United States – Critical Race Theory (CRT)

July 16, 2021

United States – Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Padmini Arhant

Who is behind the controversial critical race theory?

In 2020Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa (supposedly Anti-Fascism) were unleashed in major cities of the United States wreaking havoc with deaths and destruction of lives and livelihoods, torching and burning private and public properties nationwide without any legal implications whatsoever to those behind the unruly mob conduct embarrassing the nation and society at large.

The BLM i.e. BSM (B.S. Movement) together with Antifa proved themselves the progeny of Fascism and feudalism running the gamut in the global stage.

Not to mention, the destructive forces and their agents ever committed to deception, deceit and devious agenda propagate via crony broadcasting networks in social media, the information lifted from ethical and credible entity and domain to malign the source inviting self-inflicting irreversible damage.

Once again, these egregious indulgences clearly distinguish the fake and fraudulent from the original.

In 2021 – the critical race theory is promoted to stir reactions and controversy on the race subject. Unfortunately, the promoters expectations to season and fry the race related ingredients are working as they continue to pit people against each another in some form or another.

Notwithstanding the transgender mania having become the obsessive compulsive disorder affecting the identity politics peddlers, the classic ignoramus surrendered to own folly and personal identity crisis.

The critical race theory is debated as contentious due to the projection of a race and in this instance casting the White population, the oppressor in history.

Needless to say in any situation of abuse, violence and violations, the victimizer and the victims i.e. the oppressors and the oppressed are well aware of the truth and facts without any interpretation or revision of history.

It is important to highlight that those who are crying foul to critical race theory today are nowhere to be seen in the relentless assault on other races, religions, cultures and civilizations that are continuously mocked, ridiculed and denigrated not only in school textbooks but also in every available medium since time immemorial.

In this regard, Hollywood and the so-called authors in literary society have taken the liberty for granted and left others far behind in stereotyping anything and anyone they have targeted a fair game entirely for pecuniary interests. The prejudice playing a role cannot be ruled out in such behavior.

The customs and traditions of race other than their own often described and portrayed as barbaric, primitive and backward in every possible channel and outlet thus far are irrefutable. It always hurts upon own experience of incidents and events that are not necessarily reflected in others pain and suffering. Perhaps that is human nature.

Let it not be forgotten, the divide and conquer strategy is the premise to rein control and dominance throughout imperialistic and colonial supremacy.

There could be no denial in the fact that racial superiority and hierarchy is the norm and prevalent more so today than even before. Any belief to the contrary is superficial and farcical.

The proof is in the cancel culture – the epitome of intolerance to alternative views and contribution.

The concerted efforts and actions in silencing genuine voice with anonymity while ambush the individual life invading home, privacy and identity appropriating to whom so ever they deem suitable fitting their contaminated mindset is regarded their prerogative. None of these despicable engagements on their part are considered shameful or criminal by them.

Otherwise the groups like White Supremacists and Neo-Nazi gatherings in  Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 would not serve as political tool for those in favor or against race orientation. Likewise the black lives matter, antifa and alike would not be the catalysts for chaos and mayhem even though the outcome serve none including them and those behind these organizations except them deriving bizarre satisfaction from ruinous participation.

Above all, the superiority complex has transcended from race to elitism typically narcissism and nepotism blending the racial mix of similar concoctions on social economic status based on fame, fortune and power in global society.

The billionaire club, celebrity clique, academia flaunting A-Z titles after their name as intellectualism, political circle as world leaders and self-proclaimed statesmanship, media organizations and press touted as power brokers in exaggeration or embellishing records of anyone and anything to boost ratings.

Last but not the least, the religious God men and women especially the former in the costume with flowing robe sweeping the floor they walk on and the long beard competing with their robe in touching the ground is quite a sight to see them performing to the script in the mega theatrics currently representing the so-called global elitism – the contra euphemism for narcissism in the contemporary era.

The world is a circus under the purview of those lost in their lofty ambitions and delirious goals. They struggle and stumble revealing their cluelessness amid the house of cards crumbling on them.

