The Media Hypocrisy

September 22, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

The Sly Fox

Old fables have many animal characters to teach moral lessons to the human species presumed ‘intellectually superior’ than others in the animal kingdom. One of the reasons for such categorization is the apparent ‘discriminative power’ of humans over other living species.

Among many interesting legends, the ‘bushy tail’ Fox has an unparallel reputation to be cunning and conniving in conduct blended with aggression against its targets. The distinctive characteristics is symbolic of the cowardice and malice towards the ‘King of the Jungle,’ the gracious and the Majestic Lion as well as those sharing the general good values.

The Fox portrayed as never affable to the surroundings and constantly engaged in wicked behavior to be the center of the universe.

In most fairy tales, the Fox approaches the jungle inhabitants as the savior or a problem solver, although incapable of being neither due to the innate abhorrence to accept anyone except oneself. Alas, a fox being a fox is unable to stay long in ‘sheep’s’ clothing, revealed despite the convincing act to mesmerize the spectators.

The favorite prey for the Fox is the tiny chickens tripping on the trail while following the mother hen. When the Fox confronted by the intellect of the Rabbit, the Owl or His Majesty, the Lion it retreats to the ‘Bushes’ as it finds the thickets a safe haven for its own survival suggesting,

Birds of a feather flock together.

How does the Fox fair among the characters in the imaginary world?

Awful. Since its mere existence is to ambush the innocent beings in the environment through vicious plots and despicable means carried out with vengeance, only to be later mortified with the exclusive title – the ‘Sly Fox’ proving the end justifies the means.

To shed light on the human superiority complex from the possession of the ‘so-called’ discriminative power, it is conspicuous in none other than politics and certain media focused on the truth assassination. A popular tactic that exploits the ‘discriminative quality’ in self-defense and protest against the inner voice from within called the ‘conscience.’ They usually aim at the truth and the truth seekers as they perform the hatchet job for the groups hiring them.

Nevertheless, the ‘Truth’ like the man’s moustache and the woman’s pregnancy cannot remain an indefinite secret. Although, some have temporarily prevailed in the burial of the immortal ethical element through abusive power and false propaganda in the communications media, the gory findings on the earth’s surface beckon attention and appropriate action.

A specific news media obsession to slander, character defamation and determination to eliminate people and organizations deserve a fair analysis. The selective scapegoats deceitfully projected as the potential threat to the society and vilifying them beyond reparation in the name of journalism more aptly adapting to the fundamentalism of the worst feared organization and networks in the global security.

As for those following the norm in typecasting to signify unanimity while ignoring objectivity, reflect the lack of caliber in the mass media supposedly the essence of democracy.

Lately, the news network renowned to be the epicenter for clichéd controversies unveiled the scandal involving the long darted community organization ACORN. According to the contrived and calculated video release by the disguised agents unethically presenting them as the bait to the organizations’ ill-experienced staff members in few locations created pandemonium, forcing the lawmakers, otherwise the conscientious legislators deeply concerned about morality and justice to withdraw funding to the organization that has primarily dedicated the lifetime service to humanity.

ACORN is not new to the media witch-hunt as it was initially tied to the alleged fraudulent ‘voter registrations’ during the 2008 Presidential election campaign.

The past week highlight was on another incident related to etiquettes in the public arena. The media buzz attracted to the decoy by the attention seeking rapper artist Kanye West in his immature and unprofessional display on stage undermining the special moment of the country musician and star, Taylor Swift, offered the momentous glory to the artist at the center of the entertainment climax.

Again, those who failed to join the national media frenzy on this unfortunate gimmick spotted and branded as a ‘racist’ and ‘biased’ against country musicians. It didn’t end there.

The callousness by the moral ethicists rose to the occasion –

When the event related to the atrocities against foreign students exclusively reported on the website in the absence of any interest by the sprawling news media and networks, it was concluded as the author’s nationalist view associated with ethnicity. Incidentally the majority victims happened to be Indian Nationals allowing the ‘ethnic’ connotation with the website author, editor and publisher for the desperate critics. Meanwhile forgetting self-hypocrisy in the alienation of the author as an American.

Regardless of the severity of the incident in the nation down under, Australia upheld as the ‘industrialized FIRST WORLD’ order –

Where the people of BROWN and BLACK COLOR in the twenty first century hunted down by the certain hooligan youth population motivated by hate crimes attacking victims traveling by public transport and in the privacy of their homes with petrol bombs and other life threatening arsenals marginalized by the provocative cable network as “BIG DEAL.” Slighting the serious schoolyard bullying and racial harassment in the rebuttal to the Kanye West charade.

When the media hype on issues varies based on commercial ratings, the journalism reaches the lowest ebb.

