Popular demand for Universal Health care – Single Payer System

April 29, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

The special interests representing the insurance and the health care industry successfully thwarted the consumer demand for Single Payer System with aggressive lobbying and campaign.

It’s not hard to figure out the reason behind industry opposition to Single Payer system.

Single Payer system is the guaranteed health care for all citizens regardless of personal health and economic status.

With the 24/7 access across the nation, it effectively addresses the opponent’s claims against the ‘Universal Medicare.’

Issues such as waiting period and subsidized quality are eliminated with the promotion of Medicare payments and not cuts to the hospitals and the professionals across the health care spectrum.

Similar to the social security number assigned to every legal resident, the Medicare expansion with a standard Medicare card for 24/7 access at any medical facility is long overdue in the only industrialized nation restricting the provision.

Medicare is an established system in the United States.

Other federal programs that are operating in conjunction with Medicare are highly beneficial to the segments receiving the government administered health care service.

Programs such as Medicaid, CHIP, VA, COBRA along with Medicare are the salvation for the ailing and the unaffordable groups in the society.

Since these services are available only to specific segments, the vast majority are forced to endure the abusive conditions in the private insurance and health care industry.

Consolidation of the current federal programs into a ‘Single Payer system,’ would not only provide universal coverage in real terms but also contain the astronomical costs incurred by the taxpayers in the exclusively privatized national health care.

The irony in a democracy is, the people are expected to cast their votes to their representatives and they are forbidden from seeking the basic human rights like the national health care for their contributions through exorbitant premiums and tax dollars.

Contrarily, the campaigns funded by the relevant industries ensure they more than recover their investment in each candidacy from the local to the highest office on the land.

Otherwise, democracy is up for sale during the elections.

The largest donation recipient usually emerges the victor, and then onwards,

The campaign financiers control the legislative process, leaving the electorate with the actual power, a mere formality.

Citizens’ consciousness to the democracy abduction is devoid of vigor and often distracted by the corporate owned media and other outlets, ever dedicated to spin the facts into the concocted theory in obeisance to the sponsors.

When politics is governed by profit management, the democracy’s voice is silenced with massive propaganda and shenanigans.

As a result, the truth and the public trust are casualties in the so-called free and fair elections and the governance supposedly pledged to transparency and accountability.

Speaking against injustice by itself declared as injustice and condemned in the highest order.

Again, the condemnation varies with the target’s background.

The health care is a classic example where the public plight is subject to the industry and their representatives’ acknowledgment or the lack thereof evidenced in the health care legislation costing in excess of $35 trillion for the period 2010 – 2019 and,

Yet the estimated 34 million remain uninsured until such time.

In addition, the mandatory insurance purchase from the private sector expected to generate revenue in penalties through default by the 4 million struggling households.

Essentially, the electorate granting power through the ballots is rendered powerless in a democracy defined as the government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Changes do not occur voluntarily.

Throughout history, the grass roots movement has been responsible for the paradigm shift in politics, economic and social environment.

Their activism and relentless support has been instrumental in promoting economic and social justice, particularly political freedom in different parts of the world.

Sometimes human apathy is directly related to ‘individualism.’

Personal experience triggers instant reaction than passive exposure.

Health care bill like the other legislations, severely affects every citizen as a subscriber and a taxpayer.

Complacent to the recent legislation by denouncing the factual presentation is oxymoron, notwithstanding narcissism.

Standing with the power is an easier option and commonly displayed in the absence of courage.

Failure to amend the health care bill is declining the popular demand for ‘Universal Medicare,’ through Single Payer system –

The honorable and the best health care policy to end the population misery.

Denial eventually leads to cataclysmic outcome and in the health care matter,

It’s a choice between saving life and adhering to the political convention.

Citizens’ need compromised in the health care bill is a travesty and the inaction to reverse the course reveals the Washington reality.

People must come together and share their passion to restore democracy conspicuously lost in the special interests’ dominant legislative affairs, poignantly the health care reform.

Remember, the health care debacle is like the wildfire known for ravaging the entire habitat.

Reluctance to modify the health care legislation to ‘Universal Medicare with 24/7 access’ is an invitation to a colossal political defeat in the midterm elections.

Rationality never betrays at the crossroads of decision-making.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Passing Legislations in Congress – A Miracle or a Menace?

February 7, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Democratic system around the world share many characteristics in essence. They are positive and negative in variable proportions. However, the constant problem in a democracy is arriving at a consensus on legislative matter between the rival political parties in power.

Both the Parliamentary and the Presidential form of governments are uniquely creative in their disagreement with the respective opponents. For instance, frequently in Taiwan and recently in India, the argument transform into a spectacle with heavy fistfights and wrestling among the legislators causing a commotion in the session.

United Kingdom Parliamentarians mock in chorus and Australia follows suit to identify with their ascendants.

In the United States, the opponents’ presentation is dramatic in a ‘show and tell,’ setting with a hyperbole characterization of the policy. Somehow, the critics fail to find any beneficial element in the bill. The fault is detected not so much in policy as noted during the health care legislation.

Opposition debate deviated from the content to the weight of the bill, in itself turning into a filibuster.

The irony of it is the lawmakers become the lawbreakers by letting their passion override reasoning.

Shifting focus on the various reforms pending legislations, the prevalent partisanship is no revelation.

However, the double standards among the conservatives on both sides is intriguing as observed in the House bill – HR 1207 introduced by Republican representative Ron Paul to audit the Federal Reserve.

The House Financial Services Committee approved Rep. Ron Paul’s measure by 43-26, calling the government to audit the Federal Reserve.

Legislation received the Republican minority’s overwhelming response as well as the democrats’ cooperation in this issue. In this context, the Republican members accepted the government intervention as necessary and appropriate.

Contrarily, the Finance Reform bill favoring the stand-alone consumer financial protection agency initiated by President Obama is slighted by the Republican minority as the government “take over.”

Evidently, the republican members’ conduct thus far – reveals their opposition to the party and not the policy.

With respect to health care reform, President Barack Obama reached out to the republican minority and the conservative democrats by requesting them to set their differences aside with the democrat majority.

The President even offered to incorporate the “TORT” reform touted all along as the republican idea to contain health care costs.

TORT reform is useful in trimming the health care costs and should be part of the legislation.

Yet, the only agreement reached between both parties is to bury the bill, since compromise is considered concession by the opposition party with no other viable solutions.

Similarly, with the deficit reduction the republican senate defeated the President’s effort to set up a bipartisan committee comprising the legislators and the fiscal experts to devise methods in national debt management.

Their non-conciliatory response has now forced the President to move ahead with the independent commission to address the issue.

Conveniently, the President is criticized for not attempting to deal with the national debt by the “fiscal conservatives,” playing partisanship in the legislative role.

It’s clear that there is no true intention among these members to serve the national interest; otherwise, they would be sensitive to the public plight and vote for the necessary reform in finance, health care and environment.

The only way to circumvent this gridlock is to adopt the legitimate avenues accessed by the opposition when they were the majority. There appears to be no other option available with the self-interest and the special interest reining in on national progress.

Unfortunately, the unity among the Republican members and the division in the democratic side threatening to vote against the health care and financial reform bills is detrimental to national cause, with a guaranteed backlash against the default members in the November elections.