The billionaire club – what anyone does with their personal wealth in their private life is entirely individual discretion. Again, the same principle is not extended to all by the global elitists having assumed the power as entitlement to enroll or expel whom ever they prefer or reject in society. The idea of free speech in the present time is transformed into a privilege. The social media they overwhelmingly own and control albeit due to ordinary citizens engagement in these social platforms as users and consumers are conveniently forgotten forbidding citizens from the public domain for not conforming to their political ideology and faction they represent in the government.

The global elites reserve the rights to be discreet and hold secret meetings as secret society to discuss and strategize on global affairs directly affecting every man, woman, child, their dog and livestock in any situation. However, the content and minutes of the meetings are ever held secret barring public and real independent investigative press knowledge on the matter.

Ironically, they criticize their arch nemesis as recluse for living a normal life and importantly they are irked with their enemy for unwilling to bow taking marching orders from them in reminiscence of enslavement of those they regard not worthy of any respect. The proverbial old habits die hard is prevalent in the indignation of anyone who do not agree with them and roll over in the swamp that are expected and carried out by the servile appointees to the position remaining a front for the secret society and the deep state.

The space travel is a new fad among the latest billionaires who have otherwise declared bankruptcy laying off more than 3250 employees citing global pandemic for massive termination and even sought governments’ assistance at average tax payers expense despite the latter already hit beyond revival. The wealth at their disposal apparently is well spent on extravagant pleasure trip to the galaxy that were otherwise not available to retain the heavily hurt ordinary workers in the worst crisis. The other billionaires on their part justify their stance on pushing merchant fees $7.50 in credit card payments on solar energy to struggling home owners saving the costs from it for their space journey. There are others in the billionaire league whose employees share their grievances on poor working conditions such as long hours with less pay and no incentives on hard labor of thousands of workers contributing to the billionaires’ success story.

Then there are billionaires entrenched in defining and regulating human genome, lifestyle and mind via investments in scientific experiments and altering seeds germination targeting staple diet of mankind and livestock hormone injection…regarded innovative ignoring cataclysmic ramifications experienced right now.

The topic is continued under separate titles highlighting the quandary confronting humanity today.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter 



Australia – Human Rights Issues

November 17, 2017

Australia – Human Rights Issues

Padmini Arhant

Congratulations! Australia on legalizing same sex marriage.

Similarly, addressing the following human rights problems would be significant considering Australia’s economy and stability in Asia Pacific is largely dependent on immigrants contribution.

The tolerance to diversity and acceptance of multiculturalism providing equal opportunity to immigrants, minorities and importantly indigenous people down under would be mutually beneficial.


1. Stopping hate crimes against immigrants of color.

2. Referendum on recognition of Australia’s native population Aborigines as the first people protecting them from prejudice and human rights violations especially preventing Aborigine youth deaths in prison cells that are barely reported in the news media.

Last but not the least,

3. Vote on Australia’s transformation to republic from the current common wealth status pledging allegiance to British monarchy expending Australian tax dollars to safeguard Royalty.

These measures would by far confirm Australia’s commitment to real democracy and human rights issues.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant 

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission


Demented Stance  

September 15, 2017

Demented Stance  

Padmini Arhant


Anyone objecting to discrimination based on race or religion extending support to fascism which is totalitarianism and oppression need to explain the bizarre position. Oppression is the root cause of discriminatory practice denying equal rights and respect to those subjugated due to political, economic and social prejudice.

The congressional resolution 49 initiated and passed to quell anti-semitism and racism would be meaningful upon a system eliminating hierarchy, secrecy and carte blanche authority to kill and terrorize citizens in the domestic and foreign domain besides enforcing the law of the land on all and not provide immunity to those consistently abusing power and influential status.

Those claiming entitlement in seizing others individual rights and freedom, undermining foreign nations sovereignty for economic interests and strategic dominance apparently not tolerant to dissent on economic and social disparity.

The exclusivity maintained in Secret Society and discreet meetings prohibiting public access and knowledge, UNSC in possession of veto power exercising free will to invade, occupy and force population into starvation through illegal economic sanctions, the diverse means threatening human existence with nuclear options and rejecting life with dignity to anyone regarded a fair target fall in the authoritarian category.

Not surprisingly, the response to proposal to revoke prevalent fascist dogma is antagonistic not to mention subversions to evade accountability on crimes against humanity.

