UNSC – Declared Illegitimate Body 

August 6, 2017

UNSC – Declared Illegitimate Body 

By Padmini Arhant

United Nations Security Council is declared an illegitimate body effective immediately no longer in a position to enforce illegal and biased sanctions or authorize unlawful military interventions at will against nations regarded a fair target.

United Nations Security Council – a unipolar body representing imperialism and Supremacy in the twenty first century violating sovereign status of nations around the globe is not recognized a valid international authority.


United Nations Security Council is eliminated for the following reasons.

1. The council formed in the twentieth century subsequent to World War II primarily funded by the same forces that are behind perpetual wars in the twenty first century inventing and sponsoring terrorism as pretext to warfare decided on concentration of power through UNSC.

2. UNSC comprising five permanent members with veto powerUnited States, Britain, France, China and Russia with the new addition Germany proclaimed as P5+1 asserts superior authority over the rest of the world.

3. The P5+1 imperial legacy and quest is no secret in the illegal invasion, occupation and territorial annexations that continues unabated until today.

4. Not long ago, the second tier was introduced within UNSC. The fifteen members have temporary status lasting two years rotated among other UN members again subject to approval with P5+1 exerting influence in the selection and rejection process. The maneuver was to deny other nations permanent membership in the exclusive club.

5.  The same principle is adopted using coercion not barring threats and underhand techniques to win votes on UNSC resolutions undermining legitimacy and integrity on international law.

6. UNSC promotes imperialistic goals that will be highlighted in this article.

7.  UNSC is a platform for some permanent members to settle political scores on issues that are binding on them to comply with in the increasing threat from them exacerbating global peace and security.

8. UNSC permanent members trajectory and ongoing trend violating territorial rights of other nations besides gross human rights violations within and outside the country disqualify them to preside over global disputes that they are responsible for and never held accountable.

9. UNSC is instrumental in imposing starvation and mass poverty via economic sanctions they have never been subject to despite their egregious involvements in international affairs.

10. Last but not the least, UNSC is defunct, not trustworthy and proved incapable of resolving global crisis due to their footprints and full fledged engagement in causing immeasurable pain and misery among world population.

The ex-UNSC permanent members sprawling imperialistic goals not surprisingly overlap with each other’s lofty ambitions in different regions exposing one another in the undying territorial quest with little or no concern for myriad problems in the domestic front.

Since rationality never given a chance at UNSC from formation to functioning with decades of failed policies, the UN Security Council paradoxically transformed into a committee championing chaos and political instability world over.

In the former UNSC, United States military bases across the globe along with NATO allies Britain and France confront Russia in the Baltic and China in the Yellow, South and East China sea as well as Africa.

Notwithstanding the U.S. presence in Afghanistan extending over to Central Asia and military operations in Latin America maintained in the aftermath of colossal failures and regional population demanding foreign troops exit from their soil.

Having exhausted means to justify militarization anywhere including the Korean Peninsula, UNSC was a convenient fallback to constrict nations defending sovereignty against wanton aggression.

Consequently, the sanctions imposed by United States and UNSC against nations – North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Iran and Venezuela are null and void. Similarly Israel’s unilateral economic blockade against GAZA is ineffectual and invalid. The resolutions to these nations issues will be presented in due course.

The former UNSC permanent memberships with veto power could be best described as the foxes guarding the chickens house unable to shed the trait revealed in vigorous hegemony.

Moving forward subsequent to UNSC dissolution is review and reorganization of UN General Assembly inviting all members for fair participation and equal opportunity around the globe regardless of statehood – applies to independent nations such as Palestine, Tibet and Taiwan not any promulgated groups, terror factions and networks or states founded to divide sovereign nations.

Any obstruction to UN role as reliable global forum to preside over international issues would lead to forming a new international body barring obstructionist measures and anti-humanity strategy while inviting members in agreement to creation of an international consortium substituting preferential status with egalitarian position allowing all nations to contribute in global crisis management through one vote per nation removing prevalent proxy in the voting process.

The issues to be addressed by UN in the post UNSC annulment will be enumerated in the immediate future.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant

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World – Synopsis on Women Leaderships Representing Hegemony and Dynasty Impact on Global Security and Progress

November 20, 2016

PADMINI ARHANT. Author & Presenter PadminiArhant.com. Spousal Partner Divine Mission.





 World – Synopsis on Women Leaderships Representing Hegemony and Dynasty Impact on Global Security and Progress

By Padmini Arhant

Women leaderships representing political establishment, secret society and syndicate promote violence, nuclear threats, political instability, humanitarian crisis, poverty, economic and social disparity and last but not the least corruption prompted criminal investigations evaded due to immunity.

Synopsis on catastrophe inflicted on the world population by women leaderships representing secret society and political dynasty.

Women’s rise to power ordinarily an extraordinary feat. However, in politics the status made possible through privileged and political connectivity.

