United States – U.S.Tax Legislation

December 21, 2017

United States – U.S.Tax Legislation

Padmini Arhant

Congratulations! On the tax legislation regarded a major overhaul by Republican Congress and administration under President Donald Trump.

As stated earlier on this website on the topic shifting tax burden from the wealthiest to middle class and lower income is not a viable option.  Such maneuvers are always unsustainable as proved in previous administration’s health care reform.

The repeal of mandatory health insurance subscription tied to penalty is a fair measure considering there were no equal requirements and obligations on health insurers despite them granted 35 million additional subscribers through Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare.

The health care industry exponential costs and health insurance conpanies consistent declining of non and minimal invasive treatments essential to patients living normal life stated as experimental course ignoring FDA approval are the norm prioritizing profitability over patient care. Such responses are typically evasive on insurers part rejecting  responsibility and market choice.

The recently passed tax law taxing social security benefits, retirement accounts like 401K and IRA, interests on savings deposits affect ordinary citizens dependent on life savings as financial security. Again the legislation targeting overwhelming majority as tax revenue base would impact consumer spending ultimately hurting retail businesses and upward in the economy,

The generous tax breaks to Corporations and 1% wealthy members in society perhaps offered as tax incentives in creating jobs and the latter to detain capital flight. Unfortunately these actions in the past by earlier administrations both Republican and Democrat in extending Bush tax cuts to these two categories have not deterrred companies from moving jobs overseas and the wealthiest  in expanding offshore investments for self and vested interests.

In case there are any changes anticipated which are seriously doubtful given the trajectory conforming to global economy concept, the results will be reflected in the economy especially the gap between haves and have nots either remaining the same or worsening in some demography.

Tax restructuring was necessary and long overdue. However, not to disproportionate benefits of the rich class and against the average population and middle income groups primarily stimulating cash flow and credit opportunities as first home buyers, home improvements, auto loan and student loan applicants in the economy.

The tax breaks to working families allowing full deductions on property tax rather than capping limits up to $10,000 including other state and local taxes leave ordinary citizens with meager net disposable amount and direct effects on their buying power as mainstream consumers in market place.

Anytime major corporations and 1% are favored the most which has been the trend thus far with any administration and political party in control of Congress, the candidacy promise to them as campaign financiers are duly fulfilled without reciprocation from them exacerbating mainstream plight not to mention the increase in national deficit.

Anything otherwise in this context would be significant and a pleasant surprise which would be verified with passage of time and mainstreet reality.

The individuals on single income or for that matter families deserving tax relief are regular taxpayers unlike the top 1% and big corporations finding ways to evade taxes with profits and assets in tax havens due to different standards in society exempting them from fair share of taxes in return for enormous gains they have at ordinary and average citizens’ expense.

The prospects and drawbacks of any legislation lies in alleviating economic and social inequality. The latest tax legislation upon meeting expectations among citizens across the spectrum would then be a national goal.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

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Avatar (Reincarnation) – Part II

May 24, 2017

Identity Politics (Hindi)


United States – Bilderberg 2017 Meeting in Chantilly, Virginia

By Padmini Arhant

The global elites with corporate heads, bankers, European Royals and government representatives including officials from the past and present U.S. administrations discreetly gather annually to discuss on world matter.

The leading news organizations from overseas and the United States presence with press editors and chief from Bloomberg, Economic Times, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal this year and previously The New York Times and The Washington Post…to name a few are regular at the conclave.

The secret meeting today June 1st – 4th in Chantilly, Virginia slight democracy and transparency considering the decisions made at this gathering are enforced on world population.

The idea of secrecy in unanimous agreement not to disclose issues and details barring minutes of the meeting or press briefing pose serious threat to freedom of press and right to information concerning humanity. The press and media attendees at this assembly remaining silent further explains complicity in events against national and international interest.

The past and present participants’ collusion to maintain the undemocratic tradition with Presidential candidates joining the session witnessed in 2008 and earlier continued until now.

The Bilderberg group as incognito power asserting authority with egregious plan of actions to benefit the group and others pledged allegiance to them is gross violation of access to knowledge and proposals affecting lives and livelihoods of citizens across the globe.

This year agendaWar on Information is not surprising given the misuse of public trust with fake news, propaganda, distortion, subversion and fabrication leading the charts under the guise of free speech waging war against truth and facts condemned as hate speech to suppress reality.

Bilderbergers efforts to contain actual messages and instead supply concocted versions along with irrelevant news serving as major distraction remains the primary goal. Those who have been loyal to secret society stratagem are monetarily rewarded and abundantly credited regardless of their involvements in terror sponsorship and economic deals having serious impact on victims in targeted missions.

The clandestine meeting verifies the credibility or the lack thereof on members’ intention to resolve global problems for greater good rather than personal and vested gains at the majority expense.

Bilderberg group activities are evidently detrimental besides controversial. The exclusivity rejecting people outcry over privacy of the meeting exemplify determination to prolong status quo proved unsustainable.

Any meeting with powerful entities claiming absolute control over destiny of more than seven billion inhabitants and their unwillingness to hold open forum is scandalous not to mention the tolerance to such practice generating false impression as mass approval.

Allowing the convention to be the norm clarifies the state of affairs in systems poised as democracy.

Democracy subjugated in disguise is worse than declared repression.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Europe – EU and Election

By Padmini Arhant

In the events led by Supremacists, maintaining bankers and bureaucrats run EU as the ultimate power undermining EU member states sovereignty is the primary goal in European and western nations elections.