It’s important for the national voice to convey the message to these legislators evading their constitutional oath to serve the people electing them to the public office. The electorate message has to be loud and clear with a deadline to pass legislations.

In the absence of public outcry, the “Change we can believe in,” could never be brought upon in the State or the national level.

President and the House majority leader could exhaust the power and resources at their disposal to convince the resisting members in Congress. Nevertheless, the ultimate power lies with the people to urge their representatives to act on their behalf by voting for the health care, finance reform and the climate bill.

People should understand that the legislators in Washington and the State Capitol have job descriptions and the primary responsibility is to represent the people electing them to the office and not the self or the campaign financiers.

The fundamental responsibility for the lawmakers is to cast their vote to help improve the citizens’ lives, which is currently not preferable because the ‘nay’ Sayers are comfortable with the job security and know they will be re-elected by swift boating their opponent.

Such possibility is made even easier with the Supreme Court conservative justices’ decision that has granted license to Corporations, Unions etc… to assist ‘trouble makers’ in Congress represent their interests rather than the voters’ welfare.

Therefore, it’s entirely dependent on the people to fix the broken system in Washington and the State Capitol. They need to impose the ‘performance based’ criteria in Washington, verify each legislator’s record to confirm whom they really represent and vote accordingly during elections.

An ‘average’ citizen is fired for lack of productivity and Wall Street has no patience towards the workers’ genuine circumstances when axing jobs.

That being the case,

Why should the people in a democracy with the ultimate power in their hands be extremely tolerant to the combined forces’ (Washington and Wall Street) consistent practices that neglects the people over profit?

These basic questions needs to be urgently addressed by the people. Remember each one of us possess the leadership quality to lead the family, workers and colleagues at work place, community, state and the nation.

What is required is initiative and that has to come from within. If every individual poses the questions’ raised above and take action not only for personal salvation but for others as well, then the issues like corruption, cronyism, and injustice…could be eradicated from the political and social system.

Then democracy would be protected from these deadly carcinogens.

Something to think about and take action to release oneself from the economic and social shackles.

With the nation captivated by the “Super Bowl XLIV” event,

I take leave for now and,

Wish Good Luck to both teams – Colts and Saints.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

Response to President Barack Obama – Re State of the Union Address

February 5, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Hon. President Barack Obama
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. President,

I appreciate you sharing your concerns and the strategies to revive the economy, the priority for the democratic Congress.

The Democratic Party has suffered major setbacks in the recent elections and obviously, the trend cannot continue in the 2010 elections – for the work to rebuild our nation has just begun with your Presidency.

Considering the American plight particularly in the job front, the economic measures taken thus far by your administration is reassuring and the challenge lies in the legislation approval, amid lack of cooperation from the Republican members in Congress.

Although, you are earnestly seeking bipartisanship in the legislative process, the opposition is utilizing the cynical response to stall progress for political reasons especially in the election year.

They understand that their delaying tactics would let the steam evaporate leaving the charred inaction on national issues becoming a political liability for the democratic majority.

When in fact, the responsibility or rather the blame squarely lies with the trouble makers on both sides and they deserve to be voted out of power.

Needless to say that, the Democratic Party under your leadership and the distinguished members in Congress have a great opportunity to accomplish the immediate and long-term goals for our country provided, we remain steadfast in our objectives and confront obstacles through result-oriented actions.

As you stated eloquently in your State of the Union Address, people can no longer survive on rhetoric and the time is running out for the members of both political parties. It is not that people have no patience.

When the situation is desperate with many families struggling to make ends meet in the harsh economic times, the public trust is won by delivering the most required solutions to the current problems and that being job security, housing as well as affordable health care.

Despite the Supreme Court conservatives’ decision potentially causing impediments in free and fair elections, the grassroots support could be earned by staying on course in dealing with the economic woes confronting our nation.

We cannot ignore the external threats through lobbyists and their representatives to block legislations. It’s reflective of their insecurity in the wake of unprecedented call for reform in Washington.

Therefore, it’s up to us to demonstrate our resolve and integrity to stand by the people and do what is right for them. Your economic policies to help small businesses, middle class and students are prudent.

Similarly, it’s important to provide jobs for the blue-collar workers in the manufacturing sector, who are facing equal hardships due to massive layoffs from the economic recession and globalization.

With respect to health insurance, I understand the hostility surrounding the issue from the expected sources. However, I still think it’s imperative to move ahead with a public option for economic viability and social equality.

It would not only prove our determination to succeed in closing the widening gap between the haves and the have-nots but also strengthen public confidence in the Democratic Party as achievers.

Once the legislations are passed and the opposition is made aware of our intention to proceed in the tasks ahead regardless, it will weaken the opponent’s resistance to issues dedicated in improving average American lives, not to mention the culminated risks for them in the coming elections.

Further, prioritizing public needs over the industry demands is the key to electoral victories evidenced in the Massachusetts election with a political mandate to perform in people’s interest and focus on the national progress in economy, health care, education, energy and environment.

I commend you and your administration for the excellent work in the budget preparation. Nevertheless, implementing the policies efficiently is crucial to gain credibility. Again, I’m not going to pretend on the uphill battle in the legislative matter.

Sometimes, one has to adopt the tricks of the trade practiced by the opposition when they were in a majority i.e. passing legislations through reconciliation process etc.

I reiterate that adopting republican strategies in the legislative process cannot possibly cause an uproar among the conservatives on both sides, for it would prove their double standards and the priorities in pubic service.

If it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander!

As stated earlier, the purpose of my political involvement is to be the voice for the weak and the oppressed. My passionate expression is to reveal the frustration among the victims at home and overseas.

Your tremendous efforts will come to fruition and I’m working with you alongside to promote the policies developed to change the status quo.

Adversity often drives down motives. During this period, the people are vulnerable to propaganda, and as we know, it’s available in abundance.

That’s why, it would be helpful for democrats appearing on radio and television networks including the cyberspace to remind the electorate constantly of your administration’s past year achievements, present targets and future vision.

In addition, updating official websites with credible data on employment, education, health care and other issues would keep the electorate well informed as opposed to being misinformed by the opposition media.

Otherwise, transparency and accountability will go a long way now and during the elections. I’m tirelessly engaged in the humanitarian cause and trying to assist the people in alleviating their suffering.

I extend my unwavering support to your Presidency, Congress members and the Democratic Party, with the hope that every action is devoted to benefit the people and not the governments or corporate power at home and around the world.

Besides, I firmly believe that bringing more progressives into the Democratic Party is always best, for it’s easier to triumph in the legislative affairs of the people. They are also more amenable to work for common good.

You mentioned to me that you’re not a quitter, but a fighter. I believe you and you need to prove that to the American electorate. The health care reform is the place to start in proving the democrats’ ability to move the nation forward.

Rest assured I’m with you and the Congress in reaching these milestones.

I wish you success in all your endeavors.

Thank you.


Padmini Arhant

Why Public Option is not an option in the Historic Health Care Reform?

December 29, 2009

    By Padmini Arhant

    During the Presidential election campaign in 2008, despite the encouraging endorsement from the “Majority White,” electorate in Iowa, the media, the African American caucus and the Democratic Party wrote off the Obama candidacy in the wake of New Hampshire and Nevada results favoring the then formidable opponent Hillary Rodham Clinton representing the establishment in the Democratic Party.

