Passing Legislations in Congress – A Miracle or a Menace?

February 7, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Democratic system around the world share many characteristics in essence. They are positive and negative in variable proportions. However, the constant problem in a democracy is arriving at a consensus on legislative matter between the rival political parties in power.

Both the Parliamentary and the Presidential form of governments are uniquely creative in their disagreement with the respective opponents. For instance, frequently in Taiwan and recently in India, the argument transform into a spectacle with heavy fistfights and wrestling among the legislators causing a commotion in the session.

United Kingdom Parliamentarians mock in chorus and Australia follows suit to identify with their ascendants.

In the United States, the opponents’ presentation is dramatic in a ‘show and tell,’ setting with a hyperbole characterization of the policy. Somehow, the critics fail to find any beneficial element in the bill. The fault is detected not so much in policy as noted during the health care legislation.

Opposition debate deviated from the content to the weight of the bill, in itself turning into a filibuster.

The irony of it is the lawmakers become the lawbreakers by letting their passion override reasoning.

Shifting focus on the various reforms pending legislations, the prevalent partisanship is no revelation.

However, the double standards among the conservatives on both sides is intriguing as observed in the House bill – HR 1207 introduced by Republican representative Ron Paul to audit the Federal Reserve.

The House Financial Services Committee approved Rep. Ron Paul’s measure by 43-26, calling the government to audit the Federal Reserve.

Legislation received the Republican minority’s overwhelming response as well as the democrats’ cooperation in this issue. In this context, the Republican members accepted the government intervention as necessary and appropriate.

Contrarily, the Finance Reform bill favoring the stand-alone consumer financial protection agency initiated by President Obama is slighted by the Republican minority as the government “take over.”

Evidently, the republican members’ conduct thus far – reveals their opposition to the party and not the policy.

With respect to health care reform, President Barack Obama reached out to the republican minority and the conservative democrats by requesting them to set their differences aside with the democrat majority.

The President even offered to incorporate the “TORT” reform touted all along as the republican idea to contain health care costs.

TORT reform is useful in trimming the health care costs and should be part of the legislation.

Yet, the only agreement reached between both parties is to bury the bill, since compromise is considered concession by the opposition party with no other viable solutions.

Similarly, with the deficit reduction the republican senate defeated the President’s effort to set up a bipartisan committee comprising the legislators and the fiscal experts to devise methods in national debt management.

Their non-conciliatory response has now forced the President to move ahead with the independent commission to address the issue.

Conveniently, the President is criticized for not attempting to deal with the national debt by the “fiscal conservatives,” playing partisanship in the legislative role.

It’s clear that there is no true intention among these members to serve the national interest; otherwise, they would be sensitive to the public plight and vote for the necessary reform in finance, health care and environment.

The only way to circumvent this gridlock is to adopt the legitimate avenues accessed by the opposition when they were the majority. There appears to be no other option available with the self-interest and the special interest reining in on national progress.

Unfortunately, the unity among the Republican members and the division in the democratic side threatening to vote against the health care and financial reform bills is detrimental to national cause, with a guaranteed backlash against the default members in the November elections.

It’s important for the national voice to convey the message to these legislators evading their constitutional oath to serve the people electing them to the public office. The electorate message has to be loud and clear with a deadline to pass legislations.

In the absence of public outcry, the “Change we can believe in,” could never be brought upon in the State or the national level.

President and the House majority leader could exhaust the power and resources at their disposal to convince the resisting members in Congress. Nevertheless, the ultimate power lies with the people to urge their representatives to act on their behalf by voting for the health care, finance reform and the climate bill.

People should understand that the legislators in Washington and the State Capitol have job descriptions and the primary responsibility is to represent the people electing them to the office and not the self or the campaign financiers.

The fundamental responsibility for the lawmakers is to cast their vote to help improve the citizens’ lives, which is currently not preferable because the ‘nay’ Sayers are comfortable with the job security and know they will be re-elected by swift boating their opponent.

Such possibility is made even easier with the Supreme Court conservative justices’ decision that has granted license to Corporations, Unions etc… to assist ‘trouble makers’ in Congress represent their interests rather than the voters’ welfare.

Therefore, it’s entirely dependent on the people to fix the broken system in Washington and the State Capitol. They need to impose the ‘performance based’ criteria in Washington, verify each legislator’s record to confirm whom they really represent and vote accordingly during elections.

An ‘average’ citizen is fired for lack of productivity and Wall Street has no patience towards the workers’ genuine circumstances when axing jobs.

That being the case,

Why should the people in a democracy with the ultimate power in their hands be extremely tolerant to the combined forces’ (Washington and Wall Street) consistent practices that neglects the people over profit?

These basic questions needs to be urgently addressed by the people. Remember each one of us possess the leadership quality to lead the family, workers and colleagues at work place, community, state and the nation.

What is required is initiative and that has to come from within. If every individual poses the questions’ raised above and take action not only for personal salvation but for others as well, then the issues like corruption, cronyism, and injustice…could be eradicated from the political and social system.

Then democracy would be protected from these deadly carcinogens.

Something to think about and take action to release oneself from the economic and social shackles.

With the nation captivated by the “Super Bowl XLIV” event,

I take leave for now and,

Wish Good Luck to both teams – Colts and Saints.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

American Democracy at Work

February 5, 2010

Dear Fellow Americans,

The health care legislation is being stalled in Congress by the legislators on the special interests’ payroll.

Despite being well informed on the horrendous economic liability accumulated to our national debt from the abominable health care costs and that an estimated 45,000 Americans are dying every year due to lack of health insurance, these legislators simply don’t care about these facts because they feel secure about their job.

Is American Democracy so weak that you will take a “NO” for everything that concerns your interest from the party of “NO” aka GOP, The Grand Obstructionist Party and the special interest loyalist on the democratic side?