Behind the veneer rallying for liberal or moderate governments against conservatives even though there is allegiance to oligarchy from all sides in this respect, the real expectations from global elites is the selection under the guise of election to see pro-EU and conglomerate choice prevail in the election.

Britain – The former conservative Prime Minister David Cameron betting on pro-EU platform in BREXIT referendum cost his term in office despite the TORI representative and then U.S. President Barack Obama, the apparent democrat campaigning in EU favor in 2016.

Fast forward, the liberal candidate Jeremy Corbyn pro-EU stance is welcome amongst EU establishment in semblance to recent France election where the so-called socialist government economics Minister turned born-again neo-centrist French President Emmanuel Macron receiving EU and Supremacy cadre mass approval against oligarchy branded nationalist contestant Marine Le Pen in France.

United States the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton also pro-EU advocate losing the election is regarded a major blow than U.S. citizens and foreign nationals falling prey to 9/11 terror attack and subsequent casualties in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria besides elsewhere due to internal collusion and complicity in illegal invasion, occupation and terror sponsorship.

Canada – The current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of liberal party affirmation to EU emulating predecessor the conservative party Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Canadian politics is indicative of indifference in political affiliation with commonality on their positions towards EU and bankers controlled politics and economy.

Germany The bankers’ chief representative, German Vice Chancellor Angela Merkel remains the all-time favorite for enforcing IMF and ECB authorized austerity defined as fiscal responsibility on euro zone members ignoring dire consequences experienced until now in Greece and other member nations viz. Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain.

To summarize on strategy, the oligarchy and global elites controlled world political system evidently seeks representation pledged allegiance to them and their policy.

Any perception on gender bias noted against French candidate Marine Le Pen and Britain’s incumbent Prime Minister Theresa May is offset with endorsement of U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Germany’s VC Angela Merkel considering their positions to stand by EU and financiers ambit.

Likewise, the political parties regardless of right, left, centrist, progressive and independent do not matter. The ex-Prime Minister David Cameron, the conservative touting for EU was cheered as much as the liberal candidate Jeremy Corbyn loyalty to EU.

The shadow powers through UN, IMF, World Bank, EC, ECB and EU with NATO prolonging status quo overrides sovereignty for unipolar authority.

The dysfunctional system continued for fiduciary in the name of democracy denying people fair opportunity to republic representation.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Supremacists Rise and Decline

By Padmini Arhant

Jews and Christians half-brothers and sisters Muslims are patronized in the academic and entertainment world.

The western policy sponsoring terrorism and illegal invasion and occupation of Islamic countries worldwide is aimed at two specific goals and they are transforming Muslim youth into terrorists and imposing refugee status on the population.

The worst overture is empathy to anti-Muslim and Islamophobia from the quarters responsible for the trend pioneering prejudice based on race, religion, ethnicity, class and social economic background.

Supremacy and quest for dominance is a psychological disorder emanating from insecurity and inadequacy prompting subjugation and discrimination of anyone regarded a threat to self-asserted exceptionalism.

Supremacists legacy is polarization and exploitation of targets leading to superficial status as dominant force with fear and ignorance guiding them towards violence and sedition.

The Supremacist traits are a result of lack of understanding and humility in accepting diversity as core element of creation.

The paradoxical peculiarity amongst Supremacists seek homogenous society contrasting homophobia although homosexuality practiced in relations and representation. Similarly they express zero tolerance to Islamophobia while being instrumental in Muslim cleansing through terrorism and military interventions in Islamic regions.

Supremacists xenophobic sentiments arise from exclusivity and paranoia barring anything not fitting the profile. The self-contradictory existence and false image eroding individual values contributes to decline.

Hubris indigenous to Supremacy is behind inevitable downfall.

The topic will continue to shed light on events led by Supremacy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Climate Change

The climate treaty would be effective and meaningful upon terror sponsors and arms dealers ceasing activities to save life and the planet.

The multi billion dollars weapons contract with Saudi Arabia and free arms supply to Israel and various terror factions in Syria and Iraq besides weapons reaching groups in South Asia, Latin America and Africa claiming innocent lives and polluting environment impede any efforts on climate change.

United States and Israel backed Saudi Kingdom assault on Yemen resulting in massive casualties and outbreak of cholera and other epidemic impact environment in the region spreading across the world with the free flow of goods and services as well as travel in the global economy.

Any advice from one to another on violation of climate treaty is farcical since G-7 members are responsible for major arms sales and proliferation of terrorism.

Needless to say practising what one preaches would exemplify credibility.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Political Scam 

The  Murder Inc. and Masonic society is deceiving the world in claiming the war on terror funded by them proliferating terrorism as lifeline to prolong status quo.  The duplicity objecting to travel ban on Muslim countries as liberal view to refute incumbent administration is simultaneously reversed in bombing the same Muslim nations by both the so-called democrat and republican White House.

What needs to be understood is the travel ban enforced indirectly ensuring there are not many Muslims left to travel with relentless shelling and killings through terror sponsoring since 2011 under presumably liberal Presidency Barack Hussain Obama in the United States that continues until now.

The former President Barack Hussain Obama denying any affiliation with Islam despite the name and lineage never regarded an issue.

Similarly the apparent liberal, left wing and democratic President Barack H. Obama outreach in overturning the lawsuit filed in New York against the right wing Prime Minister of India, Narinder Modi  for instigating communal violence in Gujarat resulting in many casualties with large number of muslims is accepted with admiration.

The present clamor over concern on anti-Muslim or Islam emerging from the western quarters that are committed towards decimating Islamic nations is hideous hypocrisy. 

