India – Ordinary People vs Corrupt Political Regimes

April 24, 2019

India – Ordinary People vs Corrupt Political Regimes – Part 2 

Padmini Arhant 

The outgoing PM Narendra Modi self-reference as chaiwala (tea server) and chowkidar (watchman) for political mileage unfairly target the labor force classified under informal economic sector.

PM Narendra Modi constant use and abuse of anyone and anything from Indian defense force to chaiwala and chowkidars – incidentally the worst affected members in PM Narendra Modi’s disastrous economic policies like demonetization, GST and turning a blind eye to service men requests for one rank one pension meaning fairness across the spectrum deserves electorate attention towards PM Narendra Modi’s repeat violation of election rules barring such election pitch.

The real chaiwalas, chowkidars and defense personnel message through electoral mandate defeating relevant rhetoric and candidacy – in this instance incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Varanasi, Gujarat or wherever is critical to end politics exploitation of people and their occupation to personal advantage and electoral gains.

PM Narendra Modi never shying away from claiming credit in anything and everything is the norm depriving actual contributors and anyone tirelessly and selflessly involved in challenging tasks of dealing with international affairs and crises that has promoted India’s image and status in global domain.

PM Narendra Modi’s narrative asserting such boost to India arising from PM’s umpteen foreign visits at ex-chequer’s i.e. ordinary taxpayers expense combined with the PM’s signature bear hugs is a lofty self-adulation.

PM Narendra Modi’s overseas trips failure to yield economic dividends in terms of foreign investments stimulating dormant job growth in India except favoring the former’s friend ally and campaign donor Anil Ambani and the latter’s sinking ship revealed in controversial Rafale scandal is a self-embarrassment than personal pride.

The writing on the wall states otherwise. The foreign investments and economic trade relations normally expected to enhance domestic employment and business opportunity through exports and manufacturing have declined in the past five years under PM Narendra Modi’s economic mismanagement.

PM Narendra Modi’s assessment of his foreign travel elevating India’s contemporary stature is misinterpretation.

When taking travel and tourism into account since PM’s overseas trips fit into that profile, the NRI’s and Indian nationals’ travel to various destinations of their choice representing their country of origin cannot be excluded in this category of making India’s presence in international domain.

In fact Indian tourists would make up for greater impact than PM Narendra Modi’s aggregate trips abroad.

PM Narendra Modi is required to sense and recognize the world that exists beside and beyond himself elected to serve limited term in office in the designated post.

PM Narendra Modi’s performance unfortunately falling well below voters expectations and default on promises made in 2014 resonate more among disillusioned electorate than the prime minister’s frequent offshore vacations.

The gunghroo and payal (anklet) barb reflects on the source angst and lack of substance viz. the life jacket to stay afloat in the midstream electoral process.

Politics reliance on deflection from core issues is fait accompli.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 









India – Ordinary People v Corrupt Political Regimes

April 23, 2019

India – Ordinary People v Corrupt Political Regimes

Padmini Arhant

The average Indian electorate with their present and future at stake exercising discernment and wisdom by rejecting all those  candidates out on bail contesting election via national and regional political parties is extremely important to protect their economic interests and individual invaluable rights long endangered by political regimes alternating to power.

The prominent members out on bail seeking election in 2019 are;

Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

Congress Party Chairwoman Sonia Gandhi.

BJP candidate Pragya Singh Thakur  

Her opponent Congress candidate the veteran in corruption scandals Digvijaya Singh deserving rejection in Madhya Pradesh. Digvijaya Singh is not on bail.  However, never held accountable for many corruption dealings.

Similarly, also decline victory to Rahul Gandhi’s opponent in Amethi, the television industry soap opera actress and all time unsuccessful BJP candidate Smriti Irani. Ms.Irani as close associate to PM Narendra Modi is a Rajya Sabha MP not through election but by selection since the Rajya Sabha seat in Gujarat (PM Narendra Modi’s home state) was unopposed with no candidate vying for that seat allowed Ms.Irani to represent BJP in Rajya Sabha. Ms.Irani was also appointed PM Narendra Modi’s cabinet minister based on cronyism rather than merit.

These names are merely the tip of the iceberg.

Outgoing PM Narendra Modi political rhetoric – PM job not for auction is self-realization  perhaps better late than never.What PM Narendra Modi in transition need to know as well is

PM job definitely not for terror attack facilitators against Indian defense force and Hindutva terror operatives recruiters as their party candidates and worse the PM contender using defense force, religion and caste to seek votes in the face of personal dismal record and devious demonetization debacle. 

I challenge the exiting PM Narendra Modi to deal with his own disastrous economic policies suggesting educated youth to fry pakoras ( Indian savory) aimed at creating world record on Indian street vendors and food stalls hiring highly educated youth in this line of culinary art due to lack of jobs in their desired profession or any other economic sector.

