced by inclusive rather than divisive positions would yield bipartisan solutions to the problems confronting the nation.

Republican legislators have absolved themselves from constitutional duty to work with the Democrat majority in legislative matter throughout Obama Presidency letting partisanship prevail in life threatening issues such as jobless benefit extension, small business lending and 9/11 rescue workers health care assistance.

Unfortunately, the persisting Republican opposition on legislation to benefit average Americans fails to recognize the social and economic cost ultimately affecting all in the interdependent society with the irony being the national deficit used as a pretext in this context.

Democrats, independents and disenchanted republicans have a great opportunity to come together this election in electing the officials pledging allegiance to the American people and not the oligarchy responsible for the Washington status quo.

The electability criteria in consistent with the constitutional oath is the real test for the new contenders and the incumbents alike.

They could precisely be the following:

Disavow partisanship, declining special interests influence and,

Above all maintain ethical standards through accountability with corruption in politics being a worldwide epidemic denying progress to a substantial population living in abject poverty and lifelong miseries.

Honesty and integrity determines human character, yet it’s not an integral element in the quest for public office.

In fact, the systemic abuse of power is the fundamental cause of the contemporary social and economic inequality.

American electorates hold the power to implement these changes in Washington through the electoral process that could restore the broken system and renew the tarnished image.

Voting is no longer an option but an absolute necessity to rescue the nation from the repeat catastrophe experienced at the dawn of twenty first century under President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Besides, voting is a constitutional right granted to citizens in a democracy to protect their civil liberties and freedom from internal or external threats.

American electorates have awesome responsibility to elect the hard working, diligent and trustworthy officials not only to represent them in the United States but also the fellow citizens across the globe.

Congressional decisions made in Washington impact the approximate 6.5 billion people destiny.

Therefore, it is imperative to ensure the massive voter turnout in November 2010 or earlier in states like Ohio facilitating mail-in ballots.

First time voters may register in their local districts and join the other electorates to cast their votes on or before the election date provided it is permissible.

Democrats, independents and disillusioned republicans – please contribute to
Democracy for America (DFA) dedicated to the positive change in Washington and across the United States at:


Also, Please help Senator Barbara Boxer in raising $200,000 by September 18, 2010 for media fund. It’s a daunting task. Nonetheless, the Senator’s campaign is grassroots funded unlike her opponent Carly Fiorina – financed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce apart from the contestant’s personal campaign investment.

Please visit www.barbaraboxer.com for your affordable and generous donations.

Most importantly, please secure your future and the dependents prospects by casting your vote as early as possible.

Please rally America via email, texting or visiting DFA to energize voters.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Midterm Election 2010 – An Opportunity to Rebuild the Great Nation

September 13, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Midterm Election 2010 is an opportunity to rebuild the great nation – the United States of America.

From the latest developments it’s clear that Washington is broken and desperately requires citizens’ involvement in governance to restore the renowned American values that remains the basis in attracting many across the globe.

United States is resilient, resourceful and admirably courageous in dealing with any crisis.

It is evident in this great nation’s history for it has weathered the fierce storms and survived even the “Great Depression.”

The people representing the stars and stripes have come forward as one nation and contributed their unique skills in building the United States as the economic engine and a model democracy.

United States is the beacon of light for the entire world and the leadership will continue to provide the necessary guidance to those seeking political, economic and social progress in their domain.

The fall election is crucial to implement the changes that Washington has been deprived due to partisanship and special interests dominance in the legislation.

The political majority and the minority that prioritizes public interest and delivers the campaign promise are worth re-electing.

It predominantly rests with the American electorate in their choice of candidates as their representatives in Washington.

The combined forces such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce influencing the Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited cash flow in the election campaign together with the political architects determined to distract the electorate through distortion and negative attacks render the democratic elections irrelevant.

Whenever a candidate with no established record or substantive policies to move the nation forward is dependent upon the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and smear campaign, that candidate is unequivocally pledged to the sources behind them and not their constituents.

Their name might be on the ballot but only in theory for the real candidates are the big industries devising the policy and the strategists with the political ideology.

Voter discernment in electing the candidates with proven record and service against those without solutions to any problems could make the desirable change possible.

Congressional Democrats in the House and the Senate have worked extremely hard and are committed to improve the American lives. The selective few Republican members share the credit for their bipartisanship that enabled the recent reforms.

The policies related to ongoing wars contributing to the brave armed forces’ death toll and, the national deficit from the disproportionate defense expenditure with no accountability and transparency have been largely accepted without subjecting the claims to due process.

Public concern and views are disregarded and democracy undermined through propaganda subverting facts to promote the specific agenda.

The abuse of power with little or no respect for the constitutional law and democracy, reckless decisions that led to a bankrupt economy, chaos, death and destruction are minor details as compared to the serious ramifications on the office of Presidency – setting a dangerous precedence for history to repeat itself citing the predecessor’s exemption from law in the land of justice.

Ignoring the warnings on 9/11 attacks and conspicuously neglecting the constitutional duty to protect American lives is a colossal Presidential failure.

Above all, granting immunity to the status is rejecting the constitution set up to safeguard the national interest and the democratic principles that guarantees equal justice.

Accordingly, the nation particularly the United States Congress is obligatory to the 9/11 victims and their families in initiating a thorough investigation in public view with appropriate findings against all those implicated regardless of stature.

Democracy is threatened when the lawmakers become the lawbreakers and decline action against unethical conduct exemplifying discriminatory practice with law being applicable only to the law abiding ordinary citizens but not the powerful absconding the law.

These are truly the trying times for democracy and their representatives in presenting unwavering justice to preserve national security and the rule of law reflecting the fact that no one is above the law.

Massive voter turnout exceeding the 2008 statistics is paramount to overhaul Washington.

Please vote for the democrats so that they can cast their vote in return on legislation addressing the average citizens’ plight.

At the same time, the Republican members have invariably cast ‘Nay’ votes on ‘regular citizens’ issues while some of their colleagues choose abstinence to facilitate special interests victory.

Voting is the basic right denied to a significant population in some parts of the world and the citizens in a democratic society have tremendous chance to reshape the political landscape.

Hence ‘rally America’ to the midterm elections is an important call for all citizens.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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