    It could be a distant memory. Nevertheless, the reality of an African-American candidate as the 44th President of the United States made possible by the average citizens from all walks of life representing the stars and stripes who came forward in multitudes with donations ranging from a dollar to an affordable amount, seeking the long overdue change in Washington.

    It certainly didn’t emerge from the political realm or within the Party and various African American organizations who were cautiously observing the direction of the political storm.

    Now, when it’s the payback time for the historic election’s beneficiaries to demonstrate the real commitment to the people in a democracy, the political betting is placed on satisfying the insatiable appetite in the form of bribery to the fellow democrats in the Senate caring more about their own financial gains and political future than the republic interest. The reference made to the Democrats in particular because, the Republican minority stance is to oppose not the issue but the party in a majority.

    If it were the Republican administration pushing the agenda, the republican minority would not be wasting time in their innovative tactics to boycott the bill. Unlike the democrats, the party is ever united in their pledge to advance the ideology with further support from the conservative/moderate democrats evidenced in the legislations passed during the Bush administration.

    The republicans have a point. In spite of the filibuster proof majority, the democrats are forced to scramble for votes in the senate and left at the mercy of the conservatives and moderates within their own party. You don’t need foes with “friends” like that suggesting the Democratic Party is merely a platform for these representatives of the special interests’ strategy to enhance the odds on both sides that guarantee them an absolute victory with every legislation.

    It’s worth examining the lobbyists’ orchestrated health care bill.

    For instance, the delay in the Senate voting was perceived to be a drawback for the democrats with the republican members threatening to stall the progress at the behest of none other than the same lobbyists working on both sides. Simultaneously, the over two thousand page dossier prepared by again the lobbyists’ loyalists in the finance committee, became the bone of contention for the opposition minority comparing the voluminous content to a forklift item.

    Besides, the legislation is made effective a year later in the Senate bill i.e. 2014 allowing the industry to prosper with the status quo in the interim. Without effective and robust competition like the public option and the cost reduction schemes from the health care industry, the lobbyists are comfortable with the mandatory insurance on 30 million people and safety net from the federal subsidies to purchase the private insurance in the weak market place.

    Having been satisfied with the Senate bill, the lobbyists win irrespective of the pace and it’s not surprising to note the pre-emptive adoption of the Senate bill against the House bill.

    Are they being indifferent in any way?

    Politics is only concerned about personal salvation. A few democrats’ and an independent’s (as a democrat ‘loyalist’) overt action to promote the special interests’ profit oriented plan over the general population plight only legitimize the minority power against the majority.

    What’s being ignored in the undemocratic and dangerous precedence having become a tradition is that, honoring the minority’s calculated shenanigans simply boosts the special interests’ status to railroad forthcoming legislations already evident in the pending climate change and other bills.

    All that matters right now is a bill to showcase on the D-Day, the “State of the Union” address and the people always expected to remain content with the politics and business “as usual” from Washington and Wall Street.

    Any dissent in this respect is characterized as the die-hard liberalism’s refusal to view the big picture. Contrary to the belief, it’s the progressives who have compromised from the single payer system to the public option and other factors like Medicare buy-ins tossed out of the bill, notwithstanding the infringement on women’s rights, essentially all and any components benefiting the people and the national interest.

    The irony being if not for the progressives’ iron will to stand up against the ‘Tea Party’ movement and similar grandstanding, the health care bill would be history rather than historic.

    The frustration among the progressives is reaching the point of creating a third party entirely on public campaign financing to reflect the true meaning of democracy and challenge the nay Sayers once and for all that ‘Change is inevitable’ through action from the bottom up, exemplified in the 2008 Presidential election.

    Although, the spiritual message emphasized on the human requirement to overcome the negative vices, it’s poignant to elaborate the qualities viz. greed, ego, envy, rage (anger) and hatred are the human beings’ vulnerabilities and centuries have gone by without the lessons being learned regardless of the human spirit’s degradation.

    Contemporary practice scorns the interjection of ethics and morals in the discussions as naïve and unpragmatic. The reason being it’s inconvenient for those indulging in the activities producing short-term gains while neglecting the long-term crisis witnessed in all major national issues such as housing market, energy, health care and environment not excluding the military interventions.

    Therefore, there is no bar on human conduct normally qualifying as“unconscionable.”

    I respond to the requests from the honorable members of Congress Patrick Kennedy, Senator John Kerry, Senator Al Franken and the speaker Nancy Pelosi to stand by President Barack Obama in legislative matter. To them I reiterate the earlier statement that,

    I extend my unwavering support to the Presidency of Barack Obama provided the White House is committed to implement the “Change” promised on the campaign trail in both domestic and foreign policy issues yielding ‘realistic’ change the people can believe and thrive in.

    Unfortunately, with minor exceptions the majority decisions thus far favor the special interests i.e. the oligarchs in the financial, health and energy sectors not to mention the ongoing warfare and general foreign policy signifying the continuation of Bush-Cheney doctrine. The haphazard attempt during the climate summit in Copenhagen was quite disheartening and appropriately admitted by the President.

    Regrettably, the campaign donations to the DNC, DCCC, and DSCC are invested to elect the conservatives and the moderates posing major problems in the legislative matter. It may not be a deterrent factor in fund raising as they have the special interests financing the campaigns.

    However, a monumental task awaits in the coming elections convincing the betrayed electorate justified in their reluctance to support the party or the candidacy that fails to honor the democratic will.

    The recent gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia serve as good examples in this regard. In addition, the mayoral race in New York with a narrow margin victory to Mayor Mike Bloomberg having outspent his opponent is yet another reminder that performance benefiting the people ultimately delivers the desirable results in the polls.

    Since the political structure in Washington is laid on the Wall Street foundation through campaign financing and deal exchanges, the burden is on the people to join the movement in reclaiming democracy subverted by the power in politics and profits.

    Corruption and Cronyism cannot be eradicated unless there is a concerted campaign finance reform strictly enforcing public financing and rejecting swift boating from the candidacy and/or party in the coming elections. Private financing floats to assist candidates from both parties to survive the mild and vicious campaign attacks through advertisements.

    It’s noteworthy that Goldman Sachs, AIG…invested in both Senator John McCain and the then Senator Barack Obama’s candidacies. Obviously, the contributions rose sharply as one candidate’s winning prospects exceeded another along with the donors’ expectations to return the favor. Politics is amazingly trustworthy in the transfer of power from the people to the actual authorities, the corporations via the legislators. It’s visible in the health care issue and several others.

    Given the prevalent system in politics, it’s imperative for the progressives to run in the coming elections with the public blessings to prevail against the special interests and the greed driven politics. I have been requesting the DNC to transform the Democratic Party with the progressives on whom the nation and the rest of the world can rely upon for the long overdue peace, progress and prosperity.

    Money can buy love, trust and integrity but not truth and rationality. For rationality enables the human mind to recognize the truth behind illusion and reality. Those who are committed to the virtues decline to be a sellout at any costs. Sadly, the honorable principles of many are undermined by the dishonorable deeds of the few.

