United States – Domestic Issues Review 2015

June 5, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

United States is preparing for 2016 Presidential race.  The election season is accompanied with media frenzy.  The candidates initially exchange barbs within their own party and then turn against members of the other political party.

The election is a catharsis to legitimize illegitimate incognito power.  The United States Supreme court decision in the Citizens united vs. Federal Election Commission landmark trial favoring corporations to bid on candidacies with unlimited funding is a major setback for democracy.

Congressional intervention reversing the verdict in constitutional adherence and amendment to prevent future modification could protect electoral sanctity.

The representatives elected to Congress and the White House follow special interests instructions and diligently obey orders neglecting people with economic woes and various constraints that require congressional remedy via legislation.

United States congress and white house time and efforts are devoted to hegemony ambitions like U.S. invasion of foreign land and interference undermining sovereign statehood of that nation.

The latest strategy is sponsoring terrorism and using al Qaeda offshoots viz. al Nusra, ISIS, ISIL and Boko Haram…al shabaab – as pretext to preempt and prolong conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and throughout Africa.

The election is means for external forces to rule United States through proxy governance in the White House and Congress.  The Congressional bipartisanship on warfare and foreign policy combined with White House approval is pledging allegiance to hegemony.

United States and world politics is under siege with secret society exerting authority to suppress political rights and freedom.  The political system is not constitution based and citizens’ rights such as peaceful assembly, discourse and debates are intercepted with violent tactics witnessed against Occupy Wall Street and reaction to protests during NATO summit in the country.

The introduction of National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in 2010 targeting United States citizens in and outside the country by government together with surveillance on people and continuous attempts to deny public access to information highway through SOPA, ACTA and other intrusive measures are in direct violation of constitutional and natural right. 

To make matters worse, the false flag events having successfully launched on September 11, 2001 are yet another way to induce fear and violence.  The warfare and foreign policy architects drain United States resources for hegemonic goals aimed at global supremacy.

United States civilians and military are used for hegemony aspirations leaving generational indebtedness among ordinary people and militarily imposing premature deaths on young men and women by sending them to war zone in Afghanistan and military bases in Africa as well as worldwide.

The domestic issues beginning with Obama care has been lucrative for health insurance industry due to mandatory subscriptions while the subscribers struggle to receive appropriate health care despite high premiums and copayments plus deductibles in the plan.

The seniors’ eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid to lower income group are contested with Congressional disagreement on this issue.   Similarly unemployment benefits and food stamps to citizens unable to find employment in the sluggish economy are also at Congressional mercy. 

Congressional gridlock is common on citizens related legislations sometimes ending in government shutdown although maintaining salary payments to Congress during this period.  The fiscal conservatives behind such activity do not have problems with losses to taxpayers in billions of dollars and continue with stalemate for unjustifiable reasons contributing to national debt.

The economy is far from recovery as many still remain jobless or underemployed and the statistics are greater among African Americans in the absence of corporate investments and government initiatives to boost economic growth in inner cities and states affected in the recession.

In the housing industry, the subprime mortgage crisis effects persists from foreclosures and home owners losing homes as a result with dire financial situation and damages to credit history impact economy at the retail level.

Inadequate educational funding starting at preschool to K-12 education pose challenges with dependency on humanitarian groups and charities to raise money for this purpose.

Moving forward, the families are barely able to afford college tuition.  Students from lower income groups face many hardships to earn University qualifications with no job guarantee upon graduation.

The government grants to students from poor economic backgrounds made easily available would perhaps alleviate students’ plight and motivate them to pursue higher education.

In terms of crime, the police brutality towards African American youths and frequent fatalities in police custody confirm the lack of concern to growing abuse of power in the law enforcement agency.

United States human rights record is irreparable  predominantly with resistance to shut down Guantanamo Bay prison and overseas prison camps in Afghanistan, Thailand and Eastern Europe.  Likewise renditions and torture of prisoners denying them habeas corpus is a routine affair.

In the domestic front, the prison industrial complex preying on vulnerable segments has no desire to part with profitability at the victims’ expense.

Environmentally, the climate talks never come to fruition as major polluters do not agree with binding treaty.  The commitment to provide technology and rescue operational knowhow to developing countries especially the island nations also missing in action allowing massive casualties from natural disasters.