The anti-Islam agenda is the brainchild for fundamentalists behind Greater Israel under the pretext of Project for New American Century that launched the major terror attack in the United States on 9/11 followed by series of invasions of Muslim countries in different parts of the world.

Accordingly the proxies representing them in the United States and western domain from the right, middle and left including allies in the Middle East and elsewhere remain complicit in the destructive cause.

The western empathy to Muslim refugees having been responsible for their plight and status is conflicting when they would not cease fueling terror and violent interventions in Islamic world. 

Judaism’s half brother Islam sharing the connection with Christianity is exploited for ideological extremism. In the process United States resources are depleted and western sphere targeted in the recent terror attacks convicting Islam in the zero-sum game.

The masterminds and catalysts behind this messed up operation are in a bind and clueless in averting self-inflicted disaster victimizing ordinary people. 

Fomenting and fostering terror is unjustified geopolitical strategy.

One reaps what one sows in life.  

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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Social Hypocrisy 

The nefarious international clique and unscrupulous proxies represented media and communication outlets revealing real character in comments such as waitress, maid, housekeeper, stewardess and chauffeur…clearly indicative of their disdain and condescendence to people in the service and hospitality industry. The same would apply to families world over as overwhelming majority lead a modest life.

The crassness is a classic example of hypocrisy on etiquettes and political correctness across the spectrum.

The ignorant, arrogant and insolent view cleaning up ones’s own mess is beneath someone in contrast to them leaving behind their muck for others. 

By the way, how do these pompous fleecers deal with nature calls? 

Do they have one of their own come to aid given the crony culture?

What is forgotten by these dim parasites and opportunists is their worthlessness to be otherwise due to the same folks waiting around them without whom they would never be important notwithstanding their destructive presence evidently a major liability soon to be vanquished for good reasons.

Besides who do they think they are begging for votes to legitimize their illegitimacy and dependent on the labor?

The same people who are scrubbing floors, serving tables and doing dishes to earn dignified livelihood unlike them amassing wealth from treason, corrupt dealings, embezzlement, tax evasion not barring murder of the people electing them to office and enabling their rise to fame. 

Life with fear and guilt gilded in gold is a waste defeating the purpose of human embodiment ultimately ending in undesirable destination.

Padmini Arhant 

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Avatar (Reincarnation) – Part II

By Padmini Arhant

In my last segment, I presented a synopsis on incarnation and journey after death highlighting the worlds that exist other than earth.

The topic will be elaborated for better understanding on life after death in my forthcoming book.

Is there a place called hell? – Hell there is.

Who else would know better than hell raisers on earth and their victims?

When beautiful earth is transformed into hell by those inflicting immeasurable pain and misery on others posing no threat to them, their karmic debts could never be evaded as they do with taxes and atrocities committed for centuries to exert supremacy and dominance that continues until today.

In their relentless efforts to maintain status quo with duplicity and hostility, the gatekeepers of hell poignantly chosen their destination upon imminent death since all living beings are subject to mortality regardless of whoever they assume to be in the world.

The irony is those sentencing others to death are fearful of own fatality due to inner fear on the inevitable terminus upon being deceased.  Yet there is no inclination to change course and introspect in self-acknowledgment on crimes and misdeeds in their lifetime.

Whenever the clock is turned counterclockwise evident in the past and contemporary events accelerated in the dawn of twenty first century with medieval feudalism and vassal statehood asserting authority, the conditions terminate the function and the ones behind the operation in any capacity.

The reliance on falsehood and violence barely the lifeline for international clique despite incest amongst them and proxies boarding the doomed vehicle headed towards the cliff.

Additionally, the propaganda to subvert facts is fervent in the hope to prevail in mass deception forgetting the reverse impact experienced in this experiment thus far.

The devious ploys are a gamble with the tide turning against gamblers in fait accompli.

The tradition in creating enemy serving as the premise to invade, occupy and destabilize nations carried out with every administration in the United States and western world.

In the focus on hypocrisy in politics and society – I begin with politics in the world arena.

There are four main rivals among many others for hegemony with whom sable rattling and belligerence continues for unsubstantiated cause.

They are North Korea in Korean Peninsula poised at warning the major creditor China next to Japan holding substantial stake on U.S. Treasury securities besides remaining the largest exporter of goods to the United States having extended the most favored nation (MFN) status to the apparent competitor under former President Bill Clinton and successors thereafter.

Next – Russia. In the wake of overthrow of democratically elected government in Ukraine by EU and United States leaderships under former President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prompting Russian interference,

Russia is a convenient reason to boost NATO presence and incursion in the Baltic sea and around eastern and central Europe. Russia was slammed with sanctions for Crimea resulting from U.S. and EU direct role in dismantling Ukraine and installing pro-Nazi government while expressing zero tolerance to incidents cited as Nazism.

In the Middle East –Israel and Saudi Arabia’s arch nemesis – Iran and Syria.

Following United States and NATO illegal invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq in 2001 and 2003, United States and EU key western powers sponsored terrorism in 2011 with spate of recent terror attacks in western sphere is self-inflicted lesion.

Terror sponsors crying foul on terrorism is analagous to  arsonists objecting to fire crackers sale manufactured by them.

More on hypocrisy in politics and society to resume shortly.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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headlines in main stream media ratcheting investigations on incumbent administration ties with Russia.















United States – Abuse of Executive Power

March 5, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

The abuse of executive power at every opportunity in the United States more so since the beginning of the twenty first century under former President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney is no surprise. The customary practice adapted and taken to the extreme level by ex-President Barack Obama is irrefutable.

