SOS – Save the Arctic

September 30, 2009

By Padmini Arhant

Mother Nature has never been more vulnerable than now with the human power in industries and government targeting every available land on planet earth for profits. With the active space exploration for possible inhabitation on Mars and the Moon, earth’s natural resources depleted to the ultimate under the guise of ‘Clean Energy Act,’ by the yet another indomitable force in the corporate world, the ‘Energy Cartel.’

Should they trail behind in the Herculean contest of crushing democracy and the people it represents?

‘Profit’ revered more than the “Prophet” spares none in its sinister cannibalism revealed in the legislative matters concerning health, housing, finance, wars and even the planet they exist. It is no longer the Darwinian ‘survival of the fittest’ with a subtle hope for efforts to survive if not thrive in the sharks-infested waters.

The profit dominant twenty first century is simple as it cut to the chase i.e.

“All for me and none for you.” Where “I live and you die.”

The gargantuan forces ‘supposedly’ caring for the source – the people and the environment savagely attack through massive pollution, dumping industrial wastes particularly in the impoverished regions of the world as life don’t matter over there to them, further empowered by the slogan driven action –

‘Drill baby drill, Drill now and everywhere’ until the mass disappear into the black hole.

The Bush-Cheney doctrine on matters related to life universally known. Among them, the icing on the cake was the free pass to the free market for a free fall and freedom to erode the earth’s surface through drilling in the Arctic, the Pacific…and beyond the horizon.

Such policy allowing the energy industry to drill in the Arctic endangering life eventually debilitating the food pyramid is due for urgent reversal to protect and save the provider, the environment from drilling or any other destructive mechanisms.

The continuation of the former administration’s policy in light of earth shattering ramifications detailed by the concerned scientists and the discerning ecologists deserve immediate action for life sustenance.

According to the experts, the drilling in the Arctic poses not only grave danger for marine life but also potentially disastrous to the ecosystem’s DNA.
The Experts Opinion:

“Ruining pristine wild lands and oceans – places like Teshekpuk Lake, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas – is not a path toward a clean energy future.

In fact, it’s a major step in the wrong direction.

Climate change is already making survival harder for arctic creatures.

Oil and gas exploration would bring even more devastating impacts: seismic booms, air and water pollution, and roads, airports, gravel mines and pipelines across a vast and pristine wilderness.

Perhaps worst of all, drilling brings with it oil spills for which – in the Arctic’s icy conditions – no clean-up technology exists. In the Chukchi Sea alone, government scientists predict that once the drills start, there would be a 40 percent chance of a large oil spill.

Once it’s destroyed, it’s gone forever. If we don’t act now, the impact to habitats that we are only beginning to understand and to hundreds of species of Arctic wildlife – caribou, grizzly and polar bears, migrating birds, whales, and many more – could be catastrophic!”

Call for Synergy – By Padmini Arhant

The grievances cannot be more poignant if the industry granted immunity by the White House and Congress today with the extension of the Bush-policy on offshore drilling.

Moreover, as highlighted to the international community on the environmental issue during the G-20 summit in Pittsburg, the United States image as the world leader in the green revolution ahead of the scheduled Copenhagen conference is in jeopardy with the prolonging of the devastating offshore drilling in the Arctic and elsewhere, notwithstanding the hypocritical stance in the worldview.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt phenomenal dedication towards the comprehensive protection of the national environment was the crowning glory among his many other symbolic achievements.

Every President and leaders of the nations have an opportunity to do wonders or otherwise with the power entrusted upon them in a democracy. What’s important to realize is the leadership’s willingness and courage put to test for a reason and that is for them to define their character by rising to the occasion in their national and humanitarian tasks that expands to the future.

Environmental rescue is not exclusive to social dynamics of race and culture or limited to political opinions. The voluntary planet degradation is cataclysmic to humanity as calamity in one part of the world contagiously spreads to the personal domain of every living being on earth.

Transforming desire into action is a challenge. Nevertheless, if policies detrimental to life existence in the health and environmental matter not terminated, it’s just a matter of time for the carcinogens to be deadly.

Saving the Arctic is paramount for the present and future evolution besides being a moral responsibility towards Mother Nature, the only source of life.

Thank you

Padmini Arhant


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