Last but not the least, the shadow power influence and ownership on communication and mass media including press and internet outlets not barring entertainment and educational institutions is primarily used for mind control with propaganda, distortion and subversion of facts to deter independent thoughts and alternative views on national and global issues.

In a nutshell, the widening gap between the haves and have-nots exacerbated with taxation policy that exempts the wealthiest and multinational corporations from fair share of taxes along with assets stashed away in tax havens and overseas bank accounts shifting the burden on mainstream population.  The exponential national deficit is superficial and could be contained with tax reform and offshore holdings retrieval.

The electoral process prohibiting campaign donations from diverse sources and preserving credibility through transparent public financing is the preliminary step towards restoring democracy.  Until then participating in election is complicity to fraudulent occasion.

Citizens’ awareness and awakening with action is vital in rejecting unscrupulous enterprise responsible for human misery.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant













Switzerland – Swiss Bank Accounts And Black Money

May 29, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Switzerland – The self-declared neutral country after all may not be neutral on issues concerning humanity – the financial holdings in Swiss bank accounts in particular.

The Swiss economy capitalized with monetary assets held in Swiss financial institutions – UBS, Credit Suisse…and other banks in Switzerland from foreign account holders – the rich, famous and the powerful across the globe.

The accounts facilitating safe haven on tax evasions, black money, kickbacks from deals in political, economic, entertainment, sports as well as religious domains is a major setback for global economy with severe impact on developing nations due to revenue depletion.

Switzerland’s recent disclosure releasing names of account holders from selective nations such as India appreciated by Indian political members as Swiss authorities initiative in the crackdown on offshore hoardings.

Although the step is a positive measure, the names ought to be included in addition to what was provided in the disclosed member list somehow not appearing by omission is perhaps the challenge for Switzerland.

Switzerland information in this regard is inadequate and does not fulfill the requirement on cooperation expected in collective efforts on black money recovery or tax income to respective nations worldwide.

The financial institutions in Switzerland, Singapore and many island destinations tax shelters are the gateway for the rich in mobilizing wealth from illegal dealings and tax fraud.

The protection guaranteed to account holders in Swiss bank accounts is complicity in fraudulence and fostering illegal transactions contributes to money laundering and criminal activities considering not all funds are necessarily originating from legitimate sources and means prior to reaching overseas accounts.

As a result the nations financial sector involvement as fiduciary is in violation of international compliance for not declining funds transfer affecting sovereign nations economic progress.

Switzerland has unique opportunity to reverse the trend and come forward with details on all members rather than random choices and exemplify commitment in the exposure without exception.

At the same time, Indian incumbent administration claim on setting up the Special Investigation Team to pursue black money with a bill pending passage to combat black money abroad prescribing stiff penalties is self-contradictory having received black money in campaign donations during national election in 2014 and subsequent state elections flushed with similar sources revealed in the yoga guru and the political party representative inadvertent admission.

The Special Investigation Team appear to have been instructed to spare specific personalities in the Indian political and affluent circle while the focus remains on token offenders to convince the public.

The G-20 summit in November 2014 agreement to curb tax evasion with exchange of information between countries evidently not translated into action with Switzerland withholding prominent members data.

The people are the victims in this tradition to deceive nations from fair share of taxes and black money accumulation as they are burdened with superficial national debt lasting over generations in the developed and developing nations of the world.

Any laws are meaningful only upon application to all reflecting seriousness and fairness important to demonstrate equality and justice.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


World – Political And Electoral Reform 2015

May 27, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The incognito power installs proxy governments to implement policies favorable to privileged class in global society.

New World Order with one world government emerged as United Nations Organization comprising unipolar system – UNSC with P5 + 1 exclusive club in possession of veto power.

UNSC target nations deemed adversaries for the members and their allies waging economic warfare via trade sanctions depriving people in Cuba and North Korea with basic food supplies and survival means until now.   The military invasion through conventional ground troops and air raids is another option. 

The recent activities in Yemen, Syria and Iraq, the drone attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa and Latin America assert supremacy.

The latest strategy is sponsoring terrorism in Libya, Syria, Iraq and North, East, West and Central Africa.