Last but not the least, the altering position in suggesting ventriloquism in my presentation and at the same time deriding me with unsavory compliments especially those pledging against racism and hate speech is reflective of the source, agents and representatives demented stance.

Those lacking in courage, intellect and integrity resort to underhanded tactics rather than facing challenger with facts and reason that prove them incorrigible.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

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United States – Congress Resolution 49

September 14, 2017

United States – Congress Resolution 49

Padmini Arhant

Congress passing resolution 49 unanimously condemning racism and anti-semitism related to Charlottesville incident that was signed and sealed might demonstrate solidarity.

However, the belief that all are created equal by one almighty God exemplified in deeds would be solemn and credible.

How about pledging and acting on the following to verify sincerity?

1. Thou shall not authorize or remain oblivious to racial profiling of law abiding citizens with exemplary civil conduct at the United States airport under national security pretext and rough handling for reasons beyond justification.

2. Thou shall not remain complicit to killing of more than three thousand Americans at home on 9/11 and thereafter several thousands of innocent children, women and men in foreign land. Accordingly, bring all those responsible for dereliction of duty and deliberate involvement not barring the so-called allies to justice proving none are above the law. 

3. Thou shall not grant immunity to the powerful, famous and influential despite their criminal record on the loss of civilian lives and career diplomats as well as intelligence personnel like the Benghazi gate. 

4. Thou shall not sponsor terrorism. Hence indict those who authorized use of terror and predator drones beginning from the top to bottom against citizens of foreign nation who meant no harm to the United States and citizens.

5. Thou shall not indulge in provocative activities on foreign shores subjecting citizens of those nations to unnecessary tensions and potential nuclear confrontation.

6. Thou shall not force population into starvation via illegitimate economic sanctions while ignoring own human rights record and belligerence that has never been held accountable thus far.

7. Thou shall do away with UNSC and self-granted veto power to subjugate nations regarded weak and vulnerable.

8. Thou shall respect others liberty and rights to equal opportunity and refrain from illegal surveillance and invasion of privacy.

9. Thou shall renounce secrecy and condemn the Secret Society barring secret meetings in the United States or anywhere in the world. 

10. Thou shall deceive none and disavow targeted demonization, character defamation, vicious propaganda, misrepresentation, condescendence and contemptuous engagement.

The allegiance pledged to the flag with stars and stripes representing one nation under God – that God vehemently opposes all of the above characteristics and tradition that is the status quo.

God never approves preferential treatment of some and discrimination towards others to be the norm. Such convention is man made in defiance of human values, ethics and democratic principle misleading self and the rest of the world.

The adherence in transcending race, religion and socioeconomic background across the spectrum would demonstrate acceptance and acknowledgment of people as human beings, treating them with respect that is expected from others.

Unity, civility and equality make any society civilized and respectable.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission


Religion – The Masonic (FREEMASONS) Convenient Pawn

May 4, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

The masonic rule on the planet premised on illegal invasion, occupation and terrorism heading towards termination desperately deploying ill-conceived strategies for survival.

The diverse representations to propagate flawed ideology is a devious course. The secret society is consumed with prejudice and hatred spreading violence, communal unrest and nonsensical events to maintain authority.

Religion is the main target in mass indoctrination with erosion of human values from overwhelming greed for fame, fortune and power corrupting mind in the inevitable self-decline. The trend upholding criminality and megalomaniacal attributes are promoted in vain to defend deceitful tactics in denial of self-degeneration.

In the process, the irrefutable consequences from such indulgence is slighted despite the fact on deeds determining destiny.

Denigrating religions under any pretext is the norm with surrogates and agents struggling in the hall of fame submitting to masonic order and proxies instigation to decry practices that pales when compared with ostentatious activities in their domain such as entertainment.

The flip flopping in statements with unsubstantiated claims on religiousness imposed on all and reversing in the same breath as a believer not to mention the bizarre charade clarifies the scripted performance to cause unwarranted commotion in society.

On the contrary, the tradition on celebrity worship with importance on prominence and idolization creating cult following is enforced with no regard for individual will and preference in society.