Women leaderships mostly borne out of parental lineage, marital basis and servile to supremacy around the world conforming to inheritance and acquisition of power demonstrably weakened women’s stature in leadership role.  In politics women pursuing power more symbolic than substantive considering egregious decisions and cavalier approach adopted for personal and vested interests.

Women ascendance in politics as head of the nation proved prone to abuse of power contrary to womanhood qualities like compassion, care, prudence and responsible conduct. The reason behind trajectory is addiction to power and fame undermining values and rationality making them no different from their male counterpart in that category.

Regardless of region whether west or east, the trend among women political leaderships thus far has contributed to violence, warfare, corruption scandals, political instability, economic chaos and lately terrorism not barring nuclear option frivolously used ignoring serious repercussions from such reckless disposition.

United States preparing to elect a woman candidate with a track record on corruption scandals such as Whitewater and participation in foreign coups overthrowing democratically elected governments in developing nations exacerbating women, youth and children plight from political turbulence. The political career marred with activities and underhanded tactics including fostering terrorism causing loss of American and scores of innocent civilian lives is not a negligible involvement.

The democratic candidate Hillary Clinton violations of human rights, breach of trust and misuse of public office not surprisingly was welcome to those keen on maintaining business as usual.  The democrat candidate Hillary Clinton election to serve bidders and investors in her political campaign besides secret society and not the electorate and the country at large led to unsuccessful electoral outcome.

As Senator and Secretary of State – both posts resulting from political negotiations and wrangling, the democrat candidate Hillary Clinton spared no moments to exercise excessive authority and aggressive means for destructive purpose.

The foreign policy under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton became the death sentence for millions of civilians in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine and population in Africa and Latin America.

Accordingly, the trepidation among victims on the possibility of democrat candidate Hillary Clinton re-entering the White House for fifth term in office was a major humanitarian concern.

The concept of election having been reversed to selection with pre-determined choice, the electorate upended subsequent to casting their ballots to establishment and secret society candidacy.

Any setbacks suffered in secret society calculation evident in United States election 2016 is countered with threats to sabotage electoral mandate and protests that would have been denounced against preferred candidacy or in the aftermath of 2008 and 2012 election characterizing as racism towards black Presidency.

The election results revealed that vote for such candidate could have been a deliberate mistake leaving the economy, security and importantly peace at stake.


The highlights on women leaderships authorizing violence, turmoil, political unrest and economic decline.

Beginning with current members the following women leaders might have gained prominence in political arena at the same time initiated pain and misery with no regrets for their action.

United States – The democrat Presidential candidateHillary Rodham Clinton. The entry in politics facilitated by spouse’s position as Governor of Arkansas and later as President of the United States.  The candidate Hillary Clinton politics is money, mistrust and mayhem. The summary on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton clarifies power exploitation for personal gains with no respect for laws and life in general.


United Kingdom – The Brexit vote on EU membership terminated incumbency replaced with yet another woman leadership in Britain from the conservative party aka Tory.  Prime Minister Theresa May willingness towards nuclear confrontation confirmed during Parliament question session is alarming in context with nuclear meltdown. Nuclear armament claimed necessary as deterrent apparently reserved as exclusive rights amongst nuclear powers especially the ones complicit in the use of nuclear components as NATO ally viz. Britain on civilians in Iraq, Libya and recently in Syria.

The same argument was dismissed during Iran’s nuclear deal in Vienna in 2015 at the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) noting the glaring double standards on nuclear entitlements escalating tension in the world.  Although this topic merits discussion on entirety, the reality deserves concentration.

Britain’s predecessor, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher referred to as the Iron Lady led the nation to war in South Atlantic – better known as Falklands for Britain and Islas Malvinas for Argentina arguably disputed until today. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher conservatism or Thatcherism sparked controversy on many issues including economic plan that left the poor poorer marginalizing vulnerable segments in society. Many remarks from Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher caught world attention and among them were the reference to developing nations as barbaric and on immigration, the woman Prime Minister initiated virginity test on women immigrants into Britain from India and other destinations definitely marked the irony.


Germany – the first female Chancellor Angela Merkel of Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the conservative faction with religious connotation absent Christian principles under incumbent Merkel’s leadership lay emphasis on European Union (EU), European Central Bank (ECB) governing euro currency in euro zone and International Monetary Fund (IMF) along with major international banks as parallel power.

Chancellor Angela Merkel avid advocacy for ECB, IMF and international banks packaged economic and monetary policy premised on austerity demanding fiscal responsibility from euro members in the face of severe economic crisis and soaring unemployment in Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain (PIGS) protracted financial and economic woes experienced until now.

Chancellor Angela Merkel cart blanche role using political threats in the aftermath of Greece public referendum with resounding no on austerity produced resignations from key figures in Greece ruling party in agreement with Greek voters’ option.

