Midterm Election 2010 – An Opportunity to Rebuild the Great Nation

September 13, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Midterm Election 2010 is an opportunity to rebuild the great nation – the United States of America.

From the latest developments it’s clear that Washington is broken and desperately requires citizens’ involvement in governance to restore the renowned American values that remains the basis in attracting many across the globe.

United States is resilient, resourceful and admirably courageous in dealing with any crisis.

It is evident in this great nation’s history for it has weathered the fierce storms and survived even the “Great Depression.”

The people representing the stars and stripes have come forward as one nation and contributed their unique skills in building the United States as the economic engine and a model democracy.

United States is the beacon of light for the entire world and the leadership will continue to provide the necessary guidance to those seeking political, economic and social progress in their domain.

The fall election is crucial to implement the changes that Washington has been deprived due to partisanship and special interests dominance in the legislation.

The political majority and the minority that prioritizes public interest and delivers the campaign promise are worth re-electing.

It predominantly rests with the American electorate in their choice of candidates as their representatives in Washington.

The combined forces such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce influencing the Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited cash flow in the election campaign together with the political architects determined to distract the electorate through distortion and negative attacks render the democratic elections irrelevant.

Whenever a candidate with no established record or substantive policies to move the nation forward is dependent upon the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and smear campaign, that candidate is unequivocally pledged to the sources behind them and not their constituents.

Their name might be on the ballot but only in theory for the real candidates are the big industries devising the policy and the strategists with the political ideology.

Voter discernment in electing the candidates with proven record and service against those without solutions to any problems could make the desirable change possible.

Congressional Democrats in the House and the Senate have worked extremely hard and are committed to improve the American lives. The selective few Republican members share the credit for their bipartisanship that enabled the recent reforms.

The policies related to ongoing wars contributing to the brave armed forces’ death toll and, the national deficit from the disproportionate defense expenditure with no accountability and transparency have been largely accepted without subjecting the claims to due process.

Public concern and views are disregarded and democracy undermined through propaganda subverting facts to promote the specific agenda.

The abuse of power with little or no respect for the constitutional law and democracy, reckless decisions that led to a bankrupt economy, chaos, death and destruction are minor details as compared to the serious ramifications on the office of Presidency – setting a dangerous precedence for history to repeat itself citing the predecessor’s exemption from law in the land of justice.

Ignoring the warnings on 9/11 attacks and conspicuously neglecting the constitutional duty to protect American lives is a colossal Presidential failure.

Above all, granting immunity to the status is rejecting the constitution set up to safeguard the national interest and the democratic principles that guarantees equal justice.

Accordingly, the nation particularly the United States Congress is obligatory to the 9/11 victims and their families in initiating a thorough investigation in public view with appropriate findings against all those implicated regardless of stature.

Democracy is threatened when the lawmakers become the lawbreakers and decline action against unethical conduct exemplifying discriminatory practice with law being applicable only to the law abiding ordinary citizens but not the powerful absconding the law.

These are truly the trying times for democracy and their representatives in presenting unwavering justice to preserve national security and the rule of law reflecting the fact that no one is above the law.

Massive voter turnout exceeding the 2008 statistics is paramount to overhaul Washington.

Please vote for the democrats so that they can cast their vote in return on legislation addressing the average citizens’ plight.

At the same time, the Republican members have invariably cast ‘Nay’ votes on ‘regular citizens’ issues while some of their colleagues choose abstinence to facilitate special interests victory.

Voting is the basic right denied to a significant population in some parts of the world and the citizens in a democratic society have tremendous chance to reshape the political landscape.

Hence ‘rally America’ to the midterm elections is an important call for all citizens.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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