Not to mention PM Narendra Modi’s surgical strike on India’s youth and the millions unemployed relevantly the ones actually frying pakoras as street vendors and in food stalls forcing them out of work as well in inducing competition from highly educated youth per the genius proposal from clueless PM Narendra Modi.

Attention Indian Electorate:

The current election is between you the ordinary folks from different walks of life especially the frustrated unemployed youth, the women and marginalized minorities used as vote banks and the corrupt political regimes using black money and unscrupulous tactics to assume or resume power only to exploit you, the disenchanted republic upon election to public office. 

The political establishment wayward tactics and abuse of power to end democracy is a serious matter of concern. Accordingly, the electorate discernment in rejecting politics and political leaderships concerted efforts to subvert democracy is critical to protect hard fought freedom and individual rights that are non-negotiable.

As promised earlier, the topic on

Why re-election of Narendra Modi. Amit Shah and crew will be a disaster for India?

Simultaneously, the other topic

Similarities in regimes reining control will resume and presented shortly.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

India – Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

April 9, 2019

India – Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Padmini Arhant

Attention : Indian electorate nationwide.

The voters in Hindi heartland, northern, northeast, eastern, western and central India in particular positioned to vote for your choice of political party and leadership, you need to arrive at an informed decision when you are trusting your destiny and future in the hands of those who may not be the most reliable and even qualified to serve you and resolve the burgeoning issues concerning you and the nation at large.

Every Indian must do all that is required to acquaint oneself about political candidates promising moon and stars while their focus remains on one and only one thing and that is personal ambition to gain or retain power.

How did Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP party Supremo Amit Shah maneuver their way to helm in politics?

Definitely not by trekking the slippery slope instead the one leaving no money trail or witnesses to their crimes abusing power against people granting them authority.

This video is about Prime Minister Narendra Modi flunking polygraph test on self and issues discussed during the rare and selective channel interview as Prime Minister responsible for soaring unemployment, demonetization, GST, farmers distress, women’s status though should have touched base on PM Narendra Modi’s spouse abandoned since marriage, national security and more.

The following video is on Godhra Violence in Gujarat in 2002 when Narendra Modi was newly elected Chief Minister of the western state in India in 2001.  Subsequent to assuming office, the terrible and tragic communal violence resulting in hundreds of innocent Muslims and Hindus loss of lives expose then Chief Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, both representing BJP behind obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence and murder of key witnesses, Senior police officer investigating the crime including the judge presiding the trial at that time.

The latest testimony and revelations on this dark episode of India’s political history and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tainted political career clearly involving then Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the incumbent seeking re-election to second term in office lasting five years along with his colleague, confidante and BJP party chief Amit Shah (no stranger to corruption and criminality) deserves unbiased fair hearing and thorough investigation delivering justice to the deceased and many victims in politics instigated bloodshed.

The election commission’s attention and intervention in this matter would confirm constitutionally established institution’s autonomy and ethical efficacy to function independently protecting electoral integrity and accountability in the world’s largest democracy.

In the current election, the electorate preparing to cast their ballot beginning April 11 until May 22nd 2019, to elect government representing them and the nation of 130 crores or 1.3 billion population, the political members’ individual profile and activities of those in power during their term in office highlighting character and performance or the lack thereof should have bearing on voters decision prior to electing them as not only their representative but also to lead the nation as honorable, credible, respectable and trustworthy leader in the national and international domain.

Unfortunately, the regimes in power routinely subvert constitution, democracy and electoral mandate to benefit them and those funding their election campaign. When candidates vying for office of Prime Minster and other crucial ministerial posts are implicated of various corruption and criminal charges not barring complicity in communal violence and murder of innocent citizens as well as derailing judicial process, then the nation has responsibility to pause and engage in bringing these entities to justice rather than elevating them with coveted title such as Prime Minister or cabinet minister, political party chieftain and so on. 

When critical information surface directly involving those running for re-election as Prime Minister or debutant for that matter, then institutions such as judiciary and election commission are subject to litmus test by the nation in conducting hearing, inquiry and application of laws exempting none above law regardless of their political background.

The election flooded with black money and cash used to buy vulnerable voters by political parties especially the ones floating on slush funds to afford extravagant political campaign, 

Is the Election Commission of India independent to investigate and intercept illegal transactions in the absence of transparency on campaign financing and funding source?

Thus far, the election commission of India and other institutions’ inactions suggest they are hamstrung by political power misusing authority despite contemporary designation as caretaker government.

Indian electorate awareness and participation raising questions in all these fronts is absolutely important to save democracy.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


India – Elections 2019 VOTE NOTA

March 22, 2019

India – Elections 2019


Padmini Arhant


India’s overwhelming majority i.e. the average citizens are shackled and enslaved by anti-democratic, communal, dynasty, violent, corrupt, criminal, celebrity politics servile to foreign diktat for narcissistic goals to grab power, fame and fortune.