C’mon America, show your power. Call your local representatives in the House and the Senate and demand that you want the health care legislation now.

Remember, the crying baby is the one that gets the mother’s attention.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Massachusetts Senate Race Results

January 21, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Congratulations! To the Senator-elect Scott Brown for the victory in the Massachusetts special elections held on January 19, 2010.

Much credit was attributed to the Senator-elect Scott Brown’s political campaign, even though his campaign vigorously attacked the White House and the Democratic Congress policies.

Evidently, the political campaigns are effective with criticisms against the opponent rather than constructive ideas to ease the burden on the people, as noted throughout the republican victories in the past and the recent gubernatorial elections in New Jersey, Virginia and the Senate race in Massachusetts.

Somehow, the Republican strategy aimed at vilifying the opponent’s policies without any solutions to the average citizens’ problems, an illusive tactic continue to prevail in every election.

The Senator-elect Scott Brown vowed the following actions upon being elected to the U.S. Senate:

Voting against the trillion dollar health care reform – When in fact, the inaction in this respect is costing the nation exponentially and expected to exceed more than trillion dollars over the decade with an estimated 45,000 Americans dying every year.

Again, the Senator’s position maintained despite the current health care spending established to be affecting the national GDP, thereby contributing to the rising deficit, the anchored issue for the Republican Party.

Nay on the Climate Bill – It confirms the ideology that subverts the grim reality from the environmental degradation politicized for profit.

Not surprisingly, voting ‘Yes’ on the on-going warfare, that is draining the national economy juxtaposed to the contentious health care reform with the Senator-elect preference for investment in weaponry against saving lives.

These are just the beginning of the many obstacles in store with the continuing Republican partisanship in the Senate and the House that derails progress and deprives the nation of any prosperity.

Senator-elect Scott Brown appropriately stated during the election debate that the candidates were vying for the public seat previously held by the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy for over four decades.

Per such declaration, it’s incumbent on the Senator-elect to act in the best interest of the people who have now entrusted him with the power to elevate their economic status rather than the party that is primarily responsible for the monumental national and international crises.

Politics prompts candidates to promise many things on campaign trail. Again, the challenge lies in honoring those commitments that often leads to voter frustration granting victory by default to the opponent exploiting the voter dissatisfaction.

Time usually confirm the credibility of the campaign pledges made during elections with the verdict delivered accordingly in the future election and experienced repeatedly.

I sincerely hope that the newly elected Senator will pursue pragmatism over ideology in the legislative matter and resist partisanship on all issues concerning the electorate both in Massachusetts and across the nation.

I also extend my best wishes to the Senator-elect Scott Brown in performing the legislative duties in the United States Senate.

With the democratic candidate Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, I share the disappointment and accept the unfortunate outcome as the trial and tribulation in politics.

I wish the Attorney General Martha Coakley success in her endeavors.

The message for the democrats in power and the supporters lamenting the consecutive defeats is to rise to the occasion and accomplish the targeted goals defined during the 2008 Presidential election.

Thus far, the Republican winnings have been characterized as the ‘wake up’ call for the democrats. Initially it could be a ‘wake up’ call but sequentially it is a political mandate to recognize and implement the necessary actions or deal with the consequences.

As detailed earlier in the articles on the main issues:

Jobs, Housing, Health Care, and Energy Independence via green technology – It’s important to address these major aspects of American life.

Reducing unemployment by protecting and creating jobs in all sectors along with reviving the housing market is the immediate priority for which the present government was elected in the year 2008.

Similarly Health care and Green technology is a necessity and not a privilege.

Failure to pass the required reforms and legislations would be a further disaster for the party and the nation.

The various legislations such as health care, financial reform and climate bill…cannot be delayed for it would foment the public outrage already at its peak in the absence of

‘Hope and Change,’ promised but yet to be realized.

Another poignant element being the democratic Congress and administration adopting a ‘centrist,’ position for political expediency. It’s a major impediment in legislative matter and justifiably perceived by the democratic base as a betrayal and a deviation from the core democratic values.

Hence, the decisive ‘Progressives,’ are ideally suitable in fulfilling the commitments to the electorate and the party.

Moreover, slighting the Progressive majority across the nation will be a political suicide for the party and the ruling administration.

The former President George W. Bush was inappropriately called a ‘lame duck.’

Actually, the former President achieved the administration’s agenda with the ultimatum –

Either you’re with us or with the terrorists on warfare and,

In domestic policies, President George W. Bush was never inhibited to use the veto power and the Republican majority then turned minority, passed most legislations through reconciliation process ignoring the opposition party.

If it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander.

Nothing can crumble our resolve and we shall overcome not someday but beginning today.

The work has just begun and we will not rest until we are done regardless of the party ratio in the Senate and the House.

Rescue America from the filibuster rule and partisan politics to compete with China accelerating in economic growth at an enviable 10.7 percent in the fourth quarter.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Israel Palestine Peace Treaty

November 14, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

The fate of the two states solution is hanging in balance and the peace process has once again come to a screeching halt. Initially, there appeared to be momentum on both sides until the controversial yet credible issues surfaced and ignored by the parties in default.

The contentious issues are –

Freezing Jewish settlements in West Bank and East Jerusalem in its entirety.

Honoring the Gaza report compiled by the Head of the UN Fact Finding Mission, Justice Richard Goldstone, overwhelmingly approved by the U.N. Human Rights Council and the U.N. General Assembly recently.

However, the U.S. House of Representatives proactively rejected the international consensus with a majority vote and condemned the report as biased against Israel. In addition, the House of Congress seemingly solidified their support on this issue by urging the White House to follow suit.