Chancellor Angela Merkel overture in this instance had no respect for Greece sovereignty.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel representation more of EU than Germany conspicuous in EU vote to lift ban on weapons supply to terror networks in Syria, Iraq and Libya instead of extending arms embargo that could have saved thousands of lives besides averting refugee problems to which

Chancellor Merkel explicitly denied asylum to millions forced to leave war torn Syria, Iraq and Libya.

Furthermore, Chancellor Angela Merkel defense contract and arms delivery to Saudi Arabia and nuclear laden submarine as a gift to Israel – the two states central in fomenting terror in the Middle East exemplify indifference to Saudi Kingdom’s human rights abuse using violence and women in particular and similarly Palestinian suffering in Israel occupied Palestine.


IsraelPrime Minister Golda Meir – The first and only female Prime Minister thus far in the State of Israel having served in Israeli military also referred to as the Iron Lady denied the existence of Palestine conforming to Zionist ideology on Jewish origin as chosen people ordained to be on Holy Land.

Prime Minister Golda Meir debacle reflected in October war or Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement and Prayer for peace in Jewish faith) war in 1973 between Arabs and Israel diminishing further prospects for a long political career with her resignation from the office.

Prime Minister Golda Meir controversial and militaristic foreign policy and especially disputing Palestine presence despite her arrival in 1921 as an immigrant from United States well before establishment of the state of Israel in Palestine conclusively defines the leadership failure to accept reality and foster peaceful relations with Palestinians and Arabs in the region.


Australia – Prime Minister Julia Gillard – The first female deputy Prime Minister then elevated to Prime Minister post due to political party internal fractures only to be sidelined after not being able to survive no confidence vote.  This was in a way hegemony orchestrated side show using women representative to demonstrate that competence is not women’s cup of tea.

The former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s compliance to hegemony strategy projecting womanhood in bad light impetus challenge against such false representation and consistent effort to disqualify credible potential in a woman.


Focus on Women leadership in the East.















Colonialism, Nazism and Neo Nazi Evolution

February 28, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Nazism in twentieth century linked to world war II with the rise of Germany for global conquest.

Nazism related holocaust is widely propagated topic until today.  Holocaust formed the basis for sources to seek solution leading to perennial conflict in the Middle East – Israel and Palestinian crisis.

In an effort to compensate holocaust victims, the measure established a state within a state farther away from geographic location, Germany – the holocaust origin leaving the local population in Palestine stateless in their homeland.

Meanwhile the atrocities against natives and genocide worldwide in colonial era extended at present apparently not significant to end status quo. The reference in particular is Palestine and alike.

Colonialism emerged from presumptuous and self-proclaimed kingdoms asserting expansionism colonized and annexed territories at will with little or no respect for sovereignty and integrity of nations near and far.

The trend continued in contemporary period with similar traits and defined western democracy.

Nazism emanating from workers’ party representation surely was devious subverting socialism concept demanding equitable income distribution in society. 

Nazism flourished in the past century with colonialists’ direct engagement fraternizing relations for vested interests.

Colonial members and oligarchy decisive role as Nazi cohorts somehow not factored in the selective vilification of those frequently cited as Nazi renegade in previous century.

Nazism and colonialism as two sides of the coin engender prejudice and preference to pedigree with Aryan race superimposed on developments in the relevant time not to mention prevalent practice in this regard.

Colonialists courting Nazis deemed tenable in contrast to patriot’s defiance to colonialism committing massacre and gross human rights violations is subject to scrutiny.

Indian freedom fighter Subash Chandra Bose then forming Indian National Army and alleged alliance with Japan during world war II is denounced by colonial representatives at every opportunity.

Juxtaposed rapid transformation post world war II with western powers – United States, UK, France and Israel’s ties strengthened not severed between them and Germany as well as Japan even though Germany was Nazi represented and Japan under Emperor Hirohito adapted authoritarianism.

Japan is now United States ally and second largest creditor while Germany remains NATO partner in hegemony goals and promoted to UNSC P5+1 exclusive club.

Notwithstanding western media and press coverage on Japan’s Emperor Hirohito descendants in modern times no less than adulation parallel to Britain’s Royalty despite events described during Nazism and totalitarianism emulating colonialism reminiscent of dark history.

Indian political class secrecy subscribing to classified information on independence movement leader Subash Chandra Bose existence and demise tantamount complicity to imperialists stance on this issue.

Colonialism and Nazism essentially serve agenda aimed at global dominance.  Neo Nazism targets ethnic diversity and minority groups vulnerable to political gains predisposed in altering demography.

The twenty first century policy is renewed colonialism spreading incessant violence and discrimination through manufactured and fostered terrorism instrumental in destabilizing nations for supremacy.

The counterproductive actions exemplified in terror sponsoring and strategy dedicated to eliminating civilizations is the dichotomy for those presiding over delineation of respective participation in Nazi age.

Colonialism, feudalism, Nazism, neo-Nazism and corporatism share common values – empowerment at the disadvantaged and disenfranchised expense.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant










World – Irony and Idiocy (Social Paradigms and Security)

February 22, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

The highlights are social paradigms and security.

