United States – Election Recount Debunked

November 25, 2016

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By Mrs. Padmini Arhant

United States – Election Recount Debunked

The former Presidential contender Jill Stein of Green Party with 0.5 percent votes and missing on the ballot box in many states suddenly in the forefront to test the electoral integrity on selective states ignoring the rest beckons scrutiny.

1. Who is Jill Stein?

The Green Party founder who participated in the establishment and secret society organized debate in 2012 mocking common citizens’ aspirations for green environment, constitution, libertarianism and anything ordinarily desired for a better future in a nation.

2. How did Jill Stein perform in 2016 election?

Having been unsuccessful with 0.5 percent votes, the green party was barely noticed due to lack of proper representation diminishing the prospects for a genuine green party.  Now leading the recount run on the election clarifies proxy setting and the pact amongst those trying to benefit from the replay.

3. Was Jill Stein able to raise money to compete effectively in the elections in 2012 and 2016?

The green party representative Jill Stein could not reach the threshold to gain support as a serious candidate in the previous and recent election.

4. How did Jill Stein raise $5 million within 48 – 72 hours?

There is no transparency in this regard. Someone on the crusade to test the electoral integrity should exemplify in action by providing actual not fictitious names of donors behind the game. Furthermore, there should be an independent audit to verify the source and account where money is received.

Since Jill stein is concerned about electoral reliability in 2016 rather than having the consciousness to question the same in 2012 when she was on the ballot, the argument has little or no credibility besides obliging to be a pseudo for the other failed candidate in the race.

5. Who is really behind Jill Stein given the green party’s notification of Jill Stein no longer representing the political party?

None other than Jill Stein would be the one to respond to this query considering the former Presidential candidate’s pursuit for honesty.

Needless to say, the operatives behind the scenes not satisfied with the reversal of pre-meditated strategy to have their candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton as declared winner hired Jill Stein to spin vote discrepancy.

6. Why are they involved in futile exercise when members urging vote recount repeatedly maintain that the end result may not produce any change to elected status?

Perhaps anticipating different outcome upending  November 4, 2016 electorate decision.  However, not admitting regardless of fiasco causing unnecessary volatility in stock market and creating uncertainty on United States sovereignty with Presidential contenders defaulting on their word and concessional speech to the nation and the world at large.

7. Are the donors contributing to ill-conceived endeavor doing to undermine United States and economy?

There appears to be no other valid reason as anything said is contradictory to reality.

8. Is there not a conflict of interest in Jill Stein and other Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders backing Hillary Clinton?

Absolutely.  Jill Stein ran on the green party ticket and Senator Bernie Sanders perceived as the stalwart on green cause and Wall street challenger while Hillary Rodham Clinton as democrat nominee is pro offshore drilling and heavily funded by energy and other industries known for environment hazards in the United States and overseas.

9. Does that mean those behind the democrat candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton under pretext to address alleged voting irregularities are not trustworthy?

The current event is an eye opener and confirms collusion to prolong unscrupulous agenda.

10. What is evident in the latest call on vote fraud?

Those crying foul do so only when they lose with the quest for power by any means debunked in the process.

The day politics is free from influence that would mark the birth of democracy.

Mrs. Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spousal Partner Divine Mission


  By Mrs. Padmini Arhant

Democracy Under Siege 

How come there are problems and complaints citing irregularities in the voting for a candidate upon losing while the same not applicable in her victory during the democrat primary in 2016?

Perhaps, the fraudulent vote rigging that is claimed right now could have occurred then as well wrongfully delivering votes to the candidate who failed in previous election in 2008 depriving the actual winner during the democrat primary in 2016.

Is it because losing means – malfunction and disarray for the candidate having candidly conceded to the victor on November 4, 2016 election night witnessed by several millions worldwide?

When the electoral outcome is challenged subsequent to concession speech to the nation, the situation portends serious threat to the concept of election, electoral tradition maintained until now.

The hunger for power prompts such indulgence in utter disregard for the country and the people having spoken ending the contentious and sensationalized election.

Why is power so important to establishment and secret society member whose track record contributed to defeat in 2008 and 2016?

United States of America election with pre-approved candidacy not prevailing is regarded unacceptable. The response thereafter confirms the unscrupulous means to upend election result to continue with business as usual.

The possibility for such events occur when democracy is under siege.

Mrs. Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spousal Partner Divine Mission


By Mrs. Padmini Arhant

Report on Fascism

  1. How do you identify Fascism?

Whenever political system and society is held hostage to certain ideology premised on hatred, prejudice, violence, discord, threats and zero tolerance to alternative views,

Then anti-peace, anti-unity and anti-humanity exercising absolute control and authority pervades beginning with politics, economy, communication media, news organizations, entertainment and education not barring religion to name a few in the ambit.

  2. How does Fascism exert control?

Fascism suppresses anything regarded an obstacle to status quo using extreme measures such as isolation, close monitoring and possible assassination – being the norm and given violent pursuits.