The Congress initiative in this respect is extremely disappointing and unconstitutional as it does not represent the popular view. Furthermore, the humanitarians in Israel confirm that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s personal approach with the House members on this issue led to the sweeping vote suggesting the U.S. democracy is a puppet to Israeli Knesset.

Preceding these events, the White House reportedly pressured the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to abandon any action at the U.N.General Assembly pertaining to the Gaza war crimes. The Palestinian President’s compliance with the White House requirement had jeopardized his leadership as the head of the democratically elected government. Fearing backlash in the upcoming elections in January 2010, the PLO leader decided not to run for re-election creating confusion and opportunity for all in the fragmented Palestinian politics.

It’s important to shed light on the Goldstone report dismissal by the relevant authorities viz. Israel, the United States, Russia, China and others sharing the burden of disproportionate military engagement and activities in direct violation of the Geneva Convention. Essentially, the deliberate invalidation of the well-balanced and meticulous findings by the honorable justice, Richard Goldstone possessing the background semblance with Israel than Palestine merit hearing and appropriate action in the international court of law.

In the war crime investigations, the authorities in power particularly the permanent U.N. Security Council members are united in the vilification or exoneration of their adversaries and allies for self-absolution. In fact, the protocol renders the process redundant besides displaying the international court of justice as a judicial committee exclusively set up for the U.N. P5 Plus targeted nations against a universal mandate.

The status quo justify the urgency to expand the U.N. Security Council permanent membership enforceable only through the U.N. member nations’ concerted action. Alternatively, defiance by dishonoring the present U.N. Security Council proposals would produce the desired membership extension.

Since, both Israel and Hamas are implicated for the crimes against civilian population, the trial in the international court of law is mandatory and appropriate to begin a new chapter in the twenty first century. War related atrocities, genocides, ethnic cleansing is dominant in the contemporary era setting a dangerous precedence now and in the future. It further exemplifies that the privileged nations with powerful allies are above the law and exempt from heinous crimes against humanity under the guise of national security, a contrived political fallacy.

Other pertinent issue stalling the peace negotiations is the unacceptable acceleration of Jewish settlements in the West Bank claimed by the Israeli authorities as a ‘natural growth,’ neglecting the explicit assault on the intelligence of the international community. Jewish settlements in the clearly demarcated Palestinian territories i.e. the West Bank and East Jerusalem is by far the most explosive and a provocative political maneuver by Israel to prolong the illegal occupation of Palestinian land.

No matter, how the Jewish settlements representing the nuclear component in the peace strategy is circumvented, the civilian and armed forces’ indefinite establishment is an infringement on human rights and unequivocally qualifies as an invasion of a foreign land in the eyes of the universal law, if not the U.S. law.

Unless and until the Israeli government recognizes the abominable settlement activity with a unilateral commitment to cease occupation through complete withdrawal of settlers and the military base, the regional conflict will continue to fuel global terrorism predominantly affecting the nations complicit to the colonization.

Although, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the cabinet ministers visit to Washington seeking peace talks resumption is a refreshing change in the half a century old crisis, peace mediation premised on Israel’s terms and conditions is analogous to the test drive conducted on a one way street with a dead end.

Earlier this week, Europe commemorated the fall of Berlin Wall marking the twentieth anniversary, a historic moment for the people liberated from the iron fist rule under ‘Communism,’ that caused political oppression and economic depression. Accordingly, the occasion attracted the prominent political figures reminiscent of the post demolition.

Ironically, the world rejoiced the fall of the Berlin wall while being complacent to a similar wall constructed by Israel along the Jerusalem neighborhoods and the West Bank resurrecting the repressive environment.

Indeed, the modern democracies’ pride and prejudice shines through these celebrations.

Interestingly, Israel’s offer to contain the new settlement expansion with the on-going construction permits issued behind the scenes earned a compliment from the U.S. Secretary of State as ‘unprecedented’ gesture that also echoed the Israeli Prime Minister demanding the Palestinian side to refrain from pre-conditions in the peace discussion.

The bone of contention in the embattled Israeli-Palestinian dispute is the irrefutable Jewish settlements, the concrete wall and the systemic abuse of human rights denying freedom, dignity and respect to the Palestinian population correlative to the twentieth century holocaust, a dark age in human civilization.

Tolerating imperialism in the new millennium is nullifying democracy to human beings born to be free like other species in the animal kingdom.

On the Palestinian front, Hamas is benefiting from the political vacuum in Fatah governing the West Bank. The situation is likely to become the worst nightmare for Israel and the United States without Israel’s co-operation in the peace pact.

Given the limited resources and territories, the best hope for the Palestinian people is to unify and present a consolidated political, economic and social agenda through young leadership embracing democratic values, peace over terrorism strengthened by a strong vision and dynamic qualities to build the newly independent Palestine.

As for the core issues in the Israeli-Palestine Peace Treaty:

1. Complete withdrawal of Israeli settlers and the military base from all Palestinian territories including the occupied peripheral lands since 1967.

2. Palestine is to be internationally recognized as a sovereign nation with East Jerusalem as the Capital City for the independent state.

3. The policy depriving Palestinians the right to return to Israel would conversely apply to the Jewish settlers and Israeli citizens on the Palestinian land. Similar reciprocal apply to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s insistence to identify Israel as the ‘Jewish’ state.

4. Palestinian and Arab nation’s reaffirmation of Israel as a sovereign nation in the Middle East along with a solemn oath to disavow violence in the form of suicide bombings, rocket firing and last but not the least any nuclear threats against Israel.

5. Economic aid to Palestine for reconstruction purpose.

6. United States and other economic powers pledge equal assistance to both Israel and Palestine to reflect fairness in the deal.

Finally, it’s imperative and incumbent on the United States to be an honest broker in implementing the Peace Treaty as stated above to restore credibility in resolving international problems.