Holocaust – The reference is to discriminatory killings of Jewish population in the twentieth century. However, the colonial era genocide in Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America not necessarily regarded in the category confirming selective connotation.

Relevantly Israeli authorities’ occupation of Palestine and persecution of Palestinians resulting in destruction of lives and livelihoods for nearly seven decades apparently do not fit the definition either.

Colonialism in the twenty first century targeting race, religion, sectarian, caste and community divide for global dominance promoted as acceptable norm.

Despite propagation on holocaust, Nazism favored in the dismissal of Nazi cohorts’ decisive role as permissible involvement. The trend continued in contemporary Israeli Palestine and Ukraine crisis.

UNSC evolved into P5+1 with the addition of Germany in the absence of Israel’s objection clarifies congruence.

Germany exerting authority as influential power against EU and euro members demonstrated in Greece economic and political affairs.

Furthermore, Germany’s active participation as NATO ally in western interventions in foreign land and unilateral decisions on ground troop incursion in Tunisia under the pretext of training Tunisian soldiers against western sponsored al Qaeda offshoots Daesh, al Nusra Front and other groups summarize hegemonic goals.

Obviously holocaust in these terms is the event of the past with outreach to sources behind much publicized experience prioritized for vested interests.

Elsewhere social unrest is the smoke screen to prevent political establishment policies and activities from scrutiny. The subversion of real concerns in society as anti-government initiatives describes the tendency towards police statehood. 

Security – Citizens held hostage under the guise of national and global security.  The shift from conventional warfare to manufacturing and proliferating terror for hegemony aspirations facilitate gross misuse of power in direct violation of civil rights and basic freedom.

Security is convenient tool for terror organizers in massive surveillance, communication access and intrusive measures with little or no respect for constitution guaranteed individual privacy and citizens act.

Western backed terror outfits are funded, armed and deployed in Syria, Iraq, Libya and North Africa directly and through lackeys in the Middle East – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan and alike in the so-called war on terror.

Terrorism is deplored amid fueling terror with ammunitions and artillery supply to factions for supremacy.

Hosting false flag shooting and terror incidents with 9/11 setting precedence in the United States along with classifying information on various crimes is the strategy to prolong fear, hostility and suppression of liberty. 

Safety is threatened by none other than forces enabling terror by providing resources to terror networks engaged in worldwide operation.

In other settings security is suitable to crackdown public dissent on government performance and burgeoning issues affecting lives in society.

Security is the secret weapon to evade accountability with zero tolerance to peaceful assembly and general dissatisfaction.

The irony in both social paradigm and security is actions paradoxical to disposition verifying duplicity without acknowledgment.

Electing governments pledged allegiance to anti-republic status compromise sovereignty not to mention idiocy in such complicity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant





















World – Irony and Idiocy

February 20, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

The topic will focus on different issues to understand world affairs.

In this segment the highlight is on politics.

United Nations (UN) – United against peace, independence and progress.

UNSC – More appropriately United Western Diktat (UWD). The western powers united against non-western sovereign countries and their most favorite actions are economic sanctions, sponsoring terrorism and authorizing direct invasion of vulnerable nations under the guise of maintaining political stability that has successfully led to irreversible instability thus far.

UNSC – United Nations Security Council – the unipolar Council with veto power deriding unilateralism despite unilateral decisions in decimation of nations and starvation of population via violent interventions and trade embargo.

UNSC resolve in preventing resolution on Palestinian statehood ending Israeli occupation and persecution forged as irreconcilable difference amongst stakeholders in the so-called international pulpit is travesty of human intellect.

UN Peace Keeping Force is UN Disturbance Spreading Corps with track record in abandoning pleading women, children and elderly at the mercy of government pledged to ethnic cleansing viz. Sri Lanka under former President and military commander Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Meanwhile in Africa – women subject to rape and children left to fend for themselves as rebel factions’ recruits in the UNSC authorized perpetual war zone.

NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization is aptly North Atlantic Turbulence Origin established in balkanization of regions and states in the quest for global conquest.

EU – European Union. Unified in promoting war, terrorism, refugee status and the hall mark is unemployment, hunger and poverty in the signature act on austerity.

UN and EU – One World government models to implement order under New World Order phasing out the purported law of the jungle.

United States – Declared the beacon of democracy champion the cause of human rights violation exemplified in Guantanamo Bay, police brutality and racial profiling in the highest order.

US Presidential Race – Horse race (Derby) with pre-selected winner in agreement with prolonging status quo.

United States Supreme Court Appointments – Safeguard administration policies rather than constitutional law defending civil rights and social justice.

United States Government (Congress and Administration) – Unanimous in dysfunctional governance.

United Kingdom – Proudly claimed as western democracy with the country stated as Kingdom under archaic monarchy rule.