The unemployed youth in particular are exploited to defend criminal politics on social media with political media investment in propaganda to deflect public attention from real economic issues hurting the population at large.

Indian electorate have no chance of taking dysfunctional political class to task or hold them accountable in the politics controlled judiciary leaving them entirely at ruthless political regimes mercy.

The only opportunity to Indian voters is the polls to reject political establishment in entirety sending a strong message on their disapproval of stagnant status quo depriving ordinary people the right to equal access in all things related to economy, politics and social status.


India’s disillusioned and frustrated voters reject crony, corrupt, criminal, catastrophic cadre redeeming your dignity and respect that has long been seized from you by political regimes alternating to power.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


India – Introduction to New National Political Party

March 19, 2019

New Zealand Mosque Massacre

Padmini Arhant



India – Introduction to New National Political Party

Padmini Arhant 

With great pleasure and responsibility, I, Padmini Arhant announce India’s New National Political Party – Gantantra Shakti Dal (Republic Power Party). The goal is to transfer power from the political establishment to republic i.e. the ordinary people in the country from Jammu & Kashmir to Kerala not excluding the union territories of India.


As mentioned earlier in my video presentations related to India’s deteriorating political, economic and social conditions predominantly affecting the poor, marginalized and disenfranchised demography which is unfortunately the overwhelming majority in society,

Notwithstanding national security and sovereignty threatened due to Indian politics collusion and complicity with external foreign forces diktat and influence,

A new national political party is introduced in the absence of effective, credible and formidable opposition to ruling parties subversion of democracy and abuse of power witnessed throughout Indian political history since independence and more so in the twenty first century until now.

Regardless of political principles and platform, the regional and national parties share a commonality i.e. corruption and misuse of authority against citizens despite the electoral mandate emanating from them.

The UPA and NDA regimes headed by Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi respectively have redefined governance to suit their agenda symbolically and ideologically in terms of political dynasty claiming entitlement to power and communal politics polarizing communities for vote banks that are proved dangerous and counterproductive thus far.

Neither UPA nor NDA rather Congress and RSS backed BJP are desirable to voters presently considering their relevant track record that speaks volume in mismanagement of economy serving only them and their allies in politics, economic sector and loyalists viz. cronies in society.

The farmers, labor force and importantly soldiers in the defense force have been grossly neglected in the quest to remain in power.

It is no secret that India’s economic growth in the last two decades have largely benefitted the wealthy and the industrialists enabling them to defraud India’s weak financial system affected by political interventions and exchange of favors to politically well connected industrialists absconding offshore as fugitives taking advantage of immunity at destination and from Indian government.

India’s poor remaining poorest enduring generational poverty, hunger and disease, the middle class constantly striving with minimum two or more income within a family of four to maintain a reasonable living standard while the rich elevated to filthy rich category is the norm deepening the divide between haves and have nots beyond control. The reason behind this trend over 70 years of India’s freedom is predominantly corruption, capitalist socialism, lack of transparency and accountability.

When the political system is entrenched in carcinogenic corruption, the cancerous growth metastasize becoming an imminent threat to existence. India is unfortunately experiencing do or die dilemma with rigid dichotomy between corporate owned politics and economically struggling local population barely bridging the gap in milestones reached on economic front.

The world’s second most populous nation poised as the largest democracy constitutionally designed to fit into secular patchwork and vivid diversity is torn in the tussle to be or not to be a democracy in the present time particularly under incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure.

The indisciplined political cadre infiltrating apparatus is responsible for dysfunctional orientation hindering pervasive progress. The strong resistance to anti-corruption laws witnessed during UPA and NDA terms in office is the precursor to prolific corruption in politics having contagion effect nationwide.

The toxic mix of corruption, crony capitalism and celebrity powered politics has systematically eroded democratic ethos to the extent of endangering innocent lives targeted on religious dogma by cow protectionists and zealots chasing minorities and socially ostracized groups in the archaic primitive casteism to retain fundamentalism.

Women’s rights are politically exploited with paradoxical maxims based on religions in the bareknuckled implementation aimed at political mileage.

Ironically, both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and opponent Rahul Gandhi of Congress  party wooing women votes in this national election are far from any respectable accounts related to women in their personal lives given the former i.e. PM Narendra Modi abandoned his spouse without any financial or moral support to her well after his prominence and power in the country.

