North Korea – United States Provocation Against DPRK is Counterproductive

March 9, 2013

By Padmini Arhant

Korea colonized earlier by Japan until twentieth century endured typical colonial oppression.

Subsequently neo colonial power United States under the newly formed United Nations following World War II launched aggression against sovereign Korea in June 1950 and after three years the warring factions declared truce with Korea split into North and South according to hegemony agenda.

South Korea since then occupied with United States military base under the pretext of providing protection from North Korea.

United States offensive strategy conducting naval drills supposedly training South Korean forces for six decades intensified presence in Korean Peninsula and more so in the past three years with nuclear submarine on Yellow sea posing threats not only to North Korea but entire region likened to Persian Gulf incursion.

Washington’s antagonism towards North Korea from the beginning prompted Pyongyang to pursue nuclear aspirations and Korean leadership under former Premier Kim Jong Il developed nuclear capability with assistance from nuclear neighbors China and Pakistan in the Far East.

North Korea has been imposed with economic sanctions over decades for becoming a nuclear state.

In contrast United States has 5100 nuclear warheads and,

UNSC strongest ally Israel in possession of at least 200 – 500 nuclear arsenals enabled by U.S. and Britain with no formal acknowledgment to this effect and shielded from being listed as nuclear nation.

Again UN permanent security members i.e. P5 +1 United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany are nuclear powers either overtly or covertly like Germany being a prominent NATO and leading EU member with nuclear access yet none of them have been subjected to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspections and,

United States, Israel and others declined to be signatory to Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) while conducting nuclear testing at their own convenience.

In the backdrop of consistent violations with respect to ballistic missiles and sub-nuclear testing by all nuclear states,

The P5 + 1 and other nuclear members in second tier security council unanimous consensus imposing sanctions against North Korea or any other country is claiming entitlement to nuclear weapons by them and highlight discriminatory precedence.

North Korea nuclear status is enforced upon the South Asian nation by United States and former imperial power Japan coherence using South Korea as pawn to militarize Asia Pacific.

With Japan and South Korea hosting U.S. military bases accompanied by rigorous exercise flaunting superpower prowess is provocative and an impetus to target nation North Korea to enhance defense mechanism in semblance with Iran in Middle East.

Furthermore, the illegal and immoral economic warfare waged by United States and allies misusing UNSC appropriately qualify for war crimes considering genocide committed in this regard.

The trade embargo predominantly hurt respective population being the victims in the arbitrary condemnation by those in defiance of the law applicable to all – apparently only in theory and not necessarily in practice.

UNSC sanctions against North Korea has debilitated economy with acute food shortage and basic necessities resulting in scores of deaths due to starvation and people suffering further exacerbated in United States militarism forcing North Korean divestments in defense build up rather than economic development.

Ironically, the incumbent ‘democrat’ administration under Nobel Peace Prize winning Presidency has rejected too many opportunities to reverse the predecessor trend against North Korea and likewise sponsoring terrorism in Syria.

In fact the overture from North Korean late leader Kim Jong Il for direct talks and negotiations including DPRK complete nuclear disarmament proposal conveyed through former U.S. President Jimmy Carter in 2010 was slighted rather than moving forward with constructive dialogue in pursuit of peaceful settlement.

North Korea requests for engagement with United States several times before to resolve the unnecessary standoff and merciless sanctions liberally used by UNSC dictating unreasonable terms and conditions on nations considered obstacle to hegemonic quest and perpetual warfare boosting arms industry, oil and banking cartels profiteering at the vast majority devastation.

Contrarily, the Obama administration has expanded militarization in Asia Pacific with President Barack Obama emphasizing United States determination to proliferate exponentially in Asia compared with Middle East in deterrence to emerging powers in the specific domain.

Another interesting factor being China with ongoing territorial disputes on land and international waters in South China Sea with Japan, India, Vietnam and Philippines is the co-sponsor with United States in the latest round of sanctions against North Korea.

China, Russia and western powers denounced North Korea’s third nuclear testing stating the imminent danger to international community although individually and collectively every one of them bear equal responsibility in this context.

Nuclear disarmament regardless of economic, military and political stature is no longer an option but a necessity for global peace and security.

