United States – Congress Resolution 49

September 14, 2017

United States – Congress Resolution 49

Padmini Arhant

Congress passing resolution 49 unanimously condemning racism and anti-semitism related to Charlottesville incident that was signed and sealed might demonstrate solidarity.

However, the belief that all are created equal by one almighty God exemplified in deeds would be solemn and credible.

How about pledging and acting on the following to verify sincerity?

1. Thou shall not authorize or remain oblivious to racial profiling of law abiding citizens with exemplary civil conduct at the United States airport under national security pretext and rough handling for reasons beyond justification.

2. Thou shall not remain complicit to killing of more than three thousand Americans at home on 9/11 and thereafter several thousands of innocent children, women and men in foreign land. Accordingly, bring all those responsible for dereliction of duty and deliberate involvement not barring the so-called allies to justice proving none are above the law. 

3. Thou shall not grant immunity to the powerful, famous and influential despite their criminal record on the loss of civilian lives and career diplomats as well as intelligence personnel like the Benghazi gate. 

4. Thou shall not sponsor terrorism. Hence indict those who authorized use of terror and predator drones beginning from the top to bottom against citizens of foreign nation who meant no harm to the United States and citizens.

5. Thou shall not indulge in provocative activities on foreign shores subjecting citizens of those nations to unnecessary tensions and potential nuclear confrontation.

6. Thou shall not force population into starvation via illegitimate economic sanctions while ignoring own human rights record and belligerence that has never been held accountable thus far.

7. Thou shall do away with UNSC and self-granted veto power to subjugate nations regarded weak and vulnerable.

8. Thou shall respect others liberty and rights to equal opportunity and refrain from illegal surveillance and invasion of privacy.

9. Thou shall renounce secrecy and condemn the Secret Society barring secret meetings in the United States or anywhere in the world. 

10. Thou shall deceive none and disavow targeted demonization, character defamation, vicious propaganda, misrepresentation, condescendence and contemptuous engagement.

The allegiance pledged to the flag with stars and stripes representing one nation under God – that God vehemently opposes all of the above characteristics and tradition that is the status quo.

God never approves preferential treatment of some and discrimination towards others to be the norm. Such convention is man made in defiance of human values, ethics and democratic principle misleading self and the rest of the world.

The adherence in transcending race, religion and socioeconomic background across the spectrum would demonstrate acceptance and acknowledgment of people as human beings, treating them with respect that is expected from others.

Unity, civility and equality make any society civilized and respectable.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com

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