France – Yet another western democracy with Presidential contest designed to dupe electorate delivering Socialist President devoted to capitalist socialism disappointing nation on anticipated populism.

Germany – Positioned as pro-democracy – western style with policies engineered towards weakening nations experiencing critical economic and western generated terror crisis.

India – Hailed as the world’s largest democracy ruled by plutocracy with dynasty, celebrities and industrialists patent over fame and fortune rein control over the fate of remaining 1.2 billion populace.

Lies and false statements in sworn affidavits and under oath during and post election regardless of criminal offense are rewarded with cabinet posts ranging from education (HRD) ministry to highest office in state and national level.

Corruption and criminality empowered as electoral mandate subscribing to democracy is the irony with electorate endorsement epitomizing idiocy.

The title Irony and Idiocy will continue to shed light on matter concerning humanity.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




































World – Current Affairs

January 9, 2016

By Padmini Arhant

Highlights Preview:

Project for New American Century – Facts and events related to the mission will continue to dominate the topic of discussion. 

The rise of sleeping giantGermany as the new addition in the P5+1, the  exclusive unipolar decision making body – UNSC authorizing economic sanctions and military intervention against non-western nations will be the focus in the upcoming article.

GermanyEU chief representative in collusion with monetary authorities – ECB, IMF and leading financial institutions behind austerity imposition in Europe serve financiers vested interests at ordinary citizens’ expense contributing to deepening income disparity and economic problems. 

Germany deployment of troops in Iraq, Syria and now Libya under the pretext of training local armed forces besides lucrative defense contracts with Saudi Arabia regardless of latter established as terror facilitator in funding, arming and training terror networks throughout middle east confirms hegemony operation. 


The foes and friends in disguise.  

The quest for conquest persists despite catastrophic outcome.

A glance at failures and devastating results in the pursuit for global dominance premised on the end justifying the means would provide insight to fait accompli.

The reality check would clarify the destination. 

Topics to resume in due course.

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


United Nations – Social Economic Equality Possible Upon UNSC Dissolution

August 20, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

United Nations inception following world war II in the twentieth century with United Nations Security Council (UNSC) comprising imperial powers – Britain, France, United States, China, Russia and new addition Germany in P5+1 mislead UN purpose.

UNSC five permanent nuclear nations with veto authority is a hierarchy in contradiction to contemporary  economic dynamics and geopolitical landscape.

The global powers syndrome exercising prerogative at UNSC slight remaining members of United Nations set up as an international body.

UN poised as an International organization is on UNSC oversight.

UNSC P5+1 along with counterpart EU aim to prolong imperial era.

UNSC imposing economic sanctions against non-western countries and fomenting international crises through military interventions and operations involving terrorism rather than preventing them proved counterproductive.

UNSC arbitrary dealings against nations regarded adversaries with trade and financial embargo viz. North Korea, Cuba, Syria and lately United States and Israel created South Sudan are few examples of ongoing economic warfare.

Imperialism revived in UNSC ambit with P5+1 as former imperialists renewing aspirations in respective regions for economic and strategic dominance.

United States military prowess demonstrated in militarization of Africa besides extending support to France in neocolonization of the continent.

United States sprawling military bases worldwide not sparing island nations defines imperial goals despite colossal failure in invasion and occupation of foreign land adventure.

The expedition downside experienced in national front costing United States taxpayers in trillions expended in destruction of nations backfired in domestic economic situation far from recovery.

United States direct control over Latin America conspicuous in disabling democratic governments and promoting contraband substances ranging from drugs to arms in North, South and Central America.  The economic strategy Free Trade Agreement is one of many dimensions to exert rule in that domain.  The Caribbean nations debilitated by enforcing foreign economic and military plan.

United States and NATO military drills in Baltic sea, presence in Afghanistan covering Central Asia, United States activity in Korean Peninsula implementing Pivot Asia policy claimed as curtailing Russia and China incursions in the respective regions perpetually escalate tensions and proliferate conventional as well as nuclear arms race.

The skirmishes are also impetus for disproportionate defense spending producing more poverty and economic struggles worldwide.

Britain’s unwillingness to renounce empire trait in the twenty first century evident in impugns on Malvinas of the Argentinian coast, Gibraltar in Iberian Peninsula and nations held under dominion status notwithstanding substantial landmass in Antarctica and waters in Indian Ocean declared private estate.

France relentless pursuit in Africa is a lost cause refusing to learn from the past exploitation of Africa.

Russia having gained from territorial annexation of Crimea in the wake of Ukraine destabilization ominously assert Arctic zone i.e. the North Pole as state owned property.

Russian Federation attempts to resurrect ex-Soviet bloc largely attributed to United States and NATO upsurge in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

United States and NATO coordination in Eastern and Central Europe other than Central Asia generated Russia formation of Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) with Baltic states membership and China-Russia initiated Shanghai Cooperation Organization to counter existential territorial ambitions.

China’s predisposition on stretching border lines apparent since seizure of Tibet.