Palestinian and Israeli children are entitled to a long lasting peace and a bright future. It’s time to set the differences aside and reconcile terms with reality that,

War has no winners whereas everyone is a winner in Peace.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

National Unemployment – A Reality Check

November 10, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

According to the latest reports, the current jobless rate is 10.2% with 16 million Americans competing for 3 million jobs. Apparently, this figure does not include the underemployed. The Corporate related unemployment is further expected to rise up to 10.8% by the end of next year. Another grim factor is the joblessness among the self-employed and the small business retrenchments reportedly escalate the figure to an alarming 17.5% resembling the severe depression era.

Growing unemployment is a major impediment as consumer spending is directly linked to the job market posing a downside for the entire economy. Despite, the economic growth at 3.5% along with the 9.5% annual productivity for the recent quarter, the American workforce is yet to benefit from the surge in these areas.

The most affected sectors appear to be construction, manufacturing and retail. Although, the recent stimulus signed by President Obama extends unemployment benefits for 14 weeks and 20 weeks to the worst hit states combined with the tax credits for the first time and other home buyers, the problems confronting the industries required to generate jobs is attention worthy.

Construction industry is obviously dependent upon the housing sector and the housing market revival methods are due for review with respect to foreclosures and lending practices by the finance sector.

In fact, the credit crunch is predominantly responsible for the sluggishness in the respective areas of the economy. Unless and until the bailed out finance industry honor the commitments made to the American public during the substantial bail outs, the industries tied to credit market particularly the housing, manufacturing and retail cannot emerge from the recession.

If the various bailouts approved thus far have the built-in transparency and accountability factor then the oversight committee ought to investigate the recipients on the investments of those taxpayer funds legislated for providing jobs and stimulating the economy. Regardless, the trillions of dollars accumulated to the national deficit from the banking sector and automobile industry bailouts deserve scrutiny in terms of actual allocation that is not conspicuous given the depressing jobless data.

On the other hand, the government must provide a legitimate reason for not moving forward with the committed investments held in the $787 billion stimulus package including the remainder from the Bush administration passed TARP funds. When the controversial economic stimulus took place at different times, the purpose was to revitalize the economy with the desperately needed job growth besides enabling the relevant productivity levels and overall economic performance.

Any delay in energizing the job market would adversely affect the broader economic prospects for all industries with the consumer base lagging in the necessary spending, the fulcrum of the economic cartwheel.

Manufacturing industry has been harshly hit with the corporate executive failure in the automobile industry precipitated by the finance sector’s liquidity freeze that triggered the economic meltdown in the shadow of the hedge funds and sub-prime debacle. It is imperative to jumpstart the manufacturing sector macro economically to achieve the targeted employment goals.

Evidently, the prevailing policies and the applied mechanisms are either inadequate or ineffective. Perhaps, the additional or aggressive measures could bolster the weak sectors in promoting the anticipated job growth, the real indicator of the economic pulse. Nevertheless, the consolidated interjection of the monetary reserves and management resources from the private and the public sector is paramount to resuscitate the ailing job market.

A disturbing aspect of the impressive 9.5% productivity report is the executive attitude towards the workforce. In spite of the workers’ significant contribution, i.e. limited labor force tripling the mass production, the management has categorically denied wage increases, additional hiring or other compensations in the form of bonuses etc. claiming that it would be detrimental to the organization ‘s profit oriented schemes.

It is elaborated as corporations aimed at increased earnings in the backdrop of weak dollar, declining exports, business decision to operate on lower inventories and other economic woes. As reasonable as they might be, somehow the conditions seem to apply only towards the labor force explicitly stated by the industry spokesperson that the workers should remain content with the fact that they have a job in the gloomy economy.

Meanwhile, the CEO’s salary package maneuvered from the Congress chided bonuses to lucrative shares and stock options with immediate encashment irrespective of the corporate results; the disingenuous modesty is adequately serving the highest in the hierarchy. Never mind the exploitation of the workforce, the human capital in this context.

In terms of the businesses with cash reserves operating on small inventories, the strategy is counterproductive, not to mention the catastrophic impact on the wholesale, small businesses and the retail industry. The wholesalers relying on the medium and large corporations’ inventory purchases forced to carry out massive layoffs potentially having a ripple effect on the economy with a possible inflation.

The swift passage of the ‘Cap and Trade’ bill boosting the green technology sector would be a phenomenal job growth subsequently alleviating the burden on the national deficit.

In light of the available facts, it would be appropriate to attribute the unemployment status to the myriad of activities or the lack thereof by both private and the public entities. It could be highlighted as the culmination of stringent corporate policies, limited private and public investments, reining credit flow, uncontained foreclosures and lack luster home sales in the housing market…causing the precarious unemployment situation.

Therefore, the government and the free market thorough evaluation of the status quo are essential to invigorate the frail job market.

A jobless economic recovery ultimately leads to a negative economic trend in the absence of robust stimulants explained above. Jobs represent the nerve of the economy with serious economic and political ramifications.

Contrary to the rhetoric echoed in the chambers of Congress and the media, the health care reform is equally important in the equation because it bankrupts the small businesses and individuals alike. Both groups are constantly struggling to make ends meet with the atrocious health care costs prohibiting investments in other necessities.

Economy and health care matter are intertwined and partisan politics has no place at the critical moment debilitating many American lives.

It is incumbent on the United States Senate to rise to the occasion and overwhelmingly approve the health care bill with the federal run health care program titled as the ‘public option’ in recognition of the American plight.

The simultaneous actions by Washington and free market are vital in curbing the rising unemployment statistics. Job assurance to every American translates into job security for the legislators and the executives. Since jobs create taxpayers and consumers,

Washington and Wall Street cannot thrive without progress in the main street.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Nobel Prize 2009

October 9, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

Nobel Peace Prize

Dear Mr. President,

Heartfelt Congratulations! On this noble honor to you and our nation.