    Often people who care is mistaken for rivals, the real opponent in disguise trusted to be genuine due to the veil blinding the vision, and it largely stems from fear and personal insecurity that obstructs the human intellect to accept situations with clarity.

    People must rise and ensure their needs are adequately addressed from now on as the health care reform could be the beginning of the end to the self-interest dominance in Washington and Wall Street guided by the maxim “All for me and none for you.”

    Thank you.

    Padmini Arhant


    2010 Elections – Response to President Bill Clinton

    October 15, 2009


    Hon. President Bill Clinton.
    New York

    Dear Mr. President,

    Thank you for your letter. It’s truly an honor to receive your request.

    I share your thoughts and concerns about the 2010 elections outcome. Needless to say, that you have experience with the opposition majority during your presidency and the challenges you faced in the legislative process with the “Government Shut Down” led by the former speaker Newt Gingrich and the republican allies.

    Although, I agree that the Senators competing for their first term or re-election require the grassroots/base support, the general public perception from the health care debate is – the conservative and the moderate democrats forget their promise to the electorate that initially support them to get where they are now.

    Instead, they follow the special interests’ policy in the legislative matter evidenced in the ‘Senate Finance Committee’ health care reform bill rejecting the public option.

    As a veteran political figure, I’m sure you acknowledge the voter frustration in this regard that often leads to abstinence enabling the opposition gain majority by default. It’s typical of every democracy.

    It’s hard to rally the people even within the party when the promises are broken and ‘Special Interests’ agenda prioritized over the public interest. This is in reference to the ‘Blue Dogs’ and the moderate Democrats’ failure in their commitment to the health care reform, the environment policy and the energy bill.

    Despite their claim that their unique position attributed to the demography i.e. the conservative Southern States and the relatively lower population in the remote country regions not adequately provided for through social programs might be legitimate. However, their sworn allegiance to the special interests against the constituents in key issues do not bode well during the election campaigns.

    The burden is on the elected officials to honor the pledge made on the campaign trails and not become habitual of post-election betrayal during their term in the office. The conventional political trend that maintains a campaign policy and then adapt to the elected term policy to appease all except the ‘average’ electorate has to change to energize the voter turnout.

    I couldn’t agree more with you on the mid-term election vulnerability. It’s possible to strengthen the political majority in the House and the Senate through solidarity among the democrats on all issues concerning every American. Unfortunately, in this respect, the Democrats are severely lagging behind their opposition that remains unified regardless of the ideology.

    Therefore, the status quo with the sixty Democrats constituting an ‘absolute’ majority is still an uphill battle for the crucial bills to pass in the Senate without the Republican vote. Such gridlock is unnecessary and counterproductive.

    Obviously, the present democrats have to reach a consensus to cooperate in the legislative matter affecting not only their constituents but also the entire nation in the rare opportunity to make progress.

    Since, the sole purpose of my involvement in politics against the preferred spiritualism and humanitarian field is to ensure the national and global achievements in every aspect; I will do my best to help the nation reach the milestones by supporting the deserving i.e. the people’s candidates elected or re-elected to the office.

    Again, I emphasize that the major responsibility for the positive electoral results, rests on the incumbent and the prospective Senators / Representatives in their role as the lawmakers making important decisions affecting the people and the nation, demanding a dynamic shift from the self interest funded by the ‘special interests.’

    I take the opportunity to congratulate you on the ‘Clinton Global Initiatives’ success and immensely appreciate the significant contribution to humanity.

    Thank you.


    Padmini Arhant

    Health Care Bill – Senate Finance Committee and the Republican Vote

    October 15, 2009

    By Padmini Arhant

    The decision by the Maine Senator, Olympia Snowe to get on board in the health care reform is a welcome change and provides hope for the bipartisanship even with a singular vote now.

    It would have been a cause for celebration if the bill did not marginalize the purpose of this health care reform i.e. the public option that is no longer an option but a necessity for millions of people and small businesses worst hit in the national crisis.

    The misplaced objective of this bill from the start has been to impress the ‘so-called’ fiscal conservatives squandering the national wealth on warfare resulting in massive casualties while being miserly on matter related to saving life.

    Since the opposition maintains the tradition to oppose anything offered by the democrats, it is no surprise to view the conservative support to the health insurance industry dedicated to sabotage the health care reform by any means.

    The onus is entirely on the Democratic majority specifically elected to deliver the long overdue ‘change’ urgently needed to improve the life of all Americans.

    With the mid-term elections around the corner, the voter frustration is enormous and cannot possibly prolong if the representatives in a democracy do not meet the essential voter requirements in health care and other issues. To be more specific, the health care bill from the Senate will be meaningless without a ‘public option.’

    National deficit is a major concern for citizens with basic economic sense, despite the issue being hailed as the ‘conservative’ and ‘moderate’ economic prudence from both sides of the aisle. The neglected element in this context is the reverse motion by the centrists and the conservatives that is predominantly driving the costs faster than a bullet train.

    The identifiable costs are the unaffordable insurance premiums, unnecessary diagnostic procedures to avoid malpractice litigations, unhealthy lifestyle by a large segment of the population and uncontrolled administrative expenditure ultimately passed on to the consumers across the economic spectrum.

    The costs factor cleverly evaded through pointed accusations against the ‘government’ intervention and the people, the victims in the sensitive life and death matter.

    Even if the current Senate Finance Committee bill supposedly addresses all of the problems contributing to the status quo, the average and the gainfully employed citizens still faced with a challenge due to the mandatory insurance purchase that demands a massive search for the most competitive provider available only during the novelty period. Once the storm settles, it’s guaranteed to be ‘business as usual.’

    Therefore, it’s absolutely important for the democratic lawmakers being the majority to ensure that the public option is included in both the House and the Senate bill.

    The Senate Finance Committee bill currently accepted as a huge achievement in the absence of the ‘public option.’ Although, the legislature in itself is a cornerstone compared to the health care reform demolition during the Clinton presidency, the legislation passed merely to satisfy the haphazard objective without taking into account the plight of the citizens.’

    In terms of the malpractice litigations, the truth lies somewhere in between with the victims being the providers and the public. The misdiagnosis or negligence during the surgical procedures does exist in the twenty first century in spite of the state of the art technology and medical training in the United States. The competent and self-assured professionals need not be overly concerned as the incidents are prevalent among those lacking in this regard.

    For instance, not long ago the mastectomy performed on the twenty three year old patient in error resulting from the misreading /swapping of the patients’ record. On a personal account in California, a surgical metal object left behind during the foot surgery causing excruciating pain for a prolonged eighteen months, eventually spotted by a different provider via x-ray and removed through another surgery.

    On the other hand, some public members view such experience as an opportunity for financial gains and pursue unmitigated lawsuits forcing the providers to rely upon the expensive malpractice insurance as a safety net. The health care reform cannot play much role in this particular issue.

    Instead, the conspicuously flawed legal system requires a major overhauling in the social justice matters and hence taken advantage of by the favored party in the general framework. The justice system should focus less on the economics and more on ethics and morality.

    Nevertheless, there is a cost concern in this avoidable dispute leading to the premium hikes, and health care fees inevitably borne by the mainstream public.

