India – Indictment of Politics in Corruption Scandals

February 9, 2019

India – Indictment of Politics in Corruption Scandals

Padmini Arhant

There is hardly ever a corruption scandal in India that does not involve or implicate high level political authorities at the helm such as the Prime Minister and/or leader of national or state political party.

The corruption culture is so pervasive that has conditioned the nation to accept status quo as fact of life with corruption ruling the political as well as economic system. The irony is the high- profile entities entrenched in corrupt dealings directly or indirectly are invariably beneficiaries either politically or monetarily by association or relationship respectively to those under investigation and public probe.

Though, the political factions are at loggerheads in accusations against each other on corruption charges, they somehow overlook the similarity in this regard i.e. they are formidable competitors in emerging as equally if not extremely corrupt raking fortune using political status and privileged members of a political family or dynasty.

In the current election season, the media and press cheering for incumbent Narendra Modi representing BJP on one side and the familiar campaigner turned contestant for Congress Priyanka Vadra on the other side with both of them sharing fair political baggage on corruption arguably premised on convincing electorate to choose between the rock and the hard place denying voters discernment regardless of hype and hysteria on campaign ground.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi empathy for friend, ally and campaign donor Anil Ambani heading the sinking business empire obviously led to controversial defense deals viz. Rafale and yet another fiasco in Indian Naval contracts as revealed in the featured videos below.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi exhibiting apparent patriotism and flair for different costumes especially ostentatious head gears and garb reminding audience of his penchant for fancy dress during visit to states nationwide, PM Narendra Modi’s actions in Rafale, demonetization, GST, slighting unemployed youth with the suggestion to fry pakoras (Indian savory or snack), chasing distressed farmers using brute force and water cannons and other disappointing details are anything but patriotic.

Congress at the other end of the stick in electoral choice with plans to join all opposition coalition against Narendra Modi are touting siblings Rahul and Priyanka to unseat RSS backed BJP government. Again, Rahul Gandhi along with his mother Sonia Gandhi out on bail on National Herald case in the forefront demanding probe against his rival Narendra Modi on Rafale deal is rather audacity on display.

In launching Priyanka Vadra – Rahul’s sister and spouse of Robert Vadra battling widely known land acquisitions inquiries, the electorate is expected to accept Priyanka as novelty besides misrepresentation as Holier than thou which in any sense is massive deception and duplicity. 

Unfortunately, the trend conforming to deep state orchestrated ominous tactic producing proxies as legitimate entity combined with unauthorized illegal projections is gross violation of public trust not to mention adverse repercussions following such pursuits already experienced by some on that trail.

Priyanka Vadra’s defiance to recent developments on Enforcement Directorate interrogation of her spouse Robert Vadra as politically motivated election drama is an anticipated response.

Nonetheless, Priyanka Vadra confirming her strong support to her other half also revealed the reality as equal partner in crimes committed by Vadras since the phenomenal gains from diverse land and real estate endeavors of Robert Vadra shared among Vadra household members with Priyanka Vadra as next of kin to benefit the most could neither be denied nor omitted from her personal profile.

Indian electorate awareness on political affairs and daily explosive corruption eruption having impact on economic progress necessitate due diligence in casting vote to any contenders and political party anywhere in the country. As such, the contestants with criminal records vying for state and national legislative positions including government bureaucrats responsible for internal turmoil in institutions like RBI, CBI and ECI at top cadre behest witnessed in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration explains political establishment nature.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter


The videos elaborating on corruption within Indian government and political system deserve attention and accordingly selected from the public domain. The opinions and perspectives in these videos are entirely the participant and broadcaster’s views in context with numerous corruption scandals undermining democracy and credible governance.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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