The relevance to stardom and glamor compromising ethical elements are thrusted upon people with extensive coverage and embellished articles while denouncing spiritualism and denigrating religious sanctity.

In politics, not wasting a moment to scapegoat the enemy at present in the blame game along with disparaging remarks and portrayal for monstrosity committed by them and pursued unabated much to self-detriment.

Simultaneously, my hard work and fruits of labor without any pay or remunerations, privileges and benefits producing any major development is conveniently owned by them as self-achievement. Meanwhile distancing from any failures due to deceptive deals and agreement backfiring sooner than later.

Not surprisingly, success is eagerly accepted as the patented right and setbacks disowned due to lack of integrity.

The demand on meto constantly toil and remain at FREE service at the height of misogyny with cooperation from failed female Presidential candidate or wannabe female television performer and the likes explains the status quo.

The hypocrisy citing ego and non-commitment on my part or in other words the frustration over my refusal to bow to tyranny is evident in the blasphemy of religion, womanhood and anything sensible, rational and honest.

There is a distinction between spiritualism and cultism. The former serve humanity in understanding the purpose in life and that is to live a meaningful life and let others co-exist in peace. Whereas the latter subscribing to demagoguery crumble with dwindling of the crowd upon disillusionment.

Celebrity cheering and fake hero adulation disproportionately sponsored in the futile efforts to undermine spirituality.

Religions established to recognize individual responsibility towards self and others leading to peaceful exit when deceased have long endured challenges and continue to demonstrate purity and inviolability in the face of derision and contempt.

The misuse of religion for anything other than peace, unity and secularism is narcissism obliging irrational influence.

Religion is best spared from fundamentalism emanating from political and personal aspirations revealing the true colors of the source never lasting in the race to exploit opportunity at any cost.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission

World – International Criminal Syndicate (ICS)

April 20, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

International criminal syndicate is the Father of terror, prejudice and polarization. ICS is responsible for breeding terrorism and supremacy. The clique indoctrination in desperation represented in glamor, glory and goon politics.

ICS is the bedrock of divide and rule doctrine that fosters segregation, misogyny and condescendence besides cronyism and corruption. The global turmoil and security threats are caused by ICS manufactured terror and relentless violence. The world ruled by unruly triggers tumult turning the tide against the source.

With no desire for peace and pervasive progress, ICS is the classic example in existence to destroy for self-destruction. Such endeavors lead to extinction.

What you sow is what you reap in life.

Having no regrets for conduct is denial guided by delusion that ultimately bring the conclusion.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission






India – Filmy Duniya (Movie World) – Hindi

April 12, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

Besides promoting ignorance and prejudice, the entertainment industry serving as propaganda medium to suppress the facts and reality on world events is the topic of discussion. Such investment in the name of entertainment  is a waste of resources and purpose in life.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

Spouse in Divine Mission


International Event – Education under Attack in Australia

June 4, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

In continuation of the topic on racial attacks against Indian students (from India) in Melbourne, Australia, the incident in the new millennium strikes resemblance to apartheid in South Africa until it became free in 1994.

Australia designated as the industrialized nation, multicultural yet homogenous society…devoid of major ethnic representation in politics, democratic with mandatory voting (the only democratic nation to impose penalty for not voting) and,

A willful participant in all U.S. led major conflicts from Vietnam to Iraq – is a commonwealth nation sworn allegiance to Great Britain’s monarch as the head of the Republic.

The nation from “down under” celebrated bicentennial in 1970 and 1988 to commemorate the permanent white settlement is not a young republic and not new to controversies either.

Source – Wikipedia (The Free encyclopedia) – Thanks

“The bicentenary of Australia was celebrated in 1970 on the 200th anniversary of Captain James Cook landing and claiming the land, and again in 1988 to celebrate 200 years of permanent white settlement.”

Australian history mired with brutal killings of the Aborigines, the original inhabitants of the biggest island on earth and systemic abuse of the indigenous population and culture continues until date.

Sadly, Australia founded as a convict colony by Great Britain that outlawed its own citizens for petty crimes like stealing a straw or a loaf of bread to homicide. Australia essentially served as “Guantanamo Bay” for the then colonial Great Britain well into the early twentieth century. The exhibits tell tales in the notorious Port Arthur prison, a tourist site located at Hobart, Tasmania.