Any claims that Barack Obama administration cardinal rule was not to indulge in wiretapping of any U.S. citizen is not true considering personal experience and actions such as surveillance act including phone, email and all other form of communications under NSA purview subjecting United States citizens to scrutiny with and without congressional consensus was the norm.

Why there is no investigation in the shooting of unarmed civilian – the young black mother Miriam Iris Carey with her thirteen months old daughter Erica in the back seat on October 3rd, 2013 at the White House doorstep denying the victim a chance to leave unhurt from the crime scene with guns aimed at her by White House secret service and D.C. police?

The preventable incident sparing life unnecessarily resulted in fatality could not be happening without Presidential order.

Miriam Iris Carey perhaps had wiretapping in her apartment with all her normal activities monitored by designated crew violating United States citizen’s privacy and constitutional right only to be dismissed as delusional supposition.

The legislations Patriot Act, FISA and introduction of NDAA under Barack Obama administration peaked in the absence of checks and balances to such undemocratic and unprincipled misuse of power.

United States citizens’ vulnerabilities in the wake of excess extra judicial power exponentially risen in modern times leaving targeted individuals completely at the mercy of the authority accountable to none.

The contemporary trend in massive collusion protecting the crimes of previous administrations regardless of the extent and involvement in carte blanche decisions further exacerbates democratic means to probe and conduct inquiry.

Not to mention bipartisanship in such matter that otherwise ominously missing in legislations of national and electorate interest is a tradition for the nation to contend with given media defense and political immunity absolving administrations and the head from any responsibility.

These developments arguably raise concerns and stupefy those having any faith in the system to deliver impartially setting aside political affiliations and pledges to internal as well as external operatives reining control over outcome on congressional and FBI inquest.

When arch conservatives alongside so-called liberal democrats consecutively represent Senate with guaranteed power having no term limits, the Super Pac prominence supersede electability deducing election nothing other than a formality.

The concept of democracy has long been subjugated with subversion and complicity within and outside politics shunning transparency to the point of no return.

In the attempt to rescue high profile entities implicated in serious infringements, the legislative branch and communication media role exhausted to maintain status quo declining reform.

The misinterpretation of power in any position especially in public service is a major political crisis leading to unacceptable breach of ethical code and civic trust.

The remedy is to apply the rule of none held above the law.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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United States – U.S. Tax Payers Fund And Foreign Aid

January 25, 2017

Padmini Arhant.
Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com. Spouse in Divine Mission.



By Padmini Arhant

The headlines on the outgoing administration of former President Barack Obama last minute approval to send Palestinians $221 M under review by current administration State Department.

Similarly, the new administration State Department is urged to scrutinize the executive action of ex-President Barack Obama allowing U.S. tax fund $38 billion dollars to Israel’s military aid over ten years beginning in middle of 2016 despite Israel’s contentious settlement activity routinely supported by President Barack Obama and then UN ambassador Samantha Power representing the former administration via veto in UNSC resolutions stalling any progress in the middle east peace process.

The ex-President Barack Obama’s exit strategy doing something that could have been done during the term in office and instead executing in a frenzy prior to departure alludes to image management. Wearing a different mask do not make the wearer any different in character confirming duplicity.

Among a flurry of late and last minute executive orders and positions such as United States abstinence in recent UNSC resolution against Tel Aviv authority’s decision to expand settlements in occupied Palestinian territory unfortunately depicts the departing administration’s focus on scorecard rather than sensitivity on the embattled issue fomented by generous U.S. military and financial aid to Israel – the tradition continued by the outgoing administration of ex-President Barack Obama and intact at present posing conflict on the motto of AMERICA FIRST.

More on this issue to follow in due course.

Padmini Arhant

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United States – Facts vs. Fabrication

January 23, 2017

Padmini Arhant.
Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com. Spouse in Divine Mission.

United States – Facts vs. Fabrication

Padmini Arhant

The unnecessary tension between White House and media representing political establishment is a distraction and not in country’s interest. The exchange creates bad impression and skepticism on America’s democracy.

The election is over and the candidate of the other party (democrat) conceded in world view. Subsequently the Presidential inauguration confirmed the Presidency of Donald J Trump on January 20th, 2017.

The frivolous talk over crowd attendance on inauguration day to fill in 24/7 media slot clarifies media priority ignoring issues that are far more important and relevant than crowd statistics at a ceremonial event.

In 2009, there might have been large audience on inauguration day and at the same time there were also many who did not attend the event on that day.

Again, in 2013 the public presence was relatively smaller compared to 2009 regardless of re-election. The media and press divestment on accolades on Presidency that departed without delivering the hope and change promised disappointing electorate that was reflected consecutively in congressional election results since assuming term in office with failure to have democrats in majority in the House and Senate after 2008.  In other words, the democratic party was unable to sustain majority losing in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016.

Anything achieved in the first term between 2008 – 2016 was not without others intense labor and selfless commitment working without pay and monetary incentives to help the administration and the country at large in return for constant mockery and indignation.

Whenever press and media fail on objectivity and embark on myopic projection, democracy is subject to scrutiny.

The press reaction to my article referencing BBC unprofessional and unethical engagement although not the first time for the prominent British media and in this instance on the Delhi (Indian) gang rape victim to be at fault was slighted as something old and obsolete regurgitated many times over.

Juxtaposed cheering on the women’s march this past weekend on January 21st, 2017 highlighting the so-called movement tied to 2005 video release on then Presidential candidate Donald Trump remark replayed multiple times and spread worldwide despite apology from the candidate Donald Trump on the campaign trail.  

Unlike the unapologetic BBC and several profiteers in entertainment industry whether in the Unites States or India and anywhere unscrupulous marketing of theme and content in films and print disparaging womanhood under the guise of fiction speaks volume on hypocrisy.