I hope that the nuclear free, peaceful world is a possibility in the near future.

Best Wishes and Good Luck to you in all your peaceful endeavors.

Thank you.


Padmini Arhant
Nobel Prize on Literature

Congratulations! To the winner in literature – Herta Mueller in recognition of the recipient’s plight in the twentieth century communist era.

Every human being deserves freedom and a dignified life on earth.

Perhaps, the twenty first century has hope for democracy in the nations deprived of basic human rights.

The winner is a proud native of Romania and the citizen of Germany.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Nobel Prize in Physics

The United States honored with the Nobel Prize in Physics awarded for the remarkable progress in information technology through fiber optics and digital photography.

The extraordinary innovation has enhanced the modern life in multitasking, a choice for some while mandatory for others.

Congratulations! to the American scientists with multiple citizenships – Charles K. Kao, a native of China, British and U.S. citizen and the Bell Labs researchers – Willard Boyle a Canadian and a U.S. citizen and George, Smith a U.S. citizen.

Rightfully, the accolades shared by the native countries as well.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant
Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Once again, molecular biology is a huge hit this year with the emphasis on the processing of DNA information in the living matter.

Congratulations! to DR. Thomas Steitz, a U.S. citizen, DR. Ada Yonath, a citizen of Israel and DR. Venkataraman Ramakrishnan, a U.S. citizen as well as a native of Tamilnadu, India.

Their excellent work is worthy of recognition and a proven benefit to millions of lives as according to the reports “their research on ribosomes used to develop antibiotics,” a phenomenal contribution.

The joy and pride equally belong to the United States and the recipients’ country of origin.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

2016 Olympic Games

October 4, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

Heartfelt Congratulations! To the world famous Mardi Gras city, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil for the spectacular victory in their bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games.

Although, all contestants’ promotional bidding was exceptional, the Brazilian presentation was compelling and befitting the outcome. The IOC decision was fair and appropriate considering the other bidders had hosted the international event before and in the case of the United States on numerous occasions within the Olympics diversifications, i.e. Summer, Winter and Para Olympics in several venues, making the USA a prominent host of the most Olympics.

It’s a phenomenal feat for the South American nation, a rising economy and an international champion in the world-renowned sport, ‘football.’ Brazil also honored to host the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and now the Summer Olympics in 2016, an extraordinary achievement for the rising star.

Brazil’s well deserving stardom would enormously boost the image of the Americas due for a refreshing change and recognition in the global events. The opportunity to host the Summer Olympics would enhance the South American nation to play a lead role in the geopolitics and economic affairs. By selecting the carnival city Rio De Janeiro to host the 2016 Olympics, the IOC has facilitated tourism and travel by the participants/visitors and other economic prospects for the struggling economies in the Americas, barely surviving the global economic crisis.

Sports and entertainments are the best avenues for global peace and harmony. Olympics and other international sports are important for better understanding and appreciation of other cultures and talents exhibited in these events. In the world dealing with persistent violence and political turmoil, the antidote for the human pain is the soothing message of solidarity through competitive activities.

Sports in general nurtures nationalism and more so in the international arena. As long as it is restricted to the spirit of competition and not outreaching political vendetta like demonstrated on various accounts, sports constitutes an integral part of the social spectrum.

The athletes representing each nation have an individual responsibility to be the ideal ambassador for their country in their demeanor… as their actions often perceived to be representative of the entire population.

There have been genuine concerns among certain members of the society against hosting international sports such as Olympics, indicating the negative impact on the city population often forced to relocate to a remote area in order to accommodate the extravagant sports facilities.

Further, they claim that in most instances, the action involved severe police brutality and city council authorities’ lack of consideration to the residents of these metropolitan cities.

Apparently, the massive cleanup operation and decoration hastily carried out in preparation for the gala ceremony and the people plight frequently ignored in terms of noise pollution, traffic congestion not excluding the zonal inflation arising from the visitor influx to the city.

Another factor pertains to the use of the facilities after the event is over. Like witnessed in most Olympic venues, the host city burdened with debts and redundancy of these structures constructed for a specific purpose and time. Brazil will have a daunting task in this respect, as Rio De Janeiro has a vast economically vulnerable population, a common characteristic of any developing nation.

Therefore, it’s important for the local, the federal government and the private organizations to respect the rights and interests of these citizens during the macro planning for the event.

It’s essential for the host nations’ governments and the organizing committees to devise a strategy beyond the economic standpoint, i.e. the people prioritized over profit. Perhaps, Brazil could be the paradigm for future host nations in this crucial yet contentious issue as it is more likely that other developing nations might pursue the hosting of the popular event in the near future.

Good Luck and Best Wishes! to the Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and the people of the Federal Republic of Brazil in their march towards greater progress and prosperity for them and the Americas.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

SOS – Save the Arctic

September 30, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

Mother Nature has never been more vulnerable than now with the human power in industries and government targeting every available land on planet earth for profits. With the active space exploration for possible inhabitation on Mars and the Moon, earth’s natural resources depleted to the ultimate under the guise of ‘Clean Energy Act,’ by the yet another indomitable force in the corporate world, the ‘Energy Cartel.’

Should they trail behind in the Herculean contest of crushing democracy and the people it represents?

‘Profit’ revered more than the “Prophet” spares none in its sinister cannibalism revealed in the legislative matters concerning health, housing, finance, wars and even the planet they exist. It is no longer the Darwinian ‘survival of the fittest’ with a subtle hope for efforts to survive if not thrive in the sharks-infested waters.

The profit dominant twenty first century is simple as it cut to the chase i.e.

“All for me and none for you.” Where “I live and you die.”