    Any behind the scenes effort by the legislators under the special interests influence, to derail the health care legislation entirely or partially without a public option would be a political suicide for them given the public expectations based on their daily harrowing experience in the present profit oriented system.

    The health care reform is a political gamble for both parties in the coming 2010 elections. With the Republican lawmakers, pledging abstinence over action on the life matter will further reduce their representations in both Houses of the Congress. Similarly, the Democrats as a majority have not demonstrated unity within or delivered the desired results in the health care legislation.

    Such fiasco is detrimental to both parties with the public anger and frustration building up to the point of no return.

    There is enormous responsibility on the Senate majority leader Harry Reid to comply with the public concern rather than attempting to appease the unwinnable votes in the senate.

    After all, at the end of the day even if the ‘special interests’ fund the political campaigns, the ballots determine the power for the candidate and the party.

    Perhaps, the lobbyists could convince their representatives in Congress that they have the means to drive political campaigns to support the partisan agenda and encourage the lawmakers to remain loyal to them and not the public. Undoubtedly, the strategy was a huge success up until the recent past, but not anymore as the economic woes created by the same lobbyists’ politics emboldened the mass to hold the elected officials accountable for their actions or the lack there of in all matter.

    Demanding accountability and transparency from the authorities with power in the government, corporations and the military are the only effective instruments at the public disposal to bring about the desired change in their life.

    Collective public voice and action desperately required to attain the desirable goals in the respective economic, social, political and environmental cause.

    Finally, the end-result in the health care reform cannot deprive the suffering millions of population from salvation through the government run public option. No possible explanations from the Senate or the House could justify the inability to incorporate the only effective reform tool, the public option for the health care legislation to qualify as historic or a monumental feat.

    Thank you.

    Padmini Arhant

    Health Care Bill from the Senate Finance Committee

    September 16, 2009

    By Padmini Arhant

    Also included is the Response to the Presidential Address to Congress on Health Care Reform.

    According to the latest report from the Associated Press:

    Health care bill advances without bipartisan deal –

    “After months of bipartisan negotiations, Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., chairman of the Finance Committee, told associates during the day he intends to unveil a detailed outline of legislation on Wednesday and convene the panel next week to vote on it.

    Baucus’ proposal is certain to shun the liberals’ call for the government to sell insurance, and rely instead on co-ops to offer coverage in competition with private industry. His approach includes a requirement for individuals to buy insurance, with financial penalties for those who don’t. Rather than a mandate for larger businesses to provide coverage for employees, they would be required to defray the cost of any government subsidies their employees would qualify for.”

    Analysis: By Padmini Arhant

    The public officials’ loyalty to the private industry in the health care bill strongly suggests that these officials are making a mockery of the world’s modern democracy emulated by many young and developing nations up until now.

    It is obvious from their openness that they will continue to thumb the electorates’ nose and instead chose to oblige to the whims and fancies of the “Special Interests’ hiring them to deliver the meal in every legislation.

    If these officials have great concern for the welfare and the interests of the industries they are associated with, then why are they wasting their time in public service?

    They might as well work for the private sector and attain the personal financial gains they are looking for in life and leave the public office to the earnest Americans committed to the service of the people and not the ‘Special Interests’ hiring them for mutual benefits.

    There are many qualified, honest and hard working individuals in the American society pledged to serve the people and produce the results in favor of the entire population across the political spectrum.

    It’s time for America to wake up from the deep slumber and restore democracy now by directing the legislature to include the government run ‘public option’ rather than accepting the status quo from the elected officials clearly operating under the guidance of the ‘Special Interests.’

    Has America become so weak that it can’t defend its own democracy invaded by Capitalism conspicuous in the love-fest between Wall Street and Washington?

    Perhaps, the marriage between the Wall Street’s ‘Capital’ and Washington ‘Power’ will be a great model for the marriage counseling.

    The inseparable bond is awesome but when it happens to the detriment of their constituents without the people favored ‘public option’ the public officials’ priorities are clear.

    Unless and until every constituent struggling to make ends meet along with the nervous citizens confronting the lingering economic uncertainties rise to the occasion and demand Washington to address their needs by declining the ‘Special Interests’ decision pushed through the democratically elected officials, it will be too late to challenge the ogre in the health care battle.

    The ‘Special Interests’ investment in media propaganda on the government run ‘public option’ as the bureaucratic meddling in the patient care and the controversial ‘death panel’ is a far-fetched psychodrama displayed at the town hall meetings and the weekend rally in the Capitol.

    However, the camouflaged truth behind the so-called health care reform is, the bureaucrats in Washington and Wall Street are already in control of the citizens’ destiny with their verdict to move on without the government run ‘public option.’

    Again, the Washington and White House ambivalence in the ‘public option’ of the health care bill, despite the grueling tragic experiences shared by many people across the nation regardless of political factions and socio-economic backgrounds is not only disappointing but also thoroughly unacceptable.

    Please don’t forget that all those officials have a guaranteed health care, besides the authority and means to survive during and after their political career regardless of whether they return to power or not. Unfortunately, human nature often motivated to care for self prior to others. It’s prevalent more so now than ever before.

    In the Darwinian ‘survival of the fittest’ environment, nothing is available without a robust fight and it is poignant in the health care debate. It’s the democratic right of every citizen to expect the essential requirement particularly in the health matter that has revealed the true colors of the individuals’ with power.

    Never mind the campaign promise and the constitutional oath while being elected to the office. The gulf between the elitist and the populist is more prominent in the health care matter with the elected officials’ resignation to diminish the SOS from the people granting them with power in a democracy.

    The rebuttal could be that the bill has the mandatory requirement for the private insurers to immediately insure all those ailing patients with pre-existing conditions upon passing the legislation and therefore, declare the issue as resolved.

    With the Senate Finance Committee diligently proposing the private citizens to purchase health insurance bringing more business to their favored party, the health industry,

    Will the private industry cover the disputed 47- 50 million uninsured regardless of the employment situation?

    Who will pay for the citizens who cannot afford the price tag from the private insurers in the absence of the government insurance program?

    Obviously, the taxpayers expected to cover through government subsidies or aid like they are footing the bill right now for patient care at the county hospitals and ensuring the health insurance as well as the hospital industry’s prosperity while the expenses added on to the national deficit.

    Ironically, the objection raised against the government insurance program claiming it would disproportionately increase the national deficit when the Senate Finance Committee proposes exactly that with the non-profit cooperative society funded by the government instead of the direct government involvement such as Veterans Care, Medicare and Medicaid.

    The surreptitious Health Care bill from the Health Care industry via the Senate Finance Committee is a mere fulfillment of the legislative duty because it does not address the real problems of the people classified as the minority later to become the majority without a strong competitor.

    The industry response might be that the price will be competitive for those individuals to pay for it. Even if such magical event were to take place, the million dollar question is,

    How long is the competitiveness effective for the current uninsured to remain in the system with the compulsory insurance purchase enforced upon them?

    Although, the question posed is by no means any concessions towards the elimination of government administered public option, it is absolutely important to determine the timeframe as free market has periodically demonstrated its free will to adjust price to meet the shareholders and the Chief Executives’ extravaganza.

    Notably, the finance industry offering the teaser rates as a decoy on credit cards and home loans, only to be discovered later by the victims upon receiving notifications from the banking sector regarding the atrocious interest rates hikes.

