India – Introduction to New National Political Party

March 19, 2019

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Padmini Arhant



India – Introduction to New National Political Party

Padmini Arhant 

With great pleasure and responsibility, I, Padmini Arhant announce India’s New National Political Party – Gantantra Shakti Dal (Republic Power Party). The goal is to transfer power from the political establishment to republic i.e. the ordinary people in the country from Jammu & Kashmir to Kerala not excluding the union territories of India.


As mentioned earlier in my video presentations related to India’s deteriorating political, economic and social conditions predominantly affecting the poor, marginalized and disenfranchised demography which is unfortunately the overwhelming majority in society,

Notwithstanding national security and sovereignty threatened due to Indian politics collusion and complicity with external foreign forces diktat and influence,

A new national political party is introduced in the absence of effective, credible and formidable opposition to ruling parties subversion of democracy and abuse of power witnessed throughout Indian political history since independence and more so in the twenty first century until now.

Regardless of political principles and platform, the regional and national parties share a commonality i.e. corruption and misuse of authority against citizens despite the electoral mandate emanating from them.

The UPA and NDA regimes headed by Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi respectively have redefined governance to suit their agenda symbolically and ideologically in terms of political dynasty claiming entitlement to power and communal politics polarizing communities for vote banks that are proved dangerous and counterproductive thus far.

Neither UPA nor NDA rather Congress and RSS backed BJP are desirable to voters presently considering their relevant track record that speaks volume in mismanagement of economy serving only them and their allies in politics, economic sector and loyalists viz. cronies in society.

The farmers, labor force and importantly soldiers in the defense force have been grossly neglected in the quest to remain in power.

It is no secret that India’s economic growth in the last two decades have largely benefitted the wealthy and the industrialists enabling them to defraud India’s weak financial system affected by political interventions and exchange of favors to politically well connected industrialists absconding offshore as fugitives taking advantage of immunity at destination and from Indian government.

India’s poor remaining poorest enduring generational poverty, hunger and disease, the middle class constantly striving with minimum two or more income within a family of four to maintain a reasonable living standard while the rich elevated to filthy rich category is the norm deepening the divide between haves and have nots beyond control. The reason behind this trend over 70 years of India’s freedom is predominantly corruption, capitalist socialism, lack of transparency and accountability.

When the political system is entrenched in carcinogenic corruption, the cancerous growth metastasize becoming an imminent threat to existence. India is unfortunately experiencing do or die dilemma with rigid dichotomy between corporate owned politics and economically struggling local population barely bridging the gap in milestones reached on economic front.

The world’s second most populous nation poised as the largest democracy constitutionally designed to fit into secular patchwork and vivid diversity is torn in the tussle to be or not to be a democracy in the present time particularly under incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure.

The indisciplined political cadre infiltrating apparatus is responsible for dysfunctional orientation hindering pervasive progress. The strong resistance to anti-corruption laws witnessed during UPA and NDA terms in office is the precursor to prolific corruption in politics having contagion effect nationwide.

The toxic mix of corruption, crony capitalism and celebrity powered politics has systematically eroded democratic ethos to the extent of endangering innocent lives targeted on religious dogma by cow protectionists and zealots chasing minorities and socially ostracized groups in the archaic primitive casteism to retain fundamentalism.

Women’s rights are politically exploited with paradoxical maxims based on religions in the bareknuckled implementation aimed at political mileage.

Ironically, both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and opponent Rahul Gandhi of Congress  party wooing women votes in this national election are far from any respectable accounts related to women in their personal lives given the former i.e. PM Narendra Modi abandoned his spouse without any financial or moral support to her well after his prominence and power in the country.

Rahul Gandhi, sporting to be next Prime Minister was involved in gang rape incident of his own Congress party supporter with her family been loyal to the party for generations were returned favor by forcing them into oblivion using threats and intimidation that are common among political class both ruling and opposition alike in the so-called democracy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invested a great deal in media campaign falsely projecting his image through illegal undemocratic opinion poll claiming the environment is in his favor against reality.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has confirmed via media that recent air strike in Balakot, Pakistan was not to send a message to terror networks since no data has been provided until today on number of casualties and their names etc.

