Election – Legitimizing Illegitimate Incognito Rule As Electoral Mandate

May 19, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

The reason behind global mayhem is the incognito establishment governing politics, economy, religion, communication media, educational institutions, entertainment and environment.

The imposition of feudal system with vassal statehood through proxy governments pledging allegiance to hegemony is prevalent retaining concentration of power among selective group directing loyalists and servile contingency in the operation.

In this configuration, the people or the electorate are used to legitimize illegitimate power via election. The ordinary citizens taxes paid in sales, income and property levies are then expended in warfare for territorial expansions and illegal invasion as well as occupation of foreign land to freely access economic resources and exploitation of human capital. These activities are conducted entirely to benefit the self-proclaimed privileged class as secret society.

The hegemony ideology is dominance by any means and denial of basic rights exerting control over world population. The taxpayer-funded governments are channeled into promoting and achieving hegemonic goals favoring the military industrial complex, capitalist socialism strengthening mercantile influence in legislations and royalty including political dynasties thriving on the so-called commoners’ charity.

With the wealthiest exempt from tax and granted immunity on crimes, the ordinary people bear the burden in society.

The two critical ammunitions for the ruling class are election and taxes from the vast majority representing the 99% in the nation.

Furthermore, the electoral process is a catharsis for public satisfaction and the government upon being elected submits to foreign run enterprise. The laws and legislations are then passed to meet campaign donors demands leaving the electorate at shadow power mercy.

The legislators as lawmakers then onwards remain committed to internal and external investors in respective political candidacy or party. They are more engaged in fund raising for the next term rather than addressing issues confronting the constituents and voters at large.

While petitions are filed to draw legislators’ attention on matter concerning the people, country and the environment, the course may not be pursued and necessary upon the elected representatives fulfilling the constitutional oath to serve the constituency and the nation without a reminder or request to perform the legislative task as the elected officials prime responsibility.

Elections are not free and fair in any format enabling the unscrupulous and dysfunctional governance to maintain business as usual.

Voting irregularities and diverse interventions with unlimited funds notwithstanding black money and counterfeit notes viz. In India and alike in circulation and distribution during election exceeding billions could not possibly be democratic and yet the event characterized as propriety.

The term public servant is considered derogatory and instead the public expected to revere the political class as the authority when people are the employer essentially paying for civil service.

Given the austerity era claimed as fiscal discipline targets many programs not even sparing the infants, seniors and citizens with serious health problems or disabilities juxtaposed the government positions consisting hierarchy squanders tax revenue in lavish accommodations, perks, incentives and extensive entourage that accompany the political members within and outside the state.

The election promises mesmerize voters and eventually lead to dismay and disappointment.

As such the political impunity segregates the ruling class and appointees to various key posts allowing them to be above law despite evidence based involvements in scandals costing taxpayers and depriving the nation of due income.

The unsustainable drain on provincial and national treasury in the absence of transparency and accountability contributing to huge economic and social disparity.

Obviously the remedial strategy to contemporary political trend is to reject election in the current conditions and seek electoral reform preventing candidacies for sale besides barring political parties and contestants renowned for notoriety and treason.

Although this step might be a tall order, continuing the present culture is proved detrimental with republic transformed into repression.

Undemocratic election shackle voters to accept undesirable and unethical elements in power regardless of them as puppets to covert operatives destined for supremacy decline.

Fraudulent election produce fake results and usurpation to power via deception and destructive forces support cannot guarantee real progress.

The functional democracy would strive for meaningful and effective measures in institutionalizing political renaissance.

Until then, election is willful sentencing with electorate participation as blessing to prolong status quo.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant












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  1. True on September 17th, 2015 8:07 am

    I enjoy the efforts you have put in this, thanks for all the great posts.

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