Rahul Gandhi, sporting to be next Prime Minister was involved in gang rape incident of his own Congress party supporter with her family been loyal to the party for generations were returned favor by forcing them into oblivion using threats and intimidation that are common among political class both ruling and opposition alike in the so-called democracy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invested a great deal in media campaign falsely projecting his image through illegal undemocratic opinion poll claiming the environment is in his favor against reality.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has confirmed via media that recent air strike in Balakot, Pakistan was not to send a message to terror networks since no data has been provided until today on number of casualties and their names etc.

The operation to hit the empty godown or camp ground in pretty much no man’s land in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was done to revive his own declining numbers nationwide linked to his dismal performance in economic development and social issues that has led democracy under siege in his direct leadership and involvement.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not shied away from unethical and inhumane use of the martyred defense personnel incident in Pulwama, Kashmir that could have been thwarted had PM Narendra Modi’s government intervened promptly on the inevitable terror attack message brought to PM Narendra Modi’s personal attention.

Furthermore, PM Narendra Modi government’s sheer negligence slighting CRPF personnel safety by not organizing safe air passage to their army posts and allowing them to travel by road subject them to vulnerability costing their lives that could have been averted in exercising diligence and care for the defense force.

On freedom, liberty and civil rights – the Congress under Sonia Gandhi unleashed violent crackdown on anti-corruption rallies causing death of a woman participant Rajbala in June 2011. Sonia Gandhi government also  imprisoned then organizers and chief advocates of anti-corruption viz. Anna Hazare and colleagues at that time.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi pursued similar action against environmentalists, human rights activists, academics, writers and journalists perceived as anti-nationals with unsubstantiated allegations against them justifying PM Narendra Modi’s executive order to arrest them without due process. There were also some assassinations of writers and authors at government’s behest in the southern state of Karnataka.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asserted on corruption free term which in itself pose a credibility factor in the wake of explosive and controversial Rafale defense deal beckoning submission to serious public inquiry like the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) for thorough review and assessment of the pros and cons expending Indian taxpayers money to bail out Anil Ambani’s insolvent business.

The proposal is rejected by the ruling party and specifically PM Narendra Modi given his exclusive and individual decision to benefit his campaign donor and corporate ally Anil Ambani at the expense of India’s national security and economy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi always in the forefront to take credit on anything and everything with positive effects somehow never acknowledges responsibility for his numerous failures since assuming power in 2014 until now. 

The biggest ever debacle of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policy is DEMONETIZATION voiding 500 and 1000 rupees notes under the pretext of recovering black money which in fact is held in abundance among his cabinet members, political party, opposition, industrialists and celebrities in the entertainment industry. Prime Minister Narendra Modi instead chose to paralyze the economy aiming at the average and middle class citizens in the country ignoring grave consequences including tragic endings of many citizens who committed suicide from unbearable economic losses and irreversible situations affecting their lives and livelihoods that has not been recognized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi avoiding the most sensitive topic till today. 

The other economic fiascos under Prime Minister Narendra Modi are arbitrary application of goods and services tax (GST)  hurting the distressed farmers in the ailing agrarian economy in addition to the small and medium businesses and consumers harming the retail sector. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has miserably let down youth voters across the length and breadth of the country turning a blind eye to unemployment conditions that are phenomenally high for government reported $2 Trillion economy touted to achieve $5 Trillion mark by 2025. The severely lagging job market do not correlate with government stated economic prospects that remains a far cry in the current settings. 

The younger generation are lured into running propaganda machinery on social media viz. youtube and other outlets to defend Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s indefensible legacy in every aspect.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has single handedly launched surgical strikes on Indian electorate with demonetization, GST, soaring unemployment among youths escalating crimes in society like rape, murder, mob lynching and social unrest.

Importantly Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brought down these institutions on its knees – Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Election Commission of India (ECI) not even sparing the Supreme Court of India (SCI) crying for help from the public.

As though these were not enough, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s potent weapon against citizens in the biggest state Uttar Pradesh is his personally hand picked Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to impose Hindutva doctrine in the name of cow reverence and orthodox beliefs splintering the foundation of democracy and communal base.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s trajectory instigating communal violence in Godhra, Gujarat has been the bed rock for terrorists recruitment in the embattled state Jammu & Kashmir and across the border in Pakistan.

Last but not the least, the environment is in shambles choking citizens in the capital New Delhi ranking at rock bottom in the international charts on clean air making residents from children to elderly wear face masks to combat air and noise pollution not to mention the heavily contaminated rivers whether the Holy Ganges in Varanasi or Yamuna in Delhi and all 0ver the country yearning for relief and purification.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s aversion to press conference, public interviews and national debate adequately summarize evasive strategy denying the people of India due explanations on various issues with devastating impact on the nation at large.

It’s time to say farewell to political enterprise covering each other on corruption and catastrophe irrespective of regimes in power.

India deserves a new life and the new national political party Gantantra Shakti Dal (GSD) is precisely up to the task to confront challenges, trials and tribulations as the bastion of democracy, unity, peace and justice.

