India – Ordinary People v Corrupt Political Regimes

April 23, 2019

India – Ordinary People v Corrupt Political Regimes

Padmini Arhant

The average Indian electorate with their present and future at stake exercising discernment and wisdom by rejecting all those  candidates out on bail contesting election via national and regional political parties is extremely important to protect their economic interests and individual invaluable rights long endangered by political regimes alternating to power.

The prominent members out on bail seeking election in 2019 are;

Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

Congress Party Chairwoman Sonia Gandhi.

BJP candidate Pragya Singh Thakur  

Her opponent Congress candidate the veteran in corruption scandals Digvijaya Singh deserving rejection in Madhya Pradesh. Digvijaya Singh is not on bail.  However, never held accountable for many corruption dealings.

Similarly, also decline victory to Rahul Gandhi’s opponent in Amethi, the television industry soap opera actress and all time unsuccessful BJP candidate Smriti Irani. Ms.Irani as close associate to PM Narendra Modi is a Rajya Sabha MP not through election but by selection since the Rajya Sabha seat in Gujarat (PM Narendra Modi’s home state) was unopposed with no candidate vying for that seat allowed Ms.Irani to represent BJP in Rajya Sabha. Ms.Irani was also appointed PM Narendra Modi’s cabinet minister based on cronyism rather than merit.

These names are merely the tip of the iceberg.

Outgoing PM Narendra Modi political rhetoric – PM job not for auction is self-realization  perhaps better late than never.What PM Narendra Modi in transition need to know as well is

PM job definitely not for terror attack facilitators against Indian defense force and Hindutva terror operatives recruiters as their party candidates and worse the PM contender using defense force, religion and caste to seek votes in the face of personal dismal record and devious demonetization debacle. 

I challenge the exiting PM Narendra Modi to deal with his own disastrous economic policies suggesting educated youth to fry pakoras ( Indian savory) aimed at creating world record on Indian street vendors and food stalls hiring highly educated youth in this line of culinary art due to lack of jobs in their desired profession or any other economic sector.

Not to mention PM Narendra Modi’s surgical strike on India’s youth and the millions unemployed relevantly the ones actually frying pakoras as street vendors and in food stalls forcing them out of work as well in inducing competition from highly educated youth per the genius proposal from clueless PM Narendra Modi.

Attention Indian Electorate:

The current election is between you the ordinary folks from different walks of life especially the frustrated unemployed youth, the women and marginalized minorities used as vote banks and the corrupt political regimes using black money and unscrupulous tactics to assume or resume power only to exploit you, the disenchanted republic upon election to public office. 

The political establishment wayward tactics and abuse of power to end democracy is a serious matter of concern. Accordingly, the electorate discernment in rejecting politics and political leaderships concerted efforts to subvert democracy is critical to protect hard fought freedom and individual rights that are non-negotiable.

As promised earlier, the topic on

Why re-election of Narendra Modi. Amit Shah and crew will be a disaster for India?

Simultaneously, the other topic

Similarities in regimes reining control will resume and presented shortly.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


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