    Interestingly, the myopic view by many to pass the legislation in order to satisfy the process and claim a historic victory ignoring the tragedies of a significant population is a betrayal of the people’s trust in their representatives and a political suicide for the majority party in the 2010 elections.

    It shouldn’t be a surprise when the opposition’s relentless effort to sabotage the health care reform spun around during the mid-term elections as the failure of the ‘hope and change’ Obama care plan resulting in a win-win situation for the obstructionists now and in the immediate future.

    In conclusion, the White House, the House and the Senate’s coherence to the health care conglomerates by marginalizing the weak, the sick, the vulnerable population and everyone else in the landmark legislation is a colossal mistake due to the misplaced trust in the private industry essentially responsible for the health care disaster.

    Thank you.

    Padmini Arhant

    P.S. My Response to the President’s Congressional Address on Health Care Reform

    From: Padmini Arhant

    To: President Barack Obama

    Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2009 5:58:59 PM

    Subject: Re: Not the first, but the last

    Hon. President Barack Obama

    Dear Mr. President,

    Please refer to attachment for details.

    Thank you.


    Padmini Arhant

    Honorable. President Barack Obama

    Dear Mr. President,

    Thank you for laying out the Health Care components to clarify the doubts and confusions surrounding the landmark Health Care legislation.

    As I consider myself extremely privileged to have known you and your sincere desire to serve the American people representing the stars and stripes of this great country, not recently but from the grueling time on the campaign trail, I’m taking the opportunity to share my honest understanding and legitimate concerns regarding this bill.

    I realize the humongous challenges related to the Health Care legislation particularly in dealing with the ‘Special Interests’ force and the worsening partisanship creating a gulf to block the necessary reform, the only hope and salvation for our national economy and the American people , the victims of the heavily politicized and narcissistic Washington culture.

    In your speech, you mentioned that the details would follow in the immediate future and that the Health Care address was to familiarize the nation with the framework of the bill. In this context, we cannot ignore the truth that those who are against any reform are always going to detect flaws regardless of the many concessions already in the bill.

    The reason for the delay in my response to your message is to review the issue rationally given the public plight on affordability and eligibility in the exclusively privatized industry. You are no stranger to this aspect with your passive experience during your mother’s agonizing battle with the terminal illness in the absence of a guaranteed insurer ideally in the form of a ‘single payer’ or at least the ‘public option’ to save and prolong life. Unfortunately, we all know that it is a common tragedy for the many struggling population in our society.

    Obviously, it is a huge mountain to climb with a rugged and slippery slope path. You pledged to the nation last night that you want to be the last President to have aimed at the century old national issue directly affecting every American and emerge successful in the legislation. The consensus among the victims is if the legislation passed to appease those who prioritize their personal interest over the common goal then there was no need to mobilize the nation and raise the hopes of millions during the election campaign and now.

    I don’t think it is fair or morally justified to disappoint and deny the people who are the taxpayers, consumers and electorates the means to exist and stay alive through the absolute ‘single payer’ process or in the least a government administered ‘public option’ and not a non-profit cooperative agency. Again, in comparison the former President George W. Bush took the nation to war on false pretences and the ultimatum ‘either you are with us or with the terrorists.’

    Apparently, rhetoric of that kind proven to resonate among the ‘Nay’ Sayers on the Special Interests’ payroll. Witnessing the opposition to life saving proposal is no surprise at all but that is not the ‘hope and change’ people voted for last November 2008.

    I’m always with you and the great Americans working harder than ever in the legislative matter that promotes equality, fairness and justice for all.

    Health Care legislation is a unique moment for your Presidency to do the right by the people and for the people who really matter in a democracy.

    Overall, your presentation was very impressive and right on target, although I was hoping for a steadfast commitment towards the majority preferred ‘public option’ that is truly meaningful and paramount to reform the status quo.

    I’ll be presenting the brief analysis on your address to the Congress for public view shortly.

    Best Wishes

    Padmini Arhant

    Presidential Address to Congress on Health Care Reform

    September 11, 2009

    By Padmini Arhant

    The President’s address, September 9, 2009 on the Health Care Reform laid out the components to clarify the doubts and confusions surrounding the bill. Despite the vehement opposition from some quarters in their loyalty to the sponsors, the ‘Special Interests’ representing the Health Insurance and the Health Care industry, the President reached out to them to be his ally rather than the adversary.

    The fact of the matter is, with some groups determined to detect flaws regardless of many concessions in the bill, at the expense of the victims in the exclusively privatized sector, they will continue to defend the status quo because of the personal gains. That is the reality of the highly politicized and narcissistic culture in Washington. With these representatives holding the mantle to the power in legislative matter, it would be appropriate for the nation’s Capitol to trade name as ‘the sin city’ with the West Coast casino capitol ‘Las Vegas,’ Nevada, except the latter deserves credit for the openness.

    Ironically, the lawmakers particularly in the Senate and the moderate to conservative House democrats creating the gridlock have sworn allegiance to the industry supplementing their income while turning a blind eye to the plight of the people, the entity behind their power.

    Interestingly, some politicians among them even reminisced about their humble and modest background prior to the acclaimed stature and somehow that emotions surface only during the ‘book’ promotions on prime time television shows and not utilized to relate to the sufferings of the millions in their turf or across the nation.

    Upon challenging them to the task to do the right by their constituents electing them to the office to be their representatives, the message is lost and their support shifted to the corporate financiers as they prove to the electorates that they are indeed the visionaries devising ways to protect their interests and re-election possibilities. Thus, the transformation from ‘public’ servant to ‘private’ servant takes place in the Capitol of the world’s modern democracy.

    Although, the President’s message was clear in terms of assuring affordability, eligibility and costs control, arguably the three major proponents that triggered the health care debate at the dawn of the Presidential campaign and continuing up until now,

    The skepticism by the opponents’ media and their loyalists overshadow the truth behind the contentious issue, their push to drive the robust ‘public option’ out of the equation. Having been successful in eliminating the ‘single payer’ system that would have been an absolute guarantee to fulfill the urgently required health insurance with a non-terminal and unconditional coverage for the millions insured as well as the disputed uninsured population,

    The industry is now resilient through their paid representatives in the Senate and the House to demolish the public option from the bill, a move that is contradictory to the definition of free market. By definition, the free market should allow the consumers to pick and chose at free will among the different providers/purveyors catering products and services at different price and quality to suit market conditions. Since that appears to be a misnomer in the present environment, the industry with the willing legislators on their side adamantly pledged against any viable competition such as the people represented public option.

    Again, according to the Congressional Budget Committee, even with the introduction of the public option in the bill, the proposed participants under the coverage expected to be less than 5% leaving the approximately 95.5% market share to the private insurers.

    To all those pundits and demagogues viciously attacking the genuine voices for the less fortunate who happen to be the majority in the society,

    How much profit is profitable in the vast market share comprising 95.5% to the private health insurers?

    The argument often reversed claiming the corporations’ profit being the national revenue viz. the taxes should spin the economy. Perhaps a valid stance, by no means a reality given the negative impact of the rising health care costs in premiums and health care management. The health insurance has surely been profitable causing liability to the corporations, small businesses and private individuals other than nearly bankrupting the economy. Unequivocally, the health care conglomerate’s real beneficiaries are the CEO’s and the shareholders.