Jai Bharat!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter






India – Indictment of Politics in Corruption Scandals

February 9, 2019

India – Indictment of Politics in Corruption Scandals

Padmini Arhant

There is hardly ever a corruption scandal in India that does not involve or implicate high level political authorities at the helm such as the Prime Minister and/or leader of national or state political party.

The corruption culture is so pervasive that has conditioned the nation to accept status quo as fact of life with corruption ruling the political as well as economic system. The irony is the high- profile entities entrenched in corrupt dealings directly or indirectly are invariably beneficiaries either politically or monetarily by association or relationship respectively to those under investigation and public probe.

Though, the political factions are at loggerheads in accusations against each other on corruption charges, they somehow overlook the similarity in this regard i.e. they are formidable competitors in emerging as equally if not extremely corrupt raking fortune using political status and privileged members of a political family or dynasty.

In the current election season, the media and press cheering for incumbent Narendra Modi representing BJP on one side and the familiar campaigner turned contestant for Congress Priyanka Vadra on the other side with both of them sharing fair political baggage on corruption arguably premised on convincing electorate to choose between the rock and the hard place denying voters discernment regardless of hype and hysteria on campaign ground.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi empathy for friend, ally and campaign donor Anil Ambani heading the sinking business empire obviously led to controversial defense deals viz. Rafale and yet another fiasco in Indian Naval contracts as revealed in the featured videos below.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi exhibiting apparent patriotism and flair for different costumes especially ostentatious head gears and garb reminding audience of his penchant for fancy dress during visit to states nationwide, PM Narendra Modi’s actions in Rafale, demonetization, GST, slighting unemployed youth with the suggestion to fry pakoras (Indian savory or snack), chasing distressed farmers using brute force and water cannons and other disappointing details are anything but patriotic.

Congress at the other end of the stick in electoral choice with plans to join all opposition coalition against Narendra Modi are touting siblings Rahul and Priyanka to unseat RSS backed BJP government. Again, Rahul Gandhi along with his mother Sonia Gandhi out on bail on National Herald case in the forefront demanding probe against his rival Narendra Modi on Rafale deal is rather audacity on display.

In launching Priyanka Vadra – Rahul’s sister and spouse of Robert Vadra battling widely known land acquisitions inquiries, the electorate is expected to accept Priyanka as novelty besides misrepresentation as Holier than thou which in any sense is massive deception and duplicity. 

Unfortunately, the trend conforming to deep state orchestrated ominous tactic producing proxies as legitimate entity combined with unauthorized illegal projections is gross violation of public trust not to mention adverse repercussions following such pursuits already experienced by some on that trail.

Priyanka Vadra’s defiance to recent developments on Enforcement Directorate interrogation of her spouse Robert Vadra as politically motivated election drama is an anticipated response.

Nonetheless, Priyanka Vadra confirming her strong support to her other half also revealed the reality as equal partner in crimes committed by Vadras since the phenomenal gains from diverse land and real estate endeavors of Robert Vadra shared among Vadra household members with Priyanka Vadra as next of kin to benefit the most could neither be denied nor omitted from her personal profile.

Indian electorate awareness on political affairs and daily explosive corruption eruption having impact on economic progress necessitate due diligence in casting vote to any contenders and political party anywhere in the country. As such, the contestants with criminal records vying for state and national legislative positions including government bureaucrats responsible for internal turmoil in institutions like RBI, CBI and ECI at top cadre behest witnessed in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration explains political establishment nature.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


The videos elaborating on corruption within Indian government and political system deserve attention and accordingly selected from the public domain. The opinions and perspectives in these videos are entirely the participant and broadcaster’s views in context with numerous corruption scandals undermining democracy and credible governance.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


Amit Shah Son Jay Shah Money Laundering Scam

            Why is Anil Ambani at the end of the road?

Why Ambani was favoured despite being bankrupt?

National Herald Case Involving Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi

Who protected Robert Vadra since 2014?

India – Political Culture

January 21, 2019

India – Political Culture

Padmini Arhant

Politics as such do not have great reputation in the world. It is not politics fault for the problem is directly related to those in politics pledging allegiance to internal and external counterproductive ideology, philosophy, anti-humanity and anti-nature dealings.

Among many fields and occupations, politics that is supposed to be public service continues to attract disdain among citizens anywhere in the world.

The reason behind this status is corruption in politics, abuse of power against the same people i.e. electorate granting them mandate to govern the state or nation. Unfortunately, this mandate often and repeatedly misinterpreted by those assuming power who misuse the same much to own downfall.

Politics is also controlled by deep state with non-citizens reining absolute authority via proxies and puppets installed as head of the state. The dark forces as incognito power cover their base by betting on all horses facilitating the inevitable win in the formality called election.