By the way, the victims have not seen the end of the racial attacks in Australia as it persists until date having permeated to other fields such as medicine. This time reportedly the incident involved a doctor from Mainland China along with the Nigerian Male Nurse invited by the unruly elements mature enough to understand the facts of life but ignorant on humanitarian values, brutally hurt when called on to attend to a fake emergency at a wild house party.

Should the victims’ families dismiss the crime as a ‘NO BIG DEAL’ incident in accordance with the specific cable media professional civic rule?

Somehow, the critics failed to observe that the vigilant website also did not report on the International Bollywood Star Sharukh Khan’s humiliating experience with airport security at the International Airport, Newark, New Jersey during the star’s visit to the United States that was widely covered by the national, international media and the cyberspace.

Does it mean that I do not like Sharukh Khan’s movies or think any less of the internationally acclaimed artist?

Celebrities in politics and the entertainment field have media hovering over them to report on activities pertaining to every moment of their private and public life. However, the unknown average citizen plight is newsworthy dependent on the demography, geography and commercial value.

If the cable network dominant in partisan politics and polarizing views discard the racial atrocity in Australia and the ridicule of the International Super Star, Sharukh Kahn, they are discerning in the coverage omission. The network with subsidiary “Star Plus” raking profits in millions of dollars from the affluent and expanding middle-income Indian population can chose to be discriminatory irrespective of the financial gains from the Indian market.

Nevertheless, it is unacceptable when one of their targets stick with the rare self-imposed ideals to lend a voice to the voiceless. The Indian viewers are surely getting the respect and gratitude for their business by the Parent Company with such hypocrisy.

The irony is, the cable network relentless disparaging remarks against the President of the United States and the endless criticisms to the extent of inciting violence towards individuals standing up against injustice, tyranny and undemocratic principles accepted as a normal media entertainment, while the alternative source such as the website dedicated to humanitarian cause placed on radar for incendiary assaults.

The dangerous intimidation techniques by the network masquerading the past eight years phenomenal humanitarian crimes ominously visible in the list of casualties succumbed to the media instigated action viz.

The tragic shooting of DR. George Tiller repeatedly referred to as ‘DR. Baby Killer’ by the irresponsible news anchor. On May 31, 2009 DR. George Tiller shot dead…WICHITA, Kansas.

Then the resignation by the bright and the articulate Van Jones, the White House appointee for Green Jobs and,

Now the genuine community organization ACORN’s forty years exemplary record in helping the poor and the needy unethically substituted with the isolated inappropriate business practices.

Contrarily, events worse than ACORN scandals were a routine with the private contractors and the major corporations such as Halliburton and KBR hired during the Iraq and Afghanistan war by the previous administration. They are no longer an ethical issue even though the widespread scandals continue to be a national embarrassment until date.

As for the voter registration fraud by ACORN, the media, the networks and the legislators’ amnesia in this respect is prominent when the democratic election in 2000 ended being a proclamation by the highest court on the land demonstrating political favors to the candidate of their choice. Likewise, the 2004 Ohio results manipulated and recalibrated by the then winning party’s political machine owned by DEBOLT, recently acquired by the company’s competitor.

The treatment of ACORN by the venerable network and alliances suggests that what happened then with the stolen elections in the year 2000 and 2004 are a spectacular ingenuity qualifying for the Nobel Prize equivalent in excellence. Simultaneously, the overzealous ACORN volunteers alleged fraudulent voter registration statistics by far negligible in comparison to the undermining of democracy in the previous eight long years, reverberates in the airwaves and talk shows as an epic to remember in the future.

The difference being, ACORN has fired the employees responsible for the scandals and Kanye West apologized three times during his appearance on the late night show hosted by Jay Leno.

Whereas, the nation and the families of the victims of illegal Iraq war, the torture chamber captives held indefinitely with no evidence of crimes and the list continues…are still waiting for an apology and due moral and monetary compensation from the illicit operatives in the past eight years.

Interestingly, the uproar to write off ACORN as a scandalous organization not worthy of taxpayer contribution and Kanye West’ misstep never missed in the monologues or ‘Pinhead’ profiles.

At the same time, the taxpayers bankruptcy from the financial bailouts to AIG and oligarchs preceded by the decorated unscrupulous practices by the Bush administration in the national issues ranging from economic, political to international warfare elegantly forgiven and forgotten for the sake of “One Nation” not under God but ruling demagoguery. This is just a mere sample of the gross injustice in the land of justice.

The above references are a few of the First amendment vehement abuse by the exalted network. Regrettably, the cable network prolific vitriol against other members in the society accepted as the ‘normal entertainment’ confirmed by the network’s hyperbolic ratings in their showdown with the counterparts.

Finally, the website , is pledged towards local and world events never reported or under reported by the profit oriented commercial media and networks. The website resiliently and proudly remains committed to defend the defenseless on the planet.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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