World – Cause and Contradictions

January 21, 2017

Padmini Arhant.
Author & Presenter Spouse in Divine Mission.



By Padmini Arhant

The events related to any specific cause would be motivating provided there are no contradictions in the recent past or present.

Protests are organized for attention and generate reaction one way or another to affirm statements and sentiments on any issue.

Today the women’s march in the United States Capital spreading around the globe could be the headlines in news media.

However, the grim reality is not only women’s rights, civil liberty infringement among many other serious human rights violations remain the norm with powerful forces reining control over world resources and human capital resist any change to status quo.

The racial profiling in the United States and elsewhere and harassment by security agents especially women on duty in airports in India asserting improper approach and body search against general conduct is the consequence of misguided law and order. Again those who impose these practices as authority being exempt from these uncivil treatment due to the hierarchy as VIP and VVIP, they care less about the agents’ inappropriate demeanor.

When beneficiaries are accustomed to system serving them and their benefits only, any possible shift is unacceptable to them.

As a reminder to protesters worldwide on women’s rights, when prominent media like BBC hires a woman film maker to subvert facts and portray the Delhi (Indian) gang rape victim at fault and make a movie for profitability and propaganda then that speaks volume of complicity amongst women folks in such involvement.

Not to mention the nation and self-classified privileged in Indian society denying the rape victim’s family plea to refer to her by her real name unlike the one assigned Nirbhaya to further incriminate the victim in this case. Such tactics are intentional and the worst is the deplorable gesture justified as empathy towards victim.

Similarly, the entertainment industry having become the major tool and medium besides literary field under the guise of fiction are constantly engaged in tarnishing image of anyone they disapprove for standing up to elements responsible for political disorder, corruption, social and economic inequality.

The strategy to hide behind fiction with a disclaimer on movies and publications while declaring the characters to be enactment of living entity verifies the profiteers lack of courage and integrity together with credibility not necessarily an important factor to them. The collusion on unscrupulousness is evidently irrefutable.

Although false and fabricated negative depictions in films and available media format regarded just and sold as entertainment under fiction banner, the daring truthful  speech shedding light on reality and experience substantiating facts is dismissed as hate rhetoric.

In other words, there is little or no tolerance to truth and factual presentations as the trend is misinformation, deception and distortion misleading the world on the pretext of liberal, progressive and humanitarian cause.

The same is played out as conservatives described as nationalists with extreme views on women, other gender, immigrants, natives and so on leading to flip flopping to suit agenda.

Apparently, anything goes in the fervor to protect dysfunctional structure exploiting every opportunity to convince mass on the obviously flawed pursuits, policy and decision making process.

The matter deserving focus are the demonstrations like Occupy Wall Street and dissent to NATO operations resulting in destruction of lives and countries quelled using violent means showing utter disrespect for basic right on peaceful assembly and freedom of speech.

Likewise, EU in conjunction with ECB, IMF and World Bank contributing to economic mayhem and disparity. UN with UNSC as unipolar body functioning as ultimate authority authorizing military interventions and arbitrary dealings harming rather than helping the population are some key challenges among many confronting humanity.

Any protests against these organizations and their rules are met with aggression and undemocratic measures to undermine legitimate concern.

Anytime the powerful and behind the scenes operatives aim to arouse public anxiety in the manufactured setting, the ploy has inevitable reverse effect.

The dismantling of power concentrated amongst the few exerting dominance as prerogative would essentially emancipate all beings enduring discrimination and isolation.

Finally, the display objects such as the bust of political figures or leaders in the oval office substituting one for another upon exit and entry of the appointees might be an individual choice.

Nonetheless, the White House representing the executive branch for the nation permanently housing foreign leadership viz. Britain’s former Prime Minister Winston Churchill sculpture ignoring many honorable American patriots is a contradiction to the celebration of United States independence on July 4th and proclamation of sovereignty free from allegiance to crown and extraneous body.

Cause with contradictions pose conflict of interests.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter,

Spousal Partner Divine Mission







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