Election is a process set up to deceive electorate in casting vote on empty promises with campaigners of various political parties exploiting average citizens for self and vested interests during their term in office. In Indian politics, the voters are presented with star power by issuing tickets to film actors, actresses and sports personalities to deflect public attention from real issues.

In fact, Indian economy is drained via corruption, tax evasion, embezzlement, illegal offshore accounts and black money hoarding by three major entities and they are – members in politics, celebrities and industrialists – Rajnithi, Celebrity, Udyogpathi persistently dominate leaving the overwhelming majority in abject poverty and generational struggle to make ends meet in their lives.

These three elements’ abuse in Indian society is the cause for ever increasing gap between the poor and filthy rich never content with the loot from the middle class and lower income being the actual tax payers in the economy. Indian politics is also severely dependent on caste based electoral gains serving as vote banks to various political factions in the absence of meaningful deliverable economic policy and social manifesto. Not to mention the political dynasty, communal politics playing a major role in seeking power. The politicians and those in favor of hierarchy and social injustice in society are vehemently opposed to eliminating casteism, the stigma on India amid fraudulently claiming progress since the so-called independence.

The vast number in Indian society are marginalized, isolated, discriminated and disenfranchised to suit upper echelons corrupt lifestyle and parasitic existence. Not surprisingly, the reference to rape is loosely made during election campaigns and otherwise considering the dominant members raping the economy besides violating ordinary folks that are routine activities in the country. The rape incidents following their leaders in politics, entertainment and other sectors are rampant not sparing infants in the out of control morbid sexual predatory instincts. The situation is further exacerbated by Indian film industry and their leading influential sources commercializing sex for profitability in arts and entertainment.

Women status among the weaker and vulnerable sections in Indian society is far from improvement as they are treated as second class citizens which is relatively better than those commonly known as Dalits or untouchables, gay, transgender, eunuchs and anyone affected by social prejudice including people with disabilities are all regarded beneath human category.

These sentiments are openly and candidly reflected in political speech without any shame or restraint. As recently as a day ago when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi led BJP ruled northern state Uttar Pradesh’s legislative member – the female politician’s diatribe targeting political opponent enunciated rape in graphic details alongside describing their female political rival as worse than eunuch not worthy of respect in society clearly depict contemptuous political culture and those whom they represent in politics. This behavior is interestingly rewarded with ministerial posts by political party promoting indecency, insolence and intolerance in public domain.

The backwardness in political mindset is unequivocally posing impediments in India’s social economic development diminishing the prospects of much required transformation in society. Again, the political contenders vying for highest position in the land having tainted record such as abusing women whether in involvement of gang rape citing Rahul Gandhi or state sponsored murder of rape victim in 2012 by Sonia Gandhi, then Congress high command with opposition and other political members complicity and,

Last but not the least the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi abandonment of his spouse without providing any support to her are indicative of women’s plight in India. The background further emphasize that those who ignore responsibility towards next of kin are not poised to care for others let alone the nation they are elected to serve in the official designation. 

Accordingly, women in urban and rural areas in particular are confronted with challenges in the mistreatment of women beginning from the political class down to other segments in the hostile environment.

Indian politics is predominantly premised on goon and gutter politics deploying unscrupulous tactics and nefarious means to gain political mileage and ultimately the mantle of power by unworthy and undeserving figures fostered to maintain status quo. Needless to say, meritocracy is a misnomer in the contentious class and caste oriented system.

The female politicians on their part have fair share of political baggage in corruption, hardline strategy using unemployed youths as buffer to curb political dissent through violent threats and crimes against disillusioned citizens in their respective states and province.

The political contestants with criminal charges emerging as representatives of Indian citizens and India, apparently the largest democracy remain the biggest irony.

India has a long way to go in terms of social acceptance and fair economic opportunity constrained by embedded corruption, nepotism, cronyism, dynastic politics and demonstrably the caste epidemic derailing any positive growth necessary in the real India comprising poor, working class, suppressed labor force, neglected farmers and socially ostracized demography.

Mass consciousness and action eradicating casteism, classism, sexism i.e. any form of divisive polarizing politics and social dogma contributing to treason and breach of public trust is the way forward to build a nation of optimism and reliable future for all.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

India – Political Parties Dissolution

November 19, 2018

India – Political Parties Dissolution

Padmini Arhant

India is at the cusp of political dissolution with major national parties and regional politics having exhausted means of survival considering their fair share of corruption scandals, criminal records though none are held accountable, ethnic violence and abuse of power during each political party term in office.

The political parties’ submission to global syndicate and subservience to colonial dictate reflected in status quo.

Indian political parties without exception have long been undermining sovereignty and republic rights evident in dynasty and communal politics exclusively for individual ambitions and personal interests using political platform.