The immediate resolution to escalating tension between North Korea and United States is to call off computer simulated drill titled Key Resolve involving around 10,000 American troops along with South Korean armed personnel scheduled to carry on aviation, land and marine regimen on March 11 to April 2013.

South Korea willingness to subjugation with foreign troops on national soil despite citizens experiencing sexual assault and violence from U.S. servicemen meant to safeguard South Korean rights attacking the same evidently eclipse the concept of democracy.

The U.S. violations in South Korea are no different from the abuse happening with Japanese residents at frequent intervals in Okinawa, only to be ignored by national leaderships in South Korea and Japan.

Similarly, Afghanistan is much worse in every respect with United States and International Special Armed Forces (ISAF) violence against local Afghans and their lives rendered expendable.

Inviting foreign forces for occupation on homeland eliminates sovereignty and over a certain period evolves into slavery with reciprocation of host guest relation identified as imperialistic trait. – Poignant lesson unheeded by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan with Patriot Missile deployment debacle in Turkey.

South Korea and Japan freedom mortgaged for false sense of security with United States military camp that has only heightened tensions nuclearizing North Korea and allowing China to increase nuclear and defense potential.

United States and western illegal invasion and occupation of foreign land whether by conquest or consent is the fundamental cause for world unrest and turmoil.

South Korea’s rhetoric towards North Korea and the latter response to unjustified inhumane financial and trade restrictions routinely misused by the west and the rest at UNSC compounds the otherwise resolvable matter.

The clear and concise solution to this unwanted crises could be easily thwarted with reunification of North and South Korea.

Imperialism could not survive let alone thrive in the absence of polarization with civilians paying the highest price in the divided territory.

The leaderships and segments facilitating foreign exertion of authority in sovereign internal affairs flagrantly betray their nation and electorate trust characterized as treasonous act.

Lifting all sanctions against North Korea combined with United States troop withdrawal from Korean Peninsula is the immediate remedy as well as requirement paving way for North and South peaceful union reviving Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) agreements and non-aggression pact signed between North and South to prevent military clashes by accident or volition.

North Korea frustration to United States provocation is well founded and DPRK reaction promoting CPRK peace treaty with South leaderships and populace would be potent to negate foreign power negative influence on South Korean government.

Simultaneously, the recently elected South Korean President Park Geun Hye outreach to North Korea adopting diplomatic course and abandoning western doctrine aimed at perpetual standoff for self-interest would be positive and conform to President Park’s message on campaign trail to persevere peace over violence against North Korea.

South Korea independence from foreign rule prevailing under United States military contingency threatening peace and progress not to mention citizens’ safety compromised in the series of incidents is paramount for Korea and regional stability.

Reiterating the fact that South Korea return to original existence in amalgamation with North Korea maximizing outcome from the synergies in terms of North military assets and South economic growth aided by North Korean substantial labor force would be pervasively beneficial.

Meanwhile, North Korea political adjustments delineating military from civilian governance towards constitutional based republican democratic system would ease lingering hostility and perhaps be appealing to South Korea in unification goal.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un introducing transparency with prudent political and economic restructuring focused on civil rights and liberty in conjunction with local productivity and self-sufficiency to overcome UNSC unethical and biased actions would yield desirable effects and prospective when forging alliance within and outside Asia.

North and South Korea recognition of fine attributes and shortcomings with mutual understanding and cooperation premised on peaceful and pragmatic approach is essential to reunite divided families and the nations together sharing common values and cultural heritage.

United States interference to destabilize nations is counterproductive and instead time and resource investments in addressing domestic issues would be wise as an urgent priority now and in the long run.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Park Geun Hye exercising restraints and rationality to preside over decision-making process is critical for national sovereignty and re-establishment of viable Democratic Republic of Korea.

Solidarity is key to deal with challenges emanating from familiar and foreign source.

Nuclear confrontation would be catastrophic for the world and best averted with restoration of communication channel especially the hot line in the demilitarized zone.

All sides are urged to observe sober interaction not saber rattling to defuse wanton altercation.

Wishing successful convergence of North and South Korea as a proud and free nation devoid of imperialistic and militaristic surrounding with a progressive, promising present and future.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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