Elsewhere false flag events staged to smear nations and oust governments perceived as obstruction to hegemony ambition such as in Ukraine and Thailand. The constant unrest created in Venezuela and neighboring states in South and Central America cannot be ignored.

The other New World Order prototype is European Union with euro currency in the euro zone. The results are evident in member states like Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Portugal…and Ireland.

New World Order directs loyalists in the so-called democracies and non-democratic states across the globe.

The subversion of democracy witnessed in elections held to legitimize illegitimate authority.

The elections claimed democratic is infiltrated with special interests funding. Then there are domestic and foreign bidders in political campaigns gaining priority on legislations and corporate influence on political body hailed economic milestones in the convoluted version.

Not to mention hegemony controlled social media, press and entertainment deployed in mind manipulation exemplifying distortion gone awry. The educational institutions are also used for this purpose.

New World Order (NWO) rule and aspirations are unsustainable considering the disastrous experience thus far.

The clean up actions are paramount to restore sanity, sensibility and responsibility facilitating new beginning.

The citizens’ plight as labor force, consumers, taxpayers and electorate could be alleviated in initiating fundamental change in politics with necessary applications in other domains.

Current political structure is premised on extraordinary power, hierarchy with agencies and bureaucracy as expansive government. There are archaic designations in certain so-called democracies maintained to prolong imperial era. The political representation designed to achieve hegemonic goals and preserve corruption culture.

In pseudo democracy projected as functioning republic viz. India and alike – hegemony choices are rewarded with not one but two key posts like defense and finance ministry despite losing election i.e. constituents rejected candidate in national election are appointed to important positions against people’s will.

The taxpayer money is wasted in political extravagance promoting self-image and profiteering from statewide canteens (cafeteria) driving restaurateurs out of business, the other extremes are building and unveiling personal statues not excluding auctions to trumpet political figures and upper echelons price tag.

While significant population nationwide is forced into abject poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy and unemployment, the political fanfare at states and national level squandering citizens tax contributions is a routine affair.

Accordingly following recommendations are made to prevent abuse of power.

  1. Downsizing government along with extended affiliations to contain excess operational expenditure.
  1. The lavish accommodations, perks, benefits, vacations at taxpayers expense to public officials from top to bottom eliminated as austerity measure.
  1. Fiscal discipline on government limiting personnel or entourage accompanying political members within and outside the country. All costs to be accounted and audited by independent body and made available as public record.
  1. The enormous income derived in cash and kind as bribes on government contracts and favors due to powerful positions is not possible upon stripping discretionary rights in the decision-making process.
  1. Briefly, political evolution is required with emphasis on public service representing the people and not elements or agenda threatening sovereign status.

At present, the three branches of government – the executive, legislative and judiciary are reserved for the affluent and bourgeois in society with incentives ranging from luxury to immunity on crimes not barring treason.

Notwithstanding the eligibility criteria – complicity to foreign run enterprise.

Hence, there is no desire to perform national duty and fulfill constitutional oath to serve constituency and country.

Removing opulence and entitlements from political career would then make selfless motives the reason for joining politics and appealing to genuinely committed citizens to come forward in serving community, nation and humanity at large.

In the absence of political and electoral reform, the electoral mandate obtained by deception would continue to be misused with no end in sight in human suffering.

Darkness is dispelled with light and rising to the occasion would demonstrate the populace might.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




United States – Educational Project, Pre-School at Lodge Grass, Montana

May 23, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

St. Labre Indian School cares for Native American Children of the Northern Cheyenne and Crow Reservations.

The children in the small town Lodge Grass, Montana have dreams and hopes in the environment surrounded by struggles and despair. The kids growing up in this neglected and less known place do not wish to remain in continuous poverty exacerbated with lack of development and opportunity.

Due to poor economic conditions in Lodge Grass, the families barely make ends meet and children are forced to accept the deteriorating situation as the fact of life.

The importance of education is better realized with strong foundation in early learning beginning at pre-school. Unfortunately for the children in Lodge Grass attending pre-school is not ordinary.

Since there is no pre-school in this desolate town, the kids at age four and five are deprived of basic knowledge and cognitive skills that are critical for brain functionality and coordination.

Children lagging behind in fundamentals like failing to recognize colors, numbers and letters including their names find further education challenging and many fall victims to crime and that affects the community at large.