Congress party founded in the Colonial era by colonizers continued beyond so-called independence of India with political dynasty adapting monarchy rule demonstrated in inheritance of power within one family viz. Nehru, Indira, Rajeev, Sonia, Priyanka Vadra, Rahul in that party. The trend soon became the norm among other political factions in the supposedly world’s largest democracy.

On the other hand, colonizers fostered RSS alongside Muslim League pre-independence to polarize society in the divide and conquer strategy engender divisive tactics to maintain power witnessed in RSS guided BJP and specifically Prime Minister Narendra Modi Sarkar or government.

The political parties’ pseudo position in declaring them secular is fallacious and nothing more than an election gimmick. Casteism is deeply rooted in politics besides targeting religion for political mileage in the otherwise seriously defunct governance by UPA earlier and NDA, BJP at present.

The political class diligently following their global masters’ playbook use proxies and false depictions to deceive population and score fictitious credits to boost image.

In the absence of necessary development among overwhelming majority remaining in abject poverty and significant percentage struggling to make ends meet, the political establishment confidence to regain and/or retain power explains political reality predominantly premised on continuing business as usual with institutionalized corruption eroding structure.

The rich, famous and powerful represented as industrialists, celebrities and political heir basically run the government on global syndicate shadow. These members enter politics to entirely benefit them amassing wealth lasting generations with the concept of contentment ominously missing from their ethos much to self-detriment and national travesty.

Political campaigns are funded from various sources given the free flowing and open investment of black money not barring counterfeit currency and incentives to poor voters buying votes for cash and kind, the tradition hardly deemed a crime.

Notwithstanding political threats, violence and authorized killings are casually carried out against viable independent candidates in the election. The overall political apparatus function and subscribe to mob rule and goon politics in quelling dissent on state of affairs.

The societal hierarchy with discrimination and deviation highlighting social economic disparity is fundamental in suppressing pervasive development. The poor becoming poorest and lower income as well as underprivileged, marginalized and social outcasts disenfranchised enormously favor upper echelons to exploit conditions under the pretext of empathy during elections that vanish soon after the polls resetting to political default.

Neither political parties have accepted responsibility to explosive scandals squandering Indian tax payers’ money with little or no concern for widespread impact on the middle class onwards to the rock bottom in the economic strata. Again, this pattern is symmetrical to global syndicate policy.

These traits are classic in the global clique approved form of governments not only in India but world over.

Indian political establishment leading candidates in the national election i.e. Rahul Gandhi from Congress and incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi and their regional coalitions have no mass appeal despite superficial projections to convince electorate ignoring public awareness on general experience and precipitous decline in government performance during UPA then and BJP alliance with NDA up until now.

The situation prompts citizens – those suffering en masse across the spectrum to come forward bidding farewell to irreversibly damaged Indian politics creating opportunity for effective, responsible, strong and able leaderships to lead and govern the complex nation with diverse aspirations amid chronic deficiency in checks and balances posing hindrance to overdue collective peace, progress and prosperity.

Indian voters must rise to the occasion and decisively express now on the preparedness in transforming India from decadent rule to efficient, ethical and transparent democratic system.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Indian Politics and Society – Could this be a Democracy?

September 6, 2018

Indian Politics and Society – Could this be a Democracy?

Padmini Arhant

Indian political class is representative of only three segments – the corrupt political establishment which is the incumbent and opposition alike, the industrialists and celebrities amassing illegitimate power, wealth and fame.

The so-called world’s largest democracy is hostage to corrupt, criminal and crony celebrity worship where political parties desperately depend on celebrities from entertainment industry during election campaign to mislead voters with big and small screen fictional heroes and fake heroines to sell fairy tales. They are also the preferred candidates for members in both the lower and upper house of the Indian parliament. Both BJP and Congress governments never fail to confer civil awards to Bollywood actors and actresses regardless of many among them being undeserving and unworthy of such honor. This is nothing more than bribery to retain relations between politics and entertainment industry.

There is a pact to have each other’s back and accordingly they exchange favors to benefit one another. The Bollywood actor and actress engaged in hit and run manslaughter from drunken driving and excess speed respectively resulting in loss of lives of innocent mainstream citizens are exempt from law that is otherwise applicable to average citizen in society. Prime Minister Modi government had gone out of their way and intercepted the criminal charge brought on the actor and actress with the latter being BJP’s lower house MP and the former recruited for 2019 election campaign.

Furthermore, in February 2018 a Bollywood actress passed away from alcoholism, the BJP government in the State of Maharashtra with Central authorities’ approval bid farewell to her with a state honor and national flag wrapped around the coffin falsely suggesting martyrdom. Notwithstanding denigration of the national flag and importantly those genuine martyrs, the true patriots responsible for the flag and national independence.