Furthermore, Maoist infiltration in Nepal and north eastern India enlarge China’s encroachment on Indian frontier with Arunachal Pradesh,  Ladakh and Aksai Chin Kashmir remaining contentious in that context.

Subsequent to economic rise in the latter half of twentieth century, China’s territorial disputes with neighboring states in South China Sea has intensified offering United States pretext to besiege Asia Pacific.

Middle East – Imperial alliance with Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey engaged in endless violence and proclamation of nuclear treaty between P5+1, EU and Iran epitomize two sides of the coin.

The paradigm shifts in western powers partnership with Iran in the region is reminiscent of western approach towards Libya for easy access to Libyan oil and economic resources during Libyan leader Muammar Gaddaffi governance.

Western maneuver in replacing Saudi Arabia with Iran and incentives to convince Israel on Iran nuclear deal clarifies imperial powers classic characteristics on enmity and amity to suit convenience.

Similarly, Iran’s close economic ties with Turkey amid Turkey’s overt indulgence in terror against Iraq and Syria spilling over to Lebanon pose conflict of interest exacerbating humanitarian plight.

The quid pro quo between P5+1, EU and Iran sharing commonality on imperial legacy depends on western forces balancing act with old ally Israel.

Western strategy with Persian nation Iran in Arab oriented Middle East is enactment of Persian and Ottoman reign vying for regional superiority.

EuropeGermany as P5+1 entity, European Union dominant member and euro zone chief beneficiary is hegemony augmentation in transatlantic..  Germany capitalizing on vulnerable EU members viz. Greece economic woes facilitate international creditors ECB, IMF and EC monopoly in executing imprudent economic scheme under the guise of rescue package.

UN credibility and viability jeopardized with UNSC decisions on international matter and UN missing in action on pivotal issues related to human misery. UN peace keeping corps reputation compromised in war torn nations especially Africa with allegations on certain UN squad for sexual assault and atrocities against women and children.

UN performance or the lack thereof in resolving Palestinian problem and leaving Sri Lankan Tamil civilians to fend for themselves from Sri Lankan military raid and summary executions…not barring partisanship on sectarian clashes confirm one world government agenda and resistance to transformation seeking departure from exclusivity and unipolar mechanism.

UNSC dissolution abandoning flawed system and relieving UN organization from external jurisdiction prevalent in UN Secretary General appointment and diverse engagement is the preliminary step in building reliable global consortium.

UN addressing disparity within would set precedence for universal equality.

Humanitarian progress made possible with recognition of errors and sincere commitment to amend and adopt positive measures benefitting the world at large.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant



















Political Election – Synopsis on NWO Matrix

July 18, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Synopsis on election and re-election presented for reference and understanding.

The election is the means to legitimize illegitimate conglomerate rule reining authority over world politics, economy, press and communication media, entertainment, education, environment, social issues and religion.

The election essentially an event that facilitates cash flow and money laundering in the so-called democracies with highest bidder and the wealthiest seizing power translated as electoral mandate.

Political parties buying votes with notes notwithstanding counterfeit currency distribution in the election confirms similar offers to election commission turning a blind eye to fraudulence.

As a result any claim on electoral victory with impressive margin in pseudo democracy where nowadays major political parties opt out to compete in by-polls allowing re-emergence of corrupt and scandalous to regain power unopposed is nothing more than complicity honoring external diktat.

The topic will focus on selection deceptively conducted as election asserting incognito rule – the new world order (NWO) matrix in myriad format.

United States – The re-election of incumbent President Barack Obama in 2012 strengthened MIC – the military industrial complex, Wall Street and Zionism control within and outside the country.

France – In 2012 the election of Socialist President Francois Hollande pledged to Capitalist Socialism and Imperialism revival especially in Africa replaced pro-military and corporatism President Nicolas Sarkozy despite the former French President bombing of Libya in 2011 to appease incognito power.

The karmic effects on President Sarkozy is profound having been the recipient of $50 million from the Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in the first term election campaign led air raid on Libya that led to public lynching of the benefactor Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Perhaps the French President Sarkozy hoped for NWO forces support and instead received infidelity with their choice to beguile French electorate on the supposedly Socialist contender – President Francois Hollande.

Germany – The re-election of Chancellor Angela Merkel for third term in 2013 and selected for fourth term in 2017 as international creditors insurance to prolong failing EU and euro zone only expediting the inevitable fate.

Britain – Prime Minister David Cameron sworn into second term with the conservative majority TORY in 2015.

Prime Minister David Cameron was acknowledged for accelerating hegemonic goals – the sale of defense contracts far and wide benefiting BAE and the military industrial complex (MIC) at large besides cooperation in conflicts viz. Libya bombing, Syria and other hegemony endeavors.

Prime Minister David Cameron dubbed the chief sales executive for the defense industry was not without a reason.