As for political affairs, the leading news organizations  have responsibility towards responsible and accurate reporting given the resources, clout and dominance in the field.

The current headline on Trump administration abandoning Trans Pacific Partnership slated as the outgoing administration’s signature trade deal was already discarded by then administration due to lack of support in Congress which was confirmed months ago in the news reports by the same news organization that are now spinning the same topic.

With respect to any lawsuit on constitutional violation against the new President albeit on personal wealth, the issue attracts attention.

According to news report the counsels on this litigation are the advisers to former Presidents Barack H.Obama and George W.Bush – the predecessors legacy is testimony to the respect or the lack thereof towards constitution and constitutional rights in the introduction and continuation of act denying American citizens the right to legal representation prior to being killed on American soil like the young American Muslim targeted and shot on the alleged Yemeni conflict at ally Saudi Arabia’s behest during Barack Obama’s Presidency.

Likewise, constitution headed to the back burner under Bush and Cheney administration.

As for lying under oath or at any time that is something innate in politics, the ethics committee (CREW) rising to the occasion on all times and seeking accountability on every one of them would verify credibility.

The isolated action against the new administration while having overlooked the previous administrations numerous crimes amounting to treason and breach of public trust further demonstrates political motive.

The serious crimes like waging war under false pretext claiming the former President of Iraq Saddam Hussain had WMD only to be proved as mass deception with Halliburton headed by then Vice President Dick Cheney and cohorts profiteering on Iraq war.

The protagonists and agents behind 9/11 attack in the United States remain free and are regular guests on media.

The recent outgoing President Barack Obama administration Benghazi debacle, sponsoring terrorism protracting Syrian war spilling into Iraq and Lebanon, the falsehood on deceased Osama Bin Laden capture and eliminating Navy SEALS involved in that operation to withhold truth from the public and much more that are somehow not regarded misuse of power in office.

The commentators on television network are paid for their commentary and the same applies to political leaders’ role in the media.

The former speaker Newt Gingrich representing the Republican Party drawing comparisons between the present and past leadership overseas on political characteristics while not remembering own tenure as the anti-left and main opponent throughout former President Bill Clinton terms in office leading to impeachment of the President on Lewinski scandal is not surprising for politics with selective memory or amnesia.

When facts challenge fabrication, the exposure leads to disillusionment.

The law made applicable to all on transparency and constitutional compliance unlike pursuing one and exempting rest as happening now summarize political partisanship neglecting electorate will and America’s future.

America and the world deserve peace and progress for all.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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World – Cause and Contradictions

January 21, 2017

Padmini Arhant.
Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com. Spouse in Divine Mission.



By Padmini Arhant

The events related to any specific cause would be motivating provided there are no contradictions in the recent past or present.

Protests are organized for attention and generate reaction one way or another to affirm statements and sentiments on any issue.

Today the women’s march in the United States Capital spreading around the globe could be the headlines in news media.

However, the grim reality is not only women’s rights, civil liberty infringement among many other serious human rights violations remain the norm with powerful forces reining control over world resources and human capital resist any change to status quo.

The racial profiling in the United States and elsewhere and harassment by security agents especially women on duty in airports in India asserting improper approach and body search against general conduct is the consequence of misguided law and order. Again those who impose these practices as authority being exempt from these uncivil treatment due to the hierarchy as VIP and VVIP, they care less about the agents’ inappropriate demeanor.

When beneficiaries are accustomed to system serving them and their benefits only, any possible shift is unacceptable to them.

As a reminder to protesters worldwide on women’s rights, when prominent media like BBC hires a woman film maker to subvert facts and portray the Delhi (Indian) gang rape victim at fault and make a movie for profitability and propaganda then that speaks volume of complicity amongst women folks in such involvement.

Not to mention the nation and self-classified privileged in Indian society denying the rape victim’s family plea to refer to her by her real name unlike the one assigned Nirbhaya to further incriminate the victim in this case. Such tactics are intentional and the worst is the deplorable gesture justified as empathy towards victim.

Similarly, the entertainment industry having become the major tool and medium besides literary field under the guise of fiction are constantly engaged in tarnishing image of anyone they disapprove for standing up to elements responsible for political disorder, corruption, social and economic inequality.

The strategy to hide behind fiction with a disclaimer on movies and publications while declaring the characters to be enactment of living entity verifies the profiteers lack of courage and integrity together with credibility not necessarily an important factor to them. The collusion on unscrupulousness is evidently irrefutable.

Although false and fabricated negative depictions in films and available media format regarded just and sold as entertainment under fiction banner, the daring truthful  speech shedding light on reality and experience substantiating facts is dismissed as hate rhetoric.

In other words, there is little or no tolerance to truth and factual presentations as the trend is misinformation, deception and distortion misleading the world on the pretext of liberal, progressive and humanitarian cause.

The same is played out as conservatives described as nationalists with extreme views on women, other gender, immigrants, natives and so on leading to flip flopping to suit agenda.

Apparently, anything goes in the fervor to protect dysfunctional structure exploiting every opportunity to convince mass on the obviously flawed pursuits, policy and decision making process.

The matter deserving focus are the demonstrations like Occupy Wall Street and dissent to NATO operations resulting in destruction of lives and countries quelled using violent means showing utter disrespect for basic right on peaceful assembly and freedom of speech.

Likewise, EU in conjunction with ECB, IMF and World Bank contributing to economic mayhem and disparity. UN with UNSC as unipolar body functioning as ultimate authority authorizing military interventions and arbitrary dealings harming rather than helping the population are some key challenges among many confronting humanity.