Ironically, the current BJP government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi fictitious claims on random citizens quoting disrespect to national flag subsequent to the above-mentioned fanfare to Bollywood actress despite the circumstances of her demise and the misuse of national flag is hardly a matter of insolence to the flag or freedom fighters per government definition of patriotism and behavior pattern.

In comparison, the seventeen-year-old high school girl student in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu falls victim to targeted sniper attack in the peaceful protest for environment protection, her family is denied possession of slain body to perform last rites making them plead for nearly two days since fatal shooting.

Likewise, the ordinary female citizen in Delhi is a gang rape victim and Congress President Sonia Gandhi intervenes between the doctor and patient forcing the critically ill patient transportation overseas against physician advise causing patient’s death. To add insult to injury to her traumatized parents and other family members, the state together with political opposition at foreign authorities’ behest withheld her name again in violation of both the patient and her parents’ will.

Contrarily, the politics fueled social issues based on caste and religion aimed at marginalized demography and violence experienced by citizens in different states from deployment of troops or public funded law enforcement routinely produce casualties sparking reaction amongst members in civil society.

Those who dare to raise voices and express concern over these flagrant incidents are framed anti-nationals with arrest warrants issued witnessed in Prime Minister Narendra Modi government’s latest action. Indian governments in power at any time displaying zero tolerance to constructive criticism and fair analysis is a serious blow to the idea of democracy. The heads of state at the national and regional level assume position of authority to the extreme undermining civil rights to question abuse of power in the absence of transparency and accountability.

Yet another political maneuver is using caste, minorities and disenfranchised segments as vote banks for political mileage. Both BJP and Congress along with their coalitions in different states continue to exploit these groups for political advantage ignoring the social and economic repercussions lasting generations among these population. The caste classifications as scheduled caste and scheduled tribe not excluding Dalits are maintained under the pretext of reservations or quota and preference only to polarize society. In return, drawing attention to such manipulation is rebutted as seditious accusing the fact presenter.

The trend has been exhausted and reached saturation with clashes erupting from other castes for not having equal opportunity to compete on meritocracy though the policy is deceptively dubbed inclusive. In fact, the contrast is evident with the Home Minister Raj Nath Singh in his latest press conference confirming caste census for citizens to specify their caste made mandatory and expected to be implemented by PM Modi government rather than moving towards abolishing caste system and placing all citizens and territories for due economic development increasing prospects for financial and social progress.

Indian electorate rejecting celebrity-oriented election rallies and candidacies together with objection to massive campaign funding from all sources without limits enabling political parties to buy votes from economically vulnerable voters are preliminary steps towards freeing the society from affluent dominance. Additionally, demanding political parties to adhere to democratic process holding primary election allowing people to choose Prime Minister candidates instead of imposing incumbent and opponent from either party as the only choice leaving the electorate at the national parties mercy is fundamental to free and fair election.

In terms of privileges and immunity on crimes, the celebrities, politicians and industrialists are entitled to tax evasions, embezzlement and various nefarious unscrupulous dealings not barring illegal arms trade, drug trafficking including elimination of anyone regarded an obstacle through contractual killings are not uncommon.

The politics owned media, press and communication outlets are inundated with propaganda to muzzle objective evaluation of the government policies and programs having negative impact on overwhelming majority in the country.  The freedom of speech is curtailed to a large extent with hardline approach exercised by all political parties to remain in power. The broadband access is also stifled to contain free flow of information even during state or national crisis related to government crackdown on citizens seeking solutions to problems arising from dereliction of public servants duty.

In the course of corruption scandals or major investigations involving government entities and their relatives in sensitive issues like drug and flesh trade as well as other matter, the investigating officials with incriminating evidence leading towards indictment are invariably transferred at the nick of time and alternatively they are compelled to quit job ending the probe there and then to shield members in politics, entertainment and other industry.

The political situation is toxic and deteriorating with Prime Minister Modi and administration exerting extra judicial power considering the blanket order on dissent and activism on human rights violations coded anti-nationalism. The other being embankment defending prevalent silent emergency rule to mute credible and legitimate opposition. The predecessor Congress were no different in their effort to quell opinion and smudge data on mountainous scandals that ousted them from power.

Not surprisingly, the independent organization Transparency International in Europe has categorized India nearly close to Somalia in corruption among the worst corrupt nations in the world.

These actions without a shadow of doubt endanger democracy and set precedence for mass subjugation. The tradition misinterpreting people’s mandate for governance to address relevant and significant issues confronting them and national interests diverted to empowerment of selective class in society would definitively lead to undesirable outcome.

Change must begin at the top to trickle down to bottom. Indian electorate have the right and power to enforce the long overdue evolution through ballot, the non-violent and peaceful means to bring about positive effect.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter