Response to President Barack Obama – Re State of the Union Address

February 5, 2010

By Padmini Arhant

Hon. President Barack Obama
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. President,

I appreciate you sharing your concerns and the strategies to revive the economy, the priority for the democratic Congress.

The Democratic Party has suffered major setbacks in the recent elections and obviously, the trend cannot continue in the 2010 elections – for the work to rebuild our nation has just begun with your Presidency.

Considering the American plight particularly in the job front, the economic measures taken thus far by your administration is reassuring and the challenge lies in the legislation approval, amid lack of cooperation from the Republican members in Congress.

Although, you are earnestly seeking bipartisanship in the legislative process, the opposition is utilizing the cynical response to stall progress for political reasons especially in the election year.

They understand that their delaying tactics would let the steam evaporate leaving the charred inaction on national issues becoming a political liability for the democratic majority.

When in fact, the responsibility or rather the blame squarely lies with the trouble makers on both sides and they deserve to be voted out of power.

Needless to say that, the Democratic Party under your leadership and the distinguished members in Congress have a great opportunity to accomplish the immediate and long-term goals for our country provided, we remain steadfast in our objectives and confront obstacles through result-oriented actions.

As you stated eloquently in your State of the Union Address, people can no longer survive on rhetoric and the time is running out for the members of both political parties. It is not that people have no patience.

When the situation is desperate with many families struggling to make ends meet in the harsh economic times, the public trust is won by delivering the most required solutions to the current problems and that being job security, housing as well as affordable health care.

Despite the Supreme Court conservatives’ decision potentially causing impediments in free and fair elections, the grassroots support could be earned by staying on course in dealing with the economic woes confronting our nation.

We cannot ignore the external threats through lobbyists and their representatives to block legislations. It’s reflective of their insecurity in the wake of unprecedented call for reform in Washington.

Therefore, it’s up to us to demonstrate our resolve and integrity to stand by the people and do what is right for them. Your economic policies to help small businesses, middle class and students are prudent.

Similarly, it’s important to provide jobs for the blue-collar workers in the manufacturing sector, who are facing equal hardships due to massive layoffs from the economic recession and globalization.

With respect to health insurance, I understand the hostility surrounding the issue from the expected sources. However, I still think it’s imperative to move ahead with a public option for economic viability and social equality.

It would not only prove our determination to succeed in closing the widening gap between the haves and the have-nots but also strengthen public confidence in the Democratic Party as achievers.

Once the legislations are passed and the opposition is made aware of our intention to proceed in the tasks ahead regardless, it will weaken the opponent’s resistance to issues dedicated in improving average American lives, not to mention the culminated risks for them in the coming elections.

Further, prioritizing public needs over the industry demands is the key to electoral victories evidenced in the Massachusetts election with a political mandate to perform in people’s interest and focus on the national progress in economy, health care, education, energy and environment.

I commend you and your administration for the excellent work in the budget preparation. Nevertheless, implementing the policies efficiently is crucial to gain credibility. Again, I’m not going to pretend on the uphill battle in the legislative matter.

Sometimes, one has to adopt the tricks of the trade practiced by the opposition when they were in a majority i.e. passing legislations through reconciliation process etc.

I reiterate that adopting republican strategies in the legislative process cannot possibly cause an uproar among the conservatives on both sides, for it would prove their double standards and the priorities in pubic service.

If it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander!

As stated earlier, the purpose of my political involvement is to be the voice for the weak and the oppressed. My passionate expression is to reveal the frustration among the victims at home and overseas.

Your tremendous efforts will come to fruition and I’m working with you alongside to promote the policies developed to change the status quo.

Adversity often drives down motives. During this period, the people are vulnerable to propaganda, and as we know, it’s available in abundance.

That’s why, it would be helpful for democrats appearing on radio and television networks including the cyberspace to remind the electorate constantly of your administration’s past year achievements, present targets and future vision.

In addition, updating official websites with credible data on employment, education, health care and other issues would keep the electorate well informed as opposed to being misinformed by the opposition media.

Otherwise, transparency and accountability will go a long way now and during the elections. I’m tirelessly engaged in the humanitarian cause and trying to assist the people in alleviating their suffering.

I extend my unwavering support to your Presidency, Congress members and the Democratic Party, with the hope that every action is devoted to benefit the people and not the governments or corporate power at home and around the world.

Besides, I firmly believe that bringing more progressives into the Democratic Party is always best, for it’s easier to triumph in the legislative affairs of the people. They are also more amenable to work for common good.

You mentioned to me that you’re not a quitter, but a fighter. I believe you and you need to prove that to the American electorate. The health care reform is the place to start in proving the democrats’ ability to move the nation forward.

Rest assured I’m with you and the Congress in reaching these milestones.

I wish you success in all your endeavors.

Thank you.


Padmini Arhant


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