However, the tragedy could be transformed into possibility with caring and generous support enabling a bright future for these children.

As such the Native American youth educational funding is limited leading to marginalization in society. The federal and state provisions to educate all citizens starting with pre-school regardless of socio-economic background would be the cornerstones for national progress.

In Lodge Grass, Montana, the pre-school would be a dream come true for children and parents seeking positive changes leaving behind misery lasting generations until now.

The project requirement for a new pre-school besides school building and site comprise desks, books, school supplies, playground equipment and other essentials to run the center. The additional investments would be hiring qualified teachers with teachers’ aide to guarantee success.

The initial target could be met with individual affordability.

This could happen with kind and compassionate members’ donations across the spectrum in helping to build a productive and respectful community.

Please come forward with your contributions for a worthy cause and provide the children in Lodge Grass, Montana meaningful and joyous existence.

You may please visit www.stlabre.org/newpreschool for your tax-deductible participation online.

You may also call toll free # 1-866-753-5496.

The new preschool in Lodge Grass, Montana would be a gift for the Indian (Native American) children and serve as the bedrock in personal and collective achievements.

Good Luck! To St. Labre on the new preschool opening and other endeavors benefiting Native Americans in Montana and elsewhere.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant







Election – Legitimizing Illegitimate Incognito Rule As Electoral Mandate

May 19, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The reason behind global mayhem is the incognito establishment governing politics, economy, religion, communication media, educational institutions, entertainment and environment.

The imposition of feudal system with vassal statehood through proxy governments pledging allegiance to hegemony is prevalent retaining concentration of power among selective group directing loyalists and servile contingency in the operation.

In this configuration, the people or the electorate are used to legitimize illegitimate power via election. The ordinary citizens taxes paid in sales, income and property levies are then expended in warfare for territorial expansions and illegal invasion as well as occupation of foreign land to freely access economic resources and exploitation of human capital. These activities are conducted entirely to benefit the self-proclaimed privileged class as secret society.

The hegemony ideology is dominance by any means and denial of basic rights exerting control over world population. The taxpayer-funded governments are channeled into promoting and achieving hegemonic goals favoring the military industrial complex, capitalist socialism strengthening mercantile influence in legislations and royalty including political dynasties thriving on the so-called commoners’ charity.

With the wealthiest exempt from tax and granted immunity on crimes, the ordinary people bear the burden in society.

The two critical ammunitions for the ruling class are election and taxes from the vast majority representing the 99% in the nation.

Furthermore, the electoral process is a catharsis for public satisfaction and the government upon being elected submits to foreign run enterprise. The laws and legislations are then passed to meet campaign donors demands leaving the electorate at shadow power mercy.

The legislators as lawmakers then onwards remain committed to internal and external investors in respective political candidacy or party. They are more engaged in fund raising for the next term rather than addressing issues confronting the constituents and voters at large.

While petitions are filed to draw legislators’ attention on matter concerning the people, country and the environment, the course may not be pursued and necessary upon the elected representatives fulfilling the constitutional oath to serve the constituency and the nation without a reminder or request to perform the legislative task as the elected officials prime responsibility.

Elections are not free and fair in any format enabling the unscrupulous and dysfunctional governance to maintain business as usual.

Voting irregularities and diverse interventions with unlimited funds notwithstanding black money and counterfeit notes viz. In India and alike in circulation and distribution during election exceeding billions could not possibly be democratic and yet the event characterized as propriety.

The term public servant is considered derogatory and instead the public expected to revere the political class as the authority when people are the employer essentially paying for civil service.

Given the austerity era claimed as fiscal discipline targets many programs not even sparing the infants, seniors and citizens with serious health problems or disabilities juxtaposed the government positions consisting hierarchy squanders tax revenue in lavish accommodations, perks, incentives and extensive entourage that accompany the political members within and outside the state.

The election promises mesmerize voters and eventually lead to dismay and disappointment.

As such the political impunity segregates the ruling class and appointees to various key posts allowing them to be above law despite evidence based involvements in scandals costing taxpayers and depriving the nation of due income.

The unsustainable drain on provincial and national treasury in the absence of transparency and accountability contributing to huge economic and social disparity.

