United States – Educational Project, Pre-School at Lodge Grass, Montana

May 23, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

St. Labre Indian School cares for Native American Children of the Northern Cheyenne and Crow Reservations.

The children in the small town Lodge Grass, Montana have dreams and hopes in the environment surrounded by struggles and despair. The kids growing up in this neglected and less known place do not wish to remain in continuous poverty exacerbated with lack of development and opportunity.

Due to poor economic conditions in Lodge Grass, the families barely make ends meet and children are forced to accept the deteriorating situation as the fact of life.

The importance of education is better realized with strong foundation in early learning beginning at pre-school. Unfortunately for the children in Lodge Grass attending pre-school is not ordinary.

Since there is no pre-school in this desolate town, the kids at age four and five are deprived of basic knowledge and cognitive skills that are critical for brain functionality and coordination.

Children lagging behind in fundamentals like failing to recognize colors, numbers and letters including their names find further education challenging and many fall victims to crime and that affects the community at large.

However, the tragedy could be transformed into possibility with caring and generous support enabling a bright future for these children.

As such the Native American youth educational funding is limited leading to marginalization in society. The federal and state provisions to educate all citizens starting with pre-school regardless of socio-economic background would be the cornerstones for national progress.

In Lodge Grass, Montana, the pre-school would be a dream come true for children and parents seeking positive changes leaving behind misery lasting generations until now.

The project requirement for a new pre-school besides school building and site comprise desks, books, school supplies, playground equipment and other essentials to run the center. The additional investments would be hiring qualified teachers with teachers’ aide to guarantee success.

The initial target could be met with individual affordability.

This could happen with kind and compassionate members’ donations across the spectrum in helping to build a productive and respectful community.

Please come forward with your contributions for a worthy cause and provide the children in Lodge Grass, Montana meaningful and joyous existence.

You may please visit www.stlabre.org/newpreschool for your tax-deductible participation online.

You may also call toll free # 1-866-753-5496.

The new preschool in Lodge Grass, Montana would be a gift for the Indian (Native American) children and serve as the bedrock in personal and collective achievements.

Good Luck! To St. Labre on the new preschool opening and other endeavors benefiting Native Americans in Montana and elsewhere.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant








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