The gargantuan forces ‘supposedly’ caring for the source – the people and the environment savagely attack through massive pollution, dumping industrial wastes particularly in the impoverished regions of the world as life don’t matter over there to them, further empowered by the slogan driven action –

‘Drill baby drill, Drill now and everywhere’ until the mass disappear into the black hole.

The Bush-Cheney doctrine on matters related to life universally known. Among them, the icing on the cake was the free pass to the free market for a free fall and freedom to erode the earth’s surface through drilling in the Arctic, the Pacific…and beyond the horizon.

Such policy allowing the energy industry to drill in the Arctic endangering life eventually debilitating the food pyramid is due for urgent reversal to protect and save the provider, the environment from drilling or any other destructive mechanisms.

The continuation of the former administration’s policy in light of earth shattering ramifications detailed by the concerned scientists and the discerning ecologists deserve immediate action for life sustenance.

According to the experts, the drilling in the Arctic poses not only grave danger for marine life but also potentially disastrous to the ecosystem’s DNA.
The Experts Opinion:

“Ruining pristine wild lands and oceans – places like Teshekpuk Lake, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas – is not a path toward a clean energy future.

In fact, it’s a major step in the wrong direction.

Climate change is already making survival harder for arctic creatures.

Oil and gas exploration would bring even more devastating impacts: seismic booms, air and water pollution, and roads, airports, gravel mines and pipelines across a vast and pristine wilderness.

Perhaps worst of all, drilling brings with it oil spills for which – in the Arctic’s icy conditions – no clean-up technology exists. In the Chukchi Sea alone, government scientists predict that once the drills start, there would be a 40 percent chance of a large oil spill.

Once it’s destroyed, it’s gone forever. If we don’t act now, the impact to habitats that we are only beginning to understand and to hundreds of species of Arctic wildlife – caribou, grizzly and polar bears, migrating birds, whales, and many more – could be catastrophic!”

Call for Synergy – By Padmini Arhant

The grievances cannot be more poignant if the industry granted immunity by the White House and Congress today with the extension of the Bush-policy on offshore drilling.

Moreover, as highlighted to the international community on the environmental issue during the G-20 summit in Pittsburg, the United States image as the world leader in the green revolution ahead of the scheduled Copenhagen conference is in jeopardy with the prolonging of the devastating offshore drilling in the Arctic and elsewhere, notwithstanding the hypocritical stance in the worldview.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt phenomenal dedication towards the comprehensive protection of the national environment was the crowning glory among his many other symbolic achievements.

Every President and leaders of the nations have an opportunity to do wonders or otherwise with the power entrusted upon them in a democracy. What’s important to realize is the leadership’s willingness and courage put to test for a reason and that is for them to define their character by rising to the occasion in their national and humanitarian tasks that expands to the future.

Environmental rescue is not exclusive to social dynamics of race and culture or limited to political opinions. The voluntary planet degradation is cataclysmic to humanity as calamity in one part of the world contagiously spreads to the personal domain of every living being on earth.

Transforming desire into action is a challenge. Nevertheless, if policies detrimental to life existence in the health and environmental matter not terminated, it’s just a matter of time for the carcinogens to be deadly.

Saving the Arctic is paramount for the present and future evolution besides being a moral responsibility towards Mother Nature, the only source of life.

Thank you

Padmini Arhant

The Media Hypocrisy

September 22, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

The Sly Fox

Old fables have many animal characters to teach moral lessons to the human species presumed ‘intellectually superior’ than others in the animal kingdom. One of the reasons for such categorization is the apparent ‘discriminative power’ of humans over other living species.

Among many interesting legends, the ‘bushy tail’ Fox has an unparallel reputation to be cunning and conniving in conduct blended with aggression against its targets. The distinctive characteristics is symbolic of the cowardice and malice towards the ‘King of the Jungle,’ the gracious and the Majestic Lion as well as those sharing the general good values.

The Fox portrayed as never affable to the surroundings and constantly engaged in wicked behavior to be the center of the universe.

In most fairy tales, the Fox approaches the jungle inhabitants as the savior or a problem solver, although incapable of being neither due to the innate abhorrence to accept anyone except oneself. Alas, a fox being a fox is unable to stay long in ‘sheep’s’ clothing, revealed despite the convincing act to mesmerize the spectators.

The favorite prey for the Fox is the tiny chickens tripping on the trail while following the mother hen. When the Fox confronted by the intellect of the Rabbit, the Owl or His Majesty, the Lion it retreats to the ‘Bushes’ as it finds the thickets a safe haven for its own survival suggesting,

Birds of a feather flock together.

How does the Fox fair among the characters in the imaginary world?

Awful. Since its mere existence is to ambush the innocent beings in the environment through vicious plots and despicable means carried out with vengeance, only to be later mortified with the exclusive title – the ‘Sly Fox’ proving the end justifies the means.

To shed light on the human superiority complex from the possession of the ‘so-called’ discriminative power, it is conspicuous in none other than politics and certain media focused on the truth assassination. A popular tactic that exploits the ‘discriminative quality’ in self-defense and protest against the inner voice from within called the ‘conscience.’ They usually aim at the truth and the truth seekers as they perform the hatchet job for the groups hiring them.

Nevertheless, the ‘Truth’ like the man’s moustache and the woman’s pregnancy cannot remain an indefinite secret. Although, some have temporarily prevailed in the burial of the immortal ethical element through abusive power and false propaganda in the communications media, the gory findings on the earth’s surface beckon attention and appropriate action.

A specific news media obsession to slander, character defamation and determination to eliminate people and organizations deserve a fair analysis. The selective scapegoats deceitfully projected as the potential threat to the society and vilifying them beyond reparation in the name of journalism more aptly adapting to the fundamentalism of the worst feared organization and networks in the global security.