Obviously the remedial strategy to contemporary political trend is to reject election in the current conditions and seek electoral reform preventing candidacies for sale besides barring political parties and contestants renowned for notoriety and treason.

Although this step might be a tall order, continuing the present culture is proved detrimental with republic transformed into repression.

Undemocratic election shackle voters to accept undesirable and unethical elements in power regardless of them as puppets to covert operatives destined for supremacy decline.

Fraudulent election produce fake results and usurpation to power via deception and destructive forces support cannot guarantee real progress.

The functional democracy would strive for meaningful and effective measures in institutionalizing political renaissance.

Until then, election is willful sentencing with electorate participation as blessing to prolong status quo.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant











United States – Happy Mother’s Day 2015

May 10, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Happy Mothers’ Day!  The love and kindness of motherhood, fatherhood or parenthood dedicating their lives to raise family deserves appreciation throughout life.

Just like trees perform their functions enabling life on earth, parenthood founded on values, affection, compassion, courage and character could be the cornerstone for generations to benefit all.

Genuine gratitude expressed in sincerity would be meaningful and continuing the tradition to acknowledge the labor and sacrifice of those prioritizing others needs over self-requirements would exemplify real culture and civilization progress.

Happy Mothers Day!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

The Conversation About the Ruling Class – Part 1

May 8, 2015




By Padmini Arhant

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I  present the extemporaneous performance by Padmini Arhant in The Conversation About The Ruling Class.

Enjoy the infotainment.  There will be more segments presented in sequence.

Please click on the above audio link for the feature.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

The Secret Society Dilemma

April 20, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The privileged society relentless efforts to discredit and deny facts presented on this site is a continuous struggle for them.

The members’ disdain for clarity and reality is transparent and the antagonism spills over in different format.

Despite imposters and wannabes futile indulgence in incorrigible performance, the so-called elite society engagement in the losing battle expedite the inevitable conclusion of destructive era represented by them.

Interestingly, the privileged society paraded characters as Avatars and the ultimate Divas parroting and lip-syncing scripted material only brings their duplicity to surface in the absence of credibility and talent to deliver original thoughts and selfless actions for greater good.

The attempts to sabotage preordained divine mission exemplify the beginning of the end of saboteurs’ existence prompting them to squander life in the quest for fame, fortune and power guaranteed to produce malefic results in accordance with deeds defining destiny.

The lack of respect for women and human rights in general signify civilization decline and attributed to those exerting authority and influence through illegitimacy and dominance.

These characteristics not being innate human qualities, such conduct raise questions on the source identity considering the negative traits represent corrupt culture and delusional supremacy status.

The choices are available either to renounce self-detrimental course or reap the consequences in the counterproductive approach.

None are exempt from final judgment upon departure and redemption is not an entitlement given the deliberate and voluntary involvement for personal satisfaction and benefit.

Life is an opportunity for self-purification and liberation from guilt with conscience witness to lifetime accounts necessitating debt settlement known as karma. The artful manipulation and evasion exacerbates experience without exception as a reminder to learn from mistakes rather than violations becoming legacy.

There is much to gain from acknowledgment of wrongdoings and seek forgiveness from victims with reparation costs and alternatively lose everything in defiance to fait accompli.

The secret society is at the crossroads and could no longer prolong the unsustainable dilemma.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Womanhood in the Twenty First Century – 2015

March 4, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Mankind achievements in various fields compromised in the lack of progress in human relations with discriminatory practice cherished among those reining control over global society.

The prevalent prejudice based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender and socio-economic background is the strategy to polarize world for individual and selective groups vested interests.

The gender bias against women in the twenty first century demonstrates civilization decline considering women  progressiveness prior to hegemony era. 

Contemporarily the treatment of women is appalling worldwide and in the western society in particular with false projection on gender equality.

The women hired to disparage womanhood for political reasons and vendetta could not possibly belong to female gender and such engagement signifies serious ethical insolvency given the participants affluence.

Furthermore, the volunteers’ characteristics are revealed in the process and confirm self-degradation in promoting opinionated characterization for specific agenda.

This is yet another evidence of exploitation exposing the source and desperate means in the self-destructive involvement.

The taxpayers funded broadcasting network misused for propaganda clarifies the system being grossly abused to serve the self-proclaimed privileged society and their convoluted disposition.