Australia upon becoming republic while maintaining the British Royalty as the head of the state until now embraced White Australia Policy abolished in 1973.

Source – Wikipedia (The Free Encyclopedia) – Thanks

“The White Australia policy stands for the historical policies that intentionally restricted non-white immigration to Australia from 1901 to 1973.”

The xenophobia attributed to – "It is not the bad qualities, but the good qualities of these alien races that make them so dangerous to us. It is their inexhaustible energy, their power of applying themselves to new tasks, their endurance and low standard of living that make them such competitors."

Australia along with its commonwealth partner Canada rejected the trade sanctions against the former Apartheid South Africa and refused to commit to the toughening sanctions proposal by the delegates from Africa, India and Guyana during the Commonwealth Foreign Ministers’ committee on South Africa, in Harare and Canberra in 1989.

Then, the government sponsored Anti-Asian immigration sentiments surfaced (subjecting all nations in the geographical regions of Asia) in mid 1985 – 1989 represented by the former Liberal Prime Minister John Howard as the opposition coalition leader during that time. Mr. Howard wasted no time in pushing Australia to forge alliance with Europe against the viable and pragmatic choice, Asia.

Ironically, in the Australian politics Liberal party represents the conservative view and policy. There are other parties such as labor, democrats, green peace…advocating for social, economic and environmental issues.

On August 31, 2001, the SOS from a Norwegian cargo ship “Tampa” with desperate Afghan refugees comprising mostly children and women aboard rescued from the sinking ferry off the Indonesian shores, rejected by the Australian Prime Minister John Howard with no outcry or uproar from mainstream Australia. Any protests held were predominantly by muslims and other minorities along with the refugees on board seeking relief.

The newly independent and poorest nation, East Timor volunteered to accept refugees and requested the international community to pay for the cause. Again, the offer was declined by Norwegian and Australian government.

Ref: World news – http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2001/aug/31/indonesia

UN: Australia should take refugees


Australians ignore plea on refugees – The Guardian, Thursday 30 August 2001 08.36 BST

Reflection:By Padmini Arhant

It’s important for the world community to understand the plight of the Aborigine population with no sign of progress in the twenty first century. The appalling infant mortality combined with the young aborigines dying at alarming rates in police custody from suicides and other controversial treatment is a reality in the remote Australian outback, the permanent settlement allocated for the forbidden indigenous group.

Further, the living conditions for the aborigine is deplorable and conscientiously deprived of basic education, health care and job opportunities. The average life span floats around mid thirties for the fortunate survivors of the harsh existence in the proudly acclaimed land of diversity.

The aborigine status quo prompted the Nobel Peace Laureate, Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa to criticize Australia – “Clean up your own backyard prior to finger pointing at others on human rights” during his visit to the island nation.

Shifting focus on the continuing harassment and violence against student immigrants from India or elsewhere – it is a serious and an embarrassing issue for the country in the forefront to condemn atrocities particularly in the poorest and developing regions of the world.

The media across the board thrives on negative reporting by producing images and events in bad light about the poor and developing nations and cultivates ignorance among the general population.

There is an inherent discriminatory practice against targeted groups within the society and often experienced at work force denying jobs and promotions under the guise of the requirement of “unique Australian expertise” regardless of credentials and experience from advanced nations.

The selective employment process eliminating qualified students and immigrants not barring equal entitlements to anything and everything as taxpayers is suggestive of blatant negligence to care for the segment significantly contributing to the economic growth.

This so-called cultural misunderstanding is a misnomer given the extensive travelling by the average Australians to exotic locations in Asia such as Bali – Indonesia, Phuket – Thailand, Colombo – Sri Lanka and last but not the least destinations in India.

The law enforcement authorities responsible for the protection of citizens and visitors to the country allegedly did not make any arrests in the burgeoning racial attacks in public transport and a particular incident involving the petrol bomb thrown at an Indian student in his residence.

Social behavior of citizens is a collective responsibility and shared by parents, educational system, legal and law enforcement authorities alike with the human life and safety at risk in public areas and privacy of their home. It would be inappropriate for all those crying foul to the call for government intervention given the socialist system in Australia.