    Besides, in the absence of vigorous competition through ‘public option,’ expecting the private sector that has the formidable monopoly in the national economic issue to conform to the legislative requirement is a cliché. This is poignant especially when the American taxpayers as consumers are still awaiting the ‘accountability’ factor to kick in with the bailed out financial sector’s promise to stimulate the economy through liquidity in the credit market.

    The news media reported that the finance industry’s ‘mischief makers’ admonished by Congress during the bailout and categorically denied of any golden parachutes with the taxpayer dollars. When the session was over after a brief ‘timeout’ for the bad behavior, suddenly the blue sky adorned with none other than the forbidden ‘golden parachutes’ with the finance sectors’ pilots taking off to their favorite paradise.

    So much for the free market’s obedience and respect for rules and regulations in a democracy!

    In the similar context, it is not possible to ignore the anti-regulation agents’ objection to the government participation in the national issue. However, the overwhelming control and dominance of the private industry in the nation governance is cordially welcome in the Capitol Hill corridors, airwaves and the communications media irrespective of the devastating outcome on the economy. It is accepted as perfectly normal for the private sector to meddle in public matter but the flip side becomes explosive at the core minimum.

    The heckling was not limited to the town halls on this issue and prominently displayed by one of the industry representatives during the Presidential address with the accusation of ‘lies’ in the immigration matter.

    On the immigration deal, the shocking detail revealed by the Progressive caucus chair Raul Grijalva, Congressman (D) Arizona, during his interview with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez of Democracynow.org on September 10,2009.

    “And one of the things that is not well with this health reform plan is that legal permanent residents are required to wait five years before they can receive any health benefit, even though they are legal. And we are arguing with the framers of the legislation, as well as the administration, that you’re making people illegal twice. You’ve asked them to go through the process, they legalized their status, they’re permanent legal residents, but yet there’s a penalty attached that you can’t get the benefit for five years. We find that to be double jeopardy.”

    The hypocrisy is conspicuous in this instance. The nation that is proudly declared as the country of immigrants slams the immigrant population with the tax burden on par with the citizens. Meanwhile, the overzealous legislators and the administration architects in the selective amnesia moment about their personal ancestry simultaneously deprive the immigrants from benefits that they are lawfully entitled to as the ‘legal and permanent residents’ soon to be the eligible voters upon naturalization. Such political maneuvers frequently bring the best creativity among the sculptors of the monumental piece.

    To touch base on the President’s bipartisan approach in the highly contested health care legislation, it could be aptly described as ‘Why look for enemies when you have foes within.’

    In the uphill battle to pass the health care reform, the industry has cleverly sabotaged the democratic majority from relying on their own breed.

    Should there be any speculation on why the Senate Finance Committee has not yet presented their version? The President confirmed it during his speech as ‘awaiting the proposal from one committee.’

    More revelations in this respect from the interview with the Congressman Raul Grijalva by Democracynow.org: – Thank you.

    AMY GOODMAN: Congress member Grijalva, I also want to ask you about Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus and his close ties to the healthcare industry. Yesterday, the White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Baucus had distributed his healthcare plan to lobbyists on K Street prior to sharing the plan with other members of the committee.

    “The watchdog website LittleSis.org has revealed Senator Baucus’s chief health adviser, Elizabeth Fowler, is a former executive for the insurance giant WellPoint. Fowler has been called the “chief operating officer” of the healthcare reform process.

    REP. RAUL GRIJALVA: I think the product that has come out from his committee and himself, I really believe that it has no legitimacy in this debate. It’s an insider product. It’s there to protect the industry. It is not there to try to look for that middle ground.

    I consider Senator Baucus’s proposal to be essentially an insider trader move to protect an industry and really doesn’t have validity at all, both political validity or content validity.

    JUAN GONZALEZ: —to basically—it’s on you whether healthcare reform passes or not, any kind of healthcare reform passes.

    REP. RAUL GRIJALVA: Yeah, you can kind of—you can kind of see the winds heading in that direction, where members of the Progressive Caucus, even though the Blue Dogs, twenty-three of them—twenty-three of them have already announced that they will not vote for anything, and so they’ve already canceled their votes and said, “We’re opposed to any reform package.”

    Even though that happens, and it’s publicly stated, I think the winds are going to shift, and the progressive members of Congress are going to be seen as the obstructionists. They’re going to try to be labeled at that. And I’ve said over and over, both to—we have told the administration and our leadership for almost—consistently for a year what we felt were the guiding principles to a public plan. We’ve been consistent. We haven’t backed off.”

    So America, there you have it.

    Why look elsewhere to blame the Republican army…

    When the democratic legion with the exception of those dedicated to their constituents are living up to the reputation of “Politics finds strange bedfellows.” At least the Capitol Hill sanctity spared with no distinction between the ‘same sex marriage’ and ‘the Solemn union of opposite genders.’ Only in the State and Nation’s Capitol the amazing blend between the private ownerships and the public representatives unparallel match revealed against the people empowered democracy.
    Furthermore, the commentary and punditry following the speech obviously varied depending on the ‘Who is for whom’ platform. The opponents presented the entire content as hogwash.

    The former President George W. Bush took the nation to war on false pretences with an ultimatum “either you are with us or with the terrorists.’ The present ‘Nay’ Sayers on the life saving legislation then spellbound by the remarkable rhetoric for the illegal war cast their votes that is draining the national treasury until date.

    Apparently, Washington’s immunity to lies and distortions in the past eight years is aroused with the current ‘truth’ vaccine prepared to protect the people from the widespread epidemic in the form of corruption and cronyism.

    On November 2008, people representing the stars and stripes of this great country enthusiastically voted for the ‘hope and change’ to release themselves from the shackles of Corporate greed and Washington corruption. Now is the time for the elected officials to deliver the promise made on the campaign trail that would testify the strength and character of the real democracy?

    Finally, the President’s speech was impressive and right on target. Nevertheless, the health care reform is truly meaningful only with the steadfast commitment towards the majority preferred ‘public option’ that is paramount to resolve the burgeoning crisis.

    Thank you.

    Padmini Arhant

    Verdict on the Health Care Legislation

    July 30, 2009

    By Padmini Arhant

    The health care legislation vigorously contested by the opponents of the economic recovery and the unemployment deterrence. Sometimes, it’s easier to deal with the ‘devil’ you know than the ‘devil’ you don’t. The existing health care crisis contributed by the health care and insurance conglomerate’s profit raking strategy fits in with the metaphor.

    When the people strive to make it to the top of the slippery slope titled the sensible health care legislation their harnesses are either tampered with or forcibly pulled off by the groups posing as the ‘rescue guards,’ i.e. the representatives in the House and the Senate obligatory to their financiers – the special interests.

    In the interim, the ‘so-called’ bipartisanship in the Senate with some prominent legislators and selective House members from both sides of the aisles holding substantial investments in the health care stocks are focused on safeguarding their investments with assurances to the health industry – ‘your wish shall be my command.’

    The House and the Senate version presented thus far is directly contradictory to the populist requirement and the President’s initial plan. The shameful tactic in the twentieth century – apart from paralyzing the health care reform, it’s also instrumental for the status quo and they are indicated in the article below.