In providing platform with defamation objective i.e. projecting women as nothing except objects of voyeurism is a reflection on the culture and women status in the respective domain of those behind provocative indulgence.

Western democracy and women’s rights is a myth with misogynist orientation prominent in professional, political and public arena.

Ignorance combined with presumptuousness could be an abyss for those refusing to honor women excellence since time immemorial.

Regardless behind successful man is a great woman proved until the present time.

The male chauvinism is highlighted in condescendence towards women ignoring the fact on motherhood.

The motherhood experience in the birth of a child and nurture leading to the existence of a man or a woman in the world could not be slighted on any grounds. 

Not to mention the outstanding accomplishments by women despite barriers and glass ceilings to prevent them even in the modern age. 

The eastern origin is fortified with tremendous contributions from women in history.

Spiritualism relevantly Hindu religion grant the highest position for women represented by Goddess Durga as Sakti – the energy in life and all creations in the universe.

The equal partnership depicted in Siva-Sakti, the dynamic duo as inseparable divine forces epitomize the importance of feminine attributes facilitating creation, preservation and restoration of matter.

Hindu Goddesses ParaSakti, the invincible recognized for incredible valor in dealing with negative elements wreaking havoc on earth and netherworld.

Goddess Saraswati personifies knowledge, arts, music and cultural endowments.

Goddess Lakshmi revered for prosperity in every aspect.

Indian heritage also pays tribute to womanhood in saluting mother earth as Bhooma Devi, sacred cow worshipped as Gau-Mata also known as Annapurani meaning benefactor with cornucopia  of food for global consumption.

Mother nature – rivers Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Cauveri, Godavari, Narmada and Gomati to name a few in the tributaries proliferating life. 

Poignantly Bharati or Bharat Mata – India is the motherland for 1.2 billion people. 

The language identified as mother tongue proudly spoken nationwide and across the globe by Indian diaspora.

Last but not the least, the distortion and mockery of current divine mission alluding to gender confusion is notably self-contradictory. 

In English language – the references She or s(he) and woman otherwise wo(man) conspicuously related to unisex / cross gender pronouncing male association with fe(male).

Interestingly the pronouns have male following the female perhaps emphasizing the significance of womanhood not necessarily acknowledged to the fullest extent!

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



















World – End of Dark Age (Kaliyug)

March 4, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Since industrialization, the imperial quest to acquire resources through invasion, occupation and colonization persists until today.

The imperial powers legacy is rape, slavery, genocide, destruction, annihilation and decimation of civilization that continues with no end in sight.

National defense force is deployed as imperialists’ private army and similarly national treasury squandered for delusional aspirations such as global dominance.

Western democracy is anything but democratic with monarchy or political dynasty usurped to power disguised as republic.

Besides, hegemony as secret society is the primary authority misusing the electoral process to legitimize illegitimate incognito rule. 

Accordingly, elsewhere democracy is not desirable with constant western intervention to topple governments of people choice and replaced by puppet regimes and authoritarianism for proxy governance.

Imperialists’ parasitic existence from emergence to dying period is unsustainable. 

The royalty evidently the major liability for the relevant nation and most importantly the colonies considering the wealth amassment and generational exploitation in these regions to build the empire and the continent that is crumbling to mark the end of the Dark Age.

Anything founded on theft and plunder using brute force with no regard for life and habitat miserably fails the test of time and serves as testimony in the future.

The representatives of the declining enterprise claiming superiority despite abhorrent trajectory reflect their denial of reality.

Furthermore the superior complex is typically the inferior quality surfacing due to low self-esteem and envy contributing to self-deception on individual character.

The combination of ignorance and arrogance also exacerbate such attribute revealing vulnerability to internal deterioration.

Supremacy is the masquerade for contempt towards virtues alien to those with this syndrome refusing to acknowledge the fact.

Yet another dilemma for them is reconciliation or rather compliance with natural law. Nothing is permanent with evolutionary process designed for a new beginning especially systems that are fundamentally flawed and dysfunctional.

Time is not stagnant and spatial variations generate different environment for conduciveness in preparation for a fresh era.

Conclusion of Dark Age (Kaliyug) comprehensively representing decadency and infamy is imminent to relieve the victims from prolonged suffering.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




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