The operation to hit the empty godown or camp ground in pretty much no man’s land in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was done to revive his own declining numbers nationwide linked to his dismal performance in economic development and social issues that has led democracy under siege in his direct leadership and involvement.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not shied away from unethical and inhumane use of the martyred defense personnel incident in Pulwama, Kashmir that could have been thwarted had PM Narendra Modi’s government intervened promptly on the inevitable terror attack message brought to PM Narendra Modi’s personal attention.

Furthermore, PM Narendra Modi government’s sheer negligence slighting CRPF personnel safety by not organizing safe air passage to their army posts and allowing them to travel by road subject them to vulnerability costing their lives that could have been averted in exercising diligence and care for the defense force.

On freedom, liberty and civil rights – the Congress under Sonia Gandhi unleashed violent crackdown on anti-corruption rallies causing death of a woman participant Rajbala in June 2011. Sonia Gandhi government also  imprisoned then organizers and chief advocates of anti-corruption viz. Anna Hazare and colleagues at that time.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi pursued similar action against environmentalists, human rights activists, academics, writers and journalists perceived as anti-nationals with unsubstantiated allegations against them justifying PM Narendra Modi’s executive order to arrest them without due process. There were also some assassinations of writers and authors at government’s behest in the southern state of Karnataka.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asserted on corruption free term which in itself pose a credibility factor in the wake of explosive and controversial Rafale defense deal beckoning submission to serious public inquiry like the Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) for thorough review and assessment of the pros and cons expending Indian taxpayers money to bail out Anil Ambani’s insolvent business.

The proposal is rejected by the ruling party and specifically PM Narendra Modi given his exclusive and individual decision to benefit his campaign donor and corporate ally Anil Ambani at the expense of India’s national security and economy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi always in the forefront to take credit on anything and everything with positive effects somehow never acknowledges responsibility for his numerous failures since assuming power in 2014 until now. 

The biggest ever debacle of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policy is DEMONETIZATION voiding 500 and 1000 rupees notes under the pretext of recovering black money which in fact is held in abundance among his cabinet members, political party, opposition, industrialists and celebrities in the entertainment industry. Prime Minister Narendra Modi instead chose to paralyze the economy aiming at the average and middle class citizens in the country ignoring grave consequences including tragic endings of many citizens who committed suicide from unbearable economic losses and irreversible situations affecting their lives and livelihoods that has not been recognized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi avoiding the most sensitive topic till today. 

The other economic fiascos under Prime Minister Narendra Modi are arbitrary application of goods and services tax (GST)  hurting the distressed farmers in the ailing agrarian economy in addition to the small and medium businesses and consumers harming the retail sector. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has miserably let down youth voters across the length and breadth of the country turning a blind eye to unemployment conditions that are phenomenally high for government reported $2 Trillion economy touted to achieve $5 Trillion mark by 2025. The severely lagging job market do not correlate with government stated economic prospects that remains a far cry in the current settings. 

The younger generation are lured into running propaganda machinery on social media viz. youtube and other outlets to defend Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s indefensible legacy in every aspect.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has single handedly launched surgical strikes on Indian electorate with demonetization, GST, soaring unemployment among youths escalating crimes in society like rape, murder, mob lynching and social unrest.

Importantly Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brought down these institutions on its knees – Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Election Commission of India (ECI) not even sparing the Supreme Court of India (SCI) crying for help from the public.

As though these were not enough, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s potent weapon against citizens in the biggest state Uttar Pradesh is his personally hand picked Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to impose Hindutva doctrine in the name of cow reverence and orthodox beliefs splintering the foundation of democracy and communal base.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s trajectory instigating communal violence in Godhra, Gujarat has been the bed rock for terrorists recruitment in the embattled state Jammu & Kashmir and across the border in Pakistan.

Last but not the least, the environment is in shambles choking citizens in the capital New Delhi ranking at rock bottom in the international charts on clean air making residents from children to elderly wear face masks to combat air and noise pollution not to mention the heavily contaminated rivers whether the Holy Ganges in Varanasi or Yamuna in Delhi and all 0ver the country yearning for relief and purification.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s aversion to press conference, public interviews and national debate adequately summarize evasive strategy denying the people of India due explanations on various issues with devastating impact on the nation at large.

It’s time to say farewell to political enterprise covering each other on corruption and catastrophe irrespective of regimes in power.

India deserves a new life and the new national political party Gantantra Shakti Dal (GSD) is precisely up to the task to confront challenges, trials and tribulations as the bastion of democracy, unity, peace and justice.

Jai Bharat!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter







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