    Deal with ‘Blue Dogs’ sets up health care vote

    Associated Press – 07/29/09

    “The House changes, which drew immediate opposition from liberals in the chamber, would reduce the federal subsidies designed to help lower-income families afford insurance, exempt additional businesses from a requirement to offer insurance to their workers and change the terms of a government insurance option.

    More problematic from the Democrats’ point of view is a tentative agreement to omit a provision in which the government would sell insurance in competition with private industry. In its place, the group is expected to recommend non-profit cooperatives that could operate at the state, regional or even national level.

    Nor is any bipartisan recommendation likely to include a requirement for large businesses to offer insurance to their workers. Instead, they would have a choice between offering coverage or paying a portion of any government subsidy that non-insured employees would receive.”

    What is wrong with the classic ‘pro-industry’ proposal to appease the health care enterprise at every insured and uninsured American taxpayer’s peril?

    Firstly, the House bill to reduce the federal subsidies designed to help lower-income families afford insurance, instead of demanding the health care system comprising the AMA, health care providers accepting Medicare and Medicaid, Pharmaceuticals, the hospital industry…and the insurance industry mark-down the preposterous profit margins hidden in the superficially inflated costs driving the economy and every citizen to bankruptcy.

    If there is any resistance from the groups in this regard, then taxing the expensive insurance coverage ensuring the tax liability on the industry rather than the end-consumer is absolutely necessary. If it was already agreed to by all negotiators then the measure combined with higher taxes on capital expenditures by the industry should adequately cover the increase in federal subsidies to the economically disadvantaged.

    The health industry in their defense might argue that the supply and demand market forces drive the costs in a free market system. In this context, the commonly unknown fact being, the health industry unlike other industries are uniquely advantaged to thrive throughout with excessive demand arising from the myriad of sources causing illnesses to a vast population of which an alarming proportion fall in the >‘unhealthy’ category.

    In the absence of robust competition from a government provided affordable health care, the industry giants have the expansive field wide open to themselves with a huge demand as the catalyst for the exorbitant profits in products and services.

    In addition, the major market-share by the big players lay overcast of monopoly for others to compete effectively with the price factor, notwithstanding the industry protocol on limited choice and coverage of care at disproportionate costs.

    The non-profit cooperatives have been recently involved in financial mismanagement as reported in California and severely lack in efficiency, ultimately benefiting the current private care system by default. Therefore, it’s not surprising for the industry groups to lobby for the non-profit cooperatives against the government run program.

    The bill doesn’t end there. Ice cream is more delicious when served with toppings.

    With respect to the businesses and large corporations exempt from the insurance coverage requirement to their workers and employees, it’s yet another ‘dessert’ moment for the legislators playing gracious hosts to the corporate musketeers.

    Obviously, the lawmakers more appropriately the lawbreakers are falling head over heels in their romance with the corporate sponsors by relieving them from the fundamental responsibility to care for their workers and employees with health insurance while leaving the underemployed American workforce to fend for themselves in the profit manifested exclusive private health club.

    As for the Blue Dogs, a misnomer to the species iconic for their unflinching loyalty, unequivocally clarify that ‘conservatism’ motto regardless of political factions is to delay, defeat and derail national progress. Clearly, the democratic electorate will be able to overcome the obstacle by replacing the obstructionists with the supportive ones in the 2010 elections.

    To summarize, the health care casserole prepared by the House and the Senate in the Congress is palatable to the industry as the primary patrons and the caterer of the special menu. The remaining large starving population having peeked at the menu items forced to fake satisfaction from the aroma of the dish, although meant for the populist but served to win over the mighty health care industrialists.

    Seriously, if this health care legislation meant to be a ‘reform’, then the bill must include the public option plan, increased federal subsidies, free health care for the most impoverished and a nondiscretionary business/Corporate health insurance for all workers and employees.

    Failing that, it would be a band-aid treatment for a widespread chronic ailment in the industry gorging profits at every opportunity and the ‘so-called’ solution will be a cyclical nightmare for the nation attempting its way out of the quick sand economy.

    The proposal funded through compromise from the industry with costs reduction equalizing profit contraction proportionate to market sustainability and tax increases suggested in the earlier House Bill itemized per extraordinary income category is the ideal gateway to true ‘reform.’

    Otherwise, under the present deal the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ not found in Iraq would appropriately apply to the millions dependent on the democratic majority controlling all three branches of the government to do the right by the people.

    Because the welfare of the people is paramount for the success of corporations in a capitalist or any other economic systems as people are the consumers and workers alias human capital in the economy.

    Politically, irrespective of the massive corporate investment earned from the sweat and blood of the workforce, there will be no power without the people’s vote in a democracy.

    Again, the health care reform will be truly meaningful and purposeful when the recommended changes addressing the plight of the people are reflected in the lifetime legislative matter.

    It’s time for every American to stand up for their rights and claim the authentic universal health coverage favoring them and not the profit oriented health care industry.

    Please call your local representatives and the Senators to oblige to your needs and not the special interests. Only you can make it happen this time.

    Power is powerless against the will of the people in politics and economics.

    Thank you.

    Padmini Arhant

    Health Care Revelation

    July 21, 2009

    By Padmini Arhant

    The special interests through their government talking heads i.e. the legislators and specific media are engaged in the preposterous propaganda convincing the naïve majority that are insured to claim utter satisfaction with the status quo, when in reality those who are currently insured are ‘safe’ in the same reference to their stock market holdings.

    The truth of the matter is – in the highly volatile job market, the employers ripped off by the exploitative health industry through exorbitant premiums will not be able to sustain the health care costs and soon forced to withdraw the contributions to maintain overheads. Then the crisis will transform to a personal level for all those in agreement with the deceptive misguided policies of the self-serving legislators obligatory to their sponsors’ prosperity.

    United States cannot possibly procrastinate on this health care issue any longer as the economy is drained from corporate greed, unscrupulous practices, and gross abuse of legislative power solemnly pledged to the special interests directly responsible for the economic ruin of the state, country and the entire world. The narcissistic policies of the authorities in the State of California with the Republican Governor and the minority are a classic example in the recent declaration of ‘closing the deal’ on the budget crisis.

    As for the legislators contemplating on the issue of meeting the President’s deadline, it is a test of their courage, commitment and competence in the health care battle between the people i.e. the constituents holding the key to the power in a democracy, vs. the special interests, also dependent on the people as the consumers in a capitalist society.

    The special interests tactics is to stall the legislature through their paid employees i.e. legislators objecting to the reform by detecting flaws on unrelated pretexts given the past triumphant record in extinguishing the national health care scheme.

    Citizens across the nation on their part must vigorously campaign by calling the local representatives and Senators to act immediately by embracing the President’s public option policy dedicated to revive the economy and the job market with a guaranteed low cost yet quality insurance for every citizen.

    By doing so, the citizens can free themselves and relieve the future generation from the existing corporate bondage essentially liable for the crippling economy.

    Regardless, the people will prevail because without consumers and constituents’ vote the ‘power’ is powerless despite the substantial wealth investment in the legislative votes.

    Thank you.

    Padmini Arhant

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