Furthermore, utilizing seized resources Fascism prevents real awareness replaced with lies, deception, propaganda, concocted theories and importantly false representations using proxies and agents to lead the country exceeding Fascist goals.

  1. What are the typical traits in Fascism?

Terror, sponsoring terrorism, fear mongering, hardline tactics, duplicity, connivance and carte blanche authority besides providing immunity to those complicit in wrongdoings, corrupt and criminal activities regardless of impact on national interests.

  1. How does Fascism deal with citizens’ genuine concerns on economy, social inequality and poor governance?

Fascism deploys brute force using Taser, water cannons, man handling and aggressive techniques against unarmed civilians including arrests of those in peaceful assembly witnessed in 2010 towards Occupy Wall Street and protesters against NATO summit in Chicago.

Notwithstanding iron clad protection to establishment and secret society members evading accountability.

  1. What is freedom to Fascism?

Freedom to incognito and visible power is not limited to kill at will and extends beyond sponsoring cannibals and terror networks committing genocide and heinous crimes against innocent people in foreign land.

Wiping civilizations and population for hegemonic ambitions is yet another characteristic of Fascism.

Fascism obsession with rape, indignation of woman, human rights violations through enactment of laws against constitution and democratic principles, obstructing peace accord and truce leaving several thousands dead and millions as refugees are carried out as an entitlement.

Similarly, authorizing predator drones in poor developing nations chasing men, women and children in the dark, renditions, imprisonment denying habeas corpus amid torture and various atrocities are routine.

On the contrary, freedom to mainstream and others not in the league or secret society is restrained through vigilance and dragnet surveillance with invasive body search at the airport and unfettered access to people’s communication under the guise of national security.

  1. How does Fascism treat fact and truth?

Fascism treats fact and truth with contempt accompanied by harassment, bullying, mockery, caricature, demonization, distortion and subversion.

In elaboration, Fascism denies original identity creating imposters and fake scenarios to discredit reality. Additionally, dictates on personal details related to marital status and individual profile to suit own agenda.

  1. Who are the collaborators with Fascism?

The key members are those attracted to power and dominance willing to go any extent in exacerbating human plight while the rest incentivized with fortune and hall of fame in colluding with Fascism.

  1. Is Fascism favorable to diversity and cosmopolitan concept?

Only within secret society to advance counterproductive missions causing devastation and chaos in the world.

In actuality, multiculturalism is exploited for political purpose classifying immigrants and people of different religion with negative connotations creating unnecessary tensions and disharmony.

  1. How does Fascism engage in election?

Election to fascism is a convenient tool to accept or reject electoral outcome depending on the candidacy. At present serious attempts are underway for a possible coup against United States electorate to invalidate the recent election result having maintained the position throughout election year 2016 and previously in 2012 that it is impossible for vote rigging or fraudulence claiming the United States voting machines to be fairly accurate and any potential malfunction or tampering to have been addressed following year 2000 Presidential election dispute.

There is fundraising going on together with those keen on upending voters who voted for the current winner Republican President-elect Donald J. Trump in an effort to seat twice unsuccessful candidacy earlier in 2008 democratic primary and 2016 general election Hillary Rodham Clinton indicative of the existing plot to sabotage electoral mandate.

The so-called third party representing secret society having mocked American electorate in 2012 general election for aspirations towards environment goals, constitutional law and civil liberty put to task in this regard.

Again, the so-called green party concerted involvement to reinstate democratic candidacy that is financed by energy giants endangering habitat and environment reveals the third party is anything but green.  The collusion exemplify illegal coup d’état against majority of American electorate and constitutionality.

The same green party headed by apparent medical professional showing poor performance with barely 0.5 percent votes in two or three states in the concluded election made controversial remark on Wi-Fi frying kids brains in contradiction to Wi-Fi enabled medical procedures and tests in the technology era. 

In this backdrop, the green party leadership raising skepticism on the electoral ballots clarifies ethical efficacy or the lack thereof in toppling candidacy declared victor in the election system approved and upheld since 2000 until now.

  1. What is Fascism aiming for?

Supremacy. The establishment and secret society pre-selected candidacy defeat is challenged to reverse election status to continue with undermining sovereignty, democratic process and above all embark on nuclear confrontation at ease given the democrat candidacy explicit desire in that respect.

The operation to dismiss Republican President-elect Donald J. Trump, the elected candidacy in 2016 election for the pre-determined democrat contender Hillary Rodham Clinton exempted from trials and prosecution related to treason, misuse of public office, betrayal of national trust and constitutional oath is the epitome of Fascism.

Mass consciousness to curtail such undemocratic and unprecedented overthrow discarding electorate decision nationwide over selective states data is critical to resurrect governance without extraneous and internal influence.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Mrs. Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spousal Partner Divine Mission



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