Russia – The alternating in positions of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin with President Dmitri Medvedev in 2012 re-established Putin Presidency for third term. President Vladimir Putin dominant presence as Prime Minister and President of the Russian Federation contributes dynamics in the NWO matrix.

Ukraine – Following violent overthrow of democratic government and removal of then President Viktor Yanukovych and the cabinet,

EU and United States govern the eastern European state imposing the government in Kiev in 2014 with President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk  in the pro-western territory leaving the pro-Russian eastern region under Russian Federation purview.

Iran – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad departure paving way to President Hassan Rouhani arrival in 2013 allowed reconfiguration with ecclesiastic representation for NWO influence.

Israel – The resurgence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2015 for fourth term promulgate Zionist ideology – defying peace, stability and rationality.

India – The election in 2014 providing respite to ally Congress by favoring another Prime Minister candidate Narendra Modi of BJP familiarized as Hindu fundamentalists and RSS Saffron Party along with factions forming NDA alliance directed towards feudalism beginning with seizure of land from farmers in the land acquisition act and extends NWO matrix in South Asia.

Pakistan – Saudi dynasty funded election enabling embattled Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in 2013 is convenient in continuing political maneuver and terror operation with Saudi Arabia being hegemony financier.

Afghanistan – Installation of government headed by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani – the signatory to unpopular BSA – Bilateral Security Agreement for United States and NATO indefinite occupation is least surprising to secure NWO geopolitical ambitions in Central Asia.

Japan – Prime Minister Shinzō Abe also re-elected in 2012 delivering promise to NWO – in direct violation of electorate trust and constitution passed the contentious security bill that reserves Japanese armed forces for combat situation abroad despite absence of any direct threat to the island nation.

Greece – The debt saddled Mediterranean state with high political turnover since economic crisis in 2008 participated in more elections and referendum than experiencing relief from financial burden.  

NWO banking legion through representative German Chancellor Angela Merkel commandeered Greece premier Alexis Tsipras of the ruling Syria party to fall in line and implement more austerity on Greece population.

The election and re-election in the past years and up until now present the clear picture of new world order – NWO matrix exerting dominance through proxy governance.

In order to maintain status quo sovereignty is stripped and transformed into vassal statehood with loyalty to NWO agenda – feudalism, militarism and oligarchy suppression of the republic enforced via election.

The situation raise poignant question – Is election serving or hurting electorate interests with unlimited financing and multinational bidding in behind the scenes management leading to the appointment of pre-determined candidacy?

Accordingly the participation in polls under such conditions is endorsement of illegal tradition.

Unless the custom together with operatives and nominees are rejected election would remain catharsis for voters and catalyst to exploiters in the political game.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant




























Greece – Fix It Or GREXIT Dilemma

July 7, 2015

By Padmini Arhant

Greece despite unequivocal NO vote against austerity compromised soon after the outcome with the finance minister Yanis Varoufakis resignation on euro zone officials demand stating the minister was unwelcome in the meeting.

The euro zone and EU gesture speaks volume of the respect or the lack thereof to democracy given the promotion of western democracy worldwide.

Furthermore the disposition reflects on the one world government (NWO) i.e. EU in Brussels direct interference in political governance of the member state and dismissal of sovereignty.

EU and euro zone expect Greece to stay in the Union to share the burden on euro volatility alongside stifling competition on trade and tourism favoring the major players Germany using euro and England opting out of euro.

However, there is no incentive provided to Greece in alleviating economic hardship with financial assistance to restore domestic banking system, emergency liquidity and internal cash flow to stimulate economy.

Greece using euro as the national currency is unable to exercise money circulation and distribution along with controlling inflation otherwise Greece has no control over EU and euro zone implemented monetary, fiscal and trade policy.

In fact this situation applies to PIGS states and Eastern European members economy under Brussels mismanagement.

EU and TROIKA austerity imposed on Greece and other recession hit economies exacerbating financial problems in the private and public sector.

In the absence of economic growth with capitalization at affordable borrowing rates, the cash strapped nations are pushed towards adversity with austerity.

The austerity proponents exempt them from fiscal restraints considering expenditure in Brussels run parallel government appoint delegates in various positions leading to unnecessary bureaucracy.

The costs are transferred to the citizens of the member states especially in the lower economic strata like Greece. Hence EU insistence on Greece for additional hikes in Value added taxes (VAT) to perpetuate Brussels extravagant operation only serving oligarchy and vested interests.

TROIKA involvement in Greece deviating from financial activities to choosing governments with frequent elections and forcing the recent referendum cost the state in contradiction to their prescription on austerity.

The plebiscite outcome with a YES vote anticipated by TROIKA was aimed at removal of Syriza led government from power preparing Greece for yet another polls to install TROIKA approved government at exorbitant expense to the people in Greece.

Again there is no recognition amongst TROIKA imposing will that contributes to more spending in the intentionally caused political tensions for instability.

