Demented Stance  

September 15, 2017

Demented Stance  

Padmini Arhant


Anyone objecting to discrimination based on race or religion extending support to fascism which is totalitarianism and oppression need to explain the bizarre position. Oppression is the root cause of discriminatory practice denying equal rights and respect to those subjugated due to political, economic and social prejudice.

The congressional resolution 49 initiated and passed to quell anti-semitism and racism would be meaningful upon a system eliminating hierarchy, secrecy and carte blanche authority to kill and terrorize citizens in the domestic and foreign domain besides enforcing the law of the land on all and not provide immunity to those consistently abusing power and influential status.

Those claiming entitlement in seizing others individual rights and freedom, undermining foreign nations sovereignty for economic interests and strategic dominance apparently not tolerant to dissent on economic and social disparity.

The exclusivity maintained in Secret Society and discreet meetings prohibiting public access and knowledge, UNSC in possession of veto power exercising free will to invade, occupy and force population into starvation through illegal economic sanctions, the diverse means threatening human existence with nuclear options and rejecting life with dignity to anyone regarded a fair target fall in the authoritarian category.

Not surprisingly, the response to proposal to revoke prevalent fascist dogma is antagonistic not to mention subversions to evade accountability on crimes against humanity.

Last but not the least, the altering position in suggesting ventriloquism in my presentation and at the same time deriding me with unsavory compliments especially those pledging against racism and hate speech is reflective of the source, agents and representatives demented stance.

Those lacking in courage, intellect and integrity resort to underhanded tactics rather than facing challenger with facts and reason that prove them incorrigible.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter

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