Religion – The Masonic (FREEMASONS) Convenient Pawn

May 4, 2017

By Padmini Arhant

The masonic rule on the planet premised on illegal invasion, occupation and terrorism heading towards termination desperately deploying ill-conceived strategies for survival.

The diverse representations to propagate flawed ideology is a devious course. The secret society is consumed with prejudice and hatred spreading violence, communal unrest and nonsensical events to maintain authority.

Religion is the main target in mass indoctrination with erosion of human values from overwhelming greed for fame, fortune and power corrupting mind in the inevitable self-decline. The trend upholding criminality and megalomaniacal attributes are promoted in vain to defend deceitful tactics in denial of self-degeneration.

In the process, the irrefutable consequences from such indulgence is slighted despite the fact on deeds determining destiny.

Denigrating religions under any pretext is the norm with surrogates and agents struggling in the hall of fame submitting to masonic order and proxies instigation to decry practices that pales when compared with ostentatious activities in their domain such as entertainment.

The flip flopping in statements with unsubstantiated claims on religiousness imposed on all and reversing in the same breath as a believer not to mention the bizarre charade clarifies the scripted performance to cause unwarranted commotion in society.

On the contrary, the tradition on celebrity worship with importance on prominence and idolization creating cult following is enforced with no regard for individual will and preference in society.

The relevance to stardom and glamor compromising ethical elements are thrusted upon people with extensive coverage and embellished articles while denouncing spiritualism and denigrating religious sanctity.

In politics, not wasting a moment to scapegoat the enemy at present in the blame game along with disparaging remarks and portrayal for monstrosity committed by them and pursued unabated much to self-detriment.

Simultaneously, my hard work and fruits of labor without any pay or remunerations, privileges and benefits producing any major development is conveniently owned by them as self-achievement. Meanwhile distancing from any failures due to deceptive deals and agreement backfiring sooner than later.

Not surprisingly, success is eagerly accepted as the patented right and setbacks disowned due to lack of integrity.

The demand on meto constantly toil and remain at FREE service at the height of misogyny with cooperation from failed female Presidential candidate or wannabe female television performer and the likes explains the status quo.

The hypocrisy citing ego and non-commitment on my part or in other words the frustration over my refusal to bow to tyranny is evident in the blasphemy of religion, womanhood and anything sensible, rational and honest.

There is a distinction between spiritualism and cultism. The former serve humanity in understanding the purpose in life and that is to live a meaningful life and let others co-exist in peace. Whereas the latter subscribing to demagoguery crumble with dwindling of the crowd upon disillusionment.

Celebrity cheering and fake hero adulation disproportionately sponsored in the futile efforts to undermine spirituality.

Religions established to recognize individual responsibility towards self and others leading to peaceful exit when deceased have long endured challenges and continue to demonstrate purity and inviolability in the face of derision and contempt.

The misuse of religion for anything other than peace, unity and secularism is narcissism obliging irrational influence.

Religion is best spared from fundamentalism emanating from political and personal aspirations revealing the true colors of the source never lasting in the race to exploit opportunity at any cost.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

Spouse in Divine Mission


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