As for those following the norm in typecasting to signify unanimity while ignoring objectivity, reflect the lack of caliber in the mass media supposedly the essence of democracy.

Lately, the news network renowned to be the epicenter for clichéd controversies unveiled the scandal involving the long darted community organization ACORN. According to the contrived and calculated video release by the disguised agents unethically presenting them as the bait to the organizations’ ill-experienced staff members in few locations created pandemonium, forcing the lawmakers, otherwise the conscientious legislators deeply concerned about morality and justice to withdraw funding to the organization that has primarily dedicated the lifetime service to humanity.

ACORN is not new to the media witch-hunt as it was initially tied to the alleged fraudulent ‘voter registrations’ during the 2008 Presidential election campaign.

The past week highlight was on another incident related to etiquettes in the public arena. The media buzz attracted to the decoy by the attention seeking rapper artist Kanye West in his immature and unprofessional display on stage undermining the special moment of the country musician and star, Taylor Swift, offered the momentous glory to the artist at the center of the entertainment climax.

Again, those who failed to join the national media frenzy on this unfortunate gimmick spotted and branded as a ‘racist’ and ‘biased’ against country musicians. It didn’t end there.

The callousness by the moral ethicists rose to the occasion –

When the event related to the atrocities against foreign students exclusively reported on the website in the absence of any interest by the sprawling news media and networks, it was concluded as the author’s nationalist view associated with ethnicity. Incidentally the majority victims happened to be Indian Nationals allowing the ‘ethnic’ connotation with the website author, editor and publisher for the desperate critics. Meanwhile forgetting self-hypocrisy in the alienation of the author as an American.

Regardless of the severity of the incident in the nation down under, Australia upheld as the ‘industrialized FIRST WORLD’ order –

Where the people of BROWN and BLACK COLOR in the twenty first century hunted down by the certain hooligan youth population motivated by hate crimes attacking victims traveling by public transport and in the privacy of their homes with petrol bombs and other life threatening arsenals marginalized by the provocative cable network as “BIG DEAL.” Slighting the serious schoolyard bullying and racial harassment in the rebuttal to the Kanye West charade.

When the media hype on issues varies based on commercial ratings, the journalism reaches the lowest ebb.

By the way, the victims have not seen the end of the racial attacks in Australia as it persists until date having permeated to other fields such as medicine. This time reportedly the incident involved a doctor from Mainland China along with the Nigerian Male Nurse invited by the unruly elements mature enough to understand the facts of life but ignorant on humanitarian values, brutally hurt when called on to attend to a fake emergency at a wild house party.

Should the victims’ families dismiss the crime as a ‘NO BIG DEAL’ incident in accordance with the specific cable media professional civic rule?

Somehow, the critics failed to observe that the vigilant website also did not report on the International Bollywood Star Sharukh Khan’s humiliating experience with airport security at the International Airport, Newark, New Jersey during the star’s visit to the United States that was widely covered by the national, international media and the cyberspace.

Does it mean that I do not like Sharukh Khan’s movies or think any less of the internationally acclaimed artist?

Celebrities in politics and the entertainment field have media hovering over them to report on activities pertaining to every moment of their private and public life. However, the unknown average citizen plight is newsworthy dependent on the demography, geography and commercial value.

If the cable network dominant in partisan politics and polarizing views discard the racial atrocity in Australia and the ridicule of the International Super Star, Sharukh Kahn, they are discerning in the coverage omission. The network with subsidiary “Star Plus” raking profits in millions of dollars from the affluent and expanding middle-income Indian population can chose to be discriminatory irrespective of the financial gains from the Indian market.

Nevertheless, it is unacceptable when one of their targets stick with the rare self-imposed ideals to lend a voice to the voiceless. The Indian viewers are surely getting the respect and gratitude for their business by the Parent Company with such hypocrisy.

The irony is, the cable network relentless disparaging remarks against the President of the United States and the endless criticisms to the extent of inciting violence towards individuals standing up against injustice, tyranny and undemocratic principles accepted as a normal media entertainment, while the alternative source such as the website dedicated to humanitarian cause placed on radar for incendiary assaults.

The dangerous intimidation techniques by the network masquerading the past eight years phenomenal humanitarian crimes ominously visible in the list of casualties succumbed to the media instigated action viz.

The tragic shooting of DR. George Tiller repeatedly referred to as ‘DR. Baby Killer’ by the irresponsible news anchor. On May 31, 2009 DR. George Tiller shot dead…WICHITA, Kansas.

Then the resignation by the bright and the articulate Van Jones, the White House appointee for Green Jobs and,

Now the genuine community organization ACORN’s forty years exemplary record in helping the poor and the needy unethically substituted with the isolated inappropriate business practices.

Contrarily, events worse than ACORN scandals were a routine with the private contractors and the major corporations such as Halliburton and KBR hired during the Iraq and Afghanistan war by the previous administration. They are no longer an ethical issue even though the widespread scandals continue to be a national embarrassment until date.

As for the voter registration fraud by ACORN, the media, the networks and the legislators’ amnesia in this respect is prominent when the democratic election in 2000 ended being a proclamation by the highest court on the land demonstrating political favors to the candidate of their choice. Likewise, the 2004 Ohio results manipulated and recalibrated by the then winning party’s political machine owned by DEBOLT, recently acquired by the company’s competitor.

The treatment of ACORN by the venerable network and alliances suggests that what happened then with the stolen elections in the year 2000 and 2004 are a spectacular ingenuity qualifying for the Nobel Prize equivalent in excellence. Simultaneously, the overzealous ACORN volunteers alleged fraudulent voter registration statistics by far negligible in comparison to the undermining of democracy in the previous eight long years, reverberates in the airwaves and talk shows as an epic to remember in the future.