Any protests against these organizations and their rules are met with aggression and undemocratic measures to undermine legitimate concern.

Anytime the powerful and behind the scenes operatives aim to arouse public anxiety in the manufactured setting, the ploy has inevitable reverse effect.

The dismantling of power concentrated amongst the few exerting dominance as prerogative would essentially emancipate all beings enduring discrimination and isolation.

Finally, the display objects such as the bust of political figures or leaders in the oval office substituting one for another upon exit and entry of the appointees might be an individual choice.

Nonetheless, the White House representing the executive branch for the nation permanently housing foreign leadership viz. Britain’s former Prime Minister Winston Churchill sculpture ignoring many honorable American patriots is a contradiction to the celebration of United States independence on July 4th and proclamation of sovereignty free from allegiance to crown and extraneous body.

Cause with contradictions pose conflict of interests.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter, PadminiArhant.com

Spousal Partner Divine Mission






United States – Presidential Inauguration 2017

January 20, 2017

Padmini Arhant. Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com. Spousal Partner Divine Mission.


By Padmini Arhant

The ceremonial event welcoming a new representative while the forces behind the scenes remaining permanent means more of the same.

The campaign slogans are left behind on campaign trail. Upon assuming office, the transition invariably leads to pledging allegiance to power brokers goals.

Democracy is meaningful and effective upon system and members held responsible for decisions or inactions on critical issues leading to loss of lives, economic mayhem and social injustice. As long as the tradition with one rule for common citizens and another for privileged society continues granting immunity on blatant violations and misuse of power with media, press and all possible communication outlets under control, the exit and entry to oval office is nothing more than symbolic.

The rhetoric raising hopes for a positive change and abandoning course to serve self and vested interests is repeat experience regardless of political faction.

Any transformation thus far is the game played with different players deploying same strategy for usual gains. 

The dawn of democracy is made possible with actual power rested in the republic and not conglomerate reining authority over resources and life at large. The declaration of transfer of power to people is best demonstrated in delivery – yet to happen in the history of politics and economy due to dominance of selective few over vast majority.

Congratulations! To President Donald Trump and the new administration. 

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spousal Partner Divine Mission







Cuba – Leader and Former President Fidel Castro

November 26, 2016

PADMINI ARHANT. Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com. Spousal Partner Divine Mission.





Cuban Leader and Former President Fidel Castro

By Mrs. Padmini Arhant


The Caribbean nation Cuba’s  leader and the former President Fidel Castro passing at the age of 90 is a moment of reflection, appreciation and reconciliation for the country.  The people having experienced tumultuous times and hardships possess the opportunity to evolve utilizing the good and learning from the bad events in history.

Politics never been transparent and accessible to people anywhere always pose a great challenge in remaining the republic with governance under specific control regardless of political ideology. Any nation undergoing revolution in resistance to failed system and hardline tactics are often met with internal and external ire prompting defensive mechanism to curb threat to sovereignty.  In the process, implementing measures without revision contributes to stagnancy.

The major dilemma for developing nation in any region is protecting sovereign status with quest to undermine national integrity and self-determination rights persists under the guise of empathy expressed in apathy via coup, economic sanctions lasting decades crippling economy and isolation depriving the country from deserving growth and development.

The post revolution Cuba emulating former Soviet Union and China’s communism style of governance and economic policy was a misconceived strategy.

However, the socialist adaptation in providing universal health care and affordable housing to the poor and lower income category is a credit in the struggle to uplift standard of living.

In any form of government whether communism or so-called democracy, theocracy and autocracy somehow leads to concentration of power amongst core members not to mention extraneous influence and internal collusion besides corruption inhibiting real progress.

World under hegemony aimed at subjugation of nations for acquisition of resources and strategic dominance create impediments to self-sufficiency and autonomy. The rise of any nation and region subsequent to prolonged downturns is curtailed to maintain status quo.

Cuban leader and former President Fidel Castro withstood the test of time in the potential nuclear confrontation between the two nuclear powers – former Soviet Union and the United States, the CIA unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the leadership in BAY OF PIGS debacle and since then United States imposing economic embargo with refusal to lift sanctions and forge economic ties exacerbated Cuban citizens plight.

On the Cuban leadership part, any hardline approach inside Cuba to crackdown political dissidence to prevent repeat of Bay of Pigs could have been substituted with political and economic reform promoting trust and national interests.

In international affairs, Cuban leader’s effort in brokering peace talks between the Colombian government and FARC in the long embroiled internal conflict that produced unnecessary deaths and unrest in the South American nation merits recognition.

Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro rise to power in 1959 and remaining the political force in the nation and for many aspiring leaders in Latin America and around the world is testimony to tenacity and adeptness in surviving turbulence from within and outside the Caribbean island.

On this occasion of grief and sorrow, I offer my sincere condolences to the family and people of Cuba.

Wishing Cuba a new beginning with people represented democracy, peace and bright future.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Mrs. Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

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United States – Election Recount Debunked

November 25, 2016

PADMINI ARHANT. Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com. Spousal Partner Divine Mission.




By Mrs. Padmini Arhant

United States – Election Recount Debunked

The former Presidential contender Jill Stein of Green Party with 0.5 percent votes and missing on the ballot box in many states suddenly in the forefront to test the electoral integrity on selective states ignoring the rest beckons scrutiny.

1. Who is Jill Stein?

The Green Party founder who participated in the establishment and secret society organized debate in 2012 mocking common citizens’ aspirations for green environment, constitution, libertarianism and anything ordinarily desired for a better future in a nation.