The Australian government and educational institutions profiting from the lucrative educational venture have a legal and moral responsibility in ensuring equal humanitarian rights for all in their domain. Australia’s reputation lies in the fair and proper treatment of the temporary and permanent migrants with respect and dignity under humanitarian law.

Australian High Commission in New Delhi, Mumbai and other cities in India has an ethical duty to verify and investigate exploitation and fraudulent claims against their accredited agents hired by them to enroll students in Australian institutions.

In other matter, Australia’s position has been contradictory in more than one respect.

While, proclaiming to be a an environmentalist…Australia is the major exporter of fossil fuel – coal to the leading polluter China and vigorously competing for uranium supply to India and other nations.

Australian landscape is truly a paradise and nature’s best gift to mankind. However, Australian society has failed to meet adequately with the challenges of promoting multiculturalism desperately required for its own survival and sustenance in the competitive global economy.

Nation’s progress rests beyond investment in infrastructure and best reflected in the tolerance of human race.

Hopefully, with the Labor government under the leadership of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

International News and Developments – Education under Attack in Australia

June 3, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

Prelude: The topic will touch base on the human rights violation and much more about the nation from “Down Under” – Australia.

The United States preoccupied in numerous important events unfolding by the hour, international community set their eyes on the much-anticipated speech from the U.S. President Barack Obama in Cairo, Egypt and,

Other industrialized nations engaged in criticizing China on the eve of Tiananmen Square anniversary; similar events involving the brutal racist attacks on Indian students lured to the Australian educational institutions could not compete effectively in the press and media coverage.

As a website committed towards issues generally isolated by the large focus groups in the media and press, a detailed analysis on the appalling incidents concerning Indian students systematically targeted for their ‘skin color’ in the new millennium, twenty first century is attention worthy.

Please stand by for the in-depth coverage on the topic presented shortly.

Meanwhile, please take a moment to review the You-Tube images of the incidents and the victims’ plight in the “socially-advanced” nation in southern hemisphere.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Racism – The Durban II, Geneva Conference

April 26, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

The past week – April 20 -24, 2009, Geneva, Switzerland hosted ‘The Durban II conference’ on racism. The preceding event in 2001 held in Durban, South Africa marred by racial overtones and negative attacks against the state of Israel evidently led the United States and Western allies to boycott the recent U.N meeting.

It was a United Nations gathering to address the persisting contemporary discriminatory practices often transforming into persecution, oppression and even genocide in some parts of the world. According to the White House and media reports, the reason behind United States and allies’ absence at the symposium was the blue print content notably against Israel by the Islamic Republic of Iran. However, the United Nations’ assurance to eliminate any anti-Israeli inflammatory remarks from the Iranian President’s speech failed in convincing the United States, Israel and others to attend the world forum.

Meanwhile, predictably the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinijad’s rhetorical speech caused spectacle prompting other European diplomats to briefly abandon the summit. To the United Nations’ credit, the subsequent address by the Iranian President modified to reflect reality on the tragic holocaust previously denied by the political figure.

Whenever a consortium organized to deal with sensitive humanitarian issue of great magnitude, the stage is set for fireworks and doesn’t require more than a spark to ignite the flame into blazing fire. All those refuting the one nation’s contentious repetitive conduct, regrettably ignored the wide spectrum of humanitarian crises around the world. The objection against a particular nation’s demeanor effectively dismissed the urgency for unanimous solutions to global problems affecting humanity.
Further, such action conspicuously displayed hierarchy prevalent in the humanitarian priorities.

Every continent has nations with dark legacy and embarrassing episodes of human rights violation. In the new millennium, the global community challenged to empathize with those currently enduring incessant suffering due to lack of freedom, inequality, injustice including intolerance.

The Geneva conference was a great platform for the nations that boycotted the meeting exclusively the United States and Israel to express serious commitment in resolving the age-old Middle East conflict between Israel and Palestine. Any glimpse of hope in the two states solutions approved by vast majority of population on both sides with a free Palestine comprising West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem alongside the democratic Israel unequivocally accepted as a sovereign state in the entire region would have instantaneously gained credibility in the large presence of the United Nations.