The difference being, ACORN has fired the employees responsible for the scandals and Kanye West apologized three times during his appearance on the late night show hosted by Jay Leno.

Whereas, the nation and the families of the victims of illegal Iraq war, the torture chamber captives held indefinitely with no evidence of crimes and the list continues…are still waiting for an apology and due moral and monetary compensation from the illicit operatives in the past eight years.

Interestingly, the uproar to write off ACORN as a scandalous organization not worthy of taxpayer contribution and Kanye West’ misstep never missed in the monologues or ‘Pinhead’ profiles.

At the same time, the taxpayers bankruptcy from the financial bailouts to AIG and oligarchs preceded by the decorated unscrupulous practices by the Bush administration in the national issues ranging from economic, political to international warfare elegantly forgiven and forgotten for the sake of “One Nation” not under God but ruling demagoguery. This is just a mere sample of the gross injustice in the land of justice.

The above references are a few of the First amendment vehement abuse by the exalted network. Regrettably, the cable network prolific vitriol against other members in the society accepted as the ‘normal entertainment’ confirmed by the network’s hyperbolic ratings in their showdown with the counterparts.

Finally, the website , is pledged towards local and world events never reported or under reported by the profit oriented commercial media and networks. The website resiliently and proudly remains committed to defend the defenseless on the planet.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

International Affairs

September 19, 2009

BY Padmini Arhant

Japan’s General Election

Congratulations! to the DPJ (Democratic Party of Japan) leader, and the recently sworn in Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama of Japan.

The DPJ’s landslide victory in the general election held on August 30, 2009 is an auspicious beginning for the land of the rising sun in breaking the long political tradition held with the LDP, the Liberal Democratic Party due to its failure on both the political stability and economic growth.

Japan‘s economic revival is crucial for the global economy and the new administration’s economic policy to stimulate the national economy is yet to be presented. The new government’s effort to address the social-economic issue in the agriculture and manufacturing is progressive. Nevertheless, Japan being one of the largest Capital economy and having suffered major setbacks in the finance sector shares the common economic woes i.e. the economic contraction and a relatively higher unemployment rate.

Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama’s political strategy to clean up the familiar bureaucratic ties between the government and the private sector largely responsible for the lack of accountability factor experienced in market economies bolstered the opportunity to win the general election.

The new Prime Minister’s vision for Japan is promising and utilizing the substantial political capital is vital for the expected economic recovery besides being relevant in addressing the universal matters viz. energy, environment and peace.

In terms of the persistent threat from the North Korean leadership, the Japanese population concerns against national security are justified. It leads towards the urgency to expand the United Nations Security Council’s permanent membership as suggested earlier from P5 to P11 during the general debate scheduled later this week at the 64th session of the U.N. General Assembly in New York. The measure is prudent to contain the lingering dangers on international security with nuclear proliferation, global terrorism and escalation of wars in the vulnerable regions.

Further, the United Nation Security Council expansion will provide additional leaderships required to confront the global requirements that are not limited to the economy. Such action is a step in the right direction and yields flexibility in resolving multitude international issues presently differed due to the lack of necessary support from within the existing memberships.

On that note, Best Wishes offered to the new Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama for a successful term and even more prosperous Japan.

From: Padmini Arhant

Re-Election of the European Union President

Congratulations! to the President José Manuel Barroso initially representing the Portuguese Republic on the re-election to the EU Commission.

The appointment of José Manuel Barroso as President of the European Commission for the second five-year term signifies the Commission President’s popularity and confidence in the center-right leadership among the EU members.

Hopefully, the drive to center-right agenda apart from the European political integration will also include accountability, trade partnerships with the other EU members and the outside world, notwithstanding the social, peaceful and democratic policies essential for the invitees’ lateral advancement in the united Europe.

Although, the EU President Barroso welcoming other nations to become EU members is honorable, the eastern bloc countries like the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and others in that region deserve equal attention and opportunity in trade relationships, economic ties, political stability and regional security to ensure each and every nation’s significance in the world performance.

President Barroso’s invitation to nations all over Europe to join the European Union is a magnanimous gesture and a symbolic movement to solidify Europe, an important ally to the rest of the world.

Since the formation of the European Union, the EU progress has been substantial in all major fronts from the regional economy, the environment to the cross border security in the least respect. Given the EU potential in different dynamics, its full-fledged participation for global peace and economic prosperity is pertinent to expedite the positive transformation in the impoverished regions of the world.

The European Union together with the United States and other economic powers in Asia and Latin America can consolidate efforts, work towards the common goal of improving the lives of millions living below the poverty line, and assist the vast population deprived of freedom and basic human rights.

Even though, the NATO involvement in Afghanistan in spite of considerable casualties is praiseworthy, the present disproportionate economic and defense burden on the United States to restore law and order, otherwise normalcy in Afghanistan could be equally shared by all EU members not in a combative format, but rather through logistic support and financial aid to the war ravaged Afghanistan.

However, the EU role in the current controversial Afghan election has been tremendous and the findings reflect the fair and non-partisan decision by the panel conforming to the United Nations and other international political watchdog groups’ report on the election outcome.

The latest report on the Europe’s economic recovery is refreshing despite the gloomy global unemployment forecast rising from 8.6% to a possible 10% in the immediate future. In addition, the strengthening of the Euro currency against the U.S. dollar has exacerbated the problems for export-oriented nations like Germany, France and Italy in the large-scale production of consumer goods and other demands. A robust stimulus economic policy addressing the synonymous issues faced by the United States in the financial, housing and manufacturing sectors should resuscitate the ailing components in the economy.

Finally, Europe’s solidarity shared with the remaining global members would ease the economic costs and increase the viability in meeting the enormous challenges for humanity.

I wish the European Union peace and success in all endeavors to benefit mankind.

Thank you.

Padmini “Arhant

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