2. How did Jill Stein perform in 2016 election?

Having been unsuccessful with 0.5 percent votes, the green party was barely noticed due to lack of proper representation diminishing the prospects for a genuine green party.  Now leading the recount run on the election clarifies proxy setting and the pact amongst those trying to benefit from the replay.

3. Was Jill Stein able to raise money to compete effectively in the elections in 2012 and 2016?

The green party representative Jill Stein could not reach the threshold to gain support as a serious candidate in the previous and recent election.

4. How did Jill Stein raise $5 million within 48 – 72 hours?

There is no transparency in this regard. Someone on the crusade to test the electoral integrity should exemplify in action by providing actual not fictitious names of donors behind the game. Furthermore, there should be an independent audit to verify the source and account where money is received.

Since Jill stein is concerned about electoral reliability in 2016 rather than having the consciousness to question the same in 2012 when she was on the ballot, the argument has little or no credibility besides obliging to be a pseudo for the other failed candidate in the race.

5. Who is really behind Jill Stein given the green party’s notification of Jill Stein no longer representing the political party?

None other than Jill Stein would be the one to respond to this query considering the former Presidential candidate’s pursuit for honesty.

Needless to say, the operatives behind the scenes not satisfied with the reversal of pre-meditated strategy to have their candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton as declared winner hired Jill Stein to spin vote discrepancy.

6. Why are they involved in futile exercise when members urging vote recount repeatedly maintain that the end result may not produce any change to elected status?

Perhaps anticipating different outcome upending  November 4, 2016 electorate decision.  However, not admitting regardless of fiasco causing unnecessary volatility in stock market and creating uncertainty on United States sovereignty with Presidential contenders defaulting on their word and concessional speech to the nation and the world at large.

7. Are the donors contributing to ill-conceived endeavor doing to undermine United States and economy?

There appears to be no other valid reason as anything said is contradictory to reality.

8. Is there not a conflict of interest in Jill Stein and other Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders backing Hillary Clinton?

Absolutely.  Jill Stein ran on the green party ticket and Senator Bernie Sanders perceived as the stalwart on green cause and Wall street challenger while Hillary Rodham Clinton as democrat nominee is pro offshore drilling and heavily funded by energy and other industries known for environment hazards in the United States and overseas.

9. Does that mean those behind the democrat candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton under pretext to address alleged voting irregularities are not trustworthy?

The current event is an eye opener and confirms collusion to prolong unscrupulous agenda.

10. What is evident in the latest call on vote fraud?

Those crying foul do so only when they lose with the quest for power by any means debunked in the process.

The day politics is free from influence that would mark the birth of democracy.

Mrs. Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

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  By Mrs. Padmini Arhant

Democracy Under Siege 

How come there are problems and complaints citing irregularities in the voting for a candidate upon losing while the same not applicable in her victory during the democrat primary in 2016?

Perhaps, the fraudulent vote rigging that is claimed right now could have occurred then as well wrongfully delivering votes to the candidate who failed in previous election in 2008 depriving the actual winner during the democrat primary in 2016.

Is it because losing means – malfunction and disarray for the candidate having candidly conceded to the victor on November 4, 2016 election night witnessed by several millions worldwide?

When the electoral outcome is challenged subsequent to concession speech to the nation, the situation portends serious threat to the concept of election, electoral tradition maintained until now.

The hunger for power prompts such indulgence in utter disregard for the country and the people having spoken ending the contentious and sensationalized election.

Why is power so important to establishment and secret society member whose track record contributed to defeat in 2008 and 2016?

United States of America election with pre-approved candidacy not prevailing is regarded unacceptable. The response thereafter confirms the unscrupulous means to upend election result to continue with business as usual.

The possibility for such events occur when democracy is under siege.

Mrs. Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

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By Mrs. Padmini Arhant

Report on Fascism

  1. How do you identify Fascism?

Whenever political system and society is held hostage to certain ideology premised on hatred, prejudice, violence, discord, threats and zero tolerance to alternative views,

Then anti-peace, anti-unity and anti-humanity exercising absolute control and authority pervades beginning with politics, economy, communication media, news organizations, entertainment and education not barring religion to name a few in the ambit.

  2. How does Fascism exert control?

Fascism suppresses anything regarded an obstacle to status quo using extreme measures such as isolation, close monitoring and possible assassination – being the norm and given violent pursuits.

Furthermore, utilizing seized resources Fascism prevents real awareness replaced with lies, deception, propaganda, concocted theories and importantly false representations using proxies and agents to lead the country exceeding Fascist goals.

  1. What are the typical traits in Fascism?

Terror, sponsoring terrorism, fear mongering, hardline tactics, duplicity, connivance and carte blanche authority besides providing immunity to those complicit in wrongdoings, corrupt and criminal activities regardless of impact on national interests.

  1. How does Fascism deal with citizens’ genuine concerns on economy, social inequality and poor governance?

Fascism deploys brute force using Taser, water cannons, man handling and aggressive techniques against unarmed civilians including arrests of those in peaceful assembly witnessed in 2010 towards Occupy Wall Street and protesters against NATO summit in Chicago.

Notwithstanding iron clad protection to establishment and secret society members evading accountability.

  1. What is freedom to Fascism?

Freedom to incognito and visible power is not limited to kill at will and extends beyond sponsoring cannibals and terror networks committing genocide and heinous crimes against innocent people in foreign land.

Wiping civilizations and population for hegemonic ambitions is yet another characteristic of Fascism.

Fascism obsession with rape, indignation of woman, human rights violations through enactment of laws against constitution and democratic principles, obstructing peace accord and truce leaving several thousands dead and millions as refugees are carried out as an entitlement.

