Massachusetts Senate Race Results

January 21, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Congratulations! To the Senator-elect Scott Brown for the victory in the Massachusetts special elections held on January 19, 2010.

Much credit was attributed to the Senator-elect Scott Brown’s political campaign, even though his campaign vigorously attacked the White House and the Democratic Congress policies.

Evidently, the political campaigns are effective with criticisms against the opponent rather than constructive ideas to ease the burden on the people, as noted throughout the republican victories in the past and the recent gubernatorial elections in New Jersey, Virginia and the Senate race in Massachusetts.

Somehow, the Republican strategy aimed at vilifying the opponent’s policies without any solutions to the average citizens’ problems, an illusive tactic continue to prevail in every election.

The Senator-elect Scott Brown vowed the following actions upon being elected to the U.S. Senate:

Voting against the trillion dollar health care reform – When in fact, the inaction in this respect is costing the nation exponentially and expected to exceed more than trillion dollars over the decade with an estimated 45,000 Americans dying every year.

Again, the Senator’s position maintained despite the current health care spending established to be affecting the national GDP, thereby contributing to the rising deficit, the anchored issue for the Republican Party.

Nay on the Climate Bill – It confirms the ideology that subverts the grim reality from the environmental degradation politicized for profit.

Not surprisingly, voting ‘Yes’ on the on-going warfare, that is draining the national economy juxtaposed to the contentious health care reform with the Senator-elect preference for investment in weaponry against saving lives.

These are just the beginning of the many obstacles in store with the continuing Republican partisanship in the Senate and the House that derails progress and deprives the nation of any prosperity.

Senator-elect Scott Brown appropriately stated during the election debate that the candidates were vying for the public seat previously held by the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy for over four decades.

Per such declaration, it’s incumbent on the Senator-elect to act in the best interest of the people who have now entrusted him with the power to elevate their economic status rather than the party that is primarily responsible for the monumental national and international crises.

Politics prompts candidates to promise many things on campaign trail. Again, the challenge lies in honoring those commitments that often leads to voter frustration granting victory by default to the opponent exploiting the voter dissatisfaction.

Time usually confirm the credibility of the campaign pledges made during elections with the verdict delivered accordingly in the future election and experienced repeatedly.

I sincerely hope that the newly elected Senator will pursue pragmatism over ideology in the legislative matter and resist partisanship on all issues concerning the electorate both in Massachusetts and across the nation.

I also extend my best wishes to the Senator-elect Scott Brown in performing the legislative duties in the United States Senate.

With the democratic candidate Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, I share the disappointment and accept the unfortunate outcome as the trial and tribulation in politics.

I wish the Attorney General Martha Coakley success in her endeavors.

The message for the democrats in power and the supporters lamenting the consecutive defeats is to rise to the occasion and accomplish the targeted goals defined during the 2008 Presidential election.

Thus far, the Republican winnings have been characterized as the ‘wake up’ call for the democrats. Initially it could be a ‘wake up’ call but sequentially it is a political mandate to recognize and implement the necessary actions or deal with the consequences.

As detailed earlier in the articles on the main issues:

Jobs, Housing, Health Care, and Energy Independence via green technology – It’s important to address these major aspects of American life.

Reducing unemployment by protecting and creating jobs in all sectors along with reviving the housing market is the immediate priority for which the present government was elected in the year 2008.

Similarly Health care and Green technology is a necessity and not a privilege.

Failure to pass the required reforms and legislations would be a further disaster for the party and the nation.

The various legislations such as health care, financial reform and climate bill…cannot be delayed for it would foment the public outrage already at its peak in the absence of

‘Hope and Change,’ promised but yet to be realized.

Another poignant element being the democratic Congress and administration adopting a ‘centrist,’ position for political expediency. It’s a major impediment in legislative matter and justifiably perceived by the democratic base as a betrayal and a deviation from the core democratic values.

Hence, the decisive ‘Progressives,’ are ideally suitable in fulfilling the commitments to the electorate and the party.

Moreover, slighting the Progressive majority across the nation will be a political suicide for the party and the ruling administration.

The former President George W. Bush was inappropriately called a ‘lame duck.’

Actually, the former President achieved the administration’s agenda with the ultimatum –

Either you’re with us or with the terrorists on warfare and,

In domestic policies, President George W. Bush was never inhibited to use the veto power and the Republican majority then turned minority, passed most legislations through reconciliation process ignoring the opposition party.

If it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander.

Nothing can crumble our resolve and we shall overcome not someday but beginning today.

The work has just begun and we will not rest until we are done regardless of the party ratio in the Senate and the House.

Rescue America from the filibuster rule and partisan politics to compete with China accelerating in economic growth at an enviable 10.7 percent in the fourth quarter.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


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