Needlessly, as holocaust victims Israel was better qualified to condemn any crime against humanity and set an example by leading the world in the establishment of peace and democracy with its neighbor Palestine. Israel had a unique opportunity in Geneva to demonstrate solemn pledge and action to aid those, relevantly the Palestinians deserving similar liberty granted to Israel predominantly with the support and solidarity among the nations around the world. Israel’s unprecedented humanitarian gesture would have made it incumbent on the Arab nations at the conference to forge alliance in promoting regional unity and peace.

If the world would not have heeded to the humanitarian call for an Independent Israel, it could have resulted in the devastating annihilation of a specific human race. Likewise, South Africa proudly declaring results from a democratic election today would have succumbed to oppressive apartheid without the international community’s involvement in the freedom of that nation.

There is immense misery and extreme hardships in various parts of the world. People in these regions generally exposed to despair, depression and death at infancy consider themselves fortunate if they live beyond the short life expectancy because of poverty, disease, war and deprivation of basic human rights.

Geneva conference reached a broad based consensus against racial and gender discrimination, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia other than human rights abuses across the globe. An international assembly by governments from most parts of the world had the moment and venue to review pertinent matter concerning different nations and people. Unfortunately, the U.N committee presumably under intense pressure from nations prioritizing political agenda in their allegiance to a single ally, did not layout the importance of relieving humanity from the perpetual violence through war, invasion and occupation reminiscent of the twentieth century’s imperialism and colonialism .

Is there deficiency in related topics involving the remaining population on the planet seeking entitlement to the international representation, rescue and relief from burgeoning crimes against innocent civilians?

Only if rationality and utilitarianism prevailed over popular political dogma of individualism, the desirable goals for fairness and justice are attainable in human affairs.

Is the struggle for peace and independence by the population in Palestine, Burma, Tibet, and North Korea any less significant than the international feud between Israel and Iran?

What about the status quo of civil wars contributing to genocides in Rwanda, Darfur, Congo and other parts of Africa?

Should the world ignore the escalating ethnic cleansing in Sri Lanka as an internal matter rather than an international moral issue?

Where was the denunciation of the pervasive Taliban abuse of women in Afghanistan now dangerously spreading to the Northwestern regions of Pakistan?

Why did the summit not extensively focus on the various abuses in Latin, Central and South America and China, notwithstanding the denial of equal status to women in the Middle East and other Islamic nations?

On the generic concept of racism, xenophobia – typically the fear of the unknown, homophobia – the overt hate crimes against gay and trans-gender community and other horrific incidents in human trafficking, child pornography and numerous offenses were excluded during the five-day long international meeting.

Apparently, the interpretation of ‘tolerance’ in the crimes against humanity is subject to the relationship among existing and emerging economic and political powers in the global society.

The protocol on protests, boycott and co-operation alike varies depending on the nations along with political and economic repercussions arising from such action.

For example, the Iranian President’s controversial stance against Israel held responsible for the Western nations’ boycott of the latest Geneva conference on racism while implying the other attendees’ motive questionable.

Nevertheless, the human rights activists’ plea to boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics to draw attention towards the plight of the Tibetan population persecuted by the hour and suppression of the democracy movement in the People’s Republic of China rejected by the participating nations prominently those who recently boycotted the Geneva conference.

It is widespread knowledge that the emerging economic power China being the treasury and
Exchequer for the world economy, a nuclear nation possessing veto power routinely exercised against common benefit in the U.N. Security Council decisions, privileged with supreme diplomatic immunity in all things inhumane.

In the recent G-20 summit, call for globalization over protectionism dominated the theme for global economic revival. Synonymously, in the environmental matter and international security collective effort embraced as a successful strategy. Henceforth, collaborative action regarded imminent to resolve international crises.

Ironically, abstaining from leadership at the summit to formulate policies in the restoration of human rights, freedom and civil liberties, the fundamental requirements for peace, progress and prosperity, creates a vacuum rather than serving the real purpose.

History is testimony to the rise and fall of civilizations that fair well when guided by wisdom, compassion and courage for universal good.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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