Similarly, authorizing predator drones in poor developing nations chasing men, women and children in the dark, renditions, imprisonment denying habeas corpus amid torture and various atrocities are routine.

On the contrary, freedom to mainstream and others not in the league or secret society is restrained through vigilance and dragnet surveillance with invasive body search at the airport and unfettered access to people’s communication under the guise of national security.

  1. How does Fascism treat fact and truth?

Fascism treats fact and truth with contempt accompanied by harassment, bullying, mockery, caricature, demonization, distortion and subversion.

In elaboration, Fascism denies original identity creating imposters and fake scenarios to discredit reality. Additionally, dictates on personal details related to marital status and individual profile to suit own agenda.

  1. Who are the collaborators with Fascism?

The key members are those attracted to power and dominance willing to go any extent in exacerbating human plight while the rest incentivized with fortune and hall of fame in colluding with Fascism.

  1. Is Fascism favorable to diversity and cosmopolitan concept?

Only within secret society to advance counterproductive missions causing devastation and chaos in the world.

In actuality, multiculturalism is exploited for political purpose classifying immigrants and people of different religion with negative connotations creating unnecessary tensions and disharmony.

  1. How does Fascism engage in election?

Election to fascism is a convenient tool to accept or reject electoral outcome depending on the candidacy. At present serious attempts are underway for a possible coup against United States electorate to invalidate the recent election result having maintained the position throughout election year 2016 and previously in 2012 that it is impossible for vote rigging or fraudulence claiming the United States voting machines to be fairly accurate and any potential malfunction or tampering to have been addressed following year 2000 Presidential election dispute.

There is fundraising going on together with those keen on upending voters who voted for the current winner Republican President-elect Donald J. Trump in an effort to seat twice unsuccessful candidacy earlier in 2008 democratic primary and 2016 general election Hillary Rodham Clinton indicative of the existing plot to sabotage electoral mandate.

The so-called third party representing secret society having mocked American electorate in 2012 general election for aspirations towards environment goals, constitutional law and civil liberty put to task in this regard.

Again, the so-called green party concerted involvement to reinstate democratic candidacy that is financed by energy giants endangering habitat and environment reveals the third party is anything but green.  The collusion exemplify illegal coup d’état against majority of American electorate and constitutionality.

The same green party headed by apparent medical professional showing poor performance with barely 0.5 percent votes in two or three states in the concluded election made controversial remark on Wi-Fi frying kids brains in contradiction to Wi-Fi enabled medical procedures and tests in the technology era. 

In this backdrop, the green party leadership raising skepticism on the electoral ballots clarifies ethical efficacy or the lack thereof in toppling candidacy declared victor in the election system approved and upheld since 2000 until now.

  1. What is Fascism aiming for?

Supremacy. The establishment and secret society pre-selected candidacy defeat is challenged to reverse election status to continue with undermining sovereignty, democratic process and above all embark on nuclear confrontation at ease given the democrat candidacy explicit desire in that respect.

The operation to dismiss Republican President-elect Donald J. Trump, the elected candidacy in 2016 election for the pre-determined democrat contender Hillary Rodham Clinton exempted from trials and prosecution related to treason, misuse of public office, betrayal of national trust and constitutional oath is the epitome of Fascism.

Mass consciousness to curtail such undemocratic and unprecedented overthrow discarding electorate decision nationwide over selective states data is critical to resurrect governance without extraneous and internal influence.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Mrs. Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

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United States – Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2016

PADMINI ARHANT. Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com. Spousal Partner Divine Mission.

By Mrs. Padmini Arhant

Happy Thanksgiving!


I take the opportunity to thank the sun, the moon, the stars, the sky, the earth, air, oceans and seas, forests and mountains facilitating life on the planet.

I would like to thank the indigenous folksthe Native Americans, the first inhabitants in North America introducing the culture to express gratitude and in this instance to Mother Nature also Mother Earth for nurturing life through plentiful crops and orchards in the tradition following harvest that became Thanksgiving in the United States of America.

I thank the environmentalists protecting environment despite formidable challenges from industries and politics threatening ecological balance and planet sustenance for profitability with many species forced into extinction and humanity conditions increasingly deprived of clean air and pure water due to pollution and contamination.

In other fields, I thank the common citizens taking the time and effort to upload YouTube videos on diverse problems related to fixing things whether mechanical or technological and general glitches experienced in daily life helping fellow human beings to address them saving money and time for many through such assistance.

Keep up the good work in providing and sharing ideas and solutions to minor and major routine overload that often disrupts normal schedule. The voluntary free tips on many relevant life functionality is much appreciated.

I thank all those striving hard to make a difference in the world without ulterior motives and self-interest most importantly fame, fortune and glory.

The candidates winning and losing especially for the ones with high profile political life is premised on track record speaking louder than words and glorified editorials including powerful backing witnessed in the election campaign.

The candidate acknowledgment of own shortcomings and mistakes rather than ascribing blame or scapegoat anybody for failure would mark the humble beginning.

I thank the interns, the apprentice and those working in general office duties, the mail room in particular sorting and dispatching mail for proper delivery that could otherwise bring the entire business down and similarly production assistants enabling successful shows and programs regardless of meager pay and condescendence towards jobs and job doers in the work force. 

I thank the Housewives in America and worldwide for their culinary talent shining through in ordinary life and more so on special occasions.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner without arguments on the recent 2016 election results.

In not doing so, the turkey might jump out of the table and walk out alive much to your bewilderment. Haha!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Mrs.Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

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