TROIKA striking down proposals from the current Greece government and extending status quo might satisfy egotistical stance and essentially conflate the problems affecting the creditors and debtor.

Euro future is hanging in balance with disproportionate benefits to members within circuit not to mention the superficial value on the commodity conforming to currency maneuver trend.

Greeks with similar desire to stay in euro zone and EU need to review the experience in the past years up until now.

The dependency on TROIKA and EU for necessary breakthrough has not been forthcoming to relieve the ailing economy and instead the woeful measures are regarded the appropriate remedy saturating public and private debt in the country.

Greece political party Syriza concerns about leaving euro zone upon no positive developments in the negotiations between government and TROIKA would have to be transformed into preparedness with alternatives in returning to drachma that facilitates independent strategy on monetary, fiscal and macroeconomic conditions customizing applications to match targeted growth and output.

As for explanation to the electorate on the issue – any discerning citizen would realize impediments no longer obscure in the false sense of security in euro zone and TROIKA cart blanche authority ignoring reality in the harsh austerity.

The political party shift to a position away from the one adopted on campaign trail would be a broken promise when the decision is to serve the purpose other than republic progress.

In this instance Greece cornered without flexibility to restructure financial operations for economic boost besides debt settlement.

The extreme demands necessitate the viable option to reinstate drachma with sound monetary policy and financial as well as economic reform attracting investments in the economy and capital infusion in the banking sector.

The excessive reliance on bailouts from external sources with the pledge to remain under euro zone confined perimeters and TROIKA doctrine as safe haven when results proved to be counterproductive exemplify confidence and trust deficit in self-emergence and competence.

Nations survive and thrive upon sincere commitment to lead and perform exceeding the expectations demonstrated in hard work and integrity as collective responsibility with transparency and accountability to eliminate corruption and contain failures in all endeavors.

The comprehensive financial and economic plan on Greece recovery will be submitted subject to outcome on EU summit and financial discussion between the incumbent Greece administration and the other side.

Greece could FIX IT in the event of GREXIT with pragmatic solutions and disciplined methods blended in inspiration and optimism for economic resurgence.

Greece crisis will be monitored with relevant input until the matter is resolved.

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant


Germany – Munich Security Conference 2014

February 1, 2014

By Padmini Arhant

Global security is threatened with concentration of power in parallel system.

The contemporary challenge facing civil society  is neo-imperial aspirations promoting agenda embarked on extremism,  military aggression and economic sanctions.

The prominent nations attending the meeting in Munich, Germany and the host as leading EU member share responsibility for violence and political unrest in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. 

In fact, the major powers i.e. P5+1 combined nuclear status and military capability pose imminent danger to humanity considering their legacy and current engagement pursuing hegemonic goals in the respective region and worldwide.

The entities in control of EU, UN and most governments especially the United States, Britain and France are responsible for human suffering across the globe.

Neo-colonialism having exhausted means to destroy nations, culture, religious sanctity and human dignity ultimately resulting in self-inflicted economic crises, the urge to maintain status quo defies logic and rationality.

The disproportionate defense spending and investments in nuclear weapons enhancement programs together with massive expenditure in terror manufacture and sprawling intelligence apparatus under national security pretext has drained treasury and diminished economic prospects in the west and similar experience among their allies elsewhere.

Since geopolitical dominance for strategic and economic gains remains the central focus, the shadow power behind governments and organizations have lost capability to minimze volatility confronting them in every frontier.

Accordingly their action adopting desperate measures further debilitate structure on the brink of collapse.

The solution to burgeoning problems is to abandon counterproductive ambitions and end conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, North Korea and most parts of Africa and Latin America.

Illegal invasion and occupation of Palestine, Golan Heights and territorial annexation in the Middle East, Asia and worldover contribute  to oppression and gross human rights violation.

Besides the military incursions and reconnaissance cause unnecessary tensions and undermine sovereignty.

Notwithstanding crimes against humanity involving drone attacks targeting civilians in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen…and refusal to shut down prison camps such as Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and several foreign locations exacerbate victims plight facilitating militancy and opportunity for terror recruitment.

The narcotic trade with poppy cultivation in Afghanistan, cocoa production in Colombia and alike in Latin America boost arms sales and distribution to terror networks, drug cartels in Mexico and rebels representing hegemony to destabilize nations and region. 

Similarly instigating unrest in Ukraine, Thailand, Egypt and other domains potentially harm global economy.

Hence refraining from self-detrimental activities and instead diverting attention towards domestic issues would be constructive in many respects and restore credibility.

Nuclear disarmament beginning with P5+1 is the preliminary step towards establishment of peace and nuclear free world.

In conclusion, the recognition among global powers as the origin of deteriorating conditions affecting mankind and acknowledgment with commitment towards peaceful endeavors would guarantee individual progress.

Sincere pledge to peace, democracy, social justice and environment protection exemplified in result-oriented policies is key to universal peace and prosperity. 

Peace